Gwennap people baptised in Stithians

with thanks to Sandra Love

From LDS film no 1471787 1813 to 1823

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MURTON Elisha s/o George and Susanna Murton , Gilly in Gwennap, Miner, 24th Jan 1813, no 4.

 MARTIN Thomas Curgenven s/o Edward and Elizabeth Martin, Cascadden in Gwennap, Farmer, 24th Jan 1813, no 5

 ANDREW Thomas s/o Thomas and Susanna Andrew, Terary Gwennap, Husbandman, 25th Jan 1813, no 8

SPARGO William s/o William and Mary, Ninnis, Husbandman 21st Feb 1813 no 12

 MICHELL Samuel, base s/o Jenefer, St Day in Gwennap, 23rd Feb 1813, no 13.

 PETERS Grace d/o John and Elizabeth, Carvennel in gwennap, Miner 4th April 1813, no 20

DUNSTAN Eliza d/o John and Elizabeth Dunstan Carvenel in Gwennap, Miner 4th April 1813 no 21.

ODGERS Grace d/o Matthew and Phillis Odgers Trewurgy Downs Gwennap, Miner 26th Sept 1813 no 47

 MARTIN Elizabeth d/o Samuel and Elizabeth Martin ,Crarack in Gwennap Miner 27th Sept 1813 no 49

 ODGERS Johanna d/o Jacob and Elizabeth Odgers, Crowgey in Gwennap, Miner, 10th Oct 1813., No 51

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GRAES Kitty d/o Thomas and Jane Craes, Ninnis, Husbandman, 3rd August 1817 no 356

 JENKINS Abraham s/o Abraham and Catharine Jenkins, Gwennap Moors Miner 8th August 1817 no 360

 COLLINS James s/o William and Alice Collins, St Day in Gwennap, Miner, 2 Sept 1817 no 370

COLLINS Alice d/o William and Maria Collins, Nangiles in Kea, Miner 11 th OCT 1817 no 377

OPPY Bennet s/o Thomas and Temperance Oppy, Tresorvean in Gwennap, Miner, 23rd Nov 1817 no 382

JOHNS Mary Ann d/o Nicholas and Elizabeth Johns, Trebowling in Gwennap 22nd Jan 1818 no 391

 KNUCKY Mary d/o Richard and Susanna Knucky, Merry Meeting in Gwennap, Miner, 7th June 1818 no 412

 SPARGO Catharine d/o Stephen and Elizabeth Spargo , Gilly ion Gwennap Miner, 18th July 1818 no 417

 ODGERS James s/o Matthew and Philippa Odgers, Trewurgy in Gwennap, Miner, 14th July 1818 no 427

 Oppy Jane d/o William and Mary Oppy, Carvenar in Gwennap Husbandman, 11 Oct 1818 no 449

DUNSTAN James s/o John and Elizabeth Dunstan, Trebowling in Gwennap Miner 25th Oct 1818 no 450

 ODGER Julian d/o Jacob and Elizabeth Odger, Crowgey in Gwennap Farmer 18th Dec 1818 no 463

MURTON George s/o George and Susanna Murton, Gilly in Gwennap Miner 3rd Feb 1819 no 473

SPARGO James Martin, s/o Thomas and Ann Spargo, Gilly in Gwennap, Miner, 3 rd Feb 1819 no 474

SPARGO Johanna d/o Peter and Johanna Spargo, Carnmarth in Gwennap, Miner 16th may 1819

CROWGEY Catharine d/o Henry and Maria Crowgey, Gwennap, Miner 15th july 1819 no 508

 DUNSTAN Thomas s/o Colan and Ann Dunstan, Gwennap, Miner, 12th Sept 1819 no 512

ROBERTS Elizabeth Ann d/o Matthew and Avis Roberts, Gwennap 12 Sept 1819 no 515

 DUNSTAN Thomas s/o Thomas and Ann Dunstan, Crowgey in Gwennap, husbandman, 26th Sept 1819 no 520

BREY Betsey Jenkin base d/o Betsey, Gwennap 26th sept 1819 no 521

CRAES William s/o Thomas and Jane Craes, Trellin in Gwennap Husbandman 24th Oct 1819 no 526

 SPARGO Thomas s/o Thomas and Ann Spargo, Gwennap, Miner 10th May 1820 no 565

MARTIN Jonathan s/o James and Catharine Martin, Tredeag in Gwennap, husbandman, 8th July 1820 no 580

 DUNSTAN Mary d/o John and Elizabeth Dunstan, Gwennap, Miner 17th sept 1820 no 591

ODGER Thomas s/o William and Mary Odger, Gwennap, Husbandman 15th Oct 1820 no 599

MAGOR Thomas Michell s/o William and Mary Magor, Kea miner 17th Oct 1820 No 601

 CRAES Jane d/o Thomas and Jane Craes, Gwennap, Husbandman, 12 Nov 1820 no 609

 COLLINS Willima s/o Peter and Ann Collins, Gwennap, Miner, !st april 1821 no 638

HANCOCK Elizabeth d/o Peter and Christian Hancock, ST Day , Glazier 29th April 1821 No 651


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