Gwennap Marriages 1750 - 1759

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

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WHITBURN William, to Ann KENT, 15th Apr

CROCKER William, to Ann BRAY, Apr 15th

ELBURN John, to Ann NICOLLS, 16th Apr

HARRIS Edmund, to Agnes VIVIAN, 4th May

HAWKE Charles, to Mary WASLEY, 19th May

LIDGEY John, to Jane TREGONNING, 20th May

BENNAT Stephen, to Mary HARRIS, 3rd Jun

BLAMEY John, to Patience HIGGINS, 4th Jun 

DYER Richard, to Grace WATTS, 10th July

NICOLLS Thomas, to Chrisitan MERCER, 5th Aug

MAY James, to Elizabeth BRAY, 11th Aug

BENNET Thomas, to Elizabeth NICOLLS, 11th Aug 

BAWDEN William, to Mary MORCOMBE, 12th Aug

REYNOLDS Edmond, to Margaret Edwards, 29th Sep

JENNINGS William, to Ann ROBERTS, 1st Oct

STEVENS Edward, to Mary JEFFEREY, 10th Oct

ANNEAR Richard, to Jane PETERS, 20th Oct

MITCHEL Joseph to Mary MANLEY, 20th Oct

WILLIAMS Francis, to Mary EDWARDS, 27th Oct

JEFFEREY Walter, to Jane GUY, 10th Nov

FRANCIS James, to Grace BLACKLER, 22nd Dec

NICOLLS John to Mary FRANCIS, 22nd Dec

HARFOOT John, to Peiscilla OATS, 3rd Feb

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SPARGOE James, Jenefer AXFORD, 8th April

RICHARDS Michael, to Elizabeth MITCHEL 9th April

MORCOMBE William, to Catherine LUKE, 14th April

TRENBERTH James, to Ann Polkinghorn, 20th April

HICKS James, to Elenor HARRIS, 27th April

GREGORE James, to Margery HOLMAN, 25th May

LEACH John, to Catherine COFFLIN, 27th May 

LONG Hugh, to Martha YOUREN, 27th May

MOYLE John, to Ann BOLITHA, 27th May

CANON James, to Blanch JOHNS, 15th June

STAPLE William, to Constance MORCOMBE, 27th July

KALLA James, to Grace SKINNER, 22nd Sept

FRANCIS Henry, to Jenefer TRENBARTH, 22nd Sept

BARRET Peter, to Joice BROWN, 13th Oct

MICHEL Thomas, to Catherine TREWEEK, 14th Dec

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BROWN Thomas, to Ann JEFFEREY, 18th Jan

GILLARD Robert, to Sarah MARTYN, 10th Feb

HIGGINS Ennedor, to Sarah DAVY, 10th Feb

HALSE Richard. to Elenor NICOLLS, 20th April

KENT Michael, to Margaret BERRIMAN, 30th April

REED Henry, to Elizabeth HOSKYN, 17th May

TRELEASE Thomas, to Grace TIDDY, 17th May

SYMONDS Joseph, to Ann REED, 27th June

RILPH Francis, to Ann BROWN, 27th June

HITCHENS Martyn, to Thomasen HARRY, 26th July

TIDDY Richard, to Joanna BRYANY, 13th Aug

WASLEY Charles to Rachel VIVIAN, 30th Sept

PHILIPS Peter, to Zeporah DUNSTON, 30th Nov

BRAY Ambrose, to Catherine JEFFEREY, 3rd Dec

KENT Richard, to Elizabeth TRENERRE, 3rd Dec

WILLIAMS James, to Mary MADERN, 23rd Dec

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BARNET John, to Ann ROBERTS, 21st Jan

EARS John, to Mary SPRAGUE, 10th Feb

MICHEL Stephen, to Damerose MANLEY, 19th Mar

KINSMAN Thomas, to Jane BRAY, 21st Jul

SKEWES William, to Ann BAWDEN, 18th Aug

PAYNTER Charles, to Ann ROBERTS, 8th Sept

TREGONNING John, to Ann CURTIS, 13th Oct

BUCKINGHAM William, to Honor NICOLLS, 24th Dec

MORCOMB John, to Ann DUNSTONE, 24th Dec

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BRAY Anthony, to Temperance MARTYN, 5th Jan

PIERCE John, to Mary JAMES, 19th Jan

BRAY John, to Margaret HOSKYN, 21st Jan

BLAMEY Edmund, to Loveday SKINNER, 3rd Feb

HARRY Bennet, to Grace MARTYN, 18th Feb

HEYDON Charles, to Elizabeth JOHNS 26th Feb

KING John, to Elizabeth TREWARTHA, 26th Feb

TREGEAR Thomas, to Ann WASLEY, 26th Feb

MORCOMBE John, to Ann DUNSTONE 23rd Mar

ROSEWARN Henry, to Joan THOMAS, 3rd Apr

TAYLER John, to Elizabeth James  23rd July

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Continuation of 1754

BRAY John, to Eleanor BARRET, 1st June 1754

TIDDY Martyn, to Mary QUICK, 3rd June 1754

ANNEAR David, to Elizabeth PETERS, 15th June 1754

WILLIAMS Colan, to Ann GOLDSWORTHY, 21st July 1754

MARTYN Edward, to Elizabeth BARNET, 24th July 1754

JOSE Richard, to Frances ANDREW, 10th Aug 1754

SOWDEN James, to Catherine WILLIAMS, 21st Sep 1754

HAMBLEY Samuel, to Sarah HARVEY, 10th Oct 1754

BAWDEN John, to Jane REED, 26th Oct 1754

KENT Francis, to Catherine TREBILCOCK, 4th Nov 1754

EDWARDS Thomas, to Mary SADLER, 22nd Nov 1754

STEPHENS Christopher, to Elizabeth WHITBOURNE, 12th Dec 1754

COFLING Andrew, to Ann TREWEEK, 26th Dec 1754

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MITCHELL John, to Mary DUDLEY, 2nd Jan 1755

JORY Sampson, to Joan LILLY, 25th Jan 1755

PERRA John, to Elizabeth OATS, 3rd Feb 1755

SANDA Bennet, to Blanch BAWDEN, 5th Feb 1755

BLAMEY, Edmund, to Elenor HARRY, 10th Feb 1755

PIERCE Roger, to Mary BILLING, 11th Feb 1755

BAKER Jephthah, to Mary TREGONNING, 22nd Mar 1755

NOWELL Richard, to Araminta LEANE, 31st Mar 1755

BARRET Hugh, to Elizabeth BRAY, 19th May 1755

RESEIGH John, Margaret HAMBLEY, 19th May 1755

BRAY James, Catherine WILLIAMS, 24th May 1755

KENT Francis, to Ann SAUNDER, 25th May 1755

BARRET Hercules, to Mary FRANCIS, 14th June 1755

ROSCROW Richard, James MITCHEL, 14th June 1755

TREWEEK Walter, to Blanch LEAN, 19th July 1755

PAUL William, to Catherine HARVEY, 11th Sep 1755

RICHARD Thomas, to Ann GATTEY, 11th Oct 1755

HAWKE Peter, to Elizabeth PENROSE, 29th Nov 1755

HARVEY Martyn, to Catherine BAWDEN, 4th Dec 1755

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LEAN Thomas, to Joan JAMES, 17th Jan 1756

SAMPSON Peter, to Mary MAY, 29th Feb 1756

KINSMAN William, to Frances MITCHEL, 13th Mar 1756

JAMES John, to Allice MOSS, 24th Apr 1756

GOLDSWORTHY Richard, to Mary WILLIAMS, 29th May 1756

PHILLIPS James, to Hester TERSTRAIL, 7th Jun 1756

RICHARDS Richard, to Elenor BARRET, 7th Jun 1756

WASLEY George to Elizabeth JAMES, 17th Jun 1756

RABLING John, to Jenefer SYMONDS, 24th Jul 1756

DINNIS Robert, to Jane TRIGENHOWEN, 19th Sep 1756

BROWN Thomas, to Ann JENKIN, 25th Sep 1756

HIGGOE John, Elizabeth JEWEL, 27th Sep 1756

NORTHE Richard, to Mary JOB, 23rd Oct 1756

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BENNET John, to Patience TREGULGAS, 22nd Feb 1757

DAVY Michael, to Sarah HARVEY, 23rd Apr 1757

OATES William, to Mary ROBERTS, 1st May 1757

WILLIAMS John, to Dorothy GOLDSWORTHY, 28th May 1757

JENNINGS James, to Honour BAWDEN, 28th May 1757

WASLEY William, to Elizabeth VEAL, 18th Jun 1757

CURTIS James, to Catherine HITCHENS, 20th Jun 1757

WILLIAMS Thomas, to Mary JENNINGS, 28th Jun 1757

TREWARTHA Sebastian, to Sarah KELLA, 9th Jul 1757

KINSMAN Melchisedeck, to Ann PETERS, 10th Sep 1757

TREGONNING Richard, to Grace GALATIA, 6th Oct 1757

CLEMMO John, to Sarha BUZZA, 15th Oct 1757

YOULTON John, to Ann WHITFORD, 29th Oct 1757

EASTMAN Charles, to Honour TRENEIL, 17th Dec 1757

HITCHINS Amos, to Catherine BAWDEN, 29th Dec 1757

HITCHINS Joel, to Susanna EDWARDS, 31st Dec 1757

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AXFORD John, to Mary KENT, 2nd Jan 1758

CORNOE William, to Elizabeth NICOLLS, 3rd Jan 1758

JEFFEREY Andrew, to Elenor BRAY, 12th Jan 1758

JAMES Joseph, to Ann JEWEL, 16th Jan 1758

EDWARDS Richard, to Grace BRAY, 4th Feb 1758

BREWER Lancelot, to Honour TIPPET, 4th Feb 1758

BENNET Thomas, to Elenor WHITBOURN, 5th Feb 1758

GATTY Humphry, to Ann PAUL, 6th Feb 1758

DAVY George, to Mary MARTYN,, 7th Feb 1758

BRAY Walter, to Elizabeth VINCENT, 27th Mar 1758

HEAD Isaac to Catherine Harris, 15th Apr 1758

HARRIS William, to Mary HOLMAN, 15th May 1758

GOLDSWORTHY Ralph, to Elizabeth DUNSTON, 1st Jul 1758

KELLA Henry, to Priscilla GOLDSWORTHY, 5th July 1758

BRAY Stephen, to Grace HARRIS, 28th Oct 1758

BRAY Richard, to Ann MANUEL, 29th Oct 1758

GRIBBLE Henry, to Joyce HART, 9th Dec 1758

RULE Charles, to Dorothy MAY, 23rd Dec 1758

SAMPSON James. to Sarah WILLIAMS, 30th Dec 1758

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HITCHENS William, to Ann PHILIPS, 13th Jan 1759,

ROGERS Mathew, to Jane WILLIAMS, 20th Jan 1759

PHILIPS Hugh, to Mary TREGONNING, 27th Jan 1759

OLIVER John, to Catherine BUCKINGHAM, 26th Feb 1759

EDWARDS John, to Catherine TREWARTHA, 3rd Jun 1759

WILLIAMS Richard, to Elizabeth WASLEY, 16th Jul 1759

TRUREN James, to Temperance BANDS, 18th Aug 1759

WHITBOURN John, to Hannah TREGULGAS, 8th Sep 1759

WEBBER William, to Elizabeth BRAY, 8th Sep 1759

BARRET Alexander, to Elizabeth NOALL, 13th Oct 1759

PAUL William, to Jenefer HAMBLEY, 28th Nov 1759

PASCOE Joseph, to Elizabeth TREWARTHA, 4th Dec 1759

WILLIAMS Cullan, to Ann GILBERT, 8th Dec 1759


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