Gwennap Marriages 1810- 1819

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source


MANUEL Ambrose, to Mary WHITFORD, 4th Jan 1810

ROSCROW Richard, to Mary BURN, 8th Jan 1810

BARNET George, to Mary LEAN, 13th Jan 1810

LONG Hugh, to Elizabeth HODGE, 28th Feb 1810

DUNSTAN William, to Jane THOMAS, 1st Mar 1810

CRAZE John, to Grace CURNOE, 8th Apr 1810

KESSEL Lawrence, to Mary PAYNTER, 9th Apr 1810

MICHELL Samuel, to Elizabeth CORNISH, 15th Apr 1810

HOLMAN James, to Sarah REED, 21st Apr 1810

CHAPMAN James, to Mary LONG, 23rd Apr 1810

GILLARD Thomas, to Mary TREWEEK, 28th Apr 1810

RICKARD William, to Mary Ann SPARGO, 12th May 1810

ARTHUR Edward, to Elizabeth LEMON, 9th May 1810

PETERS Henry, to Catherine PERROW, 1st May 1810

HOLMAN William, to Grace LAWRY, 7th Jul 1810

JOSE John, to Elizabeth WHITFORD, 4th Aug 1810

MOYLE John, to Mary BOND, 16th Aug 1810

REED William, to Susannah WILLIAMS, 18th Aug 1810

CLEMENS Thomas, to Mary BRAY, 18th Aug 1810

JEFFREY Richard, to Harriet SAMPSON, 2nd Sep 1810

GLASSON Joseph, to Sophia TEAGUE, 11th Sep 1810

SAMPSON Richard, to Ann NANCARROW, 15th Sep 1810

ODGERS Nicholas, to Philippa WHITFORD, 26th Sep 1810

TREVERTON William, to Frances BARRETT, 26th Sep 1810

NICHOLLS William, to Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 6th Oct 1810

DARLINGSTONE Josiah, to Catherine BLAMEY, 12th Oct 1810

CANNON Francis, to Mary GERRANS, 13th Oct 1810

PENHALURICK John, to Sarah GREGOR, 13th Oct 1810

CARVOLTH John, to Sibella ARGALL, 28th Oct 1810

POLMEAR Charles, to Mary MARTIN, 3rd Nov 1810

TRENGOVE John, to Jennifer WICKS, 12th Nov 1810

SKEWES John, to Jenifer TREWEEK, 24th Nov 1810

WILLIAMS Nicholas, to Catherine GOLDSWORTHY, 28th Nov 1810

JOB James, to Mary HARRIS, 2nd Dec 1810

TREVETHAN, Thomas, to Elizabeth TREWEEK, 13th Dec 1810

MORCOM Philip. to Joanna BAKER, 26th Dec 1810

BARRATT Thomas, to Mary CLEMO, 26th Dec 1810



BARRATT Hugh, to Mary SKINNER, 1st Jan 1811

PASCOE James, to Alice MARTIN, 3rd Feb 1811

ODGERS Thomas, to Johanna YOULTEN, 11th Feb 1811

SKINNER John, to Catherine BUCKINGHAM, 11th Feb 1811

PHILLIPS Methuselah, to Mary TREWREN, 5th Mar 1811

TREWARTHA Abraham, to Catherine CURNOW, 5th Mar 1811

BROWN Henry, to Jane PRISK, 13th Mar 1811

TREGASKIS John, to Margaret SKEWES, 21st Mar 1811

MORCOM Erastus, to Jane POWNING, 10th Apr 1811

TREVEAL Hercules, to Elizabeth BRAY, 14th Apr 1811

TREBILCOCK John. to Jenifer BLAMEY, 15th Apr 1811

MORCOM Augustus, to Mary MACDONALD, 13th May 1811

PUCKEY Ralph, to Mary STODDAM, 18th May 1811

MATHEWS Peter, to Mary KELLEY, 30th May 1811

MAGOR Thomas, to Elizabeth WHITE, 15th Jun 1811

HALSE Richard, to Martha WILLIAMS, 22nd Aug 1811

TOY Peter, to Ann PASCOE, 24th Aug 1811

BRAY John, to Margaret ROGERS, 22nd Sep 1811

CANNON William, to Sarah HANCOCK, 29th Sep 1811

KENDAL Thomas, to Grace KNOTWELL, 1st Oct 1811

RICKARD Richard, to Elizabeth RICHARDS, 6th Oct 1811

KEMP John to Martha FRANCIS, 14th Oct 1811

WILLIAMS Thomas, to Joanna SIMS,  19th Oct 1811

MORCOM Thomas, to Mary STANTON, 19th Oct 1811

BUCKINGHAM James to Delia MICHELL, 4th Nov 1811

DYER John, to Joanna MICHELL, 10th Nov 1811

WATERS Joseph, to Elizabeth BOND, 16th Nov 1811

DINNIS Richard, to Marjory BURN, 16th Nov, 1811

LEAN William  to Prudence FRANCIS, 16th Nov 1811

CHEGWIDDEN James  to Elizabeth HARRIS, 26th Nov 1811

TREZISE Phillip  to Ann WILLIAMS, 9th Dec 1811

TEAGUE John  to Catherine TEAGUE, 11th Dec 1811

TUCKER Benjamin  to Ann WILLIAMS, 23rd Dec 1811

TREWEEK John to Elizabeth MICHELL, 29th Dec 1811



PASCOE Benjamin, to Elizabeth TREWARTHA, 7th Jan 1812

MICHELL Richard, to Ann HODGE, 16th Jan 1812

VINCENT Joseph, to Jane ROWE, 18th Jan 1812

JENKIN John, to Mary EASTMAN, 19th Jan 1812

RICHARDS Thomas, to Ann BARAGWANA, 21st Jan 1812

DAVEY John, to Susanna CARVOLTH, 25th Jan 1812

GILLARD John, to Catherine BRAY, 11th Feb 1812

WHITFORD William, to Mary THOMAS, 9th Mar 1812

GOLDSWORTHY Joseph, to Christian TREWARTHA, 17th Mar 1812

BRAY Thomas, to Elizabeth JEFFERY, 6th Apr 1812

BARAGWANA Joseph, to Elizabeth STEPHENS, 18th Apr 1812

PENTECOST Lewis, to Mary MANUEL, 23rd Apr 1812

PEARCE Stephen,  to Elizabeth PEARCE, 25th Apr 1812

PEARCE John, to Betsy HAWKE, 7th May 1812,

DENNIS Samuel, to Joanna KINSMAN, 18th May 1812

MAGOR Simon, to Grace RALPH, 23rd May 1812

HERRING William, to Alice JEFFREY, 11th Jun 1812

MORRISH William, to Ann PAUL, 23rd Jun 1912

OATS William, to Ann DUNSTAN, 2nd Jul 1812

WILLS Richard, to Jane BARAGWANA, 19th Jul 1812

HOLMAN Nathaniel, to Joanna LEAN, 27th Jul 1812

BRAY William, to Ann BARRATT, 30th Jul 1812

MORCOM William, to Patience BENNETTS, 25th Aug 1812

WILLIAMS Edward. to Jenifer RICHARDS, 2nd Sep 1812

JEFFREY John, to Elizabeth RODDA, 3rd Oct 1812

HODGE William, to Elizabeth MORCOM, 10th Oct 1812

HITCHINS James, to Clarissa HARRIS, 12th Oct 1812

MAGOR Henry Luke, Alice TONKIN, 12th Oct 1812

POLKINGHORNE Samuel, to Mary LOVEY, 5th Nov 1812

GREY James, to Catherine James, 12th Nov 1812

UREN Andrew, to Ann MICHELL, 25th Nov 1812

BARRATT John, to Mary TREWARTHA, 26th Nov 1812

ANNEAR David, to Elizabeth VIVIAN, 2nd Dec 1812

LEAN Phillip, to Elizabeth SKEWES, 5th Dec 1812

MARTIN William, to Ann JOB, 8th Dec 1812

HAWKE Charles, to Ann REYNOLDS, 20th Dec 1812

THOMAS James, to Ann HEWETT, 21st Dec 1812

HALSE Grenville, to Mary POLMEAR, 26th Dec 1812

MORCOM Paul, to Mary HALSE, 31st Dec 1812



              Some of the following entries have additional information required after 1812  [a work in progress... OPC]

            SPARGO John  & Ann LAWN  16 Jan 1813. both marked:  witnesses Benjamin Jennings and Jenifer Barratt.

            BEAUFORD Henry Walter: Clerk of Eaton Socon, Bedfordshire & Mary WILLIAMS: spinster 27 Jan 1813 [by Lic.]    
            both signed:  witnesses:  Michael Williams & Peter Tucker      
            BLACK James: of Kenwyn  parish to Elizabeth HARRIS  27 Jan 1813
            both signed:  witnesses Richard Harris and James Bawden
            BLAMEY Joel & Margaret HITCHINS  30 Jan 1813. both marked: witnesses:  Hercules Barratt & Thomas Wasley.
            TRELEASE William & Catherine KENT  01 Feb 1813. both signed: witnesses:  Charles Trelease & Abraham May.
            NICHOLLS Richard & Elizabeth JOB  02 Feb 1813. groom signed -bride marked: witnesses: Nicholas Trebilcock & Mary Odgers.


            LAVIN John of Feock, resident OTP & Margaret RAPSON of Falmouth, resident OTP. both signed: [bride as Peggy]
            witnesses: Richard Bray & Harriet Harry.  
            LANYON John & Mary STEPHENS  18 Feb 1813: groom signed-bride marked: witnesses: Mary Rowe & Anna Michell
            WILLIAMS William & Jennifer KNUCKEY 25 Feb 1813: both marked: witnesses Benjamin Manuel and Mary Rowe


MICHELL Henry  to Elizabeth CROCKER     9th Mar 1813

KNEEBONE Thomas to Elizabeth RICKETT  7th April, 1813

NICHOLLS William  to Sarah MARTIN      2nd May 1813

BRAY John   to Jane HARRIS                     8th May 1813

TREGONING John  to Grace SIMMONS   29th May 1813

PENGELLY William  to Margaret ALLEN  10th June 1813

MORCOM Henry to Jenifer BARRATT     7th July 1813

DAVEY Richard   to Prudence VIVIAN      15th July 1813

UREN Robert  to Mary MICHELL      24th July 1813

GEORGE Richard  to Mary Ann JAMES, 12th Aug 1813

JOHNS Thomas, to Ann SIMMONS, 19th Aug 1813

GEORGE Philip to Mary CANNON, 20th Aug 1813

MILLS William   to Peggy LEAN, 26th Aug 1813

MICHELL Richard  to Mary ALMOND  7th Sept 1813

MORCOM Mark   to Christian DENNIS  15th Sept 1813

SPRAGUE John  to Joanna GREGOR    18th Sept 1813

GREGOR John  to Lidia [Lydia]  MICHELL  19th Sept 1813

LEAN William   to Jenifer NICHOLLS   13th Oct 1813

REED William  to Elizabeth KINSMAN   8th Nov 1813

NASH Isaac   to Jane HAWKE, 9th Nov 1813

HOSKING John to Mary SPARGO[E]   22nd Nov 1813

POLMEAR William   to Joanna MORCOM, 8th Dec 1813

MARTIN Nathaniel, to Jane CLEMO, 23rd Dec 1813

KELLEY Thomas, Harriett HARRIS    25th Dec 1813

COAD Peter   to Mary PAUL   27th Dec 1813

MATHEWS John   to Jenifer MICHELL  27th Dec 1813



ANDREW Nicholas, to Eliza. Thomas, 7th Jan 1814

TREWARTHA  Joseph, to Joanna DENNIS, 24th Jan 1814

TREVENA William, to Ann GOLDSWORTHY, 8th Feb 1814

ROBERTS William, to Grace WILLIAMS, 1st Mar 1814

JEWEL John, to Mary Quick, 5th Mar 1814

BARBERRY Michael, to Ann HOLMAN, 8th Mar 1814

CARKEEK William, to Barbara Ann ROSCROW, 9th Mar 1814

WILLIAMS Michael, to Elizabeth MARTIN, 22nd Mar 1814

GRAY Thomas, to Joanna BAWDEN, 26th Mar 1814

BRAY William, to Ann RALPH, 9th Apr 1814

EDWARDS James, to Elizabeth BRAY, 9th Apr 1814

BENNETT James, to Susan PETHERICK, 27th Apr 1814

WILLIAMS Gabriel, to Martha BLAMEY, 17th Apr 1814

GOLDSWORTHY Joseph, to Betsy RULE, 12th May 1814

COLLINS Henry, to Elizabeth BULLOCK, 29th May 1814

TREVESTON Richard, to Mary BLAMEY, 1st Jun 1814

CRAZE Thomas, to Jane DUNSTAN, 1st Jun 1814

MAY Thomas, to Elizabeth PEARCE, 19th June 1814

JAMES Samuel, to Ann CURNOE, 9th July 1814

THOMAS James, to Susanna BROWN, 13th Jul 1814

PHILIPS Edmund, to Mary ROWE, 13th Aug 1814

HANCOCK Josiah  to Jane REED, 15th Aug 1814

LUMLEY Thomas, to Ann JEFFERY, 12th Sept 1814

TREWEEK Benjamin, to Mary DUNSTAN, 13th Oct 1814

JEFFERY Richard, to Susanna BRAY, 13th Nov 1814

CORNISH Thomas, to Alice MORTON   22nd Nov 1814

HALES William, to Grace STANTON, 1st Dec 1814

BLAMEY Daniel, to Agnes RICHARDS, 22nd Dec 1814

POLMEAR George, to Ann ROWSE ?   24th Dec 1814

KEMP John, to Jennifer VINCENT, 26th Dec 1814

CHEGWIDDEN Edmund, to Sophia MICHELL, 12th Jan 1815

HOCKING George, to Elizabeth JEWELL, 23rd Jan 1815

DUNSTAN John, to Mary TEAGUE, 31st Jan 1815

HOSKING Thomas, to Grace NICHOLLS, 4th Feb 1815

MILLS Thomas, to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 7th Feb 1815

GIBBONS George, to Mary HOLMAN, 7th Feb 1815

FRANCIS James, to Clarinda PERRY, 25th Feb 1815

BENNETT Richard, to Mary HARVEY, 18th Mar 1815

LEAN Nicholas, to Rebecca WASLEY, 27th Mar 1815

HODGE Richard, to Mary MAY, 15th Apr 1815

BARNETT John, to Grace NANCARROW, 4th May 1815

MITCHELL John, to Jane CORNISH, 8th May 1815

BLAMEY Francis, to Mary WILLIAMS, 9th May 1815

BLAMEY William, to Dorothy BISHOP, 15th May 1815

RICHARDS John, to Susanna COLLINS, 15th May 1815

JEFFERY Richard, to Isabella HITCHINS, 1st Jun 1815

MINERS William Pearce, to Elizabeth MORCOM, 3rd Jun 1815

GRAY James, Christian VERRAN, 2nd Jul 1815

WHITBURN Stephen, to Mary NORTHEY, 3rd Jul 1815

SPARGO Richard, to Elizabeth CLYME, 7th Jul 1815

JENKIN John, to Catherine MORRIS, 20th Jul 1815

MICHELL William, to Ann HOLMAN, 24th Jul 1815

MOYLE Jesse, to Jane MICHELL, 27th Jul 1815

REMPHRY Richard, to Alice UREN, 7th Aug 1815,

ANNEAR Joseph, to Alice RICHARDS, 7th Aug 1815

VIGUS William, to Jane Kemp, 9th Sept 1815

REED Joseph, to Elizabeth OATS, 9th Sept 1815

FRANCIS Philip, to Jane ANNEAR, 16th Sept 1815

GIBBONS Joseph, to Ann HANCOCK, 19th Sept 1815

RICHETT [?] William, to Jane KENT, 8th Oct 1815

SPRAGUE Ambrose, to Martha NICHOLAS, 9th Oct 1815

MARTIN John, to Elizabeth DUNSTAN, 12th Oct 1815

HAMPTON James, to Honor HOOPER, 23rd Oct 1815

BRAY Philip, to Grace BAWDEN, 30th Oct 1815

WHITFORD Samuel, to Mary Ann MORCOM, 20th Nov 1815

BAWDEN Richard, to Ann MORCOM, 2nd Dec 1815

MITCHELL Philip, to Elizabeth TIDDY, 12th Dec 1815

HUNT Henry, to Constance SKEWES, 16th Dec 1815

CANNON John, to Christian TREGILGAS, 16th Dec 1815

MICHELL Richard, to Margaret MICHELL, 21st Dec 1815

ROWE William, to Grace GEORGE, 23rd Dec 1815

GOLDSWORTHY Ralph, to Elizabeth DAVEY, 1st Jan 1816

MURTON Joseph, to Grace TREWREN, 1st Jan 1816

RICHARDS Thomas, to Betsey LANYON, 18th Feb 1816

HODGE Daniel, to Mary PERROW, 11th Mar 1816

BAWDEN Charles, to Catherine MORCOM, 18th Mar 1816

PELLEW Richard, to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 28th Mar 1816

RICHARDS William, to Elizabeth KNIGHT, 17th Apr, 1816

MICHELL Digory, to Mary LEAN, 10th May 1816

LAWN John, to Grace PERROW, 18th May 1816

TRENGOVE Thomas, to Martha WHITBURN, 3rd Jul 1816

BONDS Edmund, to Grace LEAN, 8th Jul 1816

GOLDSWORTHY Colan, to Susanna JOHNS, 10th Jul 1816

KINSMAN John, to Mary WALLIS, 15th Jul 1816

BRAY Joseph, to Mary MORCOM, 27th Jul 1816

POPE Francis, to Amy WHITFORD, 7th Sept 1816

POLMEAR John, to Martha GOLDSWORTHY, 15th Sept 1816

TRENGOVE Samuel, to Sarah BRANCH, 5th Oct 1816

LEAN John, to Jane DUNSTAN, 7th Oct 1816

HUGE Charles. to Philippa WHITFORD,  21st Oct 1816

DUNSTAN Bevis, to Mary BRAY, 12th Nov 1816

JAMES John, to Elizabeth GREGOR, 30th Nov 1816

LEAN Anthony, to Mary ODGER[S]   2nd Dec 1816

READ John, to Catherine HAWKES, 12th Dec 1816

WHITBURN John, to Mary CORNISH, 21st Dec 1816

PETERS Thomas, to Elizabeth TREWEEK, 22nd Dec 1816

MICHELL John, to Mary DAVEY  1st Jan 1816

LEAN Samson, to Ann TIDDY, 2nd Jan 1817 

PAINTER George, to Elizabeth ISAAC 12th Jan 1817

SIMS James, to Ann PAULL, 21st Jan 1817

LUKE John, to Elizabeth JEWELL, 26th Jan 1817

ODGER[S] William, to Elizabeth POWNING, 28th Jan 1817

TREWEEK Thomas, to Mary PENHALURICK, 30th Jan 1817

HARPUR Stephen, to Agnes BAWDEN, 11th Feb 1817

MICHELL John, to Elizabeth TREGONING, 20th Feb 1817

MARTIN Henry, to Susanna TREWREN [TREWERN] 1st Mar 1817

TREGONING James, to Ann TREGONING, 24th May 1817

WILLIAMS Michael, to Martha LONG, 26th May 1817

PEARCE John, to Joanna NETTLE, 29th May 1817

BECKERLEG William, to Ann ALLEN, 8th June 1817

NICHOLLS James, to Mary JEFFERY, 15th July 1817

WILLIAMS William, to Jane HOLMAN, 19th July 1817

WILLIAMS John, to Prudence BARTLE, 19th July 1817

BROWN John, to Jane NORTHEY, 17th Aug 1817

GREGOR George, to Sarah SIMMONS, 16th Aug 1817

TIDDY John, to Catherine BLAMEY, 25th Aug 1817

DAVEY Thomas, to Ann THOMAS, 26th Aug 1817

TREWARTHA Sebastian, to Ann GIBBINS [?]  4th Sept 1817

KELLY Hugh, to Marg. HANCOCK, 6th Sept 1817

TREGASKIS Joseph, to Loveday BAWDEN, 9th Sept 1817

MARTIN Henry, to Mary MARTEN, 13th Sept 1817

PASCOE James, to Mary Ann FRANCIS, 18th Sept 1817

xxxx Richard, to Mary EASTMAN, 2nd Oct 1817

MAINE Thomas, to Mary HOCKING, 17th Oct 1817

GILL Thomas, to Ann BRAY, 25th Oct 1817

TREWIDDEN Nicholas, to Ann NICHOLLS, 27th Oct 1817

TIPPET Michael, to Susanna SPRAGUE 9th Nov 1817

JEFFREY Sampson, to Elizabeth NANCARROW, 10th Nov 1817

MARTIN Richard, to Araminta KNOTWELL, 27th Nov 1817

TREBILCOCK William, to Mary KNOTWELL, 4th Dec 1817

LEAN Nicholas, to Jane ARTHUR, 7th Dec 1817

BARNET James, to Jane TRENGOVE, 8th Dec 1817

MORCOM William, to Catherine RICHARDS, 9th Nov 1817

RICHARDS Thomas, to Mary HARRIS, 11th Dec 1817

MICHELL William, to Susanna WILLIAMS, 15th Dec 1817

BRAY William, to Ann WATTS, 25th Dec 1817

COLLINS Peter, to Ann DUNSTAN, 27th Dec 1817

THOMAS John, to Elizabeth TRESIDER, 24th Jan 1818

BRAY William, to Jane HALSE, 31st Jan 1818

HALSE James, to Mary BRAY, 7th Feb 1818

BRAY James, to Ann BRAY, 11th Feb 1818

VINCENT Martyn, to Mary BRAY, 25th Feb 1818

LAWRY John, to Elizabeth STEPHENS, 26th Feb 1818

UREN Francis, to Sarah DOWRICK, 28th Feb 1818

BAWDEN Thomas, to Jane WILLIAMS, 4th Mar 1818

TEAGUE William, to Mary HOOPER, 30th Mar 1818

GREY William, to Jane TREGONING, 19th Apr 1818

PAYNTER John, to Catherine TRENERRY, 11th May 1818

KELLOW John, to Elizabeth SPARGOE, 29th May 1818

HOSKING William, to Sarah ANDREW, 2nd Jun 1818

ROSCROW Thomas, to Elizabeth JENNINGS, 11th Jun 1818

WICKS William, to Mary WICKS, 28th Jun 1818

BLUETT James, to Elizabeth KESSEL, 29th Jun 1818

BARNET John, to Rebecca RABEY, 2nd Jul 1818

SAMPSON John, to Jane MICHELL, 21st Jul 1818

WHITBURN Edmund, to Elizabeth PEARCE, 6th Aug 1818

BANDS James, to Catherine MORCOM, 8th Aug 1818

GOLDSWORTHY Martin, to Hannah BAWDEN, 9th Aug 1818

MICHELL Stephen, to Jane JENNINGS, 13th Aug 1818

MICHELL Thomas, to Grace PASCOE, 15th Aug 1818

BAWDEN James, to Elizabeth NICHOLLS, 18th Aug 1818

TRELEASE Charles, to Elizabeth JAMES, 27th Aug 1818

HITCHENS Thomas, Eliza HARRIS, 29th Aug 1818

POLMEAR James, to Catherine WILLIAMS, 29th Aug 1818

TRELEASE Thomas, to Elizabeth LEACH, 2nd Sept 1818

HARVEY William, to Jecoliah PERRY, 19th Sept 1818

PEARCE John, to Harriet KELLY, 22nd Sept 1818

CLEMO William, to Elizabeth MICHELL, 26th Sept 1818

WHITE William, to Elizabeth MESSER, 10th Oct 1818

HODGE John, to Eliza SIMMONS, 11th Oct 1818

RABEY Martin, to Jane LONG, 12th Oct 1818

MICHELL John, to Margaret ROBERTS, 21st Oct 1818

EDEN John, to Mary HITCHINS, 21st Oct 1818

MANLEY David, to Elizabeth DAVEY, 21st Oct 1818 

WILLIAMS George, to Grace WILLIAMS, 2nd Nov 1818

BENNETTS Thomas, to Mary GLASSON, 7th Nov 1818

LEAN Richard, to Ann TRELOAR, 14th Nov 1818

HALSE Harry, to Mary KELLEY, 29th Nov 1818

CHYNOWETH James, to Johanna HART, 12th Dec 1818

CRABB Richard, to Alice CRABB, 14th Dec 1818

HALL Richard, to Constance BERRYMAN, 21st Dec 1818

STEPHENS Thomas, Mary BARNETT, 21st Dec 1818

ROBERTS Mathew, to Avis ANDREW, 24th Dec 1818

MANLEY Solomon, to Jane THOMAS, 26th Dec 1818

MAGOR John, to Elizabeth GODFRY, 29th Dec 1818

MESSER John, to Peggy PENGELLY, 29th Dec 1818

KNEEBONE John, to Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 2nd Jan 1819

SEVERAN Sampson, to Catherine MESSER, 16th Jan 1819

MAGOR Thomas, to Mary HITCHINS, 18th Jan 1819

DAVEY George, to Elizabeth MORCOM, 4th Feb 1819

REMPHRY Edmund, to Mary TREWEEK, 7th Feb 1819

REMPHRY Richard, to Grace BAWDEN, 16th Feb 1819

ROGERS John, to Ann REED, 21st Feb 1819

OATS Phillip, to Ann ODGERS, 27th Feb 1819

PASCOE James  to Jane Scorrey CAMBELL  1st Mar 1819

HOSKING James, to Rebecca QUICK, 20th Mar 1819

BARRATT James, to Catherine PHILLIPS, 5th Apr 1819

FRANCIS William, to Catherine CURTIS, 1st May 1819

MANLEY Paul, to Jane MAJOR, 1st May 1819

HOCKING William, to Catherine JOSE, 8th May 1819

OPPY John, to Ann JOSE, 10th May 1819

HOOPER John, to Mary CURTIS, 17th May 1819

HANCOCK John, to Mary WHITBURN, 29th Jun 1819

HANCOCK Samuel, to Catherine LANSBURY, 7th Jul 1819

VIVIAN William, to Catherine THOMAS, 3rd Aug 1819

DAVEY Thomas, to Ann BARRATT, 15th Aug 1819

BUZZA Charles, to Ann BRAY, 26th Aug 1819

CLEMO James, to Susanna BUCKINGHAM, 1st Sept 1819

WILLIAMS James    to  Ann WATERS 4th Sept 1819                                                                                                                                                 groom signed - bride marked                                                                                                                                                                                    witnesses: Matthew Williams & James Bray                                                                                                                                                        

GRAY William  to Mary PERRY   4th Sept 1819                                                                                                                                                             both made their mark                                                                                                                                                                                                witnesses: Richard Bray & James Bray   

ANNEAR William to Ann Parnell BROWN, 12th Sept 1819                                                                                                                                             both made their mark:                                                                                                                                                                                                     witnesses:  Samuel Pollard & William Blamey

TREGONNING John, to Mary ISAAC, 16th Sept 1819                                                                                                                                               groom signed - bride marked                                                                                                                                                                                         witnesses:  Alexander Vivian & William Bray

CARKEEK Thomas  to Johanna SPARGO   18th Sept 1819                                                                                                                                          both made their mark                                                                                                                                                                                                  witnesses: James Scoble & Isaac Davey

PENROSE Nicholas, to Mary SAUNDERS, 29th Sept 1818                                                                                                                                              He signed -she made her mark:                                                                                                                                                                                   witnesses:  Stephen Whitburn & John Jose

WASLEY John, to Ann NICHOLLS, 4th Oct 1819

MORCOM EDWARD, to Johanna COCKING, 9th Oct 1819

RICHARDS Thomas, to Sarah BARAGWANA, 12th Oct 1819

BARRATT Mark, to Elizabeth ALLEN, 21st Oct 1819

GOLDSWORTHY Martin, to Jane PETERS, 21st Oct 1819

Hosking Simeon to Rebecca Collins 29th Oct 1819 

Youren James to Mary Rice 30th Oct 1819 

Manley Absalom to Catherine Lean 31st Oct 1819 

Morcom Edward to Johanna Cock 1st Nov 1819 

Blamey Francis to Ann KNOTWELL 2nd Nov 1819 

Manley John to Grace William 2nd Nov 1819 

SANDOW John to Jemima Thomas 4th Nov 1819

Andrew James to Mary Oates Thomas 16th Nov 1819

Moyle Thomas White of the parish of Kea to Joanna Phillips 22nd Nov 1819

Tippet John to Mary Whitford 18th Nov 1819 

Gill Henry to Elizabeth Odgers 25th Dec 1819



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