Gwennap Burials  1725

Transcribed by Helen Webster

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Film: 1471786      
TOM Julian wid 30-Mar  
NICHOLS Richard  s. Thomas 04-Apr  
ROBERTS Henry of Kenwin 05-Apr  
SANDOE Ann  d. John of Ken: 07-Apr  
BRAY Stephen 22-Apr  
MOYLE Richard          30-Apr (W.)
HIGGOE Hercules 03-May  
TYACK Marjery wife of John of Kenwin 17-May  
MAY Triphena  wid. 28-May  
LAPINN Elizabeth d. Richard of Kea 04-Jun  
JEFFERY Mary  d. Elias 09-Jun  
KENT junr.  Michael  s. Will: 05-Jul  
KENT junr,  Elionor  d. Will: 05-Jul  
GOLZERY Jane  d. Scipio 05-Jul  
MAY Jane d. Francis of Kea 18-Jul  
COURTICE Jane  wid 27-Jul  
CLEMANCE Ann d. John 15-Aug  
COFFLIN John 28-Aug  
SANDOW Barbara  d. James of Kenwin 28-Aug  
HARVEY Mrs. Ann wid. August last  
SIMMONS William 10-Sep  
DAVY Peter 16-Sep (A.1726)
JAMES Edward 29-Sep  
JOSE Jane   wid. 02-Oct (W. 1726)
BRAY Walter 09-Oct (A. 1726)
ROSKROW junr, John  s. John 01-Nov  
BRAY Mary w. of Thomas 07-Nov  
TREWEEK George  s. Thomas 07-Nov  
NICHOLLS Jane  d. George 03-Jan  
HARRIS alias WATTY John 04-Jan (A.1726)
FRANCIS Thomas  s. James 05-Jan  
WASLEY Mary wife of George 07-Jan  
MAY Ann  d. James 12-Jan  
GREGORY Bridget  d. Thomas 12-Jan  
HOLMAN Jane  d. Richard 14-Jan  
MORCAM Margaret  wid. 18-Jan  
CLEMANS Joan  wid. 29-Jan  
FRANCIS Jane  d. Philip 11-Feb  
GOLZERY Elizabeth d. Cullan 16-Feb  
NICHOLLS Stephen 02-Mar  
MICHELL Jane  wid. 03-Mar  
TRELEASE Margaret  d. James 08-Mar  
NICHOLLS Mr John 09-Mar (*W 1726)- ( Cessate 1734)
SANDOE Francis  s. John of Kenwin 13-Mar  
JENNINGS junr.  Nicholas 14-Mar  
HOLMAN Catharine  wid 22-Mar  


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