Gwennap Strays on the 1851 Census

Thanks to Joan in Colorado for these transcripts


Dwelling Place: 11 Louisa Terrace, Exmouth-Dev.

WILLIAMS, Michael, Pupil, age 12, born Tregullon, Gwennap-Con 

(Shown in household of John PENROSE, C. of E. Clergyman, M.A. (No Cure of Souls) 


Dwelling Place: 24 Park Street, Plymouth-Dev.

VIVIAN, Haughton, Head, married, age 55, Formerly Mine Captain, born Gwennap-Con 

VIVIAN, Mary, Wife, age 43, born Sampford Courtney-Dev 

VIVIAN, Alfred, Son, unmarried, age 18, No Occup. Shown, born Lawhitton-Con 

VIVIAN, Alberto, Son, age 16, No Occup. Shown, born Lawhitton-Con 

VIVIAN, Zem, Son, age 13, born Lawhitton-Con 

VIVIAN, Eliza Ann, Daughter, age 11, born Lawhitton-Con 

VIVIAN, Josephus, Son, age 8, born Lawhitton-Con 

VIVIAN, Mary Jane, Daughter, age 5, born Calstock-Con 

VIVIAN, Ellen, Daughter, age 2, born Calstock-Con 


Dwelling Place: Woodway Street, Chudleigh-Dev.

BEVAN, Edward, Head, married, age 48, Lead Miner, born Redruth-Con 

BEVAN, Mary, Wife, age 44, born Gwennap-Con 

BEVAN, Mary J, Daughter, age 8, born Guernsey 

BEVAN, Richard, Son, age 6, born Callington-Con 


18 Jacob Street, St Philip & Jacob, Bristol (See RG9/1719)

HOLMAN, Thomas, Head, M, 46, Clicker (Shoe Cutter), Gwennap, Cornwall

HOLMAN, Maria, Wife, M, 47, Ra**and, Monmouthshire

HOLMAN, Elizabeth, Dau, 16, Bristol

HOLMAN, Caroline, Dau, 13, Scholar, Bristol

HOLMAN, Susan, Dau, 10, Scholar, Bristol HOLMAN,

Thomas, Son, 5, Scholar, Gwennap, Cornwall

HOLMAN, Emily, Dau, 2, Bristol


Dwelling Place: 50 Pepper Street, Beerferris-Dev.

JOBE, John, Head, married, age 30, Lead Miner, born Gwennap-Con

JOBE, Eliza, Wife, age 28, born Gwennap-Con

JOBE, Ann, Daughter, age 8 mos, born Beerferris-Dev


Dwelling Place: Village, Whitchurch-Dev.

STEPHENS, William, Head, married, age 35, Engineer (& Mach), born Gwennap-Con

STEPHENS, Elizabeth, Wife, age 32, born Bridford-Dev

STEPHENS, Mary, Daughter, unmarried, age 15, At Home, born Gwennap-Con

STEPHENS, Charles, Son, age 6, born Bridford-Dev

POLMONITER, James, Lodger, unmarried, age 25, Blacksmith, born St.Stephens-Con

ROBERTS, Humphrey, Lodger, unmarried, age 30, Copper Miner, born Gwinear-Con

OATS, Thomas, Lodger, unmarried, age 40, Copper Miner, born St.Agnes-Con


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