Gwennap Marriages


The LDS site given below has the original images for the marriage records for Gwennap 1654 -1900.  

 at  https://familysearch.org/search.

The page opens at "Discover Your Family History". Click on the SEARCH  icon and follow these steps.

The LDS site  http://familysearch.org;  has the original images for the burial records for Gwennap 1658 -1900at "Discover Your Family History".                  

 Click on  the SEARCH icon, which will take you to the search page at  https://familysearch.org/search,

There will appear a graphic map of the world, at the bottom of which is the instruction

Browse all published collections

1. Select 'United Kingdom and Ireland'

2. Select 'Cornwall Parish Registers 1538-2010'.

    This will bring up a list of parishes in alphabetical order.  [St.  parishes are under S.]

3. Select Gwennap.

4. A list of films for Gwennap will appear. Choose the record you want to view and click on it.

5. It will open with image No. 1.


You can find images a single page at a time by using the arrow, or move forward several pages by writing a number in "image xx of xx images" & pressing return key. Remember that there are two pages to every single image!

This new "Family Search" site is a pilot and is intended to replace the old style searchable Batch No. transcription. Searching the images will give a more accurate result, or confirm an assumption.



  1620 - 1680 


  1681 - 1698      1699 -1715    1716 - 1739       1740 1749  



   1760 -1769    1770 -1779     1780 -1789   1790-1799



 1810 -1819  1820-1829  1830 - 1837  

Gwennap Parishioners  married in other parishes  1577 - 1724



Gwennap Parishioners married in other parishes 1724 - 1743



Gwennap Parishioners married in other parishes  1811-1825


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