Gwennap Marriages 1830- 1837

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS C.D, No. FHL British Film 1595598 / Ref N0. 79/1/10

Parts of these  records are in a very faded and bad condition rendering much if it illegible



FRANCIS James, to Mary Ann JOSE, 16th Jan 1830

GIDLEY William, to Mary DAVEY, 7th Feb 1830

SPARGO Nicholas, to Jane CORNISH, 17th Feb 1830

KITTO James Henry, to Christian LUKE, 20th Feb 1830

KIST John, to Mary RICHARDS, 21st Feb 1830

TREGONING Thomas, to Elizabeth PASCOE, 25th Feb 1830

KINSMAN Joseph, to Elizabeth DINGLE, 11th Mar 1830

ROWE William Ellery, to Susanna SPARGO, 16th Mar 1830

BARNETT John, to Abigail JOSE, 4th April 1830

MANLEY Paul, to Mary BLAMEY, 7th April 1730

JOSE William, to Philippa TREWARTHA, 29th April 1730

GILES James, to Amelia BUCKINGHAM, 6th May 1830

MUTTON Henry, to Elizabeth TREWARTHA, 10th May 1830

TREGONING Edward, of Kea, to Susanna MARTYN, 13th May 1830

WEBSTER John, to Elizabeth MORCOM, 20th May 1830,

KENT Richard, to Mary Ann SIDMON [?] 30th May 1830

MARTIN James, of St Gluvias, to Mary MARTIN, 6th June 1830

PAUL Andrew, to Anne WHITBURN, 24th June 1830

PENROSE James, to Elizabeth THOMAS, (W), 29th June 1830

BUNT William, to Anne REED, 1st July 1830

MARTIN David, of Kea, to Anne PENHALURICK, 4th July 1830

TREWEEK John, to Eliza. CORNISH, 4th July 1830

BENBOW Joseph, to Anne PHILLIPS, 7th July 1830

ANDREW Nicholas, to Elizabeth CROWGEY, 7th July 1830

WILLIAMS William, to Grace Harris BILLING, 10th July 1830

BROWN William, to Jane HAM, 18th July 1830

ANNEAR David, to Jane LETCHER, 31st July 1830

TRENERRY Abraham, to Elizabeth TREWEEK, 9th Aug 1830

CARBIS William, to Grace WILLIAMS, 15th Aug 1830

KEVERNE William, to Anne ANDREW, 21st Aug 1830

PENROSE William, to Elizabeth TREWEEK, 29th Aug 1830

MARTIN George, to Mary Anne PENROSE, 2nd Sept 1830

VISSICK Luke, to Mary SYMONS, 12th Sept 1830

TRELOAR Thomas, to Anne COLLINS, 13th Sept 1830

WHITFORD Elijah, to Johanna WHITFORD, 16th Sept 1830

BARNETT John, to Anne TREBILCOCK, 18th Sept 1830

TRESIDDER Martin, to Grace ROGERS, 26th Sept 1830

TREWARTHA Joseph, to Margaret HITCHENS, 30th Sept 1830

ROSEWALL James, to Mary HARRIS, 2nd Oct 1830

JACO [Jacka] John, to Mary HANCOCK, 2nd Oct 1830

PENROSE John, to ELIZA STANTON, 5th Oct 1830

SPARGO Samuel, to Mary PEARCE, 7th Oct 1830

CLIFT William, to Jane BAWDEN, 23rd Oct 1830

BONDS Thomas, to Anne SINNOT [?] 24th Oct 1830

RALPH Francis, to Anne KITTO, 25th Oct 1830

TREVERTON Francis, to Martha CORNISH, 30th Oct 1830

ROUSE William, of St Agnes, to Elizabeth STEVENS, 13th Nov 1830

JENNINGS Edward, of Gwinear, to Mary NOBLE, 13th Nov 1830

DYER Richard, to Catherine TREWARTHA, 25th Nov 1830

CHOCK [?]Phillip, to Harriet HOSKEN, 1st Dec 1830

KESSEL William, of Wendron, to Esther WILLIAMS, 4th Dec 1830

SIMMONS Thomas, to Mary MICHELL, 6th Dec 1830

GREGOR John, to Grace MORCOM, 9th Dec 1830

LETCHER Richard Paul, of Redruth, to Catherine TREWEEK, 11th Dec 1830

ROWE John, to Mary Anne TREVENNA  15th Dec 1830

MURLEY John, to Mary RABY [RABEY] 18th Dec 1830

JOLLY William, to Jane WILLIAMS, 23rd Dec 1830

SPARGO Peter, to Jane PHILLIPS, 23rd Dec 1830

HITCHENS Josephus, to Anne WEARNE of St Gluvias 23rd Dec 1830



TRENBERTH John, to Grace NORTHEY, 20th Jan 1831

BAWDEN Thomas, to Honor WILLS, 27th Jan 1831

BRAY William, to Eliza BAWDEN, 29th Jan 1831

BAWDEN James, to Mary HALSE, 12th Feb 1831

JACKA Benjamin, to Eliza Rich SYMONS, of Falmouth, 14th Feb 1831

DOWRICK Thomas, to Grace DYER, 19th Feb 1831

UREN John, to Catherine KELLOW, 26th Feb 1831

POLMEAR Nicholas, to Nanny BENNETTS, 6th Mar 1831

THOMAS James, to Mary WASLEY, 8th Mar 1831

ADAMS John, of Redruth, (W), to Elizabeth PETERS, (W), 10th Mar 1831

KEMP Richard, to Ann GILL, (W), 19th Mar 1831

HOLMAN Bennett, to Elizabeth BLUETT, 30th Mar 1831

JACKA Joseph, to Mary PROVIS [PROVES] 10th Apr 1831

TRENGOVE William, to Prudence BRAY, 10th Apr 1831

GRIBBLE Josiah  of Illogan   to Susanna TREGONING, 23rd April 1831

BENNETTS Jeremiah, to Anne WEEKS, 2nd May 1831

CHEGWIDDEN James, to Elizabeth TREVERTON, 15th May 1831

BUZZA John, to Patience COURTENAY, 19th May 1831

CORNISH William, to Lydia GREGOR,, 19th May 1831

JOSE Hugh, to Susan HITCHENS, 21st May 1831

JEFFERY John, to Mary TRENGOVE, 22nd May 1831

PENHALURICK Benjamin, to Anne TREWARTHA, 25th May 1831

RICHARDS Henry, Yeo. to Hannah BENNETTS, 29th May 1831

GRAY James, to Mary FRANCIS, 30th May 1831

CROCKER William, of Wendron, to Sally RICHARDS, 2nd June 1831

CURNOW Charles  of St Ives  (W), to Mary Anne TREWARTHA, 21st June 1831

MARTIN John, of Stythians, to Elizabeth TRENGOVE, 26th June 1831

DRYDEN Joseph,  to Elizabeth COCK, 6th July 1831

TREWARTHA Peter, to Jenifer ANDREW, 8th July 1831

HITCHENS Paul, to Elizabeth KESTLE, [KESSEL] 20th July 1831

GRIBBLE Joseph, to Matilda JOSE, 23rd July 1831

NORTHEY John, to Harriet OATES, 24th July 1831

GOLDSWORTHY Charles, to Jacoliah WHITFORD, 28th July 1831

TERRELL Samuel, to Sarah TRENGOVE, 3rd Aug 1831

ISAAC William, to Eliza BAWDEN, 11th Aug 1831

DUDLEY John, (W), to Jane RENFREY, 13th Aug 1831

FRANCIS Thomas, to Mary BRAY, 16th Aug 1831

MORCOM John, to Mary HAWES, 17th Sept 1831

BARNETT William, to Mary MICHELL, 25th Sept 1831

BUCKINGHAM William, to Elizabeth HOSKEN, 29th Sept 1831

NICHOLS Thomas,, to Catherine TREGONING, 1st Oct 1831

PHILLIPS William, to Sarah WEBSTER, 2nd Oct 1831

CURNOW William, to Margaret HOLMAN, 3rd Oct 1831

HUGO John   to Grace WILLIAMS, 3rd Oct 1831

GUY Benjamin, to Mary HALES, (W), 9th Oct 1831

SCOBEL John, to Martha WILLIAMS, 20th Oct 1831

JEFFERY Richard, to Elizabeth MORCOM, 27th Oct 1831

STEPHENS Francis, to Mary DUNGEY, 27th Oct 1831

TRELOAR Bennett, to Grace TRELOAR, 5th Nov 1831

KEMP John, to Elizabeth ROGERS, 5th Nov 1831

NOALL Richard, to Alice LAMPSHIRE, 6th Nov 1831

JORY William, to Elizabeth SCOBEL, 12th Nov 1831

GRIBBLE Thomas, Elizabeth GREGOR, 19th Nov 1831

DUNGEY John, (W), to Mary Ann POLKINGHORNE, 21st Nov 1831

TREWEEK Joel, (W), to Harriet PEARCE, (W), 24th Nov 1831

TREWEEK Joel, to Betsy TIDDY, 1st Dec 1831

WHITBURN Joel, to Sarah OPPY, 3rd Dec 1831

PHILIP John, to Sarah HOWARTH, 18th Dec 1831

WILLIAMS John, Johanna BURROW (W), 24th Dec 1831

PERRY Thomas, to Mary WILLIAMS, 25th Dec 1831

BERRYMAN Thomas, to Jane DUNSTONE, 25th Dec 1831

WILLIAMS Henry, to Mary HALL, 26th Dec 1831

MITCHELL Richard, to Grace MUTTON. 26th Dec 1831

BROWNE John, Elizabeth OPIE, 26th Dec 1831



CRAPP [CRAGO ?] John, to Mary Ann THOMAS, 9th Jan 1832

TEAGUE Arthur, to Elizabeth DINNIS, [DENNIS] 11th Jan 1832

JOSE Peter, to Johanna PHILLIPS, 14th Jan 1832

FRANCIS Nicholas, to Elizabeth BRAY, 21st Jan 1832

BAWDEN Mark, to Mary SCOBEL, 6th Feb 1832

BURROWS William, to Mary Ann JENKIN, 16th Feb 1832

JAMES Robert, to Elizabeth SCOBEL, 18th Feb 1832

JEFFERY William, to Johanna WHITBURN, 15th Mar 1832

TREWREN John, to Mary LEAN, 26th Mar 1832

ANNEAR David, of Redruth, to Grace HART, 27th Mar 1832

WHEAR Samuel, to Grace ODGERS, 29th Mar 1832

NICHOLLS James (W), to Catherine RICKARD, 2ns April 1832

WILLIAMS William, to Jane DUNSTONE, 7th April 1832

WILLIAMS William, to Jane TRENGOVE, 8th April 1832

NICHOLS James, to Ann WATERS, 12th April 1832

MATHEWS William, to Elizabeth HARRIS, 18th April 1832

JOSE James, to Anne ROBERTS, 24th April 1832

BENNETTS John, to Phillippa CORNISH, 26th April, 1832

STEPHENS Edward, to Jane NICHOLLS, 28th April 1832

SPRAGUE William, to Catherine BURN, 8th May 1832

TERRELL Thomas, to Emma THOMAS, 9th May 1832

MOYLE John, to Mary SPARGO, 17th May 1832

LAMPSHIRE John, to Ann LANCE, 19th May 1832

TREBILCOCK Benjamin, to Eliza BLAMEY, 19th May 1832

PASCOE Robert, (W), to Mary KESTLE, 19th May 1832

WILLIAMS Anthony, to Elizabeth HALES, 7th June 1832

WILLIAMS William, to Elizabeth BUZZA, 7th June 1832

TREWEEK John, to Eliza WILLIAMS, 9th June 1832

HARRIS  Simon, to Mary GREY, 13th June 1832

JOLIFF[E] George, to Anne MAY 23rd June 1832

COWLING Phillip of Llanfairarybryn, Carmarthen [Wales]  to Xtian [Christian] NICHOLLS 25th June 1832

TREWARTHA John, to Jemima BICE, 27th June 1832

RICHARDS Josiah, to Jenifer WILLIAMS, 28th June 1832

WHITE Thomas, to Grace HANCOCK, 19th July 1832

ODGERS John, to Tamsin GIDLEY, 21st July 1832

CARNE Thomas, to Elizabeth LEAN, 4th Aug 1832

HOSKEN Richard, to Philippa TREVERTON, 9th Aug 1832

SPARGO Peter, (W), to Phillippa ROWE, 11th Aug 1832

CARBIS Samuel, to Elizabeth BISHOP, 16th Aug 1832

PRYOR Joseph, to Anne HOCKING, 18th Aug 1832

RALPH Abraham, to Margaret Vibert VEAL, 18th Aug 1832

TREGASKIS James, to Mary MAGOR, 19th Aug 1832

RALPH Francis, to Ann RALPH, 30th Aug 1832

BILLING Christopher, to Kezia REED, 30th Aug 1832

LETCHER John  of St Agnes  to Mary GEAKE,  2nd Sept 1832

POLGREAN William, (W), Rebecca STAUNTON, 2nd Sept 1832

PEDLER Joseph, ot Tywardreath, to Elizabeth JAMES, 10th Sept 1832

YOUREN  [UREN] William, to Jane MARTIN, 13th Sept 1832

GOLDSWORTHY Henry, to Grace MORCOM, 22nd Sept 1832

WICKS William, (W), to Mary Anne LAWN, 24th Sept 1832

COOMB[E] Samuel, to Harriet DUNSTAN, 27th Sept 1832

HITCHENS John, to Elizabeth MOYLE, 4th Oct 1832

BAWDEN William, to Elizabeth BAWDEN, 4th Oct 1832

BINNEY [BUNNY  ?] William, to Elizabeth SPRAGUE, 6th Oct 1832

TREGELLAS Walter Henry, of Redruth, to Elizabeth THOMAS, 11th Oct 1832

ROWE William, to Mary Ann BENNETTS, 11th Oct 1832

REED Nicholas, to Barbara MICHELL, 17th Oct 1832

BLAMEY Edward, to Mary HALES, 18th Oct 1832

MICHELL Edmund, to Ann Sampson, 24th Oct 1832

BRAY Ambrose, to Joanna SKEWES, 27th Oct 1832

MICHELL William, (W), to Jane SHEARMAN, 1st Nov 1832

BAWDEN Benjamin, to Elizabeth TUCKER, 3rd Nov 1832

RICHARDS Christopher, to Mary Ann POLMEAR, 8th Nov 1832

OPIE Walter, to Frances QUICK, 10th Nov 1832

JEFFERY William, to Elizabeth VARCOE, 18th Nov 1832

CARBIS William, to Mary BARRETT, 22nd Nov 1832

MERRIFIELD John, to Mary WILLIAMS, 24th Nov, 1832

PHILLIPS Richard, of Ludgvan, to Avis MARTYN, 24th Nov 1832

ANDREWS Mathias, to Mary Ann ANNEAR, 28th Nov 1832

CARA Stephen, of Madron, to Harriet VARCOE, 3rd Dec 1832

NINNES John, to Marianne TREGONING, 6th Dec 1832

SENNETT James, to Catherine BRAY, (W), 20th Dec 1832

KELLOW James, to Jane BRAY, 22nd Dec 1832

HITCHENS Thomas, to Jane HITCHENS, 22nd Dec 1832

STEPHENS Joseph, to Eleanor ROBINS, 23rd Dec 1832

TREWARTHA Robert, to Johanna BURROWS, 23rd Dec 1832

JENKIN Samuel, to Ann WASLEY, 25th Dec 1832



WELSH John, to Nancy COPELAND, 5th Jan 1833

BRAY Richard, to Elizabeth NETTLE, 17th Jan 1833

CORNISH Thomas, to Jane GRAY, 20th Jan 1833

LAWREY  [Lawry] John, to Mary HOSKING, 24th Jan 1833

MARTYN  [Martin] James to Sarah PEARCE (W), 10th Feb 1833

WILLIAMS George, (W), to Jane SPARGO, 16th Feb 1833

JANE Ambrose, to Esther BOASE, 28th Feb 1833

SAMPSON Thomas, to Johanna MOYLE, 14th Mar 1833

WHITFORD Emmanuel, to Rebecca JEFFERY, 16th Mar 1833

PERROW Thomas, to Eliza KINSMAN, 17th Mar 1833

QUICK James, to Xtian [Christian] ANDREW, 17th Mar 1833

MICHELL William jnr. of St Pancras, Middlesex to Catherine HARVEY, 19th Mar 1833

CARBIS Henry, to Elizabeth MICHELL, 23rd Mar 1833

KARKEET [Carkeet] Thomas, to Catherine DARLINGTON  (W), 23rd Mar 1833

OPIE James, to Mary WASLEY, 4th April 1833

BLAMEY John, to Mary Ann TRENERRY (W), 6th April 1833

BURN Richard, to Maria THOMAS, 11th Apr 1833

BUTLER William, to Anne ROWE, 13th April 1833

SMITHERAM Charles, to Martha BLAMEY, 2nd May 1833

MANUEL Richard, to Elizabeth ROWE, 9th May 1833

THOMAS Thomas, to Jane JEFFREY, 15th May 1833

TRELOAR James, to Fanny PEARCE, 29th May 1833

DAVEY John, to Frances COPELAND, 1st June 1833

HITCHINS Joseph, to Jane NETTLE, 2nd June 1833

ROWE Henry, to Jane WARN, 2nd June 1833

CORNISH John, to Elizabeth WHITFORD, 8th June 1833

BAWDEN John  (W), to Jane JEFFERY, 16th June 1833

MICHELL Frederick of St Gluvias, to Elizabeth WHITBURN, 3rd July 1833

MAY Frederick, to Jane GREGOR, 4th July 1833

PENBERTHY James, of Redruth  to Catherine HART, 6th July 1833

MICHELL John, to Jane ANNEAR, 8th July 1833

WHITFORD James, to Rebecca TREGILGAS, 13th July 1833

PERROW James, to Mary BROWN, 13th July 1833

LEAN William, to Elizabeth TUCKFIELD, 18th July 1833

PHILLIPS William, to Susanna BAWDEN, 18th July 1833

KELLEY Joseph, to Mary SYMONS, 22nd July 1833

WILLIAMS John, to Lydia BAILEY, 28th July 1833

HIGGINS James, to Elizabeth ROSCROW, 1st Aug 1833

WILLIAMS John, to Margaret EATHORN, 7th Aug 1833

WILLIAMS Anthony, (W), Hannah TREGILGAS, 12th Aug 1833

CRAZE John, to Anne MICHELL, 15th Aug 1833

KELLOWE Samuel, to Elizabeth BRAY, 22nd Aug 1833

MILL Joseph, to Mary RICHARDS, 24th Aug 1833

JOSE William, to Elizabeth TOY, 27th Aug 1833

BAWDEN Jonathan, to Elizabeth TREWEEK, 31st Aug 1833

BRAY Thomas, to Elizabeth BLAMEY, 4th Sept 1833

GILES Henry, (W), to Alice VINCENT, 7th Sept 1833

HOCKIN  Nicholas, to Mary Harris BLACK, 13th Sept 1833

VIVIAN Alexander, to Grace WHITE, 24th Sept 1833

FRANCIS Joseph, to Elizabeth OPIE, 26th Sept 1833

TREWEEK Nicholas, to Catherine GRENFELL, 29th Sept 1833

MARES George, of St NEOTS, to Anne PASCOE, 3rd Oct 1833

BOSANKO Benjamin, to Anne WILLIAMS, 5th Oct 1833

PERROW William, to Hannah Bawden NICHOLLS, 5th Oct 1833

EVA Francis, to Harriet NICHOLLS, 5th Oct 1833

CHEGWIDDEN James, (W), Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 6th Oct 1833

BOLITHO Thomas, to Anne TREWARTHA, 13th Oct 1833

MITCHELL William, to Mary DURE [?] 17th Oct 1833

JOSE Thomas, to Mary NICHOLS, 19th Oct 1833

GREGOR William, to Mary TOY, 19th Oct 1833

WILLIAMS Richard, (W), to Mary MATHEWS, (W), 30th Oct 1833

BRAY John, to Jerusha PHILLIPS, 3rd Nov 1833

WHITFORD Richard, to Mary ANNE WILLIAMS, 21st Nov 1833

MICHELL John, to Deborah GUNDRY, 24th Nov 1833

BUCKINGHAM Abraham, (Wid.), to Fanny NICHOLLS, 28th Nov 1833

DAVEY Thomas, to Mary Anne ODGERS, 30th Nov 1833

POPE William, to Louisa COAD, 5th Dec 1833

TREZUNA Francis, of Camborne, to Agnes GRENFELL, 10th Dec 1833

RETALLACK Nicholas, to Susanna LANCE, 15th Dec 1833

TRENAMIN  [?] John, to Grace CURNOW, 23rd Dec 1833

GUY Thomas, to Sophia DAVEY, 24th Dec 1833

COCK Henry, to Elizabeth WHITBURN, 25th Dec 1833



ROWE Richard, to Margaret JOSE, of Redruth, 2nd Jan 1834

COLLINS William, to Elizabeth BLAMEY 5th Jan 1834

MAGOR James, to Mary ROBERTS, 9th Jan 1834

BAWDEN Mark, (W) to Phillippa THOMAS, 11th Jan 1834

HAMMEL [?] Joshua, to Elizabeth HARRIS, 13th Jan 1834

KNUCKEY Peter, to Mary KENDALL, 16th Jan 1834

ROGERS Nicholas, to Elizabeth BLAMEY, 16th Jan 1834

COLLINS George, to Elizabeth HALES, 18th Jan 1834

COAD John, to Eliza BLAMEY, 1st Feb 1834

GOLDSWORTHY Thomas, to Charlotte VARCOE, 2nd Feb 1834

ROGERS James, to Martha KEMP, 2nd Feb 1834

SCOBEL Anthony, to Mary MOYLE, 3rd Feb 1834

DOBLE Hugh, to Anne MAGOR, 8th Feb 1834

EDWARDS John, of St Agnes, to Mary GRENFELL, 9th Feb 1834

TERRELL Richard, to Elizabeth STEPHENS, 9th Feb 1834

PENHALURICK John, to Johanna HOSKING, 23rd Feb 1834

MAGOR John, Jane KELLOWE, [Kelloe] 8th Mar 1834

GRAY James, to Mary HARRIS, 13th Mar 1834

NICHOLAS Francis, to Mary TREWEEK, 15th Mar 1834

PETERS Hugh, of St Agnes, to Eliza MAGOR, 30th Mar 1834

LEAN William, of Kenwyn, to Anne BURNT, 3rd Apr 1834

TREWARTHA Phillip, to Elizabeth MOYLE, 12th Apr 1834

OPPY Francis, to Ann WHITFORD, 19th Apr 1834

HANCOCK William, to Elizabeth CANNON, 24th Apr 1834

TRELIGGAN [?] Frederick, to Ann MOYLE, 3rd May 1834

HITCHENS Joseph, to Mary JONES, 3rd May 1834

WILKINS Williams, to James BANFIELD, 10th May 1834

JOSE Peter, to Elizabeth JOSE, 2nd Aug 1834

MORCOM Digory, to Mary Ann GOLDSWORTHY, 5th Jane 1834

GROSE Thomas, (W), to Mary WILLIAMS, (W), 9th June 1834

JEFFERY Edmund, to Matilda VERCOE, 22nd June 1834

CARKEEK William, to Amelia COURTENAY, 22nd June 1834

WHITBURN William, to Jane CURNOE [Curnow] 26th June 1834

CURTIS Thomas, to Ann NICHOLS, 5th July 1834

HARRIS Thomas, of Redruth, to Mary GREGOR, 6th July 1834

HITCHENS Henry, to Elizabeth RAPSON, 8th July 1834

OPIE Nicholas Pascoe, to Ann ROBINS, 12th July 1834

TREWARTHA John, to Martha CURNOW, 20th July 1834

RICHARDS Joseph, to Mary Ann BENBOW, 24th July 1834

GREY Thomas, to Charity SKEWES, 2nd Aug 1834

NICHOLLS Stephen, of Kenwyn, to Priscilla MAGOR, a minor, 3rd Aug 1834

TRENBERTH Richard, to Mary Ann BRAY, 4th Aug 1834

HILLS Mathew, (W), to Anne WHITE, (W), 13th Aug 1834

ODGERS John, to Elizabeth DUNSTONE, 24th Aug 1834

CRAZE William, to Susan SYMONS, 11th Sept 1834

DUNSTONE Joseph, to Elizabeth CORNISH, 22nd Sept 1834

BASTION William, to Eliza CARBIS, 24th Sept 1834

WASLEY William, (Wid), to Joanna ODGERS, 29th Sept 1834

POWNING Richard, to Elizabeth Ann HOSKINS, 29th Sept 1834

RICHARDS John, to Elizabeth CHEGWIDDEN, (W), 10th Oct 1834

BARNETT William, to Elizabeth CURTIS, 11th Oct 1834

PENGILLY Stephen, to Martha TOLL, 15th Oct 1834

BENNETTS Thomas, to Mary CURNOW, 20th Oct 1834

TXXXXXX   William, to Mary COOMBE, 1st Nov 1834

HARVEY Samuel, to Ann WEARNE, 6th Nov 1834

TIDDY Thomas, of Alnwick  to Mary SKINNER, 8th Nov 1834

BARNETT George, to Grace NICHOLLS,  8th Nov 1834

TRETHEWAY [Trethewey] George, to Catherine RICHARDS, 12th Nov 1834

CURNOW  Martin, to Mary Ann MANUEL, 13th Nov 1834

CARTER Richard Thomas, to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 17th Nov 1834

UREN James, to Catherine BULLEN [BULLER?] 20th Nov 1834

PRATER William, of Crantock  to Joanna MICHELL, 11th Dec 1834

SPRAGUE Samuel, to Anne PELLOWE, [PELLOW] 13th Dec 1834

GILES Richard, to Sarah BAKER, 13th Dec 1834

MAY James, to Martha YOUREN, [UREN] (Wid), 19th Dec 1834



TRESIDDER Joseph, to Eliza HANCOCK, 4th Jan 1835

SCOBEL Joseph, to Mary Ann WHITFORD, 9th Jan 1835

HAM Richard, to Maria SPRAGUE, 9th Jan 1835

SIMMONS Thomas, to Mary TREBILCOCK, 16th Jan 1835

TREWARTHA James, to Jane SIMMONS, 19th Jan 1835

GUY Benjamin, to Mary NETTLE, 22nd Jan 1835

JONES Samuel, to Elizabeth RICHARDS, 31st Jan 1835

YOUREN [UREN] James, to Priscilla ODGERS, 15th Feb 1835

CRAZE John, to Mary Ann BRAY, 24th Feb 1835

WHITFORD Francis, to Elizabeth TRENBERTH, 28th Feb 1835

OATES Joel, to Jane PHILLIPS, 5th Mar 1835

KINSMAN John, to Mary KELLOW, [Kelloe]8th Mar 1835

GUY John, to Elizabeth KEVERNE, 17th Mar 1835

LEAN William, to Alice FRANCIS, 23rd Mar 1835

CRAZE William, to Eleanor WILLOUGHBY of Redruth Parish, 29th Mar 1835

KEPPEL Richard, to Mary BLAMEY, 29th Mar 1835

ANDREW Thomas, to Mary MARTYN, [Martin] 2nd Apr 1835

WALKER Joseph, to Mary JEFFERY, 9th April 1835

RICHARDS Thomas, to Priscilla ENDEAN, 9th April 1835

JOB John, to Eliza COLLINS, 13th April 1835

MICHELL James, to Tabitha WHITBURN, 18th April 1835

DINNIS [DENNIS] Samuel, to Grace BENBOW, 25th April 1835

HOSKING John, to Elizabeth LUKE, 26th April 1835

BANT William Curtis Rowe, to Jane Chappel OLIVE  of St Gluvias,  27th April 1835

VEAL Henry, to Rebecca YOULTON [YOULTEN] 5th May 1835

DAVEY William, to Elizabeth PERRY, 10th May 1835

BRAY John, to Catherine LEAN, 17th May 1835

BLAMEY John, to Elizabeth DOWNING, 30th May 1835

PERRY John, to Rebecca HOSKIN, 4th June 1835

WICKS Joseph, to Mary Ann BANDS, 6th June 1835

MORCOM John, to Elizabeth ROBINS, 6th June 1835

RICHARDS Joseph (Wid) of Redruth, to Catherine NICHOLLS (Wid), 8th June 1835

MOORE Edward, to Eliza LEAN, 16th June 1835

HITCHINS Thomas, to Phillippa SKINNER, 20th June 1835

UREN Phillip, to Mary MANUEL, 2nd July 1835

SIMS James, to Mary TRAVAIL, 2nd July 1835

TRENGOVE Richard, to Ann WILLIAMS, 7th July 1835

DINNIS [DENNIS] Francis, to Ann TREWEEK, 7th July 1835

HOOPER Edward, to Mary HAILES, 18th July 1835

RICHARDS James, to Elizabeth HOOPER,  21st July 1835

BROWN Samuel, to Mary Ann WOODFORD, 25th July 1835

WILLIAMS William, to Elizabeth LEACH, 25th July 1835

BLAMEY Joseph, to Elizabeth DOWER, 26th July 1835

HARVEY Robert, to Christian TREGONING, 26th July 1835

WHITBURN John, to Elizabeth Anna WILLIAMS, 2nd Aug 1835

OPPEY  [OPIE/OPEY] Richard, to Grace MILL, 3rd Aug 1835

TRENEAR James, (Wid) to Elizabeth HOSKING, (Wid), of Redruth, 22nd Aug 1835

PEARCE John (Wid), to Ann SPARGO, 10th Sept 1835

GREGOR William, to Grace TRENBERTH, 5th Oct 1835

JONES Anthony to Ann REED, 13th Oct 1835

RALPHS Elisha, to Elizabeth MICHELL, 14th Oct 1835

HITCHINS John, to Ann FRANCIS, of Perranarworthal, 14th Oct 1835

EDDY John (Wid) of Mylor   to Sarah COOMBE, 17th Oct 1835

PENROSE Nicholas, to Elizabeth SHEPHERD, 19th Oct 1835

CLEMO John, to Grace BLAMEY, 28th Oct 1835

HALE Samson, to Mary Ann TRENBERTH, 1st Nov 1835

HENSLEY John, to Nanny BAWDEN, 11th Nov 1835

PUCKEY William, to Joanna BROWN, 12th Nov 1835

POWYAM Benjamin to Elizabeth JEFFERY, 22nd Nov 1835

SIMS William, of Kenwyn, to Harriet PEARCE, 24th Nov 1835

NETTLES John, to Ann GOLDSWORTHY, 29th Nov 1835

THOMAS James, (Wid), to Tamsin BLIGHT, (Wid) of Redruth, 10th Dec 1835

REED William, to Ann HALSE, 24th Dec 1835



LETCHER James, to Mary TEAGUE, 23rd Jan 1836

KNEEBONE Henry, to Mary Ann JOB, 23rd Jan 1836

TREVERTON Richard, to Ann TREWEEK, 28th Jan 1836

TRENBERTH Robert, to Mary Ann NOEL, 28th Jan 1836

SMITHERAM William, to Eleanor SIMS, 4th Feb 1836

DINGLES Richard, to Ann VALE, 13th Feb 1836

BOSANKO William, to Elizabeth BRAY, 13th Feb 1836

DAVEY Thomas, (W), to Mary DAVEY, (W), 14th Feb 1836

MAGOR Thomas, to Elizabeth HOSKIN, 14th Feb 1836

WASLEY Henry, to Jane HOSKEN, 10th Mar 1836

KINSMAN William, to Joanna SPARGOE, 13th Mar 1836

COLLINS Thomas, to Mary GREGOR, 17th Mar 1836

KINSMAN Thomas to Mary BLAMEY, 31st Mar 1836

TEAGUE James, to Elizabeth HITCHENS, 10th Apr 1836

VINCENT Nicholas, to JANE TRELEAVAN?  10th Apr 1836

TREWARTHA Philip, to Jane UREN, 10th Apr 1836

XXXX Henry, to Alice RODDA, (Wid), 14th Apr 1836

BAWDEN Richard, to Elizabeth TREGONING, 21st Apr 1836

ROWE Thomas, to Phillippa STEPHENS, 25th Apr 1836

TREBILCOCK Philip, to Betsey NOEL, 28th Apr 1836

PHILLIPS Thomas, to Mary MORCOM, 28th Apr 1836

XXXX John, to Blanche ANGOVE, 7th May 1836

WILLIAMS Richard, to Mary BRAY, 19th May 1836

PRIOR John, (W) to Elizabeth CANNON, 21st May 1836

ANDREW Thomas, to Sally JEFFREYS, 23rd May 1836

LAWN James, to Jane WEBSTER, 23rd May 1836

RICHARDS Samuel, to Mary BRAY, 1st June 1836

SPARGO Francis, to Elizabeth FRANCIS, (W), 9th June 1836

WATERS John, to Eliza JACKA (Wid), 9th June 1836

TRENBERTH James, to Elizabeth COLLINS, 20th June 1836

AXFORD Joseph, to Mary Ann VINCENT, 27th June 1836

HANCOCK Samuel, to Eliza MICHELL, 4th July 1836

KINSMAN Mathew, to Eliza THOMAS, 16th July 1836

COCK Henry, to Mary Ann PASCOE, 23rd July 1836

PEARCE William, to Marjorie SPARGO, 25th July 1836

SCOBEL John, (W), Elizabeth LAWRENCE, 30th July 1836

GILLARD John, to Cheston CARBIS, 11th Aug 1836

ISAAC John, to Aurelia PENGELLY, 13th Aug 1836

FORD Elisha, to Lucy Vibert VEAL, 13th Aug 1836

ELIOT George, to Jane MAY, 21st Aug 1836

SKINNER Martin, Elizabeth BLAMEY, 23rd Aug 1836

xxx William, to Eliza HAWKSWELL, 24th Aug 1836

BURN John, to Jenifer NICHOLLS, 5th Sept 1836

WEBBER John, to Catherine MILL, 10th Sept 1836

THOMAS William, to Mary Jxxxx, 11th Sept 1836

TIPPET Joseph, to Elizabeth TAMBLYN, 15th Sept 1836

ROUSE John, of Phillack, to Jane TREWEEK, 21st Sept 1836

PHILLIPS Samuel, to Mary CROKER, 24th Sept 1836

xxxx Samuel to Elizabeth TREBILCOCK, 25th Sept 1836

WHITE John, to Maria MAGOR, 26th Sept 1836

RICHARDS Joseph, to Mary Ann THOMAS, 27th Sept 1836

TREBILCOCK David, of St Erth, to Mary Ann JEFFERY, 28th Sept 1836

EDWARDS Samuel, to Elizabeth FORD, 1st Oct 1836

MICHELL William, to Nanny Elizabeth CHEGWIDDEN, 2nd Oct 1836

MOYLE Francis, to Elizabeth Davey CORNISH, 2nd Oct 1836

RICHARDS William, to Sophia JAMES, 5th Oct 1836

TREWEEK Thomas, to Elizabeth TRENGOVE, 8th Oct 1836

LEAN John, to Ann WEBSTER, 9th Oct 1836

ANDREW William, to xxxxxxxxxxx   10th Oct 1836

MAY James, (Wid) of Illogan, to Temperance JEFFERY, 16th Oct 1836

BONDS Thomas, to Catherine ANGOVE, 20th Oct 1836

LAWN John, to Elizabeth ROGERS, 23rd Oct 1836

ISAAC Samuel, to Mary Ann ROUSE, 23rd Oct 1836

YOUREN [UREN] Richard, to Mary Ann BEALY (W), 25th Oct 1836

WHITFORD Joseph, to Mary Ann WILLIAMS, 27th Oct 1836

ODGERS William, to Eliza WEARNE?  27th Oct 1836

GOLDSWORTHY Edward, to Ann HOSKEN, 5th Nov 1836

TUCKFIELD Francis, to Catherine HOLMAN, 10th Nov 1836

AXFORD John, (W), to Mary TREGONING, (W), 27th Nov 1836

MITCHELL Henry, to Ann STEAD, 28th Nov 1836

BAWDEN James, of Kenwyn, to Elizabeth KENDALL ?, 8th Dec 1836 

HIGGINS William, to Elizabeth BARNETT, 15th Dec 1836

DAVEY James, to Elizabeth THOMAS, of Redruth, 18th Dec 1836

RICHARDS John (W), of Illogan, to Mary PHILLIPS, 24th Dec 1836

DARBISTONE George, to Ann ODGERS, 29th Dec 1836

DXXXX William, to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 31st Dec 1836



NETTLE James, to Catherine Jane GOLDSWORTHY, 2nd Jan 1837

HALES Grenfell, to Martha HARRIS, 7th Jan 1837

RICHARDS George, to Elizabeth ELLIS, 9th Jan 1837

DUNSTAN John, to Grace RICHARDS, 15th Jan 1837

ALLEN Edward, to Harriett O'Brien, 18th Jan 1837

COLLINS William, to Peggy MORCOM, 19th Jan 1837

EUSTACE John, to Harriett L XXXXX, 5th Feb 1837

PINOW Richard, to Elizabeth Ann MITCHELL, 13th Feb 1837

THOMAS William, to Maria BRAY, 7th mar 1837

POLLARD Thomas, to Mary DAVEY, 10th Mar 1837

LASHBROOK George  of Perranarworthal, to Barbara SIMMONS, (Wid), 14th Mar 1837

STEPHENS William, (Wid) to Elizabeth REED, 20th Mar 1837

MITCHELL John, to Mary LUKE, 23rd Mar 1837

HICK John, of Kea, to Harriett HANCOCK, 23rd Mar 1837

MAY William, to Eliza MICHELL, 25th Mar 1837

TREGARTHEN . Thomas of Perranarworthal  to Rosina BLAMEY, 30th Mar 1837

TREGEA John, of St Agnes, to Sophia VERCOE [VARCOE 30th Mar 1837

ROGERS Richard, to Fanny THOMAS, 1st Apr 1837

WILLIAMS Thomas, to Mary NICHOLLS, 1st Apr 1837

CROCKER John, to Eliza KENDALL, 5th Apr 1837

JOB Thomas, to Mary BARNETT, 8th Apr 1837

WILKINS William, to Jane Grenfell KINSMAN, 8th Apr 1837

xxxxxxxxxxx, to Ann POTTS, 20th Apr 1837

TREVILLION [TREVELYAN] William, to Mary EAST (Wid), 25th Apr 1837

ANNEAR Richard, to Amelia TREWEEKE, 27th Apr 1837

TOY Thomas, to Ann CANNON, 17th May 1837

CANNON Nicholas, (W), Ann JOSE, 21st May 1837

xxxxx James to Harriett xxxx, 28th May 1837

MANUEL Nicholas, to Mary ROWE, 29th May 1837

NOAL [NOEL] James, to Mary CLEMOE [CLEMO] 1st June 1837

RABY William, to Eliza ROBERTS, 5th June 1837

KINSMAN Richard, to Ann CLARKE, 11th June 1837

PHILLIPS William, (Wid), to Elizabeth ROBARTS (Wid), 13th June 1837

WILLIAMS John, to Jane TREWITHEN, 26th June 1837

DUNSTONE William, to Jane TREVARTHAN, 27th June 1837

PAINTER [PAYNTER] Hercules, (Wid ) to, Ann TRELEASE (Wid), 28th June 1837

GREGOR Henry, to Mary Williams FRANCIS, 29th June 1837


This entry is the last in the parish registers for Gwennap, from this date all baptisms were recorded under the new system by the Registrars.



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