Gwennap Burials  1726 - 1730

Transcribed by Helen Webster

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TYRREL, Marjory d. Edward        March 26

BENNET, Mary wife of Mark  April 01

MANUEL, Richard        (W.)    May 01

SAMPSON, Catherine d/o William   [Willm] May 07

REED, Ann, wife of John               May 22

TRUTHAL, James    May 25

MORRICE, Richard June 01

JENNINGS, Thomas June 19

BLAMEY, Thomasin, wife of Thomas June 19

JEFFFERY, Thomas June 20

BURCHER, Jnr, Joan, wife of Scipio          June 21

HOOPER, Frances, wife of George            June 29

BURTON, John of Kenwyn  * W            July 07

KENT, Ann d/o John  July 18

KNEEBONE, Thomas  July 22

THOMAS, Henry s. George      August 05

MORCOM, William               September 01

BRAY, Mary, wife of Anthony   September 02

DURF, Frances d/o Edward   September 03

WILLIAMS, Richard s/o Thomas   September 05

HIGGOE, Jnr, Rachel    October 09

JEFFERY, Thomas s/o John of Tolgulla  [Tolgullow]    October 21

TREWEEK, Digory s/o Thomas    October 26

PASCOE, Robert    October 29

REYNOLDS, Margaret: wid. November 06

BURCHER, Nicholas November 21

FRANCIS, Agns  [Agnes] d/o James November 23

OPEY, Thomas s/o William [Will:] of Kenwyn December 29

MAGOR, John January 17

SANDOE, Barbara d/o James of Kenwyn     January 20

TREGONNING, Grace wid.     January 21

REED, William s/o John February 11

PASCOE, Mary, wife of Richard        March 01

TREGURTHA, Christopher        March 01

RICHARDS, Rebecca wid.        March 05

ANEAR, [ANNEAR] Elizabeth d/o Richard        March 12

KENT, Prudence wife of James        March 17



Wills & Admons.

John BURTON                                                            Admon. Kenwyn 1727



SYMONS, Katharine: wid  March 27

WILLIAMS, Elizabeth d/o Scipio March 30

NICOLLS, Thomas s/o Thomas April 01

RICHARDS, Mary d/o Anthony April 06

PENALURICK, Florence d/o Francis of Kenwyn April 11

JEFFERY John s/o John of Tolgullow           April 14

LEAN, Christian d/o John of Stithians April 17

ODGERS, Mary d/o John  April 18

SYMONS, Jenifer d/o Abraham April 19

BALL, Margaret d/o Charles of Kenwyn  May 08

BRAY, Mary, wife of Peter              May 13

BRAY, Mary d/o Anthony           May 29

OPEY, James of Kenwyn June 05

AXFORD Elizabeth, wife of John          June 18

HOLMAN, Blanch d/o Nathaniel          June 23

JEFFERY, Joan: wid July 12

CORNISH, Ann. wife of William    July 13

STAPLE, Eleanor of Kenwyn   July 26

RICHARDS, Elizabeth wife of Francis         August 3

WILLIAMS, Scipio s/o Scipio August 06

BRAY, Stephen so Charles   September 21

RICHARDS, John   September 22

WILLIAMS, John October 05

MARTIN, Charity: wid    October 18

WILLIAMS, John of St. Day November 13

HARRY, Katharine: wid November 18

KENDAL, Christian December 11

KENT, Richard s/o James December 23

MORCOM, Mary, wife of John December 26

NICOLLS, Richard s/o Thomas December 27

PEN, Mary d/o William     January 02

PAINTER, Francis s/o George, deceased     January 03

MOYLE, Francis     January 07

LEAN, Florence: wid.  January 10

RALPH, Abraham     January 13

BISE, Thomas * W                   January 29

TREWARTHA, William  *W    January 30

JEFFERY, John February 13

BRAY, Rachel d. Anthony   February 13

YOURON, Jane d. Ambrose   February 17

FRANCIS, John February 27

TREWEEK, Thomas  * Ad.  March 01

PAINTER, George March 23

Wills & Admons.

Thomas   BISE  [BICE]                                                                   Will 1728

William    TREWARTHA,                                                                 Will 1731       

                                                                                                     [ d.b.n 1772]

Thomas   TREWEEK,                                                                  Admon.1728 

                                                                                                      [ d.b.n 1729]


CHEVERAL, Penelope: wid. March 28

SPARGOR, Elizabeth April 11

LISSON, Susanna d. James   April last

JEFFERY, Elias s/o Elias  May 04

BARNET, Katharine: wid.   June 15

LEAN, John          June 23

FRANCIS, John s/o James of Kenwyn   July last

BISHOP, Mr, Ambrose, s/o James, Vicar         August 9

TIDDY, Grace d/o Francis      August 13

HARRIS, alias PETERS, Eleanor d/o John   September 02

TREVEAL, Richard s/o Nicholas of Kenwyn   September 25

RICHARDS, Catharine, wife of Jasper of Kea  October 04

HARRIS, Elizabeth d/o Thomas    October 04

JAMES, alias JENKIN, Mary, wife of William    October 13

GOLZERY*, Mary d/o. Edward December 01

[note OPC - Goldsworthy]

SYMONS, Catharine d/o Richard December 02

GREGOR, Thomas s/o Thomas [Tho:] December 14

MORCOM, Jnr, John s/o John December 17

TYACK, William s/o Thomas December 28

HIGDON, Ann, wife of George     January 03

REED, Thomas s/o of John & his wife, Charity     January 05

SYMONS, Francis s/o Richard     January 10

BALL, William s/o Charles of Kenwyn     January 21

RICHARDS, Sarah   February 05

FRANCIS, Alice: wid.   February 06

BRAY, Francis   February 09

TREWEEK, George s/o Thomas, deceased.   February 28

JAMES, Elizabeth: wid. March 13

NOWEL, Catharine d/o Ishmael March 13

PARNEL, Christopher        March 14

STEPHENS, alias PYE, Ann wid.        March 14

SECOMB, Mary wife of Charles        March 15

FRANCIS, Martha wife of John March 22

MICHEL, Thomas              March 23

Wills & Admons.

Thomas MICHEL                                                                          Will 1729     

                                                                                             (A.  d.b.n. 1734


WASLEY, Jane, wife of Joseph March last

EASTMAN, Michael s/o John  April 01

RULE, John          April 07

HARRIS, Mr Henry April 11

SAUNDRY Barbara, wife of Daniel April 12

BISHOP, Mistress Elizabeth, wife of James, Vicar          April 20

SPARGOR, Nicholas of Kenwyn  May 09

ROBERTS, Hester, wife of Hugh  May 12

SPARGOR, Thomas s/o William   May 22

WILLIAMS, William s/o Scipio   June 11

SAMPSON, Richard June 16

SAMPSON, Mistress, Margaret, wife of Mark          June 18

FRANCIS, Grace: wid.          June 23

WILLIAMS, Anthony      August 04

ARCHER, Benjamin s/o Thomas ARCHER, gent   August 05

BAWDEN, Philippa, wife of Thomas      August 23

WILLIAMS, Charles s/o Solomon of Kenwyn   September 01

PASCOE, William s/o John   September 08

PENALURICK, Susanna   September 14

MAY, Alice, wife of Andrew    October 04

TREGONNING, Hercules, both of Kea             October 05

MAY, Andrew of Kea  * Admon    October 09

BURCHER, Francis d/o John October 19

JEFFERY, Jane: wid.    October 21

NICHOLS, Ann d/o Thomas November 08

FRANCIS, Elizabeth d/o Anthony November 19

SYMONS, Thomas s/o Ambrose November 21

SAUNDRY, Barbara d/o Daniel November 28

BURCHER, Scipio December 09

SYMONS, Susanna wife of John December 09

NORTHEE, Margaret, wife of John of Kenwyn December 12

HAUTON, Hercules December 21

LAWRENCE, Mary: wid December 25

BEAUCHAMP, Esquire, William  *W     January 06

MAGOR, George s. William     January 07

BRAY, Richard s. Richard     January 19

ROBERTS, Hugh s/o John of Kenwyn     January 21

SAMPSON, Mary d/o William of Treviskey     January 28

ROW, Jane   February 14

FRANCIS, Ann d. James of Kenwyn   February 18

STODDON, Samuel of Kenwyn   *W   February 23

TREGONNING, Henry        March 01

LEAN, Alice d/o John, sojourner        March 05

BARRET, PHILIPPA, aged 88, wid.        March 12

BLAMEY, Pascas, wife of Richard        March 22

SKEWS, Blanch March 22

Wills & Admons.

Andrew MAY of Kea                                                           Admon. Kea 1730

William  BEAUCHAMP, Esquire                                    Will  1729-30   PCC

                                                                    [Prerogative Court of Canterbury]

Samuel STODDON,                                                          Will:  Kenwyn 1730



CREED, John s. Anthony of Kenwyn        March 25

BAWDEN, Thomas  * Ad.    April 02

JANES, Ann d/o James          April 20

SANDOW Susanna, wife of John of Kenwyn          April 22

FURSE, Mary, wife of Peter     April 25

PAINTER, John  April 28

CORNELLIS, Thomas s/o. John **  May  01

** Name of Peter BRAY crossed out & John CORNELLIS written above.

PENALURICK, Susanna: wid     May 09

TREBILCOCK, Catharine d/o Nicholas           May 11

MAY, Henry s/o John of Kea    May 12

JAMES, John s/o Abraham           May 14

KELLY, Barbara d. Martin May 14

YOURON, Sampson s/o Sampson May 14

GATTY, Ann d/o James           May 16

RICHARDS, Mary d/o Francis   May 26

RICHARDS, George s/o Francis   May 27

TREGONNING, JANE d/o NICHOLAS          June 02

HART, Anthony s/o Anthony June 02

GOADE, Jnr, William  * W          June 06

KENT, Richard June 07

WASLEY, George s/o John  June 07

JANE, Edward s/o James   June 08

COCK, Michael of Perran in Zabulo  [Perranzabuloe]       June 11

TREWARTHA, Catharine d/o Sebastian          June 12

TREGONNING, ALICE          June 16

TREMBATH, Elizabeth d/o John  June 16

GOLZERY, John s/o Thomas June 24

EDWARDS, Margaret d/o Henry June 27

CORNISH, William      *W                June 29

JEFFERY, Jane d/o John  June 29

PLAINT, Alice, wife of Walter July 05

EASTMAN, Elizabeth d/o Henry  July 06

WASLEY, Jnr, William s/o George            July 07

WHITBURN, John s/o William    July 15

MARTIN, Jnr, John s/o John            July 18

PHILIPS, Methuselah s/o James            July 19

BAWDEN, Elizabeth d/o Thomas, deceased July 20

MATHEWS, Margaret base d/o of Audry [Audrey] of Ruan   July 21

MORCOM, David  July 22

MAY, Elizabeth d/o John    July 23

HIGGINS, William s/o Ennoder  July 25

FRANCIS, Alice d/o Anthony   July 25

NORTHEE, Mary d/o William    July 30

PENHAY, gent, Anthony      August 01

HARRIS, Elizabeth d/o Thomas      August 01

OPEY, Ann d/o William of Kenwyn      August 01

CHIPMAN, Sampson of Kenwyn      August 04

JOHNS, William of Wendron      August 07

AXFORD, Sarah d/o John   August 07

EASTMAN, James s/o John   August 08

ODGERS, Margaret d/o John   August 08

DOTSON, Ann d/o William of Kea    August 08

GILBERT, Thomas s/o Richard      August 08

WATTS, William s/o William      August 11

THOMAS, Jnr, John s/o John   August 12

TIDDY, Eleanor, wife of Richard      August 18

THOMAS, Richard s/o John   August 21

WILLIAMS, Margaret d/o William.      August 22

NICOLLS, Elizabeth d/o Richard      August 22

BONDS, Sarah d/o John   August 22

PASCOE, Richard s/o George      August 27

MANLY, Henry s/o William    August 29

BLAMEY, Mary d/o Edward   September 07

BENNET, Jnr, Mary d/o Mark   September 12

FRANCIS, James s/o John   September 17

PHILIPS, Mary d/o John   September 18

BARRET, Hugh s/o Hercules   September 21

NORTHEE, John s/o Robert of Kenwyn   September 21

HAMLY, Joseph s/o Roger   September 29

HARVEY, Samuel s/o Sam of Kenwyn   September 30

PARROW, Anthony s/o Anthony    October 02

SWAIN, Rebecca of Perran [Perranarworthal ?] October 11

PHILIPS, Elizabeth d/o John October 14

WATTS, Frances wife of William    October 16

OPEY, William of Kenwyn    October 16

HAWK, John s/o William of Stithians    October 18

TREGONNING, JOHN    October 19

TIDDY, Richard   * W   October  20

RICHARDS, Elizabeth d. Capt. RICHARDS  *    October 22

* A mining captain: her fatherís Christian name was not entered into the register.    

KENT, Jnr, Richard s/o Willm.    October 28

LAWRY, John of Kea    October 30

KENT, Prudence d/o James   November 7

KENT, Eleanor d/o William. November 16

KNAVA, Dorothy: wid November 20

MORCOM, John s/o William November 27

WILLIAMS, Blanch: wid. November 28

MORCOM, Thomasin d/o William November 29

PEN, Blanch: wid  December 1

BILLING, Jasper  December 6

FERRICE, Thomas [FERRIS]  December 6

MORCOM, Elizabeth d/o William.  December 6

KENT, Jnr, Francis December 23

MAGOR, Peter December 26

KENT, Thomas s/o John January 8

STEPHENS, William s/o Edward        January 8

TYACK, Elizabeth d/o Thomas of Kenwyn     January 10

BASTIAN, William s/o William of Kenwyn     January 15

SAMPSON, John January 16

HOLMAN, Jnr, Pearce s/o Nathaniel     January 24

STODDON, Ann d/o Abel of Kea     January 24

STODDON, Ann, wife of Abel of Kea     February 2

RULE, Francis d/o John February 3

KENT, John   February 12

MICHEL, Nicholas   February 14

STEPHENS, Edward   February 19

GOADE, Hannah, wife of William          March 2

SANDOW, Elizabeth /o. Anthony of Kenwyn        March 14

JEFFERY, John s. John of Tolgullow        March 20

SKINNER, William s/o Martin March 22

There seems to be an unusual amount of burials in 1730.

I wonder what occurred?

Wills & Admons.

William   GOADE, Jnr.                                                                 Will 1731

William   CORNISH                                                                      Will 1731

Richard  TIDDY                                                                            Will 1731

Thomas  BAWDEN                                                                  Admon.1732


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