Gwennap Burials  1723

Transcribed by Helen Webster

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source


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BAWDEN Thomasin d. Lambert 15-Apr  
PARROE Cullan s. Cullan 22-Apr  
MICHEL Martin 26-Apr  
RAWLIN John of Keg(Kegbroase) 28-Apr  
PHILIPS Edmund 03-May  
PHILIPS William s. Anthony 03-May  
RICHARDS Hercules s. Hercules 21-May  
HIGGOE Jane wife of John of St. Agnes 02-Jul  
HAWK James s. James 09-Jul  
PAINTER Jnr.  Mr John 15-Jul (W. 1728)
WILLIAMS Mary   wid. 30-Jul (A.1724)
WILLIAMS Elizabeth  d. Scipio 15-Aug  
EUDY Frances   wid 25-Aug  
HARVEY Mr Richard 19-Sep  
DENNIS John of Kenwin 18-Sep (A. Kenwyn 1724)
HIGGOE Margaret  wid 19-Sep  
WILLIAMS Catherine wife of Thomas of St. Day 28-Sep  
MARTIN Leah wife of John 27-Sep  
TREGURTHA Ann wife of Christopher 08-Oct  
MORCAM William s. Richard 09-Oct  
BRAY Janifer wife of Ambrose 17-Oct  
BROWN William s. William *** 21-Oct ***21 is written above father's name
WILLIAMS Richard October last (W.1724)
BERRIMAN James of Kenwin 04-Jan  
MICHEL Anthony 05-Jan  
BROWN Thomasin d. William 11-Jan  
WILLIAMS Katharine d. Thomas of St. Day 23-Jan  
OATS John s. Nicholas 29-Jan  
TELLUM Frances d. Francis of Gluvias January last  
WILLIAMS Jane d. Thomas of St Day 04-Feb  
JAMES Mary d. Richard of Kenwin 05-Feb  
PAINTER George 07-Feb  
ROBERTS Daniel s. Nich: of Kenwin 11-Feb  
BRAY Joan.wid 24-Feb  
BURCHER Junr, Mary d. Scipio 02-Mar  


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