Gwennap people baptised in Redruth & St Day


FRANCIS James Williams (no date) 1817 Redruth    s/o William and Mary Francis     Gwennap     Miner.

DENNIS Mary Rodgers      27 April 1817  Redruth   d/o Francis and Mary Dennis       Gwennap     Blacksmith.

MORCOM John                  27 May 1817   Redruth  s/o John and Mary Morcom          Gwennap     Miner

GIDLEY Mary                     08 June 1817   Redruth  d/o John and Mary Gidley            Gwennap     Labourer

LANCE Mary                      20 Jul    1817   Redruth  d/o John and Catherine Lance       Kenwyn        Miner

ROSCROW Thomas           27 Nov  1817   Redruth  s/o Joseph and Grace Roscrow      Gwennap     Miner

NICHOLAS Mary               05 Dec  1817    Redruth  d/o Jeremiah and Jane Nicholas    Kenwyn      Miner

PARNELL Maria                05 De c 1817    Redruth  d/o James and Sarah Parnell.         Kea             Miner

NICHOLAS  Johanna         05 Dec 1817     Redruth   d/o Collan and Ann Nicholas.          Kea            Miner

NICHOLAS  James             05 Dec 1817    Redruth  s/o Collan and Ann Nicholas             Kea             Miner.

ROWE John                        17 Jan 1818      Redruth   s/o William and Grace Rowe           Gwennap     Miner


      NINNIS Susan                     24-May 1833   St. Day    d/o  William & Susan of  Redruth Highway    Miner

      NINNIS Elizabeth               16 Feb  1835    Redruth   d/o  William & Susan

      NINNIS William Henry      08 Jun   1836    Redruth   s/o  William & Susan


      A brother of the above children was baptised Gwennap Circuit, Wesleyan Chapel, Carharrack

      NINNIS Thomas Tyack     12-Jan 1842  age: 3ys    s/o  William & Susan of  Carharrack









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