Gwennap Marriages 1820- 1829

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source


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LETCHER William, to Ann YOUREN, 1st Jan 1820

POPE John, to Ann JAMES, 24th Jan 1820

SIMMONS Thomas, to Jane BENBOW, 26th Jan 1820

BLAMEY John, to Sarah BARRATT, 3rd Feb 1820

GILL William, to Jane TREBILCOCK, 7th Feb 1820

MOYLE Robert John, to May Ann ANDREW, 22nd Apr 1820

PAINTER, William, to Elizabeth BARNETT, 9th May 1820

HARRIS Richard, to Martha HOCKING, 15th May 1820

DOWER John, to May WHITBURN, 20th May 1820

NICHOLLS Samuel, to Catherine COLLINS, 22nd May 1820

JEFFREY William, to Ann BENNETTS, 24th May 1820

ROGERS Thomas, to Joanna BICE, 14th June 1820

FORD John, to Sarah ANNEAR, 15th June 1820

NICHOLLS James, to Elizabeth MARTYN, 19th June 1820

ISAAC William, to Elizabeth MITCHELL, 22nd June 1820

HITCHINS Joel, to Martha WILLIAMS, 3rd July 1820

KINSMAN Melchisideck, to Elizabeth YOULTON, 6th July 1820

DAVEY Thomas, to Elizabeth MESSER, 11th July 1820

PHILLIPS Edmund, to Ann DAVEY, 16th July 1820

LEAN Richard, to Eliza BLAMEY, 16th July 1820

ROWSE John, to Ann WILLIAMS, 26th Aug 1820

ROBERTS James, to Ann BEHENNA, 26th Aug 1820

EDDY James, to Eleanor GEACH, 29th Aug 1820

BLAMEY George, to Mary HOLMAN, 11th Sept 1820

KINSMAN Simon, to Elizabeth PASCOE, 11th Sept 1820

EADE Mathew, to Grace MAGOR, 16th Sept 1820

THOMAS, Nicholas Oats, to Susanna NICHOLLS, 27th Sept 1820

HALSE Richard, to Jane MICHELL, 30th Sept 1820

STEPHENS John, to Elizabeth NOEL, 30th Sept 1820

GLUVIAS William, to Mary Ann BARNETT, 7th Oct 1820

CHEGWIDDEN Thomas, to Mary TREGASKIS, 15th Oct 1820

JAMES Mathew, to Priscilla GILLIHAM, 15th Oct 1820

GREGOR Henry, to Mary GODFREY, 19th Oct 1820

ANNEAR David, to HITCHINS Elizabeth, 23rd Oct 1820

THOMAS Peter, to Nanny DAVEY, 24th Oct 1820

CARTHEW Thomas, to Ann SPARGO, 29th Oct 1820

WHITFORD Isaac, to Hester PHILLIPS, 30th Oct 1820

CANNON Nicholas, to Margaret JOSE, 18th Nov 1820

WHITE John, to Grace SEAR, 19th Nov 1820

MORCOM Edmund, to Catherine MERTON, 23rd Nov 1820

OATS John, to Jane THOMAS, 15th Dec 1820

JEFFREY Joseph, to Ann JEFFREY, 16th Dec 1820

SAMPSON Samuel, to Ann TREWARTHA, 16th Dec 1820

DUNSTAN William, to Grace HARVEY, 25th Dec 1820

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JAMES John, to Ann NICHOLAS, 15th Jan 1821

HAWKE John, to Catherine BAWDEN, 28th Jan 1821

HALSE Grenfell, to Mary VIVIAN, 31st Jan 1821

TREGONNING William, to Mary KNOTWELL, 12th Feb 1821

CLIFF James, to Philippa HOSKING, 19th Feb 1821

COAD Francis, to Jane TREWARTHA, 20th Feb 1821

KEAST Samuel, to Martha BISHOP, 19th Mar 1821

HUNT James, to Ann MORCOM, 21st Mar 1821

JACKA William, to Mary BRAY, 22nd Mar 1821

ROGERS Thomas, to Alice THOMAS, 25th Mar 1821

PRISK Thomas, to Philippa RICHARDS, 27th Mar 1821

WILLIAMS Richard, to Elizabeth FRANCIS, 29th Apr 1821

OLIVER Thomas, to Eliza PHILLIPS, 7th May 1821

JORY William, to Grace BILLING, 17th May 1821

JOSE Nicholas,  to Mary Ann ROWE, 19th May 1821

TREGONNING William, to Grace TREGONNING, 26th May 1821

PASCOE John, to JOANNA PASCOE, 27th May 1821

ROGERS Henry, to Sukey MICHELL, 9th Jun 1821

JOB John, to Ann HOSKING, 10th Jun 1821

BAWDEN Richard, to Elizabeth KNIGHT, 24th Jun 1821

MOORE Nicholas, Mary CURNOW, 30th Jun 1821

MICHELL Joseph, to Elizabeth BARNETT, 3rd Jul 1821

MICHELL Joseph, to Catherine EDWARDS, 7th Jun 1821

NICHOLAS John, to Mary BENNETTS, 9th Jul 1821

BRAY William, to Mary TERRELL, 15th Jul 1821

MILLS Mathew, to Jane AXFORD, 15th Jul 1821

TREVENA William to Catherine PENHALE, 17th Jul 1821

EATHORNE John, to Blanch SPARGO, 23rd Jul 1821

BARTON Richard, to Jane KEMP, 23rd Jul 1821

KINSMAN Benjamin, to Mary WHITFORD, 2nd Aug 1821

TREDREA Thomas, to Elizabeth TREWARTHA 2nd Aug 1821

RABEY Martin, to Elizabeth HUNT, 5th Aug 1821

GILL Robert, to Ann MICHELL, 8th Aug 1821

GREGOR George, to Elizabeth BAWDEN, 8th Aug 1821

BAWDEN Thomas, to Grace GREGOR, 11th Aug 1821

OPPY John, to Philippa THOMAS, 16th Aug 1821

BLUET Thomas, to Ann DUNSTONE, 18th Aug 1821

BENNETTS Richard, to Ann HARRIS, 25th Aug 1821

WOOLCOCK Hopson, to Alice MORCOM, 1st Sept 1821

CRAZE Henry to Mary PRISK, 3rd Sept 1821

WILLIAMS William, to Eliza STEPHENS, 13th Sept 1821

RAWLING Nicholas, to Catherine HARVEY, 19th Sept 1821

POOL James, to Catherine HOSKING, 27th Sept 1821

MORCOM William, to Eliza WILLIAMS, 27th Sept 1821

BENNETT Thomas, to Grace LAWRY, 8th Oct 1821

JAMES William, to Joanna MAY, 8th Oct 1821

MAGOR Richard, to Margaret WILLIAMS, 13th Oct 1821

CHELLEW George, to Elizabeth DAVEY, 13th Oct 1821

THOMAS Solomon, to Ann WHITFORD, 13th Oct 1821

BARNETT Charles, to Sarah PHILLIPS, 24th Oct 1821

BLAMEY William, to Ann BLAMEY, 18th Nov 1821

MORCOM Mark, to Elizabeth RICHARDS, 19th Nov 1821

POLLARD Anthony, to Susanna LAWN, 26th Nov 1821

CLEMO John, to Elizabeth NINNIS, 29th Nov 1821

WILLIAMS Peter, to Mary Ann NOEL, 2nd Dec 1821

JAMES Josiah, to Mary SINAT, 2nd Dec 1821

MORCOM Digory, to Catherine CURNOE, 2nd Dec 1821

TEAGUE Thomas, to Mary Ann PENHALE, 10th Dec 1821

MICHELL Samuel, to Mary CORNISH, 11th Dec 1821

WILLIAMS Melchisideck, to Martha HOLMAN, 13th Dec 1821

WILLIAMS John, to Elizabeth YOUNG, 13th Dec 1821

MICHELL Jeremiah, to Elizabeth RICHARDS, 25th Dec 1821

KNOTWELL James, to Betsey EATHORNE, 26th Dec 1821

TRENGOVE John, to Catherine BILLING, 29th Dec 1821

DENNIS Richard, to Charlotte COLLINS, 31st Dec 1821

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BERRYMAN Samuel, to Mary EDWARDS, 17th Jan 1822

NICHOLLS Elisha, to Grace SAMPSON, 19th Jan 1822

HOLMAN Thomas, to Sarah WHITFORD, 13th Feb 1822

REED William. to Mary BAWDEN, 14th Feb 1822

JOSE William, to Mary BLAMEY, 17th Feb 1822

MICHELL Richard, to Philippa TREWARTHA, 17th Feb 1822

GUY William, to Jane PENBERTH, 24th Feb 1822

BAYLEY John, to Mary Ann TREWARTHA, 25th Feb 1822

BRAY Walter, to Elizabeth ANDREWARTHA, 28th Feb, 1822

THOMAS Anthony, to Ann MORCOM, 2nd Mar 1822

BENNETTS Paul, to Joanna BENNETTS, 5th Mar 1822

SCOBELL John, to Grace TIDDY, 21st Mar 1822

WHITE Samuel, to Ann TREGILGAS, 23rd Mar 1822

ISAAC William, to Elizabeth GUY, 26th Mar 1822

PETERS John, to Mary ANDREW, 6th Apr 1822

PERRY Charles, to Mary JEFFERY, 6th Apr 1822

RICHARDS James, to Ann PERRY, 6th Apr 1822

PRATT John, to Elizabeth LOBB, 8th Apr 1822

TREBILCOCK Frank, to Ann DOWRICK, 20th Apr 1822

TREGONNING Joel, to Mary MARTYN, 30th Apr 1822

WHITFORD William, to Elizabeth TREGASKIS, 5th May 1822

MARTEN John, to Ann GOLDSWORTHY, 12th May 1822

FRANCIS Richard. to Nanny DAVEY, 27th May 1822

PERRY Stephen, to Margaret BLIGHT, 29th May 1822

ROOKE John, to Mary JAMES, 15th Jun 1822

JEFFREY John, to Elizabeth MARTYN, 20th Jun 1822

PAUL Richard, to Elizabeth MICHELL, 24th Jun 1822

COLLINS Richard, to Susanna WILLIAMS, 24th Jun 1822

TEAGUE Alexander, to Grace SKEWES, 6th Jul 1822

NICHOLLS Nicholas, to Dorcas GERRANS, 8th Jul 1822

JAMES Samuel, to Eliza TREWARTHA, 8th Jul 1822

HARRIS Samuel, to Ann COCK,  8th Jul 1822

BAWDEN Henry, to Mary BONDS, 17th Jul 1822

KESSELL Nicholas, to Ann BAWDEN, 20th Jul 1822

JAMES Robert, to Mary WHITBURN, 31st Jul 1822

YOUREN Stephen, to Martha PETERS, 18th Aug 1822

WHITBURN James, to Ann ROGER, 24th Aug 1822

JENNINGS James, to Mary TREGONNING, 24th Aug 1822

HARRIS John, to Betsey Williams TREWEEK, 29th Aug 1822

WILLIAMS John Bray, to Joanna HALSE, 29th Aug 1822

LANYON Josiah, to Sally MESSER, 29th Aug 1822

TREBILCOCK Richard, to Eliza RALPH, 1st Sept 1822

HITCHINS John, to Mary RULE, 15th Sept 1822

MANLEY Abraham, to Mary CHYNOWETH, 22nd Sept 1822

JOB Thomas, to Rebecca WILLIAMS, 24th Sept 1822

JAMES John, to Margaret HAUGHTON, 30th Sept 1822

PASCOE Thomas, to Ann PASCOE, 10th Oct 1822

LUKE Thomas to Elizabeth BURNETT, 12th Oct 1822

PERRY Thomas, to Catherine JEFFREY, 13th Oct 1822

TREWEEK John, to Elizabeth SAMPSON, 20th Oct 1822

TEAGUE John, to Jemima WASLEY, 4th Nov 1822

TREBILCOCK Nicholas, to Mary VEAL, 30th Nov 1822

NICHOLLS John, to Maria VARCOE, 8th Dec 1822

WINN Abraham, to Mary MICHELL, 9th Dec 1822

THOMAS John, to Elizabeth MORRISH, 25th Dec 1822

TREWARTHA William, to Elizabeth BARRETT, 25th Dec 1822

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EDWARDS Henry, to Grace HITCHINS, 15th Jan 1823

JENNINGS William, to Joanna MICHELL, 29th Jan 1823

WILLIAMS Thomas, to Elizabeth MICHELL, 2nd Feb 1823

NICHOLAS Richard, to Jane COLLINS, 15th Feb 1823

TREGONNING John, to Elizabeth JORY, 2nd Mar 1823

BAWDEN Richard, to Sophia BAWDEN, 9th Mar 1823                                                 

(see story in Newspaper Archives dated 18th Nov. 1838)

KEVERNE Joseph, to Jane COCK, 27th Mar 1823

BLAMEY James, to Sarah DAVEY, 30th Mar 1823

BANDS William, to Margaret HOLMAN, 31st Mar 1823

MARTYN James, to Mary EDDY, 6th Apr 1823

MORCOM John, to Ann WILLIAMS, 6th Apr 1823

RICHARDS William, to Amelia CARNE, 12th Apr 1823

MILL Jacob, to Susanna Williams PENGELLY, 15th Apr 1823

MORCOM Thomas, to Margaret PASCOE, 21st Apr 1823

PHILLIPS Edward, to Grace ANDREW, 4th May 1823

MICHELL John, to Jane REED, 10th May 1823

BRAY Thomas, to Mary TRENGOVE, 21st May 1823

BICE Hercules, to Mary HITCHINS, 21st May 1823

BRAY Phillip, to Mary BULLEN, 24th May 1823

BENBOW John, to Joanna ANTHONY, 4th June 1823

EDWARDS John, to Philippa KINSMAN, 9th Jun 1823

TREWORTHA John, to Mary GODFREY, 9th Jun 1823

NICHOLLS John, to Ann NICHOLAS, 29th Jun 1823

BLAMEY Thomas, to Agnes BLAMEY, 29th Jun 1823

PAINTER Hercules, to Ann PENROSE, 6th Jul 1823

DARLINGSTONE William, to Margaret Ann MICHELL, 7th Jul 1823

BARRETT William, to Grace WHITFORD, 13th Jul 1823

PAULL William, to Ann MICHELL, 26th Jul 1823,

LEAN John, to Jane PHILLIPS, 13th Jul 1823

WATTS Isaac, to Martha CHAPMAN, 31st Jul 1823

NICHOLS Thomas, to Mary COPELAND [?], 2nd Aug 1823

JORY Samuel, to Ann KELLOW, 2nd Aug 1823

POLGREAN William, to Jane Harvey BAWDEN, 10th Aug 1823

HARRIS William, to Grace GODFREY, 13th Aug 1823

BASTIAN Joseph, to Mary WHITFORD, 16th Aug 1823

CARNON Nicholas, to Jane BROWN, 28th Aug 1823

TREBILCOCK John, to Elizabeth TREWEEK, 31st Aug 1823

GRAY William, to Catherine MARTYN, 2nd Sept 1823

MICHELL Thomas, to Mary TRESIDDER, 8th Sept 1823

PERRY Richard, to Elizabeth JAMES, 22nd Sept 1823

BAWDEN Richard, to Harriet PENROSE, 28th Sept 1823

MORCOM Henry, to Elizabeth SKEWES, 29th Sept 1823

HARRIS Nicholas, to Sophia REED, 30th Sept 1823

HAWKE John, to Jenifer HIGGINS, 2nd Oct 1823

MARTIN Henry, to Johanna POLMEAR, 2nd Oct 1823

GOODMAN William, to Eliza HODGE, 5th Oct 1823

MICHELL Stephen, to Elizabeth HANCOCK [?]  7th Oct 1823

OLIVER Thomas to Mary BEAR, 12th Oct 1823

WHITFORD Richard, to Elizabeth HANCOCK, 13th Oct 1823

KINSMAN James, to Jane KELLOW, 13th Oct 1823

HOSKING Simon, to Mary QUICK, 21st Oct 1823

WINN James, to Ann HANCOCK, 26th Oct 1823

WHITFORD Richard, to Alice PENHALURICK, 28th Oct 1823

CARGENWEN John, to Catherine PHILLIPS, 3rd Nov 1823

VINCENT Nicholas, to Elizabeth BAWDEN, 4th Nov 1823

LEAN Anthony, to Ann KNEEBONE, 6th Nov 1823

DAWSON John, to Ann BEHENNA, 13th Nov 1823

MORCOM John, to Jane WASLEY, 15th Nov 1823

BEAR Richard, to Mary FLORENCE  16th Nov 1823

HARRIS Walter, to Elizabeth PETERS, 17th Nov 1823

YOUREN Richard, to Mary LAWN, 27th Nov 1823

MICHAEL Thomas, to  Elizabeth BLIGHT, 7th Dec 1823

MARTIN John, to Ann CROSSMAN, 11th Dec 1823

CURNOE Thomas, to Ann BRAY, - Dec 1823

TREWEEK Christopher, to Mary TREWARTHA, 25th Dec 1823

ROGERS John, to Elizabeth NICHOLLS, 22nd Dec 1823

CURNOE William, to Eleanor HALSE, 28th Dec 1823

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NicholAs Jonathan , to Sarah Rawlings 7th January 1824 

Trethewey Richard to Catherine Morcom , 29th January 1824, 

Blamey Thomas  to Amelia Blamey, 31st January 1824. 

Jeffrey James to Mary TRENGOVE, 2nd February 1824, 

UREN Edmund  to Johanna ESLICK 7th February 1824, 

HART John to Sarah KNOTWELL  12th February 1824, 

BAWDEN Tristram  to Charlotte SECOMBE, 19th February 1824, 

GILLARD William  to Mary UREN  21st February 1824,

BRAY Thomas  to Alice WILLIAMS 28th February 1824, 

THOMAS James  to Grace VERRAN , 6th March 1824, 

LONG William to Ann QUICK, 10th March 1824, 

 HIGGINS John  to Mary DUNSTAN 17th March 1724,

PRIOR John P to Ann LOAM  25th March 1824,

MESSER Mathew  (bachelor) to Sarah JEFFREY (spinster) 30th March 1824, 

BAWDEN Richard  (widower) to Ann QUICK (spinster) 1st April 1824, 

PHILLIPS James  (Bat) to Catherine JOSE (spin), 3rd April 1824,

TREGONNING Joseph (Bat) to Charity JENKIN  (Spin), 7th April 1824, 

WILLIAMS John  of Redruth (Bat) to Elizabeth BLACK (Widow) 8th April 1824, 

THOMAS Henry  to Catherine JORY 11th April 1824, 

JOSE William Jose to Elizabeth TREWARTHA 22nd April 1824, 

RABEY Martin  to Catherine TREGONNING 24th April 1824, 

KINSMAN Henry  to Elizabeth QUICK  01 May 1824, 

BARRETT Samuel  to Grace HITCHENS  08 May 1824, 

MICHELL Richard  to Philippa ENDEAN  07 June 1824, 

MOYLE Jesse  to Honor HART 26th June 1824, 

BEARS Absalom to Jane CROWGEY 27th June 1824, 

HALL James Bawden to Martha TYACK 10th July 1824,

RICHARDS Nicholas to Catherine WHITFORD 19th July 1824, 

CURNOE Colan , to Elizabeth MORCOM 22nd July 1824,

OPPY Thomas  to Christian TREGELLAS  27th July 1824, 

KEMP Samuel  to Sarah Williams, 07 August 1824, 

MORCOM Digory to Elizabeth BOSANKO  07 August 1824, 

THOMAS John Thomas to Elizabeth Rogers, 18th August 1824, 

TREDINNICK James Tredinnick of St Agnes, to Johanna Phillips, 28th August 1824, 

SPARGO John Spargo to Mary Ann TREGELLAS  04 September 1824,

TREWARTHA John Trewartha to Ann Halse, 18th September 1824, 

LEAN Joseph  to Rosamond Watts, 18th September 1824, 

MORRISH James  to Elizabeth Buckingham, 24th September 1824, 

WEBSTER Nathaniel to Sophia Penhalurick, 25th September 1824, 

PASCOE Colan  to Eliza Kellow, 26th September 1824,

BENBOW Francis  to Jane Tippet, 28th September 1824, 

BARNES Edward  to Grace Bice, 10th October 1824,

PRISK Joseph to Elizabeth Kemp, 11th October 1824, 

THOMAS William  to Grace Kellow, 12th October 1824, 

BATH William  of Gluvias to Alice Reed, 02 November 1824,

GOLDSWORTHY William  to Alice George, 02 November 1824,

ROGERS John  of Illogan (Widower) to Elizabeth MERTON (Widow)


MOORE Joseph Moore, Esq., of the parish of St. Giles in the Fields, Middlesex to

WILLIAMS Elizabeth  of the parish of Gwennap, Cornwall, spinster  11 November 1824 [ by Licence].   

SMITH John to Elizabeth WILLIAMS 20th November 1824, 

ANNEAR David to Jane JEFFREY 20th November 1824, 

COCKING William  to Grace MICHELL, 23rd November 1824, 

NICHOLLS Samuel  to Martha OATES,  of Kea Parish  30th November 1824,

THOMAS Edward to Margaret LAUNCE 4th December 1824, 

KNUCKEY John to Mary Ann WEBBER  9th December 1824, 

ALLEN Michael Allen to Jane KEMP  16th December 1824,

DUNSTAN Thomas Dunstan to Jane PHILIPS 19th December 1824,

BRAY William Bray to Elizabeth SCOBLE  22nd December 1824,

NANCARROW George (bat) to Jane TREGONNING (spin), 25th Dec 1824, 

MASTERS William  to Ann   25th December 1824, 

HARRIS James to Mary ANNEAR  26th December 1824,

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LEAN James  to Mary BLAMEY 7th January, 1825, 

TREGONNING Thomas  to Elizabeth EDWARDS  15th January 1825,

JACKA Richard  to Mary TEMBY of Wendron  15th January 1825, 

PEARCE William  to Mary TREGONNING  24th January 1825, 

TREGONNING John to Alice RALPH  29th January 1825, 

REED Denis  to Elizabeth REYNOLDS  3rd February 1825,

GRAY Richard  to Mary NORTHEY 10th February 1825, 

BENNETTS James  to Ann GRAY, 10th February 1825, 

ODGERS Benjamin   to Ann THOMAS  of Illogan, 12th February 1825,

SIMS Hugh (widower) to Mary HAWKE  15th February 1825, 

BARRETT Matthew  to Mary FRANCIS 19th February 1825, 

ANNEAR John to Martha FRANCIS 19th February 1825, 

TREBILCOCK John  to Johanna PENROSE  19th February 1825, 

HAM Henry Ham to Margaret SKINNER  20th February 1825, 

CLERK Henry to Jane KELLEY  20th February 1825, 

KELLOW James , to Bridget DAVEY 21st February 1825, 

BLAMEY Thomas Blamey to Mary Ann BROWN 24th February 1825, 

SNELL Anthony Snell to Catherine KESSELL  26th February 1825,

WHITFORD Richard Whitford to Betsy KENT  17th March 1825, 

GRIBBLE Joseph  & Grace BLAMEY  24th March 1825, 

PASCOE  Robert  to Catherine Francis MOYLE 9th April 1825,

JACKA Thomas  to Alice HART  18th April 1825, his mark, 

KENT Francis  & Mary THORN  23rd April 1825, 

TYACK John  to Mary Ann MANUEL  24th April 1825, 

WHITFORD William  to Grace GOLDSWORTHY 28th April 1825,

MORCOM Walter    to Elizabeth CURTIS , 4th May 1825, 

CANNON Charles , to Ellen HAYES  8th May 1825,

ODGERS Mathew  to Jane Rogers, 23rd May 1825, 

HANCOCK Joseph  to Jane THOMAS  4th June 1825, 

ISAAC William  to Grace PAUL  6th June 1825, 

MARTIN William to Elizabeth TREWARTHA 7th June 1825, 

HITCHENS Israel  to Elizabeth CHYNOWETH  8th June 1825, 

BRAY John to Grace PETERS  25th June 1825, 

BAWDEN Richard Harvey  to  Elizabeth ALFRED  27th June 1825, 

FAULL William to Kitty TREVENA 6th July 1825, 

BASHER Joseph to Elizabeth KNEEBONE 17th July 1825, 

STEPHENS Thomas Luke  to Catherine HITCHENS  23rd July 1825, 

JEFFCOAT [?] Christopher, of Redruth, to Jane HAWES  31st July 1825, 

OPPIE/OPPY John  to Mary Ann EASTMAN  6th August 1825, 

CORNISH John  bachelor to Harriet DOWRICK 10th August 1825, 

BENNETTS Francis to Elizabeth SMITHERAM, 22nd August 1825, 

BERRYMAN Henry to Johanna WILLIAMS 25th August 1825, 

CLYMO William  to Elizabeth BERRYMAN  29th August 1825, 

STEPHENS Edward  (bachelor) to Ann EDWARDS 29th August 1825, 

PETERS John  to Catherine TREWARTHA. 3rd September 1825, 

ODGERS Joseph,  of Camborne, to Agnes DART  of Gwennap  27th September 1825,

TYACK William  to Mary Ann VARCOE  29th September 1825, 

EARLE James of Pelynt Parish to Grace Dunstan, 1st October 1825, 

WHITBURN Joel  to Margaret BAWDEN, 12th October 1825, 

WATERS Samuel  to Elizabeth WHITFORD 12th October 1825,

MAGOR] Samuel to Dorothy TOY (widow), 11th October 1825, 

YOUREN John to Martha 13th October 1825, 

PHILLIPS Richard  to Elizabeth MITCHELL  27th October 1825,

EDWARDS John, Jane TEAGUE, 11th Nov 1825

TREVENA William, to Maria MILLS, 30th Nov 1825

NICHOLLS Richard, to Elizabeth LEAN, 11th Dec 1825

STEPHENS Richard, to Mary JEWELL, 15th Dec 1825

PETERS Thomas, to Margaret HARRIS, 15th Dec 1825


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TREMBERTH James, to Ann TREWARTHA,  01 Jan 1826

GREY John, to Ann HARRY,  02 Jan 1826

MORCOM Joseph, to Anna REED, 26  Jan 1826

SAMPSON William, to Johanna TRELOAR  03 Jan 1826

OPIE Bennett: to Mary POWNING,  05 Jan 1826

DUNSTONE Samuel, to Selina LEAN, 09 Jan 1826


JAMES Arthur, to Margaret DAVEY, 14 Feb 1826

KINSMAN Nicholas, to Joanna ROBINS, 19 Feb 1826

KINSMAN John, to Margaret RICHARDS, 20 Feb 1826


KELLOW Joseph, to Joanna GOULTON: 02 Mar 1826

CHAPMAN William, to Elizabeth WHITBURN, 13 Mar 1826

MICHEL Thomas, to Susanna BOASE, 18 Mar 1826

OSBORNE Albert, to Rebecca TREGONNING, 18 Mar 1826

HICKS John, to Catherine WEEKS, 25 Mar 1826

MAGOR James, to Marjory SIMMONS, 28 Mar 1826


TERRILL Francis, to Anne MORCOM, 13 Apr 1826

PETERS Thomas, to Charity PERRY, 22 Apr 1826

WILLIAMS John, to Elizabeth MICHELL, 30 Apr 1826


BRAY Phillip, to Eliza. JOSE,  04 May 1826

OPIE Thomas, to Anne HITCHINS, 14 May 1826

STEPHENS James, to Johanna ODGERS, 22 May 1826


PEARCE James, to Elizabeth HOLMAN:  06 Jun 1826

TREGONNING James, to Jane BAWDEN,   08 Jun 1826

SCOBELL John, to Johanna NICHOLLS, 08  Jun 1826

DUNSTONE John, to Johanna CORNISH, 12 Jun 1826

WILLIAMS James, to Eliza BARNETT, 17 Jun 1826


DRYDEN William, to Jane MORCOM,   01 Jul 1826

RICHARDS Francis, to Catherine FRANCIS, 20 Jul 1826

JAMES William, to Amelia PERRY, 23 Jul 1826

SKEWES John, to Ann DAVY, 30 Jul 1826


LEAN Benjamin, to Mary MARTIN,  05 Aug 1826

BISHOP James, to Tamsin BRAY,

WILLIAMS James, to Mary Ann COCK:  17 Aug 1826

THOMAS William to Ann S-----AIR[?] 19 Aug 1826 

MORCOM John, to Marjory POPE, 24 Aug 1826


PETERS Benjamin, to Lydia LEAN, 10 Sept 1826

HAM Richard,  to Elizabeth JOLLY, 14 Sept 1826

PASCOE Nathaniel, to Grace HOLMAN, 12 Sept 1826

TREBILCOCK Joseph to Jecoliah BICE, 19 Sept 1826

TRENGOVE John, to Grace RICHARDS, 25 Sept 1826

THOMAS Nicholas, to Elizabeth PASCOE, 25 Sept 1826

DUNSTONE Richard, to Jane TRENBERTH, 30  Sept 1826

PAINTER William, to Martha NORTHEY:  01 Oct 1826

DAVY Thomas, to Joanna LEAN:   22 Oct 1826

THOMAS William, to Elizabeth TRURAN, 25 Oct 1826

KESKEYS William, to Mary BENNETTS, 26 Oct 1826

BODDINAR [?] Thomas, to Elizabeth PENALUNA:  28 Oct 1826


TEAGUE John, to Elizabeth TEAGUE: 02 Nov 1826

PEARCE Joseph, to Grace COAD:  02 Nov 1826

WILTON William, to Elizabeth BARRATT:  02 Nov 1826

MORCOM William, to Elizabeth MORCOM, 15 Nov 1826

BAWDEN Richard, to Mary BAWDEN, 20 Nov 1826


LAWN Timothy, to Mary Ann NICHOLS,  03 Dec 1826

DENHAM Thomas, to Mary Fulgar BENNETT:  11 Dec 1826  

TREWARTHA Sebastian, to Elizabeth RICHARDS:  11 Dec 1826

WATERS James, to Peggy TREBILCOCK:  12 Dec 1826

WILLIAMS Michael, to Elizabeth CORNISH:  24 Dec 1826

EVANS Ezekiel to Mary DATSON:  25 Dec 1826

WILLIAMS Thomas, to Mary Ann MORCOM, 25  Dec 1826

BAWDEN John, to Rebecca WALKER, 25   Dec 1826

HALSE Richard to Grace DRYDEN, 26   Dec 1826

MORRISH John, to Martha BERRYMAN, 27   Dec 1826

COCK William to Eleanor ARGALL, 28  Dec 1826




January 1827



TONKIN John Secombe:                           to Jenifer PHILLIPS:  08 Feb 1827

WILLIAMS Edward:                                   to Elizabeth TREGASKIS: 13 Feb 1827

PEARCE John:                                             to Sarah SALTER:  15 Feb 1827

LAWN William:                                            to Elizabeth GRAY:  21 Feb 1827[

March 1827

PROVIS Henry:                                            to Grace ODGERS:  01 Mar 1827

HAMBLY John:                                            to Eliza BAWDEN:  03 Mar 1827

WILLIAMS William:                                    to Mary Peternel COLES:  08 Mar 1827

SLEEMAN Thomas:                                     to Ann MICHEL:  20 Mar 1827

TREZISE Francis:                                         to Mary PETT:  31 Mar 1827

TEAGUE Edwin:                                            to Philippa MICHEL: 01 Apr 1827

MICHEL Richard:                                        to Susan MALACHI:  02 Apr 1827

BAWDEN Anthony:                                      to Eliza ROBERTS:    05 Apr 1827

KNIGHT James:                                           to Ann TRENBERTH: 10 Apr 1827

HERRING John:                                           to Sarah WEST:  10 Apr 1827

THOMAS Williams:                                      to Jeremiah [?] RICHARDS: 21 Apr 1827

KENT Francis:                                               to Anne TRENGOVE: 22 Apr 1827

THOMAS John:                                             to Grace BURN:  03 May 1827

BROWN William:                                          to Mary DAVEY: 10 May 1827

ROWE John:                                                 to Louisa WILLIAMS 21  May 1827

VERRAN Thomas:                                       to Johanna MAGOR: 31  May 1827

MOYLE Thomas:                                          to Elizabeth KEMP:  31  May 1827

SEDGEMAN Alexander:                             to  Mary SCOBELL:  02 Jun, 1827

GRIGG John:                                                to Mary DOWER:  0 3 May 1827

POLMEAR James:                                       to Mary PHILLIPS:  04 Jun 1827

ROGERS George:                                         to Mary Ann GEORGE:   09 of Jun 1827

BLEWETT Hannibal:                                     to Mary BLIGHT:  21 Jun 1827

WHITFORD James:                                      to Louisa HITCHENS 23r Jun 1827

MILLS William                                              to Elizabeth RICHARDS 28 Jun 1827

MORRISH John:                                           to Maria MORCOM:  07 Jul 1827

RALPH Francis:                                             to Johanna NICHOLS: 12 Jul 1827

REED Walter:                                                to Philippa GROSSE: 12 Jul 1827

BRAY Emanuel:                                             to Philippa PASCOE:  24 Jul 1827

August 1827

BURROWS William:                                   to Catherine JENKIN:  01  Aug 1827

LANCE Richard:                                          to Catherine HOOPER:  02  Aug 1827

JOLLY John:                                                to Susanna  REED:  12  Aug 1827

SPARGO James:                                          to Mary JEFFREY:  23   Aug 1827

VARCOE [?] John:                                      to Elizabeth SPARGO: 25th Aug 1827

PETT Charles:                                              to Mary MORCOM:   25 Aug 1827

GEORGE Richard:                                       to Johanna TREZISE:  25 Aug 1827

September 1827

PRIOR Richard:                                            to Martha POLLARD:  01 Sept 1827

SPARGO William:                                         to Mary EMMETT:   01Sept 1827

VERRAN Thomas:                                        to Johanna SCOBELL: 15  Sept 1827

WHITBURN John:                                        to Elvia CHAPMAN:  16 Sept 1827

October 1927

CRAGS William:                                            to Jane NICHOLAS:  to  01 Oct 1827

VEAL Henry:                                                 to Johanna TREGONNING:  06 Oct 1927

OPIE James:                                                  to Elizabeth Blamey WEBSTER:  08 Oct 1827

ANNEAR John:                                             to Elizabeth JENNINGS: 12   Oct 1827

PRIOR John:                                                 to Grace CANNON:      14 Oct 1827

TEAGUE Stephen:                                         to Ann TREWARTHA:  14 Oct 1827

xxxx Paul:                                                       to Martha BILLING:       28 Oct 1827

HOLMAN James:                                         to Mary Ann BENNETT: 28 Oct 1827

HALSE Henry:                                               to Elizabeth TRENBERTH:  31 Oct 1827

November 1827

ROWE Robert:                                              to Eliza GILLAND:              01 Nov 1827

HALL William: of St Agnes                           to Elizabeth BERRYMAN:  03 Nov 1827

December 1827

FRANCIS Joseph:                                         to Mary BAWDEN:  01 Dec 1827

BAWDEN William:                                        to Constance ROBERTS:    06 Dec 1827

GEORGE Sampson:                                       to Millora MARTIN:  23 Dec 1827

KINSMAN Richard:                                      to Maria COOMBE:  24 Dec 1827

PEARCE Thomas:                                           to Mary Ann RICHARDS: 24  Dec 1827

PERRY Charles:                                             to Mary BISHOP:  24 Dec 1827

RABEY Richard:                                             to Eliza COAD:  26  Dec 1827

KINSMAN George:                                        to Mary OPIE:   26 Dec 1827

KITTO William:                                               to Catherine HARRY:  27 Dec 1827

WASLEY John:                                                to Sarah BERRYMAN:  26 Dec 1827

WILLIAMS John:                                            to Elizabeth PRIDEAUX:  29 Dec 1827

Page 645

 January 1828

MARTYN John:                                             to Mary TREWARTHA:  30 Jan 1828

RICHES William:                                           to Elizabeth PETERS:   09 Feb 1828

SPARGO James:                                            to Ann WHITBURN: 16 Feb 1828

ANGOVE William:                                         to Mary Ann HART:  25 Feb 1828

JAMES Thomas:                                             to Mary Ann BRAY:  05 Mar 1828

PENHALE Thomas:                                        to Ruth WEBBER:  10 Mar 1828

COCKING Thomas:                                        to Catherine BUCKINGHAM:  27 Mar 1828

MICHELL John:                                             to Jane MICHELL: 02 Apr 1828

OPIE Thomas:                                                  to Sarah BARAGWANNA: 06 Apr 1828

WEBBER John:                                               to Margaret BAWDEN:   06 Apr 1828

KINSMAN Simon:                                           to Jenifer COOMBE:  15  Apr 1828

TUCKFIELD William:                                      to Constance GILLARD: 20  Apr 1828

AXFORD John:                                                 to Ann VIVIAN:  22 Apr 1828

WEBB William:                                                 to Maria HARPUR:  26 Apr 1828 

May 1828 

JOSE William:                                                   to Elizabeth ROBERTS: 14 May 1828

BARRETT William:                                          to Elizabeth TREWARTHA: 24 May 1828

CURTIS Thomas:                                              to Christian EDWARDS: 26 May 1828

EVENS John:                                                     to Joanna SCOBELL:  28 May 1828


GLASSON Charles: bachelor  to Elizabeth THOMAS: spinster  28 May 1828  witnesses Henry Bodilly &James Whitburn

BOND John:   sojourner  & bachelor    to Grace CORNISH: a widow  31 May 1828  witnesses Henry Stephens & Phillipa Cornish

July 1828

MARSHALL John: sojourner  & bachelor  to Philippa NORTHEY: spinster  08 Jun 1828  witness Robert Northey

FRANCIS William:  bachelor             to Lydia OATES: spinster 14 June 1828 witnesses Sam Moyle & Paul Francis

EAST James:           bachelor              to Mary EATHORNE: spinster 15 Jun 1828 witnesses David Annear & George Brown

HARRIS Nicholas:  widower              to Temperance MARTYN: spinster 15 Jun 1828 witnesses William Harris & George Martin

JEWELL Jacob:       bachelor             to Diana KELLOW: spinster 19 June 1828 witnesses James Whitburn & Richard Waters

BRAY James:           bachelor              to Elizabeth VEAL: spinster 26 June 1828 by lic. witnesses James White & George Rowe

WHITE Thomas:     widower                to Elizabeth MICHELL: 30 June 1828 witnesses James Jennings& John Bawden

Christian name of Thomas  WHITE was first written as Samuel and then crossed through and signed by the vicar William Marsh.        

Next groom was named Samuel!

HOSKEN Samuel:   bachelor                to Mary BILLING: spinster  30 June 1828 witnesses  William Bawden & Thomas Morcom

July 1828

STEPHENS James: sojourner & bachelor   to Mary COURTNEY: sojourner & spinster  07 July 1828                                               witnesses  Patience  Courtney & William Thomas

HOSKEN James:   bachelor    to  Jane BAWDEN spinster 19 July  1828 witnesses John Bennett & James Whitburn

HITCHENS Richard:  bachelor    to Sophia KINSMAN: spinster 24 July 1828 witnesses William Bray & John Magor

MAGOR John:  bachelor     to Ann BULLEN: spinster 26 July 1828  by Lic.  witnesses John Bullen  & John Magor Snr

BAWDEN Richard:  bachelor   to Amelia KINSMAN: spinster 28 July 1828  witnesses  Elizabeth Dingle & Ann Michell

WHITFORD Thomas:  bachelor to Prudence CARKEEK: spinster 13 Aug 1828  witnesses William Williams & George Brown

JORY Ralph:  bachelor  to Mary ANDREW: spinster 16 Aug 1828  witnesses Ralph Jory & Daniel  Blamey

TREWEEK Walter:  bachelor  to Mary PRIOR: spinster 16 Aug 1828   witnesses  -----------------------------------

BLAMEY William:  bachelor to Elizabeth BARAGWANNA: spinster 19 Aug 1828  witnesses  Daniel  Blamey & John Curnow

JOSE John:   bachelor    to Ann NOEL: spinster  24 Aug 1828   witnesses Thomas Gray & Phillip Bray

BAWDEN Richard: bachelor  to Catherine BAWDEN: spinster 31 Aug 1828  witnesses Thomas Bawden & John Paul

September 1828

LEAN John Bray: widower  to Elizabeth BAWDEN widow:  01 Sept 1828  witnesses Grace Bawden & Mary Powning

HUGO James:   bachelor     to Sally MANUEL: spinster 02 Sept 1828   witnesses Julie Bray & William Reed

JEFFREY James: bachelor    to Elizabeth BANT:  spinster 07 Sept 1828    witnesses  William Bant & William Bunt

SKEWES Harry: bachelor to Ann ANGER:  spinster 07 Sept 1828         witnesses William Bunt &  James Jeffery

BIRT William:   bachelor   to Mary JEFFERY:  spinster 08 Sept 1828    witnesses Matthew Messer &  William Jeffery

GREY John:  bachelor       to Jane NICHOLLS: spinster 13 Sept 1828  witnesses William Gill & James Whitburn

WINN James:  widower        to Catherine TREGURTHA spinster 14 Sept 1828  witnesses Ralph Jory & Charles Michell

NICHOLLS John: bachelor      to Mary JORY: spinster 14 Sept 1828  witnesses Ralph Jory & Charles Michell

HAWKEN John: bachelor         to Amelia TRESIDDER:  20 Sept 1828 witnesses Thomas Nicholls & Richard Hawken

PAUL John:  bachelor               to Sarah CANNON:  20 Sept 1828  witnesses  Andrew Paul & Richard  Morcom

CROWGEY Edmund:  bachelor   to Jane ROGERS: spinster 20 Sept 1828  witnesses  Andrew Paul & Richard  Morcom

GOLDSWORTHY William: widower of Redruth parish:to Grace WHITE: widow 27 Sept 1828                                                         witnesses Samuel Sprague & John Dunstan

SPRAGUE James:  bachelor          to Mary HOSKING:  spinster 28 Sept 1828 witnesses Samuel Sprague & John Dunstan

OATES William: bachelor to Mary TUCKFIELD: spinster  30 Sept 1828 witnesses  Francis Tuckfield & Christian Skewes


October 1828

ANNEAR William: bachelor   to Amelia WHITBURN: spinster  11 Oct 1828 witnesses Thomas Trengove & William Whitburn

PRISK James:   bachelor      to Mary BICE:   spinster  19 Oct 1828 witnesses Edward Barns & Samuel Bice

ANNEAR John: bachelor     to Elizabeth ANNEAR: spinster  20 Oct 1828 witnesses Richard Annear & James Whitburn

 November 1828

HARRIS George: bachelor of Falmouth parish , to Elizabeth  WICKS spinster 01 Nov 1828  by Lic.                                         witnesses William Bray  & Thomas Skewes

GOLDSWORTHY Collan:    to  Ann BAMFIELD:   01 Nov 1828 witnesses Simon Chellew & Edmund Williams

SMITH Benjamin: of Feock parish    to  Grace LAWN:   01 Nov 1828 witnesses Anthony Pollard & James Lawn

HENSLEY William: of Camborne parish to Elizabeth SKINNER: 08 Nov 1828 witnesses Mary Courtney & Martin Skinner

EDWARDS Thomas:                          to  Jane PRIOR:    08 Nov 1828  witnesses William Northey & Elizabeth Edwards

STEPHENS Samuel:                           to Philippa BARRATT:   09 Nov 1828. witnesses Hugh Barratt & James Whitburn

WAKAM John:                                   to Grace BAWDEN:    15 Nov 1828   witnesses James Wakam & Jane  Wakam

UREN Richard:                                   to Maria SINNOP [?]  22 Nov 1828.  witnesses Ann Uren & Thomas Harvey

OLD James:                                        to Jane CANNON:      23 Nov 1828. witnesses  Nicholas Kinsman & James Whitburn

PEDLER William:                               to Elizabeth NICHOLLS:  27 Nov 1828 witnesses Joseph Pedler & Nicholas Oats

December 1828

CORNISH William:                            to Joanna MORCOM:    09 Dec 1828  witnesses William Cornish & Robert Osborne

BEVAN Edward: of Redruth parish    to Mary GILL:    13 Dec 1828 witnesses Edwin Bevan & Richard Trestrail

PETERS Nicholas:                               to Elizabeth NICHOLAS:   31 Dec 1828  witnesses James Whitburn & Sophia Terrell


January 1829

DAVEY John:  Batchelor                      to Grace OATS:   01 Jan 1829   witnesses William Oats & Mary Oats

BUZZA John:  Batchelor            to Isabella HAWKE: Spinster  08 Jan 1829 (By Lic) witnesses Charles Hawke & Edmund Whitburn

MICHELL Thomas: Widower    to Elizabeth Martha BLAMEY: Spinster  08 Jan 1829 (By Lic) witnesses

BARNETT James: Batchelor to Loveday HART: Spinster  08 Jan 1829 Groom signed witnesses Anthony Barnett & William Barnett

Bride's name first entered as Jane -crossed out and changed to Loveday.

PETT John: Batchelor              to Anne NICHOLAS  Spinster 10 Jan 1829. Groom signed :witnesses John Pett & James Whitburn

PENROSE John: Batchelor    to Jane BLAMEY:  Spinster  11 Jan 1829 witnesses James Bray & Eliza Frances

GEORGE John: Batchelor      to Mary Anne JOHNS: Spinster  12 Jan 1829  witnesses George Goldsworthy & Edward Johns

GOLDSWORTHY Richard: Batchelor to Anne COURTIS: Spinster 14 Jan 1829. witnesses Collan & Edward Goldsworthy

TREWEEK Walter: Batchelor to Jane REED: Spinster 26 Jan 1829 witnesses William Reed & Nanny Reed

DINNIS John: widower   to Anne YEOMAN: Spinster of  St Marys Parish, Truro. 31st Jan 1829 (by Lic)                                witnesses  John Treweek & Johanna Trewartha


February 1829 

MARTIN John: Batchelor      to Christian MARTIN: Spinster  12 Feb 1829  witnesses Alex Skewes & James Martin

SARA George:  Batchelor of  Mylor parish  to Anne TREGONING: Spinster 12 Feb 1829                                                           witnesses  John Tregonning & Daniel Blamey

MUTTON David:   Batchelor   to Jane WILLIAMS: Spinster 19 Feb 1829 witnesses Richard Bawden & James Whitburn 

March 1829 

MICHELL Stephen: Batchelor to Anne DAVEY: Spinster 01 March 1829 witnesses  John Buzza &  Joseph Stephens

HITCHENS Thomas: Batchelor to Mary WILLIAMS:  26 March 1829  witnesses Thomas Gray & Jane Gray

April 1829

WILLIAMS Michael Widower:  to Anne EXELBY:of Redruth Parish  05 April 1829. witnesses John F Andrew & Matthew Whitburn

BAWDEN Thomas:     to Susanna WILLIAMS: of Kenwyn Parish  06 April 1829  witnesses Thomas Bawden & Catharine Bawden

CHAPMAN Almond:           to Catherine CURNOW:  16 April 1829   witnesses William Curnow & Stephen Tresidder

TRESIDDER John:            to Nanny MICHELL: Spinster 16 April 1829  witnesses  Stephen Tresidder & Phillip Michell

 SCOBLE William:              to May Anne HARRIS: Spinster 18 April 1829  witnesses James Whitburn & John Scoble

JOB Michael:                     to Jane COLLINS: Spinster  23 April 1829 witnesses John Collins & James Whitburn

May 1829 

PELLER Jonathan: Sojourner Widower to  Anne HITCHENS: 02 May 1829  witnesses John Hancock & James Hoskin

June 1829

SIMS Thomas:         to Elizabeth MITCHELL: of St Gluvias Parish  17 June 1829  witnesses Richard Sidwell & Elizabeth Oats

 MIDDLETON George Warren     to Mary LUKE 20 June 1829   witnesses Eleanor Middleton & James Francis

ANNEAR Richard:          to Mary GOLDSWORTHY:  28 June 1829  witnesses Joel Scoble & Benjamin Baragwanna

July 1829

MARTYN Richard:         to Catherine CORNISH:   04 July 1829 witnesses James Scoble & James Whitburn

DAVEY Simon:                  to Esther WHITFORD: Widow   07 July 1829 (by Lic)witnesses  John Tonkin & Jennifer Tonkin

STODDEN Richard:                                                to Elizabeth PAINTER:  07 July 1829

WILLIAMS Anthony:                                              to Maria EVANS:         20 July 1829

STANTON William:                                                 to Jacoliah FRANCIS:   23 July 1829

August 1829

MORCOM Thomas:                                                to Grace BARNETT:     12 Aug 1829

LEAN John:                                                               to Agnes FRANCIS:      17 Aug 1828

September 1829

BRAY Ambrose:                                                       to Margaret TUCKFIELD:  12 Sept 1829

THOMAS Joseph:                                                    to Johanna WHITBURN:  20 Sept 1829

October  1829

JAMES George:                                                       to Eliza DOBELL:             08 Oct 1829

WEBSTER Richard:                                                 to Mary Ann MARTYN:   11 Oct 1829

THOMAS William:                                                   to Maria NORTHEY:       12 Oct 1829

THOMAS William:                                                   to Prudence TRENGOVE:  24 Oct 1829

RICHARDS John:                                                    to Jane COAD:         26 Oct 1829

JONES Thomas:                                                       to Elizabeth BRAY:    29 Oct 1829

MOYLE James:                                                        to Mary DOWNING:  31 Oct 1829

November 1829

 BRAY William:                                                         to Mary HIGGINS:  05 Nov 1829

VERRAN John:                                                        to Alice SPARGO:   12 Nov 1829

MORCOM Henry:                                                   to Ann JEFFREY:  14 Nov 1829

BAWDEN William:                                                   to Ann HARVEY:   21 Nov 1829

NICHOLS John:                                                       to Alice LOAM:    29 Nov 1829

NICHOLS Nicholas                                                  to Jenifer Martyn TREWARTHA:  30 Nov 1829

December 1829

BENNETTS John                                                      to Jenifer NICHOLS:     03 Dec 1829

TREGONNING William:                                         to Elizabeth FRANCIS:  07 Dec 1829

WILLIAMS Peter:                                                     to Mary WILLIAMS:    08 Dec 1829

WILLIAMS Thomas:                                                to Ann WOOLCOCK:    09 Dec 1829

TYACK Joseph:                                                         to Elizabeth FRANCIS:  19 Dec 1829

YOULTON Samuel:                                                   to Jane ROBERTS:       19 Dec 1829

WILLIAMS John:                                                      to Grace KNEEBONE:  26 Dec 1829

ROWE John:                                                              to Juliana HONEY:        21 Dec 1829

CLYMO James:                                                         to Philippa ODGERS:    26 Dec 1829

MOYLE Mark:                                                          to Elizabeth JEWELL:    26 Dec 1829

BERRYMAN George:                                              to Elizabeth WASLEY:    26 Dec 1829

TREWREN William:                                                 to Catherine PHILLIPS:  31 Dec 1829 



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