Gwennap Parish Links


Cornish Miners in Latin America  

Gwennap Mines   http://www.cornish-mining.org.uk/areas-places-activities/gwennap-kennall-vale-and-perran-foundry 

Gwennap Parish    http://www.gwennap-parish.net/

Gwennap Pit

Gwennap, St Day & Lanner Historic Churchyards   http://www.gwennap-parish.net/historic_churchyards.html

Gwennap-Camborne Research Group in Australia       http://www.cornishvic.org.au/camb.html  

Hicks Mill Bible Christian Chapel    http://penryncornwall.com/bible_christians_in_penryn.htm

Holy Wells [Megalithic Portal]

Poor Law and Workhouses   http://www.workhouses.org.uk/records/plu.shtml

Burncoose Nurseries  & places to stay nearby

Traditions of Tinners


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