Gwennap Burials  1736 - 1740

Transcribed by Helen Webster

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

W L BAWDEN – TRANSCRIPTS – Film No: 1471786 (LDS)

Pages 215,216,217,218 & part 219



LAPAN, John s. Richard of Kea   April 4th

MORCOM, Henry s. Henry April 5th

RICHARDS, Ann wid. April 15th

JEFFERY, Henry of Kenwin  April 28th

REYNOLDS, Elizabeath wid. Of Kea        April 29th

BILLING, Joan d. John         May 13th

HITCHINS, Catharine wife of James         May 19th

SAMPSON, Mary d. Edmund Mary 26th

TIDDY, William s. Richard of Perran Arworthel        June 12th

LEAN, Mary wid.     July 5th

POLZEW, Elizabeth wife of John    July 13th

STODDON, John of Kenwy***       August 7th

GOULLZERY Thomas       August 7th

WASLEY, Dorothy wife of Martin of Kenwin     August last

STANTON, John s. John   September 21st

MATHEW, Joanna wife of William, sojourner   September 28th

SPARGOR, John of Kenwin     October 5th

GREGOR, Joan wife of John October 8th

HARVEY, James of Kenwin  October 13th

LEAN, Jane d. Christopher  October 16th

WALTERS, Anthony s. Richard of Ken: November 3rd

REED, John November 4th

GREGOR Mary d. John November 7th

PERIAM, Judith wife of Peter     November 16th

KELLYE, Thomas s. Henry     November 29th

MAGOR, George December 7th

HARRIS, gent, Stephen    December 10th

ROBERTS, James    December 12th

JANE, Richard s. James    December 13th

HARVY, Barbara wife of George of St. Agnes    December 13th

LEAN, Ursula wife of Edmund    December 16th

MAY, John s. John    December 20th

ROBERTS, John of Kenwin    December 22nd

ROBERTS, Margaret, his wid.    December 26th

BARRET, Jane wid.   (W.1739)     January 8th

LEKLER, Barbara wife of William, sojourner   January 11th

HAMLY, Elizabeth d. Thomas   January 18th

WILLIAMS, Marjery wid.  January 22nd

NORTHEE, John of Kenwin   January 24th

HITCHINGS, James    January 26th

LONG, Mary wife of Hugh    February 1st

PARRO, Jane wife of Cullan February 13th

MERCER, Elizabeth d. John February 15th

TREWARTHA, Mr, Ann d. William February 27th

BAWDEN, Mary d. Lambert       February last?

BISE, Joan wid. March 2nd

RABY, Thomas s. Thomas of Kenwin March 3rd

HIGGINS, William s. Enneder        March 6th

DOTSON, Phebe wid. Of Kenwin        March 6th

SAUNDRY, Daniel March 8th

POUNDING, Catharine d. Traistram        March 8th

PERROW, Anthony s. Antho: March 10th

BILLING, John s. John of Kenwin      March 11th

MEAN, Joan widow March 13th

JAMES, Honnor wid.      March 14th

WILLIAMS, Elianor wid.      March 15th

***   From this entry a different scribe.  Also the final letter for ‘Kenwyn’is omitted in the original register, but it is spelt correctly in the Bishop’s Transcripts.

‘Richard MANUEL, Gwennap,  W.1736.’  No burial entry.


WASLEY, junr, Ann d. William (Wm)      March 27th

GOLZERY, Martha d. Thom: deceased      March 29th

GOLZERY, Alice d. Ralph           April 1st

BROWN, John s. Robert   April 11th

ROBERTS (Robets), Prudence d. John deceased of Kenwin (Kenwyn)  April 18th

EDWARDS, Ann d. John        April 20th

TREBILCOCK, Janefer        April 24th

BRAY, Susanna d. Charles April 27th

THOMAS alias COOK, John April last (30th)

JOB, Elizabeth d. John May 15th

GOLDSERY, (Golzerie), Mary wife of Edward (Edmund)         May 18th

THOMAS, Elizabeth late of Wendron May last (31st)

GRAY Mary d. James          June 2nd

LEAN, junr, Ann d. William (Will:)          June 3rd

NORTHEE (Northa), James s. Richard of Kenwin  June 12th

JEFFERY, junr, Elizabeth wife of Ricahrd June 27th

EASTMAN, Marjery (Magrey) wid.        June 27th

STEPHENS, Henry s. William (Will)*             July 1st

MORCOM, Richard s. Digery *  July 1st

RABY, Robert (Robet)   July 5th

ROSKROW, John  July 26th

HITCHENS, Hitchen (Hitching)       August 7th

VIVIAN, junr, John of St. Agnes August 11th

WILLIAMS, Thomas s. Thomas    August 18th

MOYLE (Moyl), Thomas s. Hugh (of Kenwyn)**    August 23rd

SYMONS, Richard    August 28th

BROWN, Joyce wife of John   September 10th

HARRY, John   September 16th

REED, John *** September 16th

PHILIPS, Thomasine d. James   September 19th

BENNET (Bennats), Thomas   September 25th

HUGOE, Rachel   September 25th

DENNIS, Mary of Kenwin wid.   September 26th

BRAY, Honnor (Honour) d. John & Katharine October 14th (4th)

KENT, William (Will.)  October (4th)

MANUEL (Maniuell), Ambrose of Kenwin  October (5th)

FRANCIS (Frances), Grace  October 15th

MAGOR, John s. Thomas of Perran   $* November 4th

MORCOM, John     November 10th

BREWER, William (Will) of Redruth  (W.Redruth 1738)     November 13th

JAMES, Elizabeth (Eliz.) wife of William     November 24th

JOHN, Sarah  $** December 3rd

BISHOP, Mr James, Vicar of Gwennap  (W.)  (X) December 6th

HARVEY, Martha (of**) Kenwyn (Kenwen) December 7th

MORCOM, Grace     November 28th

ROCH, Grace    December 12th

CURTIS, Margaret (Margreat)    December 22nd

JEFFERY, Thomas    December 24th

RULE, Ury    December 27th

RICHARDS, Mary d. Anth:  (Anthony)   January 14th

MORCOM, Catharine (Cathrine) d. William   January 23rd

VIVIAN, Richd.  (Richard) of Kenwyn (Kenwen)   February 4th

BRAY, Grace   February 7th

JEFFREYS, (Jeffry), Elias s. Elias February (7th)

TREGONNING, (Tregoning), Grace d. Hugh   February 8th

EADY, Catharine (Cathrine) wife of John   February 9th

BAWDEN, Thos. (Thomas) s. Lambert February 13th

POUNDING, Thomas s. Tristram February 13th

BRAY, John February 17th

NICHOLS, Richard s. Abraham February 27th

BARRETT, Grace wife of Richard February 28th

DENNIS, Richard s. Francis (Frances)        March 3rd

PAUL, Anne (Ann) d. Nicolas March 5th

PERRIMAN, Paul & Peter s.’s of Benj:        March 6th

RICKERD, Thomas s. Thomas        March 6th

LOCKIER (Mr **), John, Exiseman of this Parish (W.1738 PCC)        March 7th

PERRIMAN, Mary d. Benja: March 10th

Contined by me Malachy Pyne

KNAVA, Elizabeth d. Richard      March 12th

MARTIN (Martyn), John    March 13th

TREGONNING (Tregoning), Elizabeth d. Nicholas (Nickolas)      March 13th

MITCHEL (Mitchell), Joan (wid.**)      March 15th

GOUGE, John s. John     March 23rd.

(7th)    The date is left blank in the original register, but the ‘7th’ is entered in the Bishop’s transcripts.

*      These two entries are reversed in the Bishop’s transcripts.

**      This additional information is not in the original register.

***   With this entry double columns to the page finish, and the entries were written right across the page.

$*    An abbreviation for the parish of Perran-ar-worthal.

$**   From this entry a different scribe.

(X)        Will deposited in the Principal Registry, Exeter.   Destroyed by bombing during the Second World War.

‘Alexander SKEWES, Gwennap’.   A.  1736’.   No burial entry.



BURCHER, Margery (Magrey)      March 26th

QUICK, Elizabeth (Eliz) d. James March 31st

WHITFORD, John s. John          April 2nd

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth (Eliz.) of Kenwin (Kenwyn) April 2nd

MANLY (Manley), Ann d. William        April 14th

BEAUCHAMP, Mrs, Ursula    April 22nd

BRAY, William s. Alexander        April 25th

NOELL, Elizabeth (Eliz) d. Henry        April 28th

B.     URIN (Uryn), Elizabeth (Eliz) d. Elizabeth May 4th

(the “B” is printed outside the column. WLB did not add an explanation as to what this means)

MAGOR, Thomas  May 6th

BLAMY (Blamey), Joan d. John           May 8th

MOYLE, (Moyl) Richard s. Richard of Kenwyn (Kenwin) May 12th

JOSE, Ann d. Richard  May 15th

MAY, Margaret (Margrett) d. John May 16th

SMITH, James    May 17th

MAY, Elizabeth (Eliz) d. John         May 18th

LEAN, William            (W.)  May 23rd

HARRIS, Christopher         May 23rd

TOM, John s. Philip June 4th

TOM, Catharine (Cathrine) wife of Philip (Phillip)  June 14th

BRAY, Elizabeth wife of John  June 24th (21st)

(BRAY, Mary d. John **       June 24th)

BAWDEN, Jane      June 29th

THOMAS, George   July 3rd

WASLEY Thomas s. Charles   July 4th

LEACH, Constance d. George (Gorge)   July 12th

BRAY, Elizabeth (Eliz) d. John          July 26th

HALLS, Mary (wife of Richard)(+)          July 29th

KNEEBONE (Knebone), Elizabeth       August 6th

BAWDEN, Lambret (Lambrett)       August 8th

NOEL, Diggery (Digrey)    August 14th

PENLURICK, Francis (Frances)    August 19th

SAMPSON, Francis (Frances)    August 22nd

DAVIE (Davy), James   September 14th

SIMS, William (Simes, Williams)   September 17th

FRANCIS, Blanch (wife of Edmound Frances)(#)   September 22nd

DENNIS, Mary of Kenwyn   September 27th

JEFFREY (Jeffry), Richard s. John October 6th

REYNELL (Ranals), Elizabeth     October 8th

BROWN, Johan  October 11th

KENT, Mary  October 28th

TREGONNING (Tregoning), Richard     November 16th

TREGURTHA, Elizabeth of Kenwyn     November 17th

TREWEEK, John     November 21st

SPARGO, Philip of Kenwyn December 7th

SKINNER, Mary d. Martyn December 9th

BAWDEN, Elizabeth d. John    December 18th

SKEWES, Margaret (Margret)    December 23rd

NICHOLS (Nickolls), Mary    December 24th

BRAY, Mary wife of James   January 16th

PETERS (Petters), Nicholas (Nicklous)   January 19th

BILLING, Catharine (Cathrine) d. John January 30th

REYNELL (Reynalds), Catharine (Cathrine) d. Philip (Phillip) February 2nd

WILLIAMS, Sipio (Sipiou)   February 3rd

BRAY, Dorothy (Dorothy) February 10th

WASLEY, William s. William February 10th

HOLMAN, Elizabeth (Eliz) February 15th

SAMPSON, John    March 5th

PHILIPS, (Phillips), Diana wife of John    March 12th

TRESWELL, Ann     March 16th

LETCHER (Leacher), Elizabeth d. William of St. Agnes (Agnus). March 21st

WATERS (Watters), Elizabeth (Eliz) d. Richard     March 24th.


**         This additional information is not entered in the original register. Nor the entry so marked.

(#)       This additional information is not entered in the original register.



TRENGROVE, John s. Jacob of Kenwyn April 4th

JOSE, William           (W.) April 10th

PHILLIPS Anthony April 14th

TREGURTHA, John     April 16th

KITTO, Mary        April 17th

HIGGO, Ann        April 27th

TRELEATH, James   April 30th

BURCHER, James    May 4th

WASLEY, Catharine          May 21st

JAMES, Mary of Kenwyn          June 5th

HARVEY, Elizabeth of Kenwyn June 20th

BARRET, Richard June 28th

PHILLIPS, Mary d. John          July ---?

BROWN, Thomas       August 7th

MOYLE, Mark   (W.1740)    August 18th

SPARGOE, John of Key    August 18th

JAMES, Margaret of Kenwyn    August 19th

DREW, Ann    August 23rd

TREWARTHA, William   September 13th

POLZEW, John   September 18th

TRUREN, Jane   September 18th

MOYLE, Martha   September 19th

CORNISH, Richard   September 23rd

BURTON, Margaret of Kenwyn   September 25th

OLIVER, Philippa of Kenwyn     October 1st

MORCOMB, Luce October 3rd

THOMAS, Daniel  October 11th

TREGURTHA, Jenefer  October 21st

STAUNTON, Grace    December 10th

ROBERTS, Joan    December 16th

RICHARDS, Christopher    December 26th

TOM, Phillip           (W. 1740)   January 16th

MAGER, Ann  January 16th

FRANCIS, Blanch d. Martyn   January 17th

HOLMAN, Ann February 2nd

KENT, Thomas s. Michael   February 6th

WHITFORD, Richard   (W. 1740) February 10th

BRAY, John of Key       (W. Kea 1740) February 12th

RAIL, Ann February 14th

TEOCK *, Agns February 15th

THOMAS, Stephen February 17th

BLACKLER, Mary February 17th

MORCOMB, Thomas February 22nd

JOB, Milliar February 22nd

BAWDEN, John    March 3rd

SYMONS, James March 3rd

PENBERTHA, Henry        March 5th

BLAKE, Christopher      March 16th

OATS, Mark     March 24th.

*     A mis-spelling for “Tyack?”.

“ Richard ROSEWARNE, Gwennap, A. 1739’

‘ William JAMES, Gwennap, A. 1739’.  No burial entries.




MAGER, James March 30th

ROCH, Ann of Kenwyn        April 14th

RAIL, William        April 15th

FORD, Richard April 23rd

THOMAS, George  April 24th

PIERCE, Mary      April 27th

BEAUCHAMP, Ellan d. Francis   May 3rd

JANE, Jane d. James May 3rd

VYVYAN, Dorcas   May 18th

EICHARDS, Elizabeth d. Nicholas May 18th

TRESWELL, William s. William   May 21st

BROWN, Thomas  May 23rd

JOHNS, Thomas s. John      June 15th

RULE, Charles s. Charles June 15th

HALSE, Joseph s. John      June 19th

OXFORD, Patience June 24th

COFFLIN, Mary wife of Anthony   July 5th

DENNIS, Joseph s. John of Kenwyn   July 7th

ROBERTS, Elizabeth wife of Edmond          July 19th

GROVES, Elizabeth of Kenwyn   July 25th

STANTON, Ann August 1st

TREGONNING, William       August 4th

SPARNEL *, Christopher*       August 9th

NICHOLLS, Richard s. Abraham of Kenwyn    August 18th

PAINTER, John s. Francis   September 12th

KENT, Ann d. James   September 13th

SPARNEL *, Wilmot*   September 19th

MARTYN, John October 2nd

ROBERTS, Reginale s. Edward   October 21st

JAMES, Joseph & Mary s & d of William of Kenwyn  October 23rd

TREWARTHA, Sabastian     November 27th

CORNISH, Joan d. Phillip    December 13th

POLKINHORN, Elizabeth    December 21st

HARRIS, Elizabeth d. John January 4th

URIN, Blanch   January 15th

TREWARTHA, Cullan          (W.)  January 19th

DAVY, Mary    January 23rd

STANTON, Thomas s. John February 2nd

BRAY, ANN  February 2nd

THOMAS, Joan February 18th

JEFFERY, John    March 19th

STEPHENS, Ann     March 24th

**       These two entries are man & wife.  Their correct surname was “PARNEL”.  This was a contemporary error.

The following Wills & Bonds of Administration have no burial entries for the people concerned in the Gwennap Registers.

BUE, Thomas       A.  1740   (Two Thomas BROWN burials (1)  1739   (2)  1740.

RALPH, Joseph      A. 1740



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