Gwennap Marriages 1770 - 1779

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

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WHITFORD Richard, to Catherine MICHEL, 6th Jan 1770

PENROSE Nicholas, to Mary TRENBARTH, 3rd Feb 1770

MERCER Mathew, to Elizabeth JEFFEREY, 3rd Feb 1770

HILL James, to Christian EDWARDS, 8th Feb 1770

HITCHENS James, to Mary HAWKE, 21st Feb 1770

HITCHENS Richard, to Mary NICOLLS, 7th Mar 1770

WILLIAMS Thomas, to Jenefer WHITFORD, 15th Mar 1770

MAY Richard, to Mary JOHNS, 1st April 1770,

STANTON Michael, to Ann JOSE, 13th April 1770,

DINNIS Robert, to Joanna JEFFEREY, 22nd April 1770

COLLINS Laurence, to Sarah WILLIAMS, 12th May 1770,

MOYL John, to Ann NICOLLS, 19th May 1770

SAMPSON John, to Jenefer THOMAS, 4th Jun 1770

COMBE John, to Sarah BROWN, 7th Jun 1770

BRAY Thomas, to Mary TREWARTHA, 25th Jun 1770

COCK William, to Joan BETTISON, 4th Aug 1770

PASCOE Henry, to Elizabeth THOMAS, 18th Aug 1770

HARRIS John, to Jenefer TREWARTHA, 1st Sep 1770

REED James, to Grace LEACH, 6th Sep 1770

TIDDY Richard, to Jane PETERS, 15th Sep 1770

CARTHEW William, to Ann FRANCIS, 15th Sep 1770

TREWARTHA William, to Elizabeth NICHOLAS, 6th Oct 1770

YOUREN James, to Mary JANE, 7th Oct 1770

ODGERS Thomas, to Margaret DAWE, 3rd Nov 1770

CARDELL William, to Catherine JORY, 24th Dec 1770

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YOURN John, to Cathran BRAY,  3rd Jan 1771

BARRAT Francis, to Jennefar STAPLE, 3rd Jan 1771

RICHARDS Francis, to Ann CHAPPELL, 6th Jan 1771

NICOLLS Thomas, to Elizabeth JENKYN, 21st Jan 1771

WHITFORD Richard, to Paternal JAMES, 4th Mar 1771

BRAY John, to Grace FRANCIS, 9th Mar 1771

SKINNER John, to Elizabeth THOMAS, 16th Mar 1771

DARLISTON James, to Dorcus SMITH, 29th Mar 1771

MERRIEFIELD James, to Elizabeth KELLA, 13th Apr 1771

JEFFEREY Mark, to Ann HARVEY, 27th Apr 1771

KEMP Anthony, to Sarah COCKING, 8th May 1771

MICHELL Anthony, to Alice BRAY, 11th May 1771

FURZE James, to Mary KELLA, 20th May 1771

PERRY Stephen, to Mary YOULTON, 13th Jun 1771

WILLIAMS William, to Ann NICOLLS, 22nd Jun 1771

KINSMAN John, to Mary MICHELL, 13th Jul 1771

HATTUM John, to Pentecost DEAN, 21st July 1771

RASLEY John, to Margaret WASTLEY, 17th Aug 1771

BRAY Francis, to Jenefer TYRICK, 7th Sep 1771

GREGORE John, to Mary FRANCIS, 4th Oct 1771

RICHARDS John, to Hannah TREGUNNA, 7th Oct 1771

RICHARDS Richard, to Catherine BAWDEN, 10th Oct 1771

FRANCES John, to Mary MAY, 26th Oct 1771

MICHEL Edmund, to Ann KENT, 29th Dec 1771

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THOMAS Thomas, to Elizabeth JENNINGS, 5th Jan 1772

JENKINS Symon, to Blanch EASTMAN, 20th Feb 1772

HOLMAN Bennat, to Jane CRASE, 22nd Mar 1772

NICOLLS Sampson, to Catherine SAMPSON, 19th Apr 1772

TAMBARLINE Thomas, to Martha YOUREN, 25th Apr 1772

PHILIPS Edmund, to  Elizabeth MERCER, 9th May 1772

TREGONNING John, to Grace WASLEY, 4th Jun 1772

ODGERS Richard, to Mary PASCOE, 4th Jun 1772

JENNINGS Nicholas, to Mary MICHELL, 9th Jun 1772

THOMAS John, to Ann LEAN, 22nd Jun 1772

YOUREN William, to Ann HIGDEN, 30th Jun 1772

BAWDEN Thomas, to Margaret GOODMAN, 18th Jul 1772

HANCOCK William, to Hannah DAVY, 6th Aug 1772

TYACK John, to Mary KITTOE, 24th Aug 1772

PHILIPS James, to Grace MANLEY, 23rd Oct 1772

PAYNTER William, to Charity PRIOR, 8th Nov 1772

OATS William, to Ann PASCOE, 9th Nov 1772

TEAGUE William, to Jane VOSPER, 26th Dec 1772

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HIGGINS Ennedor, to Mary JOHNS, 9th Jan 1773

BUCKINGHAM Daniel, to Mary TREWARTHA, 16th Jan 1773

WASLEY James, to Christian COCKING, 30th May 1773

HANCOCK Joseph, to Jane JENKINS, 13th Jun 1773

NICOLAS Collan, to Joan GIDDY, 18th Jun 1773

SKINNER James, to Ann TREWARTHA, 21st Jun 1773

BARNETT Charles, to Loveday HART, 3rd Jul 1773

CHEGWIDDEN Walter, to Jane OLIVER, 8th Jul 1773

GREY Francis, to Mary LOBB, 8th Jul 1773

NICHOLLS Abraham. to Ann WILLIAMS, 11th July 1773

THOMAS Peter, to Ann SIMMONS, 15th Jul 1773

 GREY John, to Elizabeth NICOLLS, 7th Aug 1773

TREBILCOCK John, to Ann TURNER, 28th Aug 1773

TREWEEK Abraham , to Jenefer TREWEEK, 28th Aug 1773

WASLEY John, to Elizabeth CORNOE, 28th Aug 1773

BLAMEY James, to Martha MANUEL, 29th Aug 1773

WILLIAMS Henry, to Margaret HAM, 4th Sep 1773

PHILLIPPS John, to Elizabeth BAWDEN, 9th Sep 1773

JAMES William, to Jenefer WHITFORD, 29th Sep 1773

WILLIAMS Thomas, to Catherine TREGUNNA, 16th Oct 1773

BAWDEN John, to Martha NICOLLS, 30th Oct 1773

GOLDSWORTHY Zacceus, to Margery THOMAS, 31st Oct 1773

PAUL Richard, to Ann BUZZA, 20th Dec 1773

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SPRAGUE James, to Grace EDWARDS, 17th Jan 1774

MICHEL Charles, to Elizabeth Richards, 19th Jan 1774

PAYNTER Hercules, to Margery EASTMAN, 15th Feb 1774

CRAZE Andrew, to Christian ODGERS, 19th Mar 1774

MICHEL Thomas, to Joan TREBILCOCK, 10th Apr 1774

HAM Richard, to Ann WHITFORD, 23rd Apr 1774

MOYLE George, to Jane JANE, 7th may 1774

HARRIS William, to Mary TRELEASE, 23rd May 1774

TREDASKUS Joseph, to Jane LEAN, 24th May 1774

BLAMEY James, to Temperance THOMAS, 18th June 1774

JEFFREY Edmund, to Elizabeth HARRIS, 21st Jul 1774

TAYLOR John, to Elizabeth JAMES, 27th Jul 1774

BARNET Anthony, to Hannah HART, 6th Aug 1774

YOURAN Francis, to Jane MOOR, 27th Aug 1774

MANUEL Mathew, to Mary BLAMEY, 18 sep 1774

TREWEEK John, to Elizabeth HART, 24th Sep 1774

KENDALL Thomas, to Elizabeth MORCOMB, 29th Sep 1774

HANCOCK Joseph, to Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, 10th Oct 1774

POLLARD John, to Martha GOLDSWORTHY, 24th Oct 1774

PENWARNE Henry, to Ann SPARGOE, 12th Nov 1774

GRAY Zecharias, to Elizabeth BRAY, 12th Nov 1774

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CURNO Thomas. to Elizabeth MITCHEL, 11th Feb 1775

BILLIN Pearce, to Blanch LEAN, 20th Feb 1775

BOUDY Thomas, to Joan BILLING, 26th Feb 1775

JEFFERY James, to Elizabeth SKINNER, 27th Feb 1775

MAY James, to Jane JENNINGS, 27th Feb 1775

STEPHENS Richard, to Mary SKINNER, 27th Feb 1775

MORCOMBE Henry, to Elizabeth MORCOMBE, 28th Feb 1775

HANCOCK Malachi, to Grace JENKIN, 5th Jun 1775

WILLIAMS John, to Jenefer BENNETT, 6th Jun 1775

ANNEAR John, to Mary MAY, 26th Jun 1775

HUGOE John, to Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 8th Jul 1775

FRANCIS Joseph, to Mary BRAY, 25th Jul 1775

JENKIN Thomas, to Ann CORNEALES, 13th Aug 1775

NICHOLAS Henry, to Agness PAINTER, 3rd Sep 1775

BLAMEY John, to Jane SPARGO, 23rd Sep 1775

WILLIAMS John, to Elizabeth MORCOMB, 1st Oct 1775

WILLIAMS Anthony, to Margery REED, 12th Nov 1775

MAGAR John, to Joanna TIDDY, 18th Nov 1775

BENNETT William, to Christian ANNEAR, 22nd Oct 1775

BETHY George, to Elizabeth HOCKING, 24th Dec 1775

NICHOLS William, to Eleanor BAWDEN, 26th Dec 1775

TREGONNIG William, to Sarah MARTYN, 26th Dec 1775

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TREWEEN Thomas, to Joan OPPEY, 9th Jan 1776

LEAN Christopher, to Jenefer NICHOLLS, 17th Feb 1776

JEFFERY Thomas, to Jenefer BENNETS, 17th Feb 1776

MITCHEL Stephen, to Elizabeth POLKINGHORNE, 17th Feb 1776

TREWARTHA Peter, to Susanna WILLIAMS 7th Apr 1776

FRANCIS Henry, to Charity JENKIN, 8th Apr 1776

LANCE John, to Ann KELLOW, 11th May 1776

JENKIN Henry, to Margaret WARREN, 18th May 1776

HITCHINS Thomas, to Grace BARRETT, 27th May 1776

SKEWES John, to Mary MITCHEL, 17th June 1776

STANTON Richard, to Mary NICHOLLS, 17th Jun 1776

WILLIAMS William, to Elizabeth HANCOCK, 17th Jun 1776

HOSKYN Samuel, to Elizabeth REYNOLDS, 22nd Jun 1776

 MAGAR Richard, to Ann NOEL, 6th Jul 1776

BENNETTS John, to Elizabeth CARNE, 15th Jul 1776

STEPHENS Edward, to Elizabeth HALLS, 15th Jul 1776

COOMBE Edward, to Grace NOTWELL, 20th Jul 1776

YOURAN Richard, to Elizabeth LEAN, 6th Oct 1776

BARRET Richard, to Elizabeth ELBURN, 7th Oct 1776

TREWARTHA Robert, to Elizabeth SYMONS, 16th Oct 1776

EDWARDS Thomas, to Catherine MITCHEL, 20th Oct 1776

JENKIN Benjamin, to Mary BROWN, 6th Nov 1776

JEWEL Richard, to Hannah TREURAN, 6th Nov 1776

PETERS Richard, to Blanch FRANCIS, 1st Dec 1776

HARRIS John, to Alice SYMMONS, 25th Dec 1776

MORCOMBE Richard, to Alice PENHALURICK, 25th Dec 1776

RICHARDS William, to Grace MICHEL, 26th Dec 1776

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WHITFORD Christopher, to Ann ELBORN, 10th Feb 1777

LOBB James, to Christian SAUNDERS, 11th Mar 1777

REED John, to Mary PETHERICK, 8th May 1777

TRELEASE Abraham, to Jane MICHEL, 12th May 1777

OATS William, to Jenefer GRAY, 17th May 1777

RENPHREY Richard, to Martha KELLY 17th May 1777

BILLING Christopher, to Mary GOODMAN, 15th Jun 1777

MAGAR James, to Elizabeth LUKE, 28th Jun 1777

JAMES Sarah, to Eleanor KENT, 5th Jul 1777

PENGELLY Henry, to Catherine BLAMEY, 12th Jul 1777

HEWITT Samuel, to Ann HARRY, 20th Jul 1777

KISSEL Laurence, to Elizabeth BENNET, 20th Jul 1777

WHITBURN James, to Ann BARNET, 24th Jul 1777

KITTO William, to Joice BARRET, 13th Sep 1777

MOURTEN Peter, to Joan TREGONNING, 5th Oct 1777

MICHEL Joseph, to Elizabeth MICHEL, 13th Oct 1777  

KENT Hugh, to Jane TRELEASE, 19th Oct 1777

MAGAR Richard, to Ann TEDDY, 15th Nov 1777

BAWDEN John, to Margaret JENNINGS, 22nd Nov 1777

HITCHINS James, to Mary FORD, 22nd Nov 1777

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MOYLE Francis, to Mary VIANT, 3rd Jan 1778

TREGEAR John, to Alice BLACKLER, 11th Jan 1778

TAYLOR William, to Elizabeth PASCOE, 19th Jan 1778 

TIDDY Joseph, to Mary HAWKE, 24th Jan 1778

PETER Charles, to Mary NICHOLLS, 22nd Feb 1778

TREGILGAS Richard, to Martha YOURAN, 1st Mar 1778

 VINCENT George, to Mary TIDDY, 2nd Mar 1778

HITCHIN Stephen, to Margery THOMAS, 2nd Mar 1778

LEAN Samuel, to Catherine TREGONNING, 2nd Mar 1778

SIMMONS John, to Joan BOND, 3rd Mar 1778

JEFFRY Edward, to Elizabeth VIANT, 28th Mar 1778

EAST John, to Elizabeth LIBBY, 19th Apr 1778

CORNER George, to Mary RULE, 20th Apr 1778

TRENBATH William, to Mary HAM, 3rd May 1778

MICHEL Michael, to Elizabeth SIMMONS, 9th Jul 1778

MICHEL Joseph, to Catherine MOYLE, 19th Nov 1778

TYACK William, to Mary PENNY, 20th Nov 1778

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ANNEAR David, to Jane MICHEL, 30th Jan 1779

RICHARDS Christopher, to Jane BENBOW, 16th Feb 1779

BRAY Hugh, to Jane BRAY, 3rd Apr 1779

RULE William, to Lucy MORCOMBE, 3rd Apr 1779

MANUEL Ambrose, to Mary BENNETS, 12th May 1779

TREGONNING William, to Joan SKEWES, 23rd May 1779

MANLEY James, to Susanna BRAY, 24th May 1779

SIMMONS Joseph, to Ann TREBILCOCK, 5th Jun 1779

NICHOLAS William, to Joan FRANCIS, 14th Jun 1779

MOYLE George, to Elizabeth FRANCIS, 21st Jun 1779

MICHELL Richard, to Ann SYMONDS, 29th Jun 1779

PENPHRASE Thomas, to Pudence CARDALE, 3rd Jul 1779

LEAN William, to Mary BLAMEY, 11th Jul 1779

BRAY Edward, to Margaret JEFFREY 14th Aug 1779

TREWEELA (alias PENGLASE) Joseph, to Sarah WILLIAMS, 16th Aug 1779

MICHEL James, to Jenefer STEPHENS, 26th Aug1779

QUICK Gabriel, to Frances BRAY, 28th Aug 1779

ROBBINS John, to Jane BRAY, 28th Aug 1779

 PEARCE George, to Mary KINSMAN, 3rd Sep 1779

KITTO Richard, to Mary TREVENA, 11th Sep 1779

RENFREY Thomas, to Martha CORNISH, 12th Oct 1779

NICHOLLS Richard, to Jane RENFREY, 24th Oct 1779

TREWEEK Bennet, to Elizabeth DONSTON, 26th Oct 1779

PHILLIPS Richard, to Grace TRELEASE, 30th Oct 1779

LONG John, to Jane BAWDEN, 13th Nov 1779

TRENGOVE Richard, to Elizabeth HAM, 13th Nov 1779

MARTYN Thomas, to Ann TREGASKIS, 4th Dec 1779

WHITFORD James, to Tamar WILLIAMS, 6th Dec 1779

RICHARDS Collan, to Jane SPARGO, 21st Dec 1779

CALLOWAY William, to Catherine MARTIN, 30th Dec 1779


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