Gwennap Marriages 1740 - 1749

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

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This transcript is taken from a copy of the register as transcribed by W Bawden.

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ROBERTS Hugh, to Ann DAVY, 7th April 1740

EASTMAN Richard, to Jenefer GOLSERY, 24th May 1740

BLAMY Mark to Jane URYN, 25th May 1740

LETCHER Henry, of Illogan, to Elizabeth MADDERN, 31st May 1740

PASCOE Bennet, to Mary ROBERTS, of St AGNES, 31st May 1740

MUNDAY James, of Redruth to Ann MORCOMB, 6th July 1740

LEAN Anthony, to Margery PETERS, 14th July 1740

NICHOLLS John, to Alice HARRIS, 14th Aug 1740

STEPHENS Charles, to Mary NICHOLAS, of Maddern, 15th Sept 1740

HAM John, to Chastity ROGERS, of Redruth, 29th Sept 1740

MORCOMB William, to Elizabeth CURNOE, 25th Oct 1740

BLAMY Daniel, to Mary JOB, 25th Oct 1740

SKEWES John, to Mary WEBB, of Kea, 8th Nov 1740

OATES James, to Milicent CURNOE, 22nd Nov 1740

MITCHEL Thomas, to Elizabeth NICHOLLS, 7th Feb 1740

URYN Henry, to Hope FRANCIS, 10th Feb 1740 

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COCKING John, of Redruth, to Sarah ROBERTS, 29th Mar 1741

BAWDEN Thomas, to Rebecca FOX, of Illogan, 16th May 1741

RICHARDS Walter, to Margaret URYN, 11th July 1741

REED Edward, to Margery MORTON, of Stythians, 13th July 1741 

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ROW Nicholas, to Grace LEAN, 3rd Aug 1741

TRELEASE Richard, to Grace MAGER, 10th Sept 1741

KNEEBONE Thomas, to Honour TREWARTHA, 12th Sept 1741

MORCOMB Henry, to Ann JENNENS, 19th Sept 1741

ROBERTS Henry, of Kenwyn, to Jane MOYLE, 25th Oct 1741

VOSPER Ezekiel of Redruth, to Elizabeth GUY, 15th Nov 1741

JAMES Richard, to Grace POLE, of St Agnes, 16th Jan 1741

PHILLIPS John, to Anne ROSCROW, 27th Jan 1741

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TREGASCUS Christopher, to Mary TOY, 24th Apr 1742

WILLIAMS James, to Grace HITCHINS, 26th May 1742

JEFFERY Richard, to Joan FOOT, 9th Jun 1742

OATES Phillip, to Jane ODGERS, 9th Oct 1742

JEFFERY John, to Ann HALSE, 23rd Oct 1742

HARRIS William, to Honor WESTCOTE, 31st Oct 1742

NICHOLLS George, to Ann ODGERS, 12th Feb 1742

COUCH Arthur to Sarah SECKUM, 15th Feb 1742

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GRIBBLE Henry, to Mary LEAN, 23rd May 1743

EDWARDS Richard, to Grace MORE, 6th Aug 1743

MURRAT William, of Illogan, to Dorothy EDWARDS, 9th Oct 1743

FRANCIS John, to Catherine HITCHIN, 15th Oct 1743

TERRILL Thomas, of Redruth to Catherine BRAY, 15th Oct 1743

HANCOCK William, to Grace RICHARDS, 12th Nov 1743

TRUREN Thomas, to Florence NICHOLAS, of Madren, 12th Nov 1743

BROWN James, to Elizabeth LETCHER, 20th Nov 1743

TREVUSSO Thomas, of Kenwyn, to Elizabeth GILL, of Gluvias, 17th Dec 1743

LIBBY Joseph, of St Michael Penkevil, to Grace HARRIS, 24th Dec, 1743

MAGOR John, to Grace BAWDEN, 3rd Jan 1743

SPRAGUE Samuel, to Alice TREGONING, 14th Jan 1743

NICHLAS Jeremiah, of Redruth, to Parnell GOLDSWORTHY, 17th Feb 1743

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MITCHELL John, to Elizabeth SYMONS, 26th Mar 1744

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MITCHEL John, to Elizabeth SYMMENS, 26th Mar 1744

GEORGE James, of Probus, to Jennefer RICHARDS, 2nd Apr 1744

SYMMONS George, to Alice LAURENCE, 7th Apr 1744

TREBILCOCK Nicholas, to Grace MICHEL, 19th Apr 1744

BRAY John, to Elizabeth BRAY, 15th May 1744

HAMBLY John, to Grace KELLA, 27th May 1744

GREGORE George to Mary PASCO, 4th June 1744

BARNET James, to Catherine THOMAS, 14th July 1744

JEFFEREY John, to Ann TELLAM, 4th Aug 1744

MITCHEL Nicholas, to Grace OLIVE, of Camborne, 21st Oct 1744

YOUREN James to Joan TREBILCOCK, 11th Nov 1744

GUY John, to Charity REED, 30th Nov 1744

NICHOLLS Henry, to Joan GOLSERY, 16th Dec 1744

WILLIAMS John, to Jenefer BRAY, 10th Jan 1744

REMFREY Richard, to Alice JEFFEREY, 17th Jan 1744

MORE Richard, to Joan COCKING, of Redruth, 4th Feb 1744

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HANCOCK Thomas, to Mary MITCHEL, 30th Mar 1745

SYMONDS Thomas, to Blanch WILLIAMS, of Redruth, 16th Apr 1745

TRESWELL John, Catherine HUNNY, 20th Apr 1745

SYMONDS James, to Grace TREGONING, 4th June 1745

WOOLCOCK John, of Ruan, to Catherine SANDREY, 15th June 1745

TREWEEK Thomas, to Mary TREGONING, 30th June 1745

NICHOLAS Richard, to Ann MITCHEL, 3rd Aug 1745

MANLEY Thomas, to Constance MITCHEL, 2nd Nov 1745

TREWARTHA Thomas, to Catherine OATS, 5th Nov 1745

CORNELIAS Richard, to Ann EASTMAN, 26th Dec 1745

TYDDY Thomas, to Jane TREGASCUS, 26th Dec 1745

WILLIAMS Henry, to Mary HITCHINS, 19th Jan 1745

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HARRIS George, to Eleanor PEARCE, 12th Apr 1746

BARRET Peter, to Ann STEPHENS, 19th Apr 1746

FRANCIS John, to Elizabeth HITCHENS, 24th Apr 1746

HOLMAN George, to Margaret YOURAN, 13th May 1746

MITCHEL Thomas, to Ann WILLIAMS, 19th May 1746

SKINNER Richard, to Jane QUICK, 6th Jul 1746

BRABANT John, to Mary ROW, of Cornelly, 10th Jul 1746

PENGLAZE James, to Mary PIERCE, 21st Jul 1746

TREGONING John, to Joan RULE, 26th Jul 1746

GLASSON Robert, of Crowan, to Susannah MITCHELL, 6th Aug 1746

WILLIAMS Melchisedeck, to Jenefer EASTMAN, 7th Aug 1746

QUICK Thomas, to Margaret HALSE, 15th Sept 1746

DAVY John, to Elizabeth TREWEEK, 20th Sept 1746

NOTWELL Francis, to Grace HAMBLY, 27th Sept 1746

JENKIN John, to Catherine SKINNER, 13th Oct 1746

BAWDEN Edward, to Joan MANLEY, 27th Oct 1746

BARNOT Anthony, to Honor POLLARD, 6th Nov 1746

PAYNTER John, to Margaret MARTYN, 6th Nov 1746

LOB John, to Mary KENT, 11th Nov 1746

HARRIS Mr Andrew, to Mrs Mary HARRIS,  22nd Nov 1746

WASLEY John, to Elizabeth HITCHENS, 15th Jan 1746

BAWDEN John, to Eleanor MORCOOMB, 27th Feb 1746

TOMPKIN John, to Penelope TREWEEK, 3rd Mar 1746

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MAY William, to Ann BAWDEN, 6th Jun 1747

BLAMY John, to Catherine QUICK, 8th jun 1747

MADREN Francis, to Elizabeth JENNINGS of Penryn, 25th Jun 1747

MITCHEL Edmund, to Mary SEMMONS, 5th Jul 1747

HALES Greenfield, to Frances GOLDSWORTHY, 23rd Jul 1747

SEMMONS Stephen, of Redruth, to Elizabeth GOULWORTHY, 19th Aug 1747

BRAY Ambrose, to Mary LESSON, 29th Aug 1747

HARRIS William, to Ann PHILLIPS of Mulion, 1st Sept 1747

JENNINGS John, to Jane TREGILGAS, 5th Sept 1747

MANLEY John, to Grace VEAL, 10th Oct 1747

DUNSTONE James, to Elizabeth COFLING, 10th Oct 1747

MAGOR Richard, to Elizabeth TYDDY, 10th Oct 1747

FRANCIS Henry, to Mary STEPHENS of Redruth, 4th Nov 1747

WASLEY Stephen, to Alice NICHOLS, 23rd Jan 1747

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REED James, to Jane LAMERTON, of Penryn, 13th Apr 1748

WILLIAMS James, to Margaret KELLA, 15th May 1748

TIDDY Francis, to Mary GILBERT, 28th May 1748

SYMONDS Joseph, to Jane MAY, 30th May 1748

MITCHEL Digory, to Margaret BRAY, 11th June 1748

EASTMAN Charles, to Patience WILLIAMS, 19th June 1748

JANE James, to Margaret PRIOR, 19th June 1748

WILLIAMS Jane, to Magdalen EDDY, 13th Aug 1748

BAWDEN Henry, to Elizabeth REED, 30th Oct 1748

HALSE William, to Elizabeth LEE, 12th Nov 1748

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WILLIAMS Anthony, to Grace SPRAGUE, 9th Apr 1749

LANCE John, to Mary ODGER, 15th Apr 1749

MORRICE Michael, to Catherine SAMPSON, 25th June 1749

VYAN, Erasmus, to Chesson KELLA, 27th June 1749  

PAYNTER Willliam, to Jenefer ROBERTS, 15th July 1749

LEAN Nicholas, to Joan MOOR, 15th July 1749

YOUREN Stephen, to Ann FOOT, 30th July, 1749

BURLIEGH John, to Christian WILLIAMS, 30th Sept 1749

BISE Hercules, to Jane HARRIS, 1st Oct 1749

TIPPET Michael, to Martha ODGERS, 2nd Dec 1749

JAMES William, to Clarinda LEACH, 26th Dec 1749

SYMONDS John, to Ann HAMBLY, 13th Jan 1749

MORCOMB Thomas, to Martha BRAY, 20th Jan 1749

HITCHINGS James, to Frances RICHARDS, 27th Jan 1749

EASTMAN Henry, to Mary TIPPET, 27th Jan 1749

NICHOLLS Thomas, to Mary FRANCIS, 3rd Feb 1749

MITCHEL Francis, to Sarah MITCHEL, 3rd Feb 1749

HITCHINGS William, to Jane JEFFREY, 15th Feb 1749

MORCOM Thomas, to Elizabeth JAMES, 27th Feb 1749

BENNET John, to Sarah BROWN, 27th Feb 1749


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