Gwennap Marriages 1780 - 1789

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source


DOBLE John, to Elizabeth KNEEBONE, 4th Jan 1780

PENGELLEY Michael, to Ann GATTEY, 8th Jan 1780

DYER Sampson, to Grace TREGONING, 15th Jan 1780

VIVIAN Mathew, to Genefer MORCOM, 6th Feb 1780

PASCOE George, to Ann KNEEBONE, 7th Feb 1780

GREGOR Thomas, to Ann SKEWES, 18th Apr 1780

GOLDSWORTHY Stephen, to Catherine CORNELYS, 22nd Apr 1780

TREBILCOCK John, to Catherine HITCHINS, 15th May 1780

CANNING James, to Mary RELPH, 15th Jul 1780

MORCOM Samuel, to Mary URIN, 1st Aug 1780

MORCOMBE Thomas, to Elizabeth BILLIN, 5th Aug 1780

NOTWELL, Francis, to Elizabeth NOALL, 13th Aug 1780

BRAY Anthony, to Hannah MOYLE, 2nd Sep 1780

TIPPET John, to Ann TRENGOVE, 23rd Sep 1780

ODGERS Bennet, to Zanobia KEMP, 27th Sep 1780

BENNETTS George, to Grace SIMMONS, 7th Oct 1780

BENNETTS George, to Elizabeth MICHEL, 8th Oct 1780

STEPHENS Soloman, to Elizabeth DAVY, 12th Dec 1780

CANNAN Francis, to Ann WILLIAMS, 24th Dec 1780


MICHEL Paul, to Dorcas SMITH, 1st Jan 1781

HITCHINS Francis, to Sarah WATTS, 9th Jan 1781,

HODGE Thomas, to Honnor PETHERICK, 17th Jan 1781

EDDY Walter, to Ann PENHALURICK, 22nd Jan 1781

TREGONNING John, to Ann TRELEASE, 27th Jan 1781

ELLIOTT John, to Rebecca HARRIS, 20th Feb 1781

TRELEASE John, to Ann PETERS, 24th Feb 1781

BRAY Ambrose, to Catherine MICHEL, 24th Feb 1781

EDWARDS Richard, Grace TEDDY, 17th Mar 1781

DENNIS John, Christian THOMAS, 15th Apr 1781

PILL William, to Jenefer VIZICK, 15th Apr 1781

POUNDING James, to Margaret HITCHINS, 19th May 1781

KNEEBONE Thomas, to Christian BAWDEN, 4th Jun 1781

HIGANS William, to Jane KELLEY, 4th Jun 1781

KEMPE John, to Alice HITCHINS, 9th June 1781

RENFREY James, to Mary MORCOMBE, 23rd Jun 1781

GREGOR John, to Elizabeth MORCOMBE, 23rd Jun 1781

PENHALURICK Richard, to Catherine RELPH, 21st July 1781

VINCENT Oliver, to Catherine PAUL, 23rd July 1781

BLAMEY Thomas, to Mary BRAY, 7th Oct 1781

HARRIS Christopher, to Elizabeth BROWN, 8th Oct 1781

GOLDSWORTHY Edward, to Alice NICHOLAS, 11th Nov 1781

MICHEL John, to Mary THOMAS, 17th Nov 1781

STAPLE William, to  Alice TREVEAL, 19th Nov 1781

TREGILGAS Henry, to Mary LONG, 3rd Dec 1781

MICHEL William, to Joan CORNISH, 18th Dec 1781

BRAY John, to Catherine MORCOMB, 25th Dec 1781

BLAMEY Mark, to Elizabeth TREGONNING, 26th Dec 1781

NICHOLS John, to Ann NICHOLS, 26th Dec 1781


MESSER Mathew, to Joan WHITFORD, 1st Jan 1782,

PEARCE John, to Mary BARNET, 12th Jan 1782

TERRIL John, to Mary FURZE, 13th  Jan 1782

BAKER John, to Joan URAN, 19th Jan 1782

OATS George, to Susanna OATS, 19th Jan 1782

OATS Mark, to Elizabeth TYACK, 19th Jan 1782,

NICHOLAS Jeremiah, to Catherine GOLDSWORTHY, 19th Jan 1782

PERRA John, to Elizabeth PAINTER, 9th Feb 1782,

BANDS Edmund, to Mary SAMPSON, 9th Feb 1782

TRENBEARTH James, to Elizabeth BRAY, 12th Feb 1782

TREGEAR Richard, to Joan RICHARDS, 28th Apr 1782,

JEFFREY Joseph, to Jane TRELEASE, 7th May 1782,

HAWKE Charles, to Ann QUICKE, 9th May 1782

RICHARDS William, to Jane DAVEY, 12th May 1782

WASLEY Charles, to Jane JEFFREY, 18th May 1782

CORNISH Thomas, to Catherine MORCOMBE, 20th May 1782

SYMONDS Francis, to Ann DENNIS, 9th Jun 1782

BLAMEY Joel, to Emblin MANUEL, 10th Jun 1782

TEAGUE William, to Jane RULE, 13th Jun 1782

GOLDSWORTHY James, to Eleanor HARVEY, 22nd Jun 1782

TRURAN Samuel, to Mary STEVENS, 6th Jul 1782

BARNET George, to Blanch LEAN,  8th Jul 1782

ROSCROW William, to Mary DAVEY, 16th Jul 1782

TREWARTHA John, to Rachel MESSER, 22nd Jul 1782

HAWKE John, to Ann BAWDEN, 10th Aug 1782

NICHOLS John, to Ann MATHEW, 12th Sep 1782

HALLS Richard, to Lovedy BLAMEY, 6th Oct 1782,

AMBROSE Charles, to Johanna GIDDY, 8th Oct 1782

BRAY John, to Mary STAPLE, 19th Oct 1782

KENDALL John, to Joanna TRELEASE, 26th Oct 1782,

THOMAS Nicholas, to Mary WILLIAMS, 2nd Nov 1782

LANCASTER John, to Elizabeth WHITFORD, 25th Nov 1782

KELLA Henry, to Emma TREMBEARTH, 3rd Dec 1782,

GRAY John, to Elizabeth HARRIS, 12th Dec 1782

CHEGWIDDEN Edmund, to Ann TIDDY, 28th Dec 1782


BAWDEN Richard, to Mary Jeffrey, 4th Jan 1783

WHITFORD William, to Jane KELLEY, 22nd Feb 1783

CHELEW Simon, to Sarah EDWARDS, 4th Mar 1783

ROBERTS Joseph, to Mary CHELEW, 8th Mar 1783

WHITBURN Samuel, to Ann WILLIAMS, 21st Apr, 1783

GOLDSWORTHY Thomas, to Mary MICHELL, 26th Apr 1783

BARRET Hugh , to Ann TREWARTHA, 7th Jun 1783

DAVEY William, to Elizabeth MARTYN, 9th Jun 1783

JOREY John, to Elizabeth BARRAT, 21st June 1783

PASCOE Peter, to Ann DOUGLAS, 1st Jul 1783

LONG William, to Ann BLAMEY, 10th Aug 1783

BARRAT Hercules, to Agnes CARDELL, 30th Aug 1783

GILBERT John, to Jane PAUL, 20th Sep 1783

KINSMAN Melchisedeck, to  Johanna MICHEL, 5th Oct 1783

MICHEL Richard to Ann WILLIAMS, 1st Nov 1783


TREBILCOCK William, to Elizabeth TRELEASE, 1st Jan 1784

TRELEASE William, to Joan MORCOMBE, 3rd Jan 1784

ROGERS Henry, to Mary THOMAS, 12th Jan 1784

PASCOE James, to Temperance ODGERS, 31st Jan 1784

NICHOLLS Sampson, to Ann BRAY, 9th Feb 1784

HART John, to Margaret FORD, 21st Feb 1784

JENKING James. to Mary HAWKE,  21st Feb 1784

GOLDSWORTHY James, to Ann RULE, 24th Apr 1784

BANDS John, to Sarah GRIBBLE, 24th Apr 1784

FRANCIS Henry, to Mary DAVEY, 9th May 1784

MORCOMBE William, Paternal TREGONNING, 31st May 1784

SIMMONS George, to Margery ALLEN, 5th Jun 1784

WHITE William, to Mary THOMAS, 13th June 1784

ODGERS William, to Mary MORCOMBE, 20th Jun 1784

PASCOE Thomas, to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 20th Jun 1784

MICHEL Stephen, to Grace GILBERT, 22nd Jun 1784

TYACK Gideon, to Margaret MICHELL, 30th Jun 1784

ODGER Thomas, to Jane NINNESS, 3rd Jul 1784,

BRAY Richard, to Ann JEFFREY, 14th Aug 1784

MICHELL Thomas, to Joan SIMMONS, 11th Sep 1784

HARVEY William, to Martha BRAY, 11th Sep 1784

REMPHRY Edward, to Jenefer UREN, 18th Sep 1784

JENKINS Wm., to Ann MARTIN, 25th Sep 1784

JOHNS Thomas, Patience MICHELL, 26th Sep 1784

GRIBBLE Edward, to Mary MAY, 3rd Oct 1784

WHITFORD Richard, to Elizabeth COAD, 20th Nov 1784

NOTWELL Joel, to Elizabeth ODGER, 11th Dec 1784

GRIBBLE William, to Margaret BAWDEN, 16th Dec 1784

MAGOR Thomas, to Grace LUKE, 18th Dec 1784

SAMPSON Abraham, to Ann BRAY, 18th Dec 1784

BARRATT Richard, to Catherine HITCHINS, 21st Dec 1784

GREGOR James, to Mary JEFFREY, 25th Dec 1784


RABEY Martin, to Mary FURZE, 7th Feb 1785

LANYON Joseph, to Susanna MORCOM, 27th Mar 1785

BAWDEN Edmund, to Mary WASLEY, 23rd Apr 1785

PEARCE Henry, to Ann WILLIAMS, 24th Apr 1785

RICHARDS John, to Sarah EGGINS, 24th Apr 1785

FRANCIS Thomas, to Mary BRAY, 7th May 1785

WILLIAMS John. to Christian THOMAS, 28th May 1785

TREBILCOCK William, to Catherine DAVIS, 6th June 1785

HOLMAN Richard, to Elizabeth MORCOMB, 11th Jun 1785

HARRIS Richard, to Ann HITCHINS, 18th Jun 1785

EDDY John, to Susanna BRAY, 18th Jun 1785

BURRAS William, to Grace PENGILLY, 18th Jun 1785

BAWDEN Mark, to Araminta NOEL,3rd Jul 1785

PHILLIPS James, to Elizabeth AVERY, 15th Oct 1785

CORNOE John, to Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, 10th Oct 1785

ROSCROW Richard, to Barbara SPARGOE, 22nd Oct 1785

WILLIAMS Richard, to Ann BRAY, 22nd Oct 1785

KINSMAN William, to Johanna DUNSTON, 22nd Oct 1785

MORCOMBE John, to Elizabeth NEWTON, 30th Oct 1785

WHITFORD Emanuel, to Jane BRAY, 2nd Nov 1785

BRAY John, to Ann BRAY, 5th Nov 1785

TREWEEK William, to Ann PENHALLURICK, 5th Nov 1785

BARRATT Peter, to Frances MARTIN, 6th Nov 1785

HALSE Granville, to Constance COCK, 12th Nov 1785

HARRIS William, to Elizabeth BRAY, 26th Nov 1785

PASCOE Joseph, to Mary TREWARTHA, 3rd Dec 1785

HITCHINS Malachi, to Ann HITCHINS, 11th Dec 1785

OATES Mark, to Mary ROGERS, 17th Dec 1785

BAKER Nicholas, to Ann WILLIAMS, 26th Dec 1785


DAVEY William, to Lovedy MITCHELL, 1st Jan 1786

NICHOLS John, to Dorothy STEPHENS, 16th Jan 1786

GATTY Jonas, to Mary HANCOCK, 23rd Jan 1786

FRANCIS William, to Ann MORLEY, 4th Mar 1786

MORCOMBE Henry, to Catherine PHILLIPS, 26th Mar 1786

BRAY John, to Mary WILLIAMS, 1st Apr 1786

GLANFIELD Richard, to Eleanor JEFFREY, 6th April 1786

SPARGOE John, to Mary DUNSTONE, 8th April,

WILLIAMS William, to Catherine PAUL, 11th Apr 1786

THOMAS Stephen, to Elizabeth OATS, 20th Apr 1786

SPARGOE Sampson, to Mary SAMPSON, 29th Apr 1786

RULE Andrew, to Margery LOCKETT, 6th May 1786

MORCOM Digory, to Ann BOND, 5th June 1786

THOMAS William, to Jane ROSCROWE, 5th Jun 1786

BENNET James, to Catherine URN, 10th Jun 1786

TYACK Stephen, to Amy HOCKIN, 26th Jun 1786

CORNELIUS William, to Jane SYMONDS, 1st Jul 1786

RAWLINGS John, to Grace SAMPSON, 3rd Jul 1786

SPARGOE William, to Elizabeth MARKS, 7th July 1786

GREGOR William to Mary CORNOE, 9th July 1786

MICHELL William, to Jane TRUREN, 15th Jul 1786

MORCOM John, to Alice REED, 17th Jul 1786

BENNETTS William, to Sarah YOUNG, 17th Jul 1786

HARVEY James, to Catherine HOLMAN, 6th Aug 1786

RIPPER Benjamin, to Susanna BAWDEN, 8th Aug 1786

PEARCE John, to Mary RAWLINGS, 14th Aug 1786

TUCKFIELD John, to Jenefer HANCOCK, 19th Aug 1786

WHITFORD Richard, to Sarah MANLEY, 26th Aug 1786

ODGERS Thomas, to Mary KELLY, 2nd Sep 1786

BRAY William, to Ann HIGGINS, 3rd Sep 1786

TREMBETH James, to Mary PIPER, 9th Sep 1786

PRIOR Aaron, to Mary HARVEY, 11th Sep 1786,

BANT John, to Mary LEACH, 24th Sep 1786

FRANCIS Edwards, to Mary TREGILGAS, 24th Sep 1786

PASCOE John, to Ann LILABY, 24th Sep 1786

WILLIAMS William, to Catherine GREGOR, 12th Oct 1786

MAGOR William, to Ann BAWDEN, 23rd Oct 1786

MANUEL Mathew, to Ann JEFFREYS, 4th Nov 1786

HALSE Richard, to Jenefer LAWRY, 18th Nov 1786

JENKINGS John, to Elizabeth MESSER, 19th Nov 1786

PALMEER William, to Elizabeth MORCOMBE, 28th Nov 1786

YOULTON William, to Ann BRAY, 9th Dec 1786

THOMAS William, to Grace MICHEL,  24th Dec 1786

BARBURY Phillip, to Mary MORSHEAD, 24th Dec 1786


PHILLIPS James, Batchelor to Julian TRELEASE, 20th Jan 1787, He Signed she mark, Wm. Trebilcock, Richard Trelease, witness.

NICHOLAS William batchelor to Joan EDWARDS spinster, 20th Jan 1787, He signed she mark, Wm. Trbilcock & Richard Trelease, witness.

YOUREM Edward, batchelor to Ann O'Bryan,  spinster, 27th Jan 1787, He signed she mark, Richard Youren & John Barnett, witness.

TRELEASE Thomas, batchelor to Margaret Pascoe, spinster, 22nd Feb 1787, both signed, Wm Trebilcock & John Pascoe, witness.

MITCHEL (Michel) John, widower to Winifred SYMES (Syms) of Redruth, spinster, 10th Mar 1787, he signed, she mark, John Semes & John Barnett, Witness.

JANE (James) Joseph, batchelor to Jane SKINNER, widow, 10th Apr 1787, He signed, she mark. Francis Quick & Richard Phillips, witness.

OLIVER Michael, batchelor to Petronel CORNELIAS, spinster, 29th Apr 1787, both mark, Samuel Morcom & John Barnett, witness.

ODGERS John, batchelor to Jane FRANCIS, spinster, 5th May 1787, he signed, she mark, John Odger & John Barnett, witness.

BARRETT Hercules, batchelor to Grace HITCHINS, 9th of May 1787, Both mark, Sarah Simmons & John Barnett, witness.

JOB Jacob, batchelor to Phillipa ARTHUR, spinster, 12th May 1787, Both mark, Hugh Trevena & John Barnett, witness.

PAUL John, batchelor, to Ann MITCHELL, spinster, 20th May 1787, both mark, Richard Penne & John Barnett, witness.

RABY Paul, batchelor, to Ann BARBARY, spinster, 26th May 1787, He signed, she mark, Martin Raby & William Skinner, witness.

TRESLEASE Abraham, Widower to Elizabeth TREWEEK, widow, 23rd June 1787, He signed, she mark, James Whitburn & John Barnett, witness

BRAY Walter, batchelor, to Thomosin STEPHENS, spinster, 30th June 1787, He signed, she mark, James Michell & John Morcom, witness.

RICHARDS Robert, sojourner in this parish, batchelor, to Honour BISHOP, spinster, 14th July 1787, He signed, she mark, Richard Barrat & John Barnett, witness.

BARNETT William, batchelor, to Martha GEORGE, 21st July 1787, He signed, she mark, Peter Knight & James Whitburn, witness.

LAWRY James, batchelor, to Catherine Mitchell, spinster, 28th July 1787, both mark, James Michell & Micht. Jennings, witness.

JEFFERY Thomas, batchelor, to Sarah Parkins, sojourner in this parish, spinster, 2nd August 1787, He signed, she mark. Mary Moyle & John Barnett, witness.

BLAMEY Daniel, batchelor, to Ann BOWES, spinster, 8th August 1787, He signed, she mark, Francis Blamey & John Barnett, witness.

FRANCIS Joseph, batchelor, to Thomosin BARRATT, spinster, 25th August 1787, He signed, she mark, Richard Barratt & James Frances, witness.

FRANCIS Richard, batchelor, to Catherine BRAY, spinster, 5th Sep 1787, Both mark, Joseph Jennings & Ambros Bray, witness.

TREGONNING William, batchelor, to Mary (Sarah) NEWTON, spinster, 9th Sep 1787, Both signed, Benjamin Newton & Alex. Skewes, witness.

HART John, widower, to Mary HICKS, spinster, 15th Sep 1787, He signed, she mark, Anthony Barret & William Jose, witness.

HOLMAN Thomas, batchelor, to Mary HOLMAN, spinster, 15th Sep 1787, Both mark, Anthony Barret & William Jose, witness.

JAMES John, batchelor, to Elizabeth CHEGWEDDEN, widow, 1st Oct 1787, Both mark, Mark Morcomb & James Whitburn, witness.

MANLY Soloman, batchelor, to Ann MORCOMB (E), spinster, 6th Oct 1787, Both mark, John Manley & James Phillips, witness.

BLAMEY Richard, batchelor, to Ann BISS, (BICE) spinster, 7th Oct 1787, both mark, Nercules Bice & Digory Morcome, witness.

YOULTON John, batchelor, to Grace BROWN, spinster, 14th Oct 1787, Both mark, Richard Whitford & Richard Whitford jnr., witness.

CLIFT (CLIFF), Francis, batchelor, to Catherine Whitburn, spinster, 25th Oct 1787, both mark, John Whitburn & John Barnett, witness.

ANDREWS Robert, of the parish of Stithians, batchelor, to Mary MITCHEL, spinster, 11th Nov 1787, both mark, John Michell & Nicholas Andrews, witness.

PETHERICK John, batchelor, to Lovedy MITCHELL, spinster, 17th Nov 1787, both signed, Thomas Michell & Here. Michell, witness. Marriage by Licence.

BENNET George, batchelor, to Charlotte Hitchings, (Hitchins) spinster, 18th Nov 1787, both mark, Melechi Hitchins & John Barnett, witness.

TRENGROVE Michael, batchelor, to Catherine FRANCIS, 26th Dec 1787, both mark, Digory Morcombe & John Barnett, witness.


SPRAQUE, Thomas, batchelor, to Eleanor BRAY, spinster, 23rd Jan 1788, both mark, John Bands & John Barnett, witness.

GRIBBLE William, batchelor, to Temperance JEFFREY, spinster 10th Feb 1788, he signed, she mark, Charles Barnett & James Whitburn, witness.

JENNINGS John, batchelor, to Eleanor WILLIAMS, spinster, 20th Feb 1788, He signed, she mark, James Francis & James Whitburn, witness, Marriage by Licence.

JENKINS, John, batchelor, to Elizabeth NOAL, spinster, 1st Mar 1788, both mark, ? & ? witness.

EASTMAN William, batchelor, Mary BRAY, spinster, 8th Mar 1788, both mark, Simon Kinsman & John Kinsman. witness

HITCHINS James, batchelor, to Elizabeth CURNOE, spinster, 22nd Mar 1788, both mark, Wm. Hitchins, & Martin CURNO.

JEFFERY Richard, batchelor to Elizabeth BAWDEN, 26th Apr 1788, He mark, she signed, Wm. Bawden & Edmond Bawden.

TIDDY Thomas, batchelor, to Julian LAWREY, 28th Apr 1788, He mark she signed, Mary Tiddy & John Barnett, witness.

CHAPMAN John, batchelor to Leah BLAMEY, spinster, 12th May 1788, he signed she mark, Thomas Trengove & Francis Blamey, witness.

HEAD James, batchelor, to Jane WARD, spinster, 28th May 1788, both mark, James Lobb, & John Barnett, witness.

MARTYN Thomas, batchelor, to Johanna PAULL, spinster, 14th June 1788, he signed, she mark, Mary Marten & John Barnett. Marriage by Licence.

VIVIAN Houghton, to Mary Sampson, 24th June 1788, he signed, she mark, John Vivian & Charles Trengove, witness.

WHITBURN John, batchelor, & Grave HARDING of the parish of Redruth, spinster, 26th June, both signed, Digory Morcom & James Whitburn, witness, Marriage by Licence.

TAYLOR Samuel, batchelor, to Dorothy WILLIAMS, spinster, 20th Sep 1788, both mark, Henery Morcomb & John Barnett, witness.

BRAY Ambrose, batchelor, to Mary BROWN, spinster, 27th Sep 1788, both signed, Nicholas Brown & Thomas Michell, witness.

TROUNCE Richard, batchelor, to Grace PASCOE, spinster, 6th Oct 1788, both mark, Humphrey Williams & Henry Morcomb.

BAWDEN Benjamin, batchelor, to Elizabeth BAWDEN, 11th Oct 1788, both mark,  Thomas Hosking, & Richard Phillips, Witness.

LEAN Anthony, batchelor, to Elizabeth CHEGWIDDEN, spinster, 2nd Dec 1788, both mark, Samuel Lean & John Barnett, witness.

YOUREN William batchelor, to Ann NICHOLS, of the borough of Penryn, spinster, 6th Dec 1788, both mark, Edward Groas & John Barnett, witness.

WILLIAMS Colan, to Ann TRESILIAN both of this parish, married by Banns 6th Dec 1788, both mark, Edward Groas & John Barnett, witness. Radford Arundel, Vicar.

STEPHENS James, batchelor, to Philippa RICHARDS, spinster, 7th Dec 1788, he signed she mark, Anthony Richards, & John Barnett, Witness.

HARRIS Abraham, batchelor, to Ann PERIAM, spinster, 20th Dec 1788, both mark, Paul PERYAN & Richard MAGAR, Witness.

PENHALLICK John batchelor, Honour HOUGHTON, spinster, 20th Dec 1788, both mark. Richard Magar, Paul Peryan, witness. 

EASTMAN John, batchelor, to Amy RULE, spinster 26th Dec 1788, both signed, William REED & Richard Magor, witness.

REED John, batchelor, to Elizabeth BRAY, spinster, 26th Dec 1788, both mark, William Reed & Richard Magar witness.

BROWN John, batchelor, to Mary BARTLET, spinster, 27th Dec 1788, both mark, John BANDS & James PHILLIPS, witness.



RULE thomas, batchelor, Elixabeth PENROSE, spinster, 4th Jan 1788, both mark, Richard Magar & Paul PERYAN, witness.

JAMES Nicholas, Sojourner,  batchelor, to Frances KINSMAN, spinster 23rd Feb 1789. both mark, Simon Kinsman & John Kinsman, witness 

COLLINS Henry, batchelor, to Ann RICHARDS, spinster, 16th Mar 1789, Both mark, Peter Godfrey & John Burnett, witness.

BURRELL Dennis, batchelor, to Agatha HARRIS, spinster, 23rd Apr 1789, both signed, George Harris & John Barnett, witness. Marriage by Licence.

GODFRY Peter, batchelor, to Elizabeth CLEMOE, spinster, 25th Apr 1789, he signed, she mark, Thomas Clyma & John Barnett, witness.

SPRAGUE John batchelor, to Margaret NICHOLS, spinster, 27th Apr 1789, both mark, Thomas Sprague, John Barnett. witness.

HAWKE John, batchelor, to Grace LAWRENCE, spinster, 30th Apr 1789, he signed, she mark, John Hitchens & Isabella Hawke. witness.

WILLIAMS James, batchelor, to Julian ODGERS spinster, 1st Jun 1789, he marked, she signed, Joseph Odgers & Richard Phillips, witness.

KELLOE Benjamin, batchelor, to Grace HITCHINS, spinster, 21st Jun 1789, both mark, Martin Stephens & John Barnett, witness. 

THOMAS William, Widower, to Ann GOLDSWORTHY, spinster, 5th Jul 1789, he mark she signed, James Goldsworthy & John Morcom, witness,

MURTEN Oliver of the parish of Stythians, batchelor, to Ann HARRIS, spinster, 2nd Aug 1789, He mark, she signed, George Harriis, & John Barnett. witness.

BROWN James, batchelor, to Sarah NICHOLS, spinster, 3rd Aug 1789, both mark, John Nichols & John Nichols, witness.

DAVY Simon, batchelor, to Ann MANLY, spinster, 8th Aug 1789, both mark, Soloman Manly & John Barnett. witness.

TROUNCE Thomas, batchelor, to Jenefer THOMAS, spinster, 17th Aug 1789, both mark, Mary Moyle & John Barnett, witness.

KNEEBONE Thomas, batchelor, Mary NOEL, spinster, 18th Aug 1789, both mark, Sally Noell & Araminta Noell, witness. 

TRESEDER James, batchelor, to Constance BELMAN, spinster, 23rd Aug 1788, He signed "TRESERA", she mark, Oliver Blewitt & William Watts, witness,

TREWARTHA Sebastian, batchelor, to Ann TREWARTHA, 6th Sep 1789, both mark, Thomas Trewartha & Anthony Bawden, witness.

JEFFREY Thomas, widower, to Ann Sampson, widow,20th Sep 1789, he signed, she mark, John Barnet & Mathew Mauell, witness.

MAY John batchelor, to Ann SIMONS (Simmons), spinster, 22nd Sep 1789, he signed, she mark, Richard Phillips & John Barnett, witness.

KINSMAN Melchizedeck, batchelor, to Jane MAY, spinster, 24th Sep 1789, he signed, she mark, John May & John Barnett, witness.

GUNDRY Alexander, batchelor, to Elizabeth FRANCIS, spinster, 26th Sep 1789, both mark, James Francis & James Francis, witness.

TREWEEK Walter batchelor, to Mary REED, widow, 15th (21st) Oct 1789, both signed, John Barnett & John Alford, witness. Marriage by Licence.

SIMMONS Walter, of Redruth, batchelor, to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, spinster, 31st Oct 1789, both signed, Richard Williams & Robert Symons, witness. Marriage by Licence.

BANDS Richard, batchelor, to Jane SAMPSON spinster, 4th Nov 1789, both mark, John Sampson & Edmund Bands, witness.

CHYNOWETH Sampson, batchelor, to Mary THOMAS, spinster, 8th Nov 1789, he signed, she mark, Sampson Chynoweth & Nicholas Bawden, witness.

JOHNS Francis, batchelor to Ann PETHERICK, spinster, 5th Dec 1789, both mark, Digory Morcom & John Barnett, witness.

PENHALLURICK Francis, batchelor, to Elizabeth BAPTISO, spinster, 6th Dec 1789, Both mark, Richard Niness & William Simmons, witnes.

BRAY Richard, batchelor, to Jane Davy, spinster, 12th Dec 1789, both mark, John Davey & George Davey, witness.

RILPH Francis, batchelor, to Grace Kelloe, spinster, 26th Dec 1789, Both mark, Francis Ralph & Thomas Rashleigh, witness.

KITTOE Thomas, widower, to Elizabeth PAUL, widow, 31st Dec 1789, he sign she mark, Samuel Morcom & William Vieant, witness.

JEFFREY Richard, widower, to Alice Morcom, widow, 31st Dec 1789, both signed, Samuel Morcom & Wm. Viant, witness. Marriage by Licence.


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