Gwennap Strays 1871 Census

Thanks to Joan in Colorado for these transcripts


Dwelling Place: 3 How Street, Plymouth-Dev.

NICHOLAS, Francis, Head, married, age 54, Engine Driver Steamboat, born Gwennap-

Con NICHOLAS, Mary, Wife, age 51, born Gorrans-Con 

NICHOLAS, Josepha, Daughter, unmarried, age 20, Machinist, born Calstock-Con 

NICHOLAS, Eliza, Daughter, age 15, No Occupation, born Plymouth-Dev 

Other Children: Mary, 12; Catherine, 10; Frances, 7; all born Plymouth-Dev 


Dwelling Place: 8 Chapel Street, East Stonehouse-Dev.

VOSPER, Samuel, Head, married, age 44, Brewer & Spirit Merchant, born Lewannick-Con 

VOSPER, Eleanor, Wife, age 40, born Gwennap-Con 

Children: William, 11; Samuel, 10; Charles, 7; Rose, 5; Sidney, 4; Beatrice, 2; all born East Stonehouse-Dev 

VOSPER, Maria, Sister, unmarried, age 33, Assistant Brewer, born Lewannick-Con

VENNING, mary, Servant, unmarried, age 26, Governess, born Altarnun-Con 

OSBORNE, Emma, Servant, unmarried, age 25, Servant, born Penzance-Con 


Dwelling Place: 5 East Street, East Stonehouse-Dev.

JOHNS, Elizabeth, Head, Widow, age 34, born Tywardreath-Con 

CHELEY, Elizabeth, Mother, Widow, age 76, born Gwennap-Con 

Children: William, 5; James, 3; Johanna, 14 mos; all born Devon 


 Dwelling Place: 11 Doidge Hill, Devonport-Con.

TREWARTHA, Robert. Lodger, unmarried, age 42, Cordwainer, born Gwennap-Con 

(Lodger in household of Jane STEPHENS, Widow)


Dwelling Place: Borough Prison, Plymouth Charles Martyr-Dev.


SPRATT, Eliza, Officer's Wife, age 35, born Gwennap-Con 


RG10/4133, folio 30

Leane Head, Newchurch, Bacup, Lancashire:

James WILLIAMS, Head, Married, 48, Masons Labourer, born Cornwall, Gwennap

Ann, Wife, Married, 49, No Occupation, born Cornwall, Gwennap

James, Son, Unmarried, 17, Mule Piecer Cotton, born Cornwall, Gwennap

William, Son, 15, Mule Piecer Cotton, born Cornwall, Gwennap

Richard, Son, 12, Doffer Cotton, born Cornwall, Gwennap


Dwelling Place: 39 Campbell Street, Paddington-Middx.

HITCHENS, Charles Rule, Head, married, age 42, Carpenter, born Gwennap-Con

HITCHENS, Isabella Hawke, Wife, age 40, born Gwennap-Con

HITCHENS, John, Son, unmarried, age 21, Railway Porter, born Gwennap-Con

HITCHENS, Charles, son, unmarried, age 18, Railway Porter, born Gwennap-Con

HITCHENS, William Son, age 15, Scholar, born Gwennap-Con

HITCHENS, Jane, Daughter, age 13, born Marylebone-Middx

HITCHENS, Isabella Mary, Daughter, age 3, born Paddington-Middx


Dwelling Place: 2 Fore Street, Devonport-Dev.

TREWARTHA, Elizabeth, Assistant, unmarried, age 24, Draper's Asst, born Gwennap-Con

TREWARTHA, Harriet, Assistant, unmarried, age 15, Draper's Asst, born Gwennap-Con

LEAN, Elizabeth, Servant, unmarried, age age 23, Dom. Servant, born Ffowey-Con

SLEP?, Elizabeth, Assistant, unmarried, age 19, Draper's Asst, born St.Just-Con. (In household of Robert DYER, Draper)


Wigan Lane, Lamberhead Green, Pemberton, Lancashire:

William Henry VALE, Boarder, Married, 34, Postal Telegraph Dept, born Warwickshire, Birmingham

Caroline Ag***a VALE, Wife, Married, 31, No Occupation, born Cornwall, Gwennap


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