Gwennap Burials  1741 - 1745


Transcribed by by Helen Webster


WATS, Catharine wife of Cullan      March 26th

BRAY, James s. James   April 13th

HENSLEY, Richard April 19th

HARRIS, Elizabeth May 6th

TREWARTHA, William s. William   May 6th

RICHARDS, Hercules May 18th

NICHOLLS, Charles  May 19th

LANION, Nathaniel of Kenwyn (‘Lanyon’   W. Kenwyn) June 3rd

MICHELL, Grace    June 14th

CORNISH, Elizabeth July 13th

KNEEBONE, Ann   July 13th

MEANNESS, Jane of Kenwyn   July 17th

KNOWELL, Margaret July 18th

LANION, Nathaniel of Kenwyn  (see Will entry above)    July 22nd

BAWDEN, Mark   (W. 1742)      July 28th

CORNELIUS, Margery       August 8th

THOMAS, John   August 25th

DENNIS, Ann of Kenwyn    August 27th

PHILIPS, Margaret   September 8th

PENLURICK, Ann   September 19th

JOSE, John s. Richard   September 19th

ROBERTS, Philipa   September 25th

STAPLE, Jane October 2nd

ROBERTS, James     October 3rd

PIERCE, Blanch     October 4th

ROBERTS, John October 9th

PASCOE, Elizabeth  October 13th

HARRIS, Samuel   October 21st

BAWDEN, Ann November 3rd

MITCHELL, Mary November 5th

1741 Continued.

PIERCE, Blanch     October 4th

ROBERTS, John October 9th

PASCOE, Elizabeth  October 13th

HARRIS, Samuel   October 21st

BAWDEN, Ann  October 29th

MITCHELL, Mary November 3rd

HARVEY, Catharine November 5th

KELLA, Patience     November 13th

LEAN, Susanna     November 15th

MITCHELL, Merriam     November 15th

RICHARDS, Edward     November 19th

URYN, William*****     November 21st

COTTY, George of Kenwyn     November 24th

CURNOE, John     November 25th

URYN, William******     November 30th

FORD, John December 4th

PERRYMAN, Peter December 7th

PENROSE, Richard    December 26th

WILLIAMS, John *   January 10th

FRANCES, Mary January 10th

SYMONS, Anne January 10th

HOLMAN, Anne January 31st

GOLDZEY, Dorothy **  February 2nd

TREGALGAS, Richd.   February 9th

WHITFORD, Mary February 26th

HALES, Arthur  March 7th

BURTON, Anne of Kenwyn        March 8th

WHITFORD, Robt.   March 12th

TREWARTHA, Anne      March 21st

TREGONING, Gabriel March 24th

1741 – Explanations.

* From this entry a different scribe.

**     The letter ‘r’ was omitted.  The surname should be ‘Goldsery’.

*****   These are both listed as William Uryn  (HW’s remarks).

MADREN, Francis.              W. 1741

MICHELL, Scippio                 A. 1741

HUGOE, Charles of Gwennap buried 4th February 1741 at St. Buryan.


NICOLLS, William March 27th

HARRIS, Anne      April 10th

FORD, Thomas April 10th

HARVY, Margery of Kenwyn April 12th

JAMES, ----------***     April 14th

JANE, James        April 19th

BRAY, John        April 19th

GRIBBLE, Elizabeth April 23rd

SAUNDRY, Richard April 24th

NICOLLS, Christian April 24th

WASTLEY, William  April 28th

HAMBLY, Eleanor April 28th

GARLAND, Elizabeth May 1st

WILLIAMS, Mary   May 4th

SKINNER, Richard  May 8th

EDWARDS, Christabele           May 9th

HARRIS, Faith   May 9th

CURNO, John May 18th

JAMES, William  June 5th

RABSY, Margaret of Kenwyn June 6th

SANDA, Emblyn of Kenwyn June 30th

CORNISH, Anthony   July 4th

EASTMAN, Richard   July 7th

MAY, James          July 15th

PHILLIPS, Mary July 15th

BARRATT, Phillippa July 24th

HOLMAN, Blanch August 1st

GOULSZEY, Anthony * (Mis-spelling of ‘Golzery’)       August 3rd

WILLIAMS, Margery       August 9th

TREGONING, Joan  August 11th

LEANE, Anne  August 15th

PAYNTER, Mary  August 21st

CURNO, Martha   September 1st

TREGASCUS, Phillip   September 3rd

TREGURTHA, Christopher   September 18th

HUGO, John   September 25th

REYNOLDS, Jinifer   September 29th

KELLO, Anne     October 3rd

BAWDEN, Elisabeth     October 3rd

THOMAS, John October 16th

JOSE, Anne  October 16th

SYMONS, Frances  (A.)  October 23rd

MOYLE, Mary  October 26th

PEARCE, Jane October 27th

BAWDEN, Alice October 28th

THOMAS, Mary     November 2nd

SANDOE, Joan November 3rd

COFFLIN, Anthony November 6th

BRAY, Trevenna November 7th

SANDA, Hannah     November 14th

JEFFREY, Mark   (W. 1743)     November 16th

DINNIS, Robt.     November 22nd

SANDA, John     November 23rd

DINNIS, Catharine     November 25th

SKEWS, Philippa     November 28th

OLIVER, John     November 29th

MORCOMB, Jane December 8th

WILLIAMS, Sarah    December 11th

TREWEEK, Christopher    December 11th

SANDA, Bennett    December 12th

MITCHELE, John    December 17th

FURSE, Peter         December 17th

ROSEROW, Richard   (W. 1743)    December 18th

MITCHELE, Frances    December 22nd

MOYLE, Mary    December 24th

RULE, Sarah    December 26th

JENNIS, Margaret  **  (A mis-spelling for ‘Jennings’)    December 28th

CLEMMA, Jinifer    December 28th

TREWEEK, Anne    December 28th

LULEY, Anne    December 29th

SANDA, John    December 30th

WHITFORD, Mary January 1st

FRANCIS, Ricd. January 4th

CURNO, Anne January 6th

jjory?, John  (X)     (Or ‘fferis’?)     January 7th

ROBERTS, Sydwele     January 9th

MITCHELL, Eliz:  January 19th

CURTIS, Anne January 23rd

MITCHELE, Mary January 30th

SPARGO, Jane February 3rd

HARVEY, Martyn February 12th

JOB, Elizabeth February 13th

OLIVER, Michael February 14th

TREBILCOCK, Joan   (A. 1743) February 27th

REYNOLDS, Elizabeth     March 17th

PASCOE, Ursula  *      March 25th

               Robt. Carthew vicr.

* Duplicated entry – the first entry in 1743, the surname is spelt with the letter ‘c’ omitted. 

TRELEASE, Richard  W. 1742


PASCOE, Ursula  (see note of 1742)      March 25th

TREGASCUS, Mary March 27th

REYNOLDS, Phillip  (W.)      March 31st

TREWEEK, Alice  April 1st

FRANCIS, senr, Philip           April 4th

TREGASCUS, Christopher s. Christopher           April 4th

HARVEY, James of Kenwyn April 6th

MICHELL, senr, Charles **(two word written after this entry then crossed out) April 18th.

GOLDSWORTHY, Ralph        April 18th

MORCUMB, Constance wife of Ambrose April 18th

KELLY, Elisabeth        April 19th

TELLAM, Silence wife of Francis         April 21st

MORCUM, Henry s. Henry May 4th

GOLDSWORTHY, Elisabeth d. Edmund May 6th

WHITBURN, Philipa d. Willm  May 8th

GOLDSWORTHY, Parnell wife of Collan         May 13th

GOLDSWORTHY, Rebecca wid.         May 20th

KNEEBONE, Margory wid.        May 22nd

CORNO, Peter s. Peter            May 26th

MORCOMB, Daniel s. Ambrose          June 4th

QUICK, Francis  (A.)          June 6th

BLACKLER, Richard  (A.)          June 6th

THOMAS, Ann d. John          June 7th

SYMONDS, Joseph  June 8th

GOLDSWORTHY, Mary of Redruth June 28th

JAMES, Susanna wife of Peter. June 30th

KENT, Catharine wife of Richard   July 5th

MORCOMB, Joan d. John            July 8th

PASCOE, Mary d. Bennet    July 9th

BUCKINGHAM, Ann wid.            July 9th

KNANAVE, Elisabeth wid.   July 14th

PENROSE, William s. William    July 19th

GOLDSWORTHY, Scipio of Redruth          July 20th

BENNET, George s. George & Elisabeth July 26th

MAY, Francis of Key   (A.Kea)       August 1st

PENROSE, William    August 15th

POUNDING, Catharine wife of Tristrum    August 23rd

ROBERTS, Richard   (A. 1744)   September 5th

NICOLLS, Michael s. George & Ann  October 7th

MORCOM, William  October 20th

MORCOM, Mary wife of Willm October 20th

MORCOM, Mary wife of Henry October 23rd

SKINNER,John     October 24th

BICE, Thomas  (A.)  October 28th

SAMPSON, Richd. November 3rd

ALLEN, John  (A.) November 4th

TREWARTHA, Mary d. William     November 14th

TOM, Philip  (A.)     November 21st

URIN, Martha     November 24th

HITCHINGS, James December 3rd

SPRAGE, John s. John December 5th

WILLIAMS, Thos. Of St. Day *    December 12th

STRODDON, Jane of Kenwyn    December 23rd

JAMES, John of Kenwyn     January 3rd

LEAN, Joan d. Anthony     January 3rd

GRIGOR, Thos. January 8th

VEAL, John s. William   January 10th

PENNEY, John January 14th

JEFFEREY, John  (A.)   January 15th

PAUL, Nicolas s. Nicolas   January 21st

WILLIAMS, Richard  (A. 1744) January 25th

WILLIAMS, Georg. Of Breag   January 28th

SAMPSON, William   January 29th

SAMPSON, Mary February 1st

KENT, Alice   February 3rd

JAMES, William   February 8th

AXFORD, Elisabeth February 10th

MANLEY, Thos.  **( ‘H.Philipps vicr. Signed against this entry) February 11th

WHITFORD, Richard s. Richard        March 1st

BRAY, Elenor        March 3rd

KINSMAN, Jenefer March 3rd

KELLA, James March 6th

NICOLS, Thomas  (W. 1744)  March 12th

HIGGO, Joanna March 12th

QUICK, Mary d. Wm. March 16th

KELLA, Joel      March 19th

HARRIS, Honour March 20th

Illegible entry.  Completey faded ***

Illegible entry.  Completey faded ***

     + Burr ____$* +      +

Margaret J  _____$*      March 27th

* From this entry a different scribe.

***  In the Bishop’s Transcripts the previous entry is the last copied.

$+   Partly illegible

+      Illegible.

KNEEBONE, Thomas  A. 1743 (a burial in 1726.  His wife buried 1743).

BLATCHER, Richard   W. 1743  (alternative name for ‘Blackler’ see the 1743 burial entry.

TREBILCOCK, Nicholas    A.  1743.


JEFFEREY,  Margaret      March 27th

STODDON (Stodden), Samuel of Kenwyn  (W. Kenwyn)     31

WATTS, William  April 13th

TERREL. Elizabeth d. Edward      14

ROOP, Elizabeth   17

POUNDING, Catherine d. Tristrum     18

CORNISH, John  (W.)           May 11

TREGEA, Thomas of St. Agnes        30

RICHARDS, Blanch d. Walter June 3

STEPHENS, Sarah   widow           8

FRANCIS, John Senr. 12

WILLIAMS, Martha       13

WATTS, Colan Junr 22

ROCH, Ellias of Kenwyn  22

MORCOMB, Mark           27

TRELEARTH, Jane         30

JOB, Ann d. Rignaldus July 2

HART, Sarah wife of John 6

PENGILLEY, Grace of Perranallwithell                10

HALLS, Richard  (A.)                   10

HARRIS, John s. William       11

NORTHY, John of Kenwyn      15

STEPHENS, Jane wife of Francis      18

TREGILLIAS, Elisabeth d. Henry         25

BRAY, John                   29

KISSELL, Mary d. Laurence         August 1

BARRET, Elisabeth wife of James *                    2

SPARGO, Jane of Kenwyn        3

GUY, Thomas                   12

MAY, Mary of Kenwyn      22

BLACKLER, Alice September 4

OPPY, Philippa of Kenwyn        6

NORTHY, John (William) of Kenwyn      14

Henry Philips vicr.

PERMAN, Mary d. Benjamin       October 6

TEOCK (Tyack), Ann d Thomas of Kenwyn      10

RULE, Mary d. John       11

SYMONDS (Symmons), Abraham   14

WASLEY, Elisabeth (Elizabeth) 21

CORNOE, Susanna    27

SPARGO, Philip of Kenwyn      31

PHILIPS, Catherine d. James ** November 13

PERRA, Martha wife of Anthony ***                   15

HANCOCK, Mary d. William       19

HAMBLEY (Hamley), John  December 8

RICHARDS, Elizabeth   16

TREWARTHA, Mr. William s. William   18

JOB, Nicholas    19

PAFFET, Elizabeth of Kenwyn       January 1

SANDRY (Saundry), Tabitha         1

GILBERT, Richard      13

TOMKIN, Richard      16

HARRIS, Thomas     22

TRELEASE, Grace wife of Richard ****                   27

STODDEN, Elizabeth of Kenwyn   February 13

JOHNS, Elizabeth   19

COTTEY, John of Kenwyn      20

BLACKLER, Richard junr.                   27

SMITH, Catherine widow March 3

WASLEY, Martyn        14

FRANCIS, Philip          14

H. Philipps vicr

*              Just ‘Elizabeth Barrett’ entered in the Bishop’s Transcripts.

**             Just ‘Catherine Philips’ entered in the Bishop’s Transcripts.

***                        Just ‘Martha Perra’ entered in the Bishop’s Transcripts.

****                        Just ‘Grace Trelease’ entered in the Bishop’s Transcripts.


SYMONDS, Joan    March 31

LILLY, Joseph April 3

NICOLLS, Mr Joan d. John                      6

BROWN, George s. Robert          7

BROWN, Nicholas s. Robert        12

GOLSERY, Collan        19

PENNINGTON, Christopher of Lezant    24

SKINNER, Ann             25

SYMONDS, William   May 16

GOOD, William s. John           30

BARNET, Catherine d. Anthony June 8

POUNDING, Tristrum     14

ALLEN, Mary                   14

GROSE, Philippa of Kenwyn      17

BILLING, Pierce        21

RICHRDS, Cordelia of Kenwyn      22

BRAY, John                   28

COCKING, Mary d. John                   29

BLAMEY,John s. Daniel              July 7

STAPELL, Richard of Kenwyn      11

JEFFEREY, Elizabeth d. Richard      11

BERRAMAN, Jane of Kenwyn      13

MITCHEL, Susannah (Susanna)  30

JAMES, William s. Richard      August 15

BRAY, Martyn                   24

BEAUCHAMP, Esq (Mr), Frank d. Francis      26

GOLDSWORTHY, Elizabeth September 3

HARRY, Joan                   28

JAMES, Mary       October 4

BRAY, Alexander    9

BOLITHA, Hugh          15

HARRY, Frances  d. James **    October 26

CURTIS, James     (Courtis, W.)                   26

YOUREN, Francis      26

HALL, Alice d. John   November 3

MAY, Mary 10

TOMKIN, Elizabeth   21

HARRIS, Jemima     23

JAMES, Mary  December 6

SYMONDS, John           10

PRUST, Catherine     January 16

MARTYN, William       17

WASLEY, John           22

BRAY, Catherine  23

WHITFORD, Mark s. John                   26

MITCHEL, Arthur   (W. 1746) January 31

TREWEEK, William s. William     February 2

OATS, Nicholas       9

WILLIAMS, Tamar        15

YOUREN, Elizabeth   19

BLAMEY, Thomas          March 7

BURTON, Ann of Kenwyn      10

KNAVA, John s. Richard & Margaret    11

KNAVA, Joyce         17

MITCHEL, Jane d. John & Ann         18

CORNISH, Philip s. Philip & Mary                   19

CORNISH, William       22

H: Philipps vicr.

**   ‘Jan’ is written before ‘Frances’ and partly erased.



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