Gwennap Parishioners  married in other parishes 

January 1577 - May 1724


Transcribed by  Helen Webster & Sandra Pritchard

From LDS film No 1471786




RAWLYN, Peter Hellynor BOSHOBER of Gwynnep 19 Jan 1577


HOCKEN, John Katherine TRIPLET of Gwennap 11 Oct 1608

St Pinnock

WILLIAMS, Edmant of Gwennap [Edmond?]  (No bride's name) 22 Oct 1609

St. Erth

MARKS, Peter of Gwenopp Margaret ---------- 26 Apr 1652


FRANCIS, Thomas of Gwennap Jane MARTYN of Kenwyn* 12 Dec 165-[?]

St Mary Truro

BAND, John of Gwinap Peternell PAWLE of Phillacke* 23 Apr 1654

St Mary Truro

BREYSONN, Martyn Florence SCE--- of Gwennap* 29 April 1654

St Mary Truro

MAGAR, William of Gwenap Julian SMITH  * 03  Jul  1654

St Mary Truro

WASTELL, Robert of Budocke Margery CRISPIN of Gwennapp* 02 Sep 1654

St Mary Truro

LAUNDER, Edmond Ann MARTYN of Gwenapp* 04 Sep 1654

St Mary Truro

NICLAS, Herchles Isaatt SKEWES of Gwennap* 18 Sep 1654

St Mary Truro

EDY, Francis of Gwenop Thamosin NICLIS of Stithians* 04 Dec 1654

St Mary Truro

STADDEN, Walter Hanna HARRIS of Gwinnap* 26 May 1655

St Mary Truro

TREWEEKE, John of Gwenopp Ann BARNARD of Camborne* 02 Jun 1655

St Mary Truro

WALSLY, George Christabell WILLIAMS of Gwinnap* 10 Jun 1655

St Mary Truro

ROBARTS, Phillip of Gwinnap Katheryn MOORE of Redruth * 16 Jun 1655

St Mary Truro

SPARGOE, James Johan JEFFERY of Gwinn [ap]*  09 Jul 1655

St Mary Truro

WILKIN, James of Ginnapp Agnes CHERGWYN  of Sankris [Sancreed]* 30 Jul 1655

St Mary Truro

CORNISH, Richard of Gwinnop Johan THOMAS of Peran Arworthall * 05 Nov 1655

St Mary Truro

BARRETT, John Jane ROBARTS of Gwennap * 01 Dec 1655

St Mary Truro

TIDDY, Locryne Johan GRIGGOR of Gwinnapp* 28 Jan 1655

St Mary Truro

SPARGO, Michael of Gwennup Margarett JAGO of Feocke* 18 Feb 1655

St Mary Truro

FRAUNCIS, Archelus Katheryn CROWSIER of Gwinnap* 26 Apr 1656

St Mary Truro

NICHOLAS, Collan Alice WILLIAMS of Gwinnapp* 24 Jun 1656

St Mary Truro

WEBBE, Edward of  parish of  Gwinnop Olive LUKY of St. Stephen in Brannell* 29 Oct 1656

St Mary Truro

* These Gwennap couples were married by a  Justice of the Peace during the Interregnum.
MUNDAY, John late of Probus Matilda.  d. of Wm HAWKE of Gwennap 17 Jan 1657


WEBB, Elmodam Susanna BARTLETT 20 Jul 1663

St. Mary Truro

JIFFRY  Edmond of Guinap Grace TREWEEK 20 Aug 1668


HOSKINS, Richard s. Hen: Hoskins Oreng SCUNIS?     ** 31 Oct 1671


** Oreng SCUNIS  = Orange SCEWIS or SKEWES    
MAGOR, Charles of Guinape Jane d. of William HAIN 20 Sep 1673


ROBERTS, Walter of Guenap Joan d. of John HAIN 28 Nov 1674


GOLSERY, John of Gwinnap [GOLDSWORTHY] Elizabeth d. of Hampton  URIN [UREN] of Gwendron  27 Dec 1675


RAWLINGS, Nicholas of Guenap Christian d. of Piers PASCO 13 Jan 1676


HARRIS, John of Gwenopp Alice d. of Henry PELLOW 26 Nov 1677


GLOYEN, Peter Elinor QUENTRELL 29 May 1679


NICHOLS, Richard of Guenip Joan ROE of Kea 02 Jan 1679


WILLIAMS, Philip of Falmouth Francis MOYLE  of Gwinnop 22 Oct 1680


WHITINGE, John Jane UREN of Guinap 21 Mar 1680


PERRO, George of Gwenip Anne RICHARDS of Penryn 04 Apr1681


BODIN , Richard


Christian d. (Tho.) DUNSTON 19 Nov 1681


CARVER, Charles of Pendinnes [Falmouth] Ann SAMPSON of Gwennip 03 Feb 1681


PARRO(W), James, s. of John of Cheprise of Boran Catheren d. of Mark SAMSON of Guinap 29 Dec 1683


TAYLOR, John of Gwenap Ann CARLEEN 22 Sep 1684


PARNELL, Christopher Bridget DACON   [DEACON?[ 28 Oct 1685


WILLIAMS, Richard of Guinop Elizabeth BURLEY of St. Veryan 28 Sep 1687


JEFFERY, Martin of Gwennop Jone POLLARD 01 Nov 1688


PARNELL, Christopher of Blisland Willmot, d.o John ROBERTS, Lanhydrock 02 Feb 1688


DAVYE, John of Gwennap Elizabeth MARTINE of Stythians 24 May 1690


ROBERTS, John Sidwell BOWDEN of Gwinnop 19 Aug 1690


POLKINHORNE, Thomas Jane WHITEN of Gwennap 05 Feb 1690


MAGOR, George Luce MORCOMB 07 Jul 1691

Stithians - both of Gwinop

PENHALURICK, William Aulse GRIGOR   -   -   1692

Stithians - both of Gwinop

DUFF, Edward Frances - no surname given 11 Jun 1692


DENNIS, John Mary RANDLE 02 Jul  1692


MICHEL, John of Gwinnop Mary JACKMAN 14 Feb 1693


HOLMAN, Nathaniel of Guinap Ann BENNETT 04 Dec 1694

St. Just in Roseland

TREWARTHA, Robt. of Gwennap  Phillippa ROW[E] 19 Aug 1696

St. Enoder

TREWEEK, Christopher Avis EDDY of Gwennap  -    -   1698


JENNINGS, Thomas of Guyneppe Margaret BOSKEEN 21 Feb 1698

St Just in Roseland

DUFF, Edward Margrit - no surname given 21 Feb 1698


STANTON, Thomas of Gwennop Anne TRAVAS 31 Aug 1699

St. Keverne

THOMAS, Stephen of Gwennop Katherine ROLPH 04 Nov 1701


HOLMAN, Nathaniel Eliz. PEARCE of Gwenap 05 Oct 1702

St. Gluvias

PAINTER, Johannes de Gwennap Christiana CARNE 29 Dec 1702


GOULSWORTHY Rallf Jane BRABON 26 Dec 1704


PHILLIPS, Hugh of Gwennap Jone - no surname given 17 Feb 1704


BROWNE, John Bridget PEARSE of Gwinnop 28 Dec 1705

St. Gluvias

HOLMAN, Richard Elizabeth -no surname given- of Guinap 07 Sep 1706


LAW, David of Gwennap Dorcas LUKE (B.T) 09 Sep 1707


SIMIONS, Abraham An WILLIAMS of Gwennap  -  Jul 1708


JINENS, John     [JENNINGS?] Joan MORCUM of Gwennap 02 Oct 1708


TREWARTHAE   $**  Sebastian Anne HARVY 02 Dec 1708               Creed
MOYLE, Marke, Yeoman of Gwennap Anne PLUMMER of Probus 16 Jul 1709

St. Erme

BRAY, Nathaniel of Gwennap Mary WHEAR 29 Dec 1709

St. Mawgan in Meneage

WILLIAMS, John of Gwennap Martha HEWETT 31 Jan 1709


KEMP, Thomas Milson WHESE of Gwennap 15 Sep 1710


TOY, Wearn Alice BLAMY of Gwennap 04 Dec 1710


NICHOLLS, Antony of Gwennap Mistress. Katherine HAWK 29 Jan 1710


TYACK, William Sydwel BRAY 02 Apr 1711


FRANCIS, Philip Sarah LAMYNN 05 Nov 1711


NICHOLLS, Mr John of Gwennap Mistress. Penelope PENNECK 20 Nov 1711

St. Hilary

UREN, Francis of Gwennap Elizabeth STEPHENS (B.T) 22 Dec 1711


HARRIS, Thomas of Gwenopp Elizabeth HARVEY 09 Apr 1713


CURTIS, Marke of Gwennap Dorothy MITCHELL 11 Apr 1713


WILLIAMS, Ralph of Ruan Mi., Gertrude THOMAS widow of Gwinnapp 23 Nov 1713

Ruan Major

PENGILLY, Henry of Perran-ar-worthal Honor NICOLLS of Gwennap 24 Feb 1714

St. Michael Penkivel

GATLY, James of Gwennap Mary WEST 20 Oct 1716

St. Breock

RICHARDS, Hercules of Gwennap Maria EVAH 05 Nov 1716


BLAMEY, John s. of John of Gwennap Mary WATTS of St. Clements 22 Apr 1717


ROBERTS, Walter of Gwennap Grace SANDRY 22 Jun 1717


READ, Edward of Stythians Ann SANDOWE 24 Jun 1717


BRAY, Ambrose Jenefer OATTS 02 Jun 1718


HOLMAN, Nathaniel of Gwennap Sarah PEARCE of Stithians 28 Oct 1719


ROBERTS, John Leah HARRY of Gwenap 30 Apr 1721


JAMES, William of Gwennap Ann VIGURS 31 Aug 1721


PENN, William Blanch JOHN 30 Dec 1721

Redruth - both of Gwennap

RULE,  John of Gwenap Jane MICHELL 20 Apr1722


TREVENNA, Philip s. of Walter of Guinop Mary d. of Stephen ROBBINS 04 Nov 1722

St. Agnes

PETERS, John of Guenap Anne CHAMPION 27 Dec 1722

St. Columb Major

HILL, Ishmael of Gwennap Mary TREGLIMICK of Probus 12 Jan 1722


ANGER, Samuel of Gwennap Judith UREN 21 Dec 1723


PARRO[W], Anthony Martha WOOLCOCK (of Gwanap) 24 May 1724



$**   Although there is no existing record of a baptism for Sebastian TREWARTHA/E  in the Gwennap register the Will of Robert TREWARTHA 1716 Gwennap, proves Sebastian to have been his son by his wife, Thomasine Jacques, whom he married in 1661 in Gwennap.


Page 225 - by W L Bawden

To keep this transcript as self contained as possible I have extracted all the marriages of Gwennap parishioners outside of their home parish

from the 26    volumes of Cornish marriages by Phillimore & Taylor, plus the following parishes not printed by P & T from the start of each

register to 1743:

Illogan; St. Mary, Truro;  Mullion, Madron, Gulval, St. Columb Major; Mabe; Feock; Falmouth;

St. Dominic; Talland; St. Neot; Cury; Duloe; St. Martin-by-Looe; St. Pinnock and Isles of Scilly (1726-1743)


I have extracted those stated as "of Gwennap" plus several that I know to have been native of Gwennap, though not stated as such in the

registers.  There are of course, more that fall within this category. Also in the following entries are the people that moved into Gwennap to

reside, after marrying in their home parish. It is fortunate that the Act of Parliament dated the 24th August 1653 ordering civil marriages

before a Justice of the Peace meant that the inhabitants of Gwennap had to travel to Truro for this ceremony. The registers of St. Mary,

Truro contain 21 marriages between 1653 and 1656.  This extends the record of Gwennap marriages back 7 years before the commencement

date of 1660 in the Gwennap registers.



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