Gwennap people married in other Parishes 1811- 1825

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BAWDEN William of Gwennap to Elizabeth THOMAS  11th March 1811 Calstock

MITCHELL Joseph of Gwennap to Jane GRIBBLE   15th Sept 1811 Calstock

BROWN James of Kenwyn to Mary REMFRY  23rd Jan 1813 Kenwyn

BARAGWANNA / BARAGWANETH James of Gwennap to Jane Lydia TEAGUE  8th March 1813 Redruth (Lic.)

BRAY Anthony sojourner to Mary Millet 3rd April 1813 Kenwyn

BEST John of Gwennap to Elizabeth ARTHUR of Kenwyn  29th April 1813 Kenwyn

HENWOOD Thomas, Widower, to Joanna BILLING of Gwennap, Widow, 10th July 1813 Redruth

MARTIN William of Gwennap to Mary DUNSTAN  2nd August 1813 Redruth

KNOTWELL John of Gwennap to Jane FRANCIS, sojourner, 9th Sept 1813 Kenwyn

COLLINS Peter [?] to Ann WASLEY 9th Oct 1813 Kenwyn

BRAY William, sojourner, to Catharine GUNDRY of Gwennap 24th Nov 1813 Calstock

ALLEN William of Gwennap, Yeoman, to Elizabeth ANDREW, Widow, 18th Dec 1813 St Gluvias (Lic.)

HARRIS Stephen of Gwennap to Mary HOCKING  30th Dec 1813 Kenwyn

THOMAS Richard of Gwennap, Widower, to Ann SPRAGUE  30th Dec 1813 Redruth

MARTIN John, Husbandman, to Elizabeth PEARCE of Gwennap, with consent of surviving parent 5th March 1814 St Gluvias.

WILLEY William to Jane LEVERTON 7th April 1814 Feock

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DINNIS John Jnr. of Gwennap to Elizabeth WARNE, a minor, with consent of her guardian 18th June 1814 Kenwyn (Lic.)

TREWEEK John, Widower, of Gwennap to Honour KNEEBONE 13th August 1814 Feock

RABEY Paul to Cordelia WARNE  14th August 1814 Kenwyn (Lic.)

CHEGWIDDEN William of Gwennap to Elizabeth MICHELL 12th Oct 1814 Kenwyn

JENKINS Nicholas, Miner, to Charity PEARCE of Gwennap 12 Nov 1814 Kenwyn

BENALLACK William of Gwennap to Mary KNIGHT  20th Nov 1814 Kenwyn.

LEAN Richard to Grace SANDOW 25th Dec 1814 Kenwyn

PAINTER John of Gwennap to Maria MOYLE  1st Jan 1815 Kenwyn (Lic.)

QUICK William of Gwennap to Ann OPPY 16th Feb 1815 Stithians

KNEEBONE William to Betsey SNELL 17th March 1815 Mylor

LAVIN of Gwennap, Widower, to Ann JACKSON 25th March 1825 Perranarworthal

WILLIAMS of Gwennap to Jane SYMS  25th May 1815  Kenwyn (Lic.)

HARPUR John to Elizabeth Merritt of Gwennap 3rd June 1815 Kenwyn

LOCKET Henry, Widower, to Phillipa BURGAN of Gwennap 24th June 1815 Redruth

SYMS James of Gwennap to Mary RICHARDS  14th August 1815 Kenwyn (Lic.)

GOLDSWORTHY James of Gwennap to Elizabeth WILLIAMS  13th Dec 1815 Kenwyn

HARVEY Colan of Gwennap Widower to Joyce TREGELLAS, Widow 12th march 1816 Stithians (Lic.)

VINCENT Henry, Miner , Widower, to Catharine ODGERS of Gwennap, Widow, 24/26  March 1816 Illogan

CHYNOWETH Sampson to Elizabeth NICHOLS  8th June 1816 Kenwyn

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BRAY Richard of Gwennap to Mary KEAN [?] 31st July 1816 Kea

WILLIAMS Henry of Gwennap to Eleanor May 7th Sept 1816 Kenwyn

NICHOLS/ NICHOLAS Thomas of Gwennap to Grace WOOLCOCK 26th May 1817 Kea

ALLEN Joseph to Mary ODGERS  of Gwennap 1 July 1817 Redruth

PHILLIPS William of Gwennap to Mary PEARN 18th Oct 1817 Calstock

MARTIN William of Gwennap to Elizabeth COAD  1st Nov 1817 Illogan

MUTTON Henry, Widower, to Jane WATTS of Gwennap, Widow, 25th March 1818 Redruth

TREGONING James of Gwennap to Jane BATH  4th April 1818 Stithians (Lic.)

BAWDEN James of Gwennap Widower to Elizabeth BOND  18th June 1818 Stithians

BRAY Phillip of Gwennap Widower to Rebecca BASTIAN, Widow, 2nd August 1818 Redruth

OATS Sampson to Jane WILLIAMS 12Nov 1818 Kenwyn

WILLIAMS Thomas of Gwennap to Elizabeth RAPSON 7th Dec 1818 Perranarworthal (Lic.)

NICHOLLS Richard to Jane WILLIAMS of Gwennap, Widow, 23rd Dec 1818 Redruth (Lic.)

CRAZE John of Gwennap to Jenifer BATH 26th Dec 1818 Stithians

WASLEY William to Grace NORTHEY 13 Feb 1819 Kea

MICHELL Thomas, sojourner, to Mary POLKINGHORNE of Gwennap 7th August 1819 Perranarworthal

BAWDEN Henry of Gwennap to Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY 7th August 1819 Redruth

TAB Phillip of Gwennap to Elizabeth HARRIS 14th August 1819 Redruth

PHILLIPS John to Ann MICHELL of Gwennap 11th Oct 1819 Wendron

RICHARDS John to Abigail JOB of Gwennap 1st Dec 1819 Wendron

PRISK Thomas of Gwennap to Mary TRENNIMAN 15th Feb 1820 Redruth

BICE Malachi of Gwennap to Mary TALLACK 22 Feb 1820 Feock

MARTIN Thomas of Gwennap to Charlotte TUCKER  24th Feb 1820  Stithians (Lic.)

CARBIS Joseph of Gwennap to Sarah HIGGINS of Kea 18th April 1820 Kenwyn

MAY Richard of Gwennap to Jane HOCKING 12 August 1820 Redruth

THOMAS James of Gwennap to Mary TYACK 7th Nov 1820 Redruth

BRAY Edmund of Gwennap to Elizabeth Williams 14th Nov 1820 Redruth (Lic.)

BAILEY Richard of Gwennap to Ann Martin 1st Jan 1821 Stithians

RUNNELLS Alexander of Gwennap to Jane Bennetts KNIGHT  16th Jane 1821 St Marys Truro

FRANCIS Joseph of Gwennap to Eleanor Harris WILLIAMS 7th Feb 1821 Redruth

ALLEN Thomas, Widower, to Grace BELLMAN of Gwennap 7th April 1821 Redruth

TREWARTHA Colan to Maria LETCHER 14th 1821 Kea

BILKEY James of Gwennap to Elizabeth POWELL of Kenwyn 16th June 1821 Kenwyn

SPARGO James of Gwennap to Mary Ann  SPARGO 24th June 1821 Mabe

BAWDEN Edward to Elizabeth TRENERRY of Gwennap 6th August 1821 Kenwyn

PETERS Thomas of Gwennap, Widower, to Catharine TREVERTON 1st Sept 1821 Perranarworthal

BLAMEY Francis Of Gwennap to Harriet Townley EDGECUMBE  11th Sept 1821 St Gluvias  (Lic.)

SMITH Richard to Catharine HICHENS of Gwennap 20th Oct 1821 Illogan

LEAN Robert to Ann DENNIS 14th Jan 1822 Kenwyn

WHITFORD John  to Elizabeth BAWDEN  28th Feb 1822 Kenwyn

ROUGH Abednego  [Benjamin 1841] to Mary Ann RALPH of Gwennap 4th April 1822 Kea

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THOMAS John of Gwennap to Elizabeth TREGONING 16th April 1822 Redruth

DAVEY John to Phillipa RICHARDS of Gwennap 12th July 1822 Redruth (Lic.)

MANUEL Ambrose, sojourner, Widower, to Ann RICKARD, sojourner , Widow, 1st Sept 1822 Kea

MATTHEWS James to Martha MANUEL of Gwennap 25th Sept 1822 Redruth

GRIBBLE Samuel to Christian JOSE of Gwennap 7th Oct 1822 Redruth

EVANS Richard of Gwennap to Elizabeth JENKIN  30th Jan 1822 Stithians

KINSMAN Simon of Gwennap to Betsey COLLINS  12th April 1823 St Just in Roseland

MAGOR Richard of Gwennap to Loveday TRELOAR 26th April 1823 Kea

COLLINS John to Jemima PAUL of Gwennap 9th June 1823 Kea

WHITFORD Emanuel to Jenifer EUSTIS  26th July 1823 Kenwyn

RAPSON Thomas of Gwennap to Ann BRYANT  23rd August 1823 Stithians

JAMES Martin of Gwennap to Ann ROBERTS  25th Oct 1823 Illogan

CHELLEW George of Gwennap to Ann JEFFERY  27th Oct 1823 Kenwyn

TREBILCOCK John to Althea ROBERTS 15th Oct 1823 Feock

MICHELL William to Elizabeth PASCOE of Gwennap 8th Dec 1823 Kenwyn

DOWRICK William of Gwennap to Catharine REED, sojourner, 23rd Dec 1823 Perranarworthal

RULE Henry to Jane BAWDEN 3rd Jan 1824 Camborne

WASLEY Stephen  to Mary WILLIAMS 28th Jan 1824 Kenwyn

TREVITHICK James of Gwennap to Ann SMITH 8th may 1824 St Dominic

MAGOR John  and Alice MAGOR of Gwennap 23rd May 1824  Kenwyn (Lic.)

TREWEEK William of Gwennap and Elizabeth Rapson WHITE 24th July 1824 St Gluvias

ROOK John and Phillipa WHITFORD 25th Sept 1824 Kenwyn

BISHOP John of Gwennap and Margaret PENNA Sojourner 22 Jan 1825 Perranarworthal

ADAMS  Edmund of Gwennap and Elizabeth TREZISE 13th April 1825 Kenwyn

PHILLIPS Hugh  of Gwennap and Betsey VINCENT 3rd April 1825 Budock

HODGE Thomas of Gwennap and Honor BLEE 7th Jun 1825 St Mary Truro (Lic.)

JOSE Richard of Gwennap to Susanna WILLOUGHBY 16th July 1825 Redruth

ADAMS John of Gwennap to Ann TEAGUE  30th July 1825 Redruth

TUDY William of Gwennap to Mary MEDLYN  27th August 1825 Kenwyn

JENKINS John  of Gwennap to Eliza OPPY 24th Sept 1825 Illogan

TIPPETT Thomas of Gwennap, Widower, to Dianna TOMS, Widow, 10th Nov 1825 by Lic Redruth



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