Gwennap Baptisms 1839

Transcribed by Coral Jennings of Australia

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When Baptised Child's Christian Name Parents Christian Names Parents Surname Abode Quality Trade or Profession By whom the Ceremony performed
Jan-27 Joseph Henry son of Frederick & Elizabeth MITCHELL Comford Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Private Feb-09 Catherine Joseph & Mary MILLS Wheal Beauchamp Miner J P Keigwin
Feb-10 Mary Whitburn William & Elizabeth CHAPMAN Lanner Husbandsman J P Keigwin
Feb-17 Mary Anne Richard & Margaret ROW Comford Collector of Tolls J P Keigwin
Mar-03 Elizabeth Anne Richard & Elizabeth BAWDEN Twelve Heads Wagoner J P Keigwin
Mar-10 Sophia Richard & Jennifer NICHOLAS Church Town Miner J P Keigwin
Mar-24 Thomas Thomas & Jane ROWE Lanner Butcher J P Keigwin
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Mar-24 Rosina John & Johanna EVANS Peneponds Miner J P Keigwin Curate
Mar-24 Elizabeth Jane James & Hannah BESKEEN Cusgairn Miner J P Keigwin Curate
Mar-31 Martha John & Alice CARLYON Merry Meeting Husbandsman J P Keigwin
Mar-31 Elizabeth Thomas & Elizabeth FRANCIS Cusgairn Miner J P Keigwin
Mar-31 Elizabeth Anne John & Anne SKEWES Pennance Miner J P Keigwin
Mar-31 Anne Gregor William & Lydia CORNISH Lower Town Miner J P Keigwin
Apr-07 Elizabeth John & Rebecca DAVEY Carharrack Miner J P Keigwin
Apr-19 Mary Charlotte dr of Thomas & Mary Emma PHILLPOTTS Vicarage Clerk T.Phillpotts Vicar
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Private 1839 Apr-19 Mary Charlotte dau of remaining columns scratched through
Apr-21 Anne Francis & Anne OPPY Lanner Downs Miner J P Keigwin Curate
Apr-21 Harriet Jeremiah & Elizabeth NICHOLLS Carharrack Glazier J P Keigwin
Apr-22 James John & Elizabeth ROGERS Gordon Miner J P Keigwin
Cud be Gordan Hill or Gordan Wheal
Apr-22 Joseph Joseph & Elizabeth BLAMEY Gwennap Moor Miner J P Keigwin
Apr-22 Elizabeth Anne George & Elizabeth RICHARDS WL Buller Miner J P Keigwin
Wheal Buller
Apr-28 Luke son of Luke & Jane  ### ? Twelve Heads Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
### There is a Luke & Jane Merrow in 1841  Kenwyn Census with son named Luke 2 yrs
May-04 Mark son of William & Ann NICHOLLS Cairnmarthe Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
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May-19 Caroline dau of John & Eliza PENROSE Carharrack Tailor T.Phillpotts Vicar
May-19 Eliza Jane dau of Henry & Eliza WILLIAMS Little Beside Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
May-19 William son of John & Mary Ann GIDLEY Carharrack Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
May-19 Susan Jane dau of Thomas & Ann DUNSTAN Tresamble Downs Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
May-19 Mary Jane dau of Joseph & Mary Ann WEEKS Lanner Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
May-23 John John & Elizabeth CORNISH Trevisky Husbandsman J P Keigwin Curate
May-26 Richard Thomas & Catherine PASCOE Cusgairn Common Miner J P Keigwin
May-31 Alfred Thomas & Mary WILLIAMS Twelve Heads Miner J P Keigwin
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May-31 Mary Anne Francis & Catherine PEARCE Baldhu Kea Miner J P Keigwin Curate
Jun-02 Elizabeth Jane John & Maria MURRISH Vale Mills Miner J P Keigwin
Jun-07 Mathew son of Josiah & Mary JAMES Lower Town Miner A A Vawdrey
P C of St Day
Jun-09 Susan Jane Thomas & Jane CORNISH Cairnmarthe Miner J P Keigwin
Jun-09 Mary William & Anne MURPHY Carharrack Miner J P Keigwin
Jun-16 Caroline William & Mary Anne ANGOVE Cairnmarthe Miner J P Keigwin
Jun-23 John son of Thomas & Ann BLEWITT Carharrack Blacksmith T.Phillpotts Vicar
Jun-23 Francis son of Samuel & Grace DINNIS Cusgarne Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
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Jun-28 Thomas John John & Mary MOYLE Cusgarne Miner A A Vawdrey
son of P C of St Day
Jun-30 Elizabeth Symons Joseph & Elizabeth READ Lanner Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
dau of
Jul-03 Samuel son of Samuel & Grace POLLARD Wheal Fortune Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Jul-07 Eliza Jane son of Zaccheus & Eliza ? Cairnmarthe Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
cud be Bawden
Jul-07 Grace dau of Henry & Alice WEBSTER Little Trevince Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Jul-07 Charles Edmund Nicholas & Mary MANUEL Tresevean Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
son of
Jul-07 Susan Ann dau of Jeremiah ?  & Ann BENNETTS Tresamble Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Jul-21 Samuel son of David & Jane ANNEAR Cairnmarthe Miner J Flamank Curate
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Jul-21 John son of John & Louisa MATHEWS Cairnmarthe Miner J Flamank Curate
Jul-21 Jane Williams Thomas & Mary PERRY Sunny Corner Miner J Flamank
dau of
Jul-25 Ralph son of Ralph & Mary JORY Bifsa Wheelwright J Flamank
Jul-25 George son of Nicholas & Lydia JORY Trevarth Wheelwright J Flamank
Jul-26 Elizabeth dr of John & Grace GOLDSWORTHY Redruth Miner J Flamank
Aug-13 Mary Anna dr of John & Amelia HAWKIN Trevarth Gwennap Schoolmaster A A Vawdrey
Curate of St Day
Aug-18 Louisa dau of William & Elizabeth WILLIAMS Tresevean Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Aug-25 Mary Ann dr of Samuel & Ann HARVEY Lanner Miner J Flamank Curate
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Sep-01 William son of Thomas & Mary Ann JOHNS Carharrack Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Sep-01 Henry son of William & Jory ? BISHOP Frogpool Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
cud be William & Mary
18 yrs Sep-01 Mary Ann dau of James & Rosetta BROWN ? Cusvey Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Sep-01 Thomas son of William & Susanna PHILLIPS Lanner Downs Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Sep-17 George son of John & Ann NORTHEY Kenwin Miner J Flamank Curate
cud be Kenwyn ?
Sep-17 George son of George & Elizabeth HARRIS Kenwin Miner J Flamank
cud be Kenwyn ?
Sep-17 Mary Ann dr of William & Constance NORTHEY Consols Miner J Flamank
Sep-17 Elizabeth dr of Mathew & Mary NORTHEY Kena Miner J Flamank
cud be Kea ?
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Sep-29 Elizabeth dau of Henry & Mary COOMBE Lower Town Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Oct-06 Joseph son Bennet & Grace TRELOAR Carvannel Miner J Flamank Curate
Oct-13 Grace dau of William & Grace JORY Belle ? Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Oct-13 Richard son of William & Joanna CORNISH Lower Town Innkeeper T.Phillpotts Vicar
Oct-20 John son of James & Ann NICHOLLS Trevarth Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Oct-27 Elizabeth dau of John & Grace WASLEY Bell ? Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Oct-27 John son of John & Mary Ann OPPY Lanner Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Oct-30 Georgina dau of Edmund & Ann MITCHELL Tresavean Yeoman T.Phillpotts Vicar
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Nov-07 Henry son of William & Susanna MITCHELL Wheal Rose Yeoman T.Phillpotts Vicar
13 yrs of age Redruth Agent
Nov-07 John son of James & Elizabeth HIGGINS Carharrack Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Nov-07 John Trenberth William & Grace GREGOR Carharrack Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
son of
Nov-16 Samuel son of Samuel & Elizabeth WILLS Church Town Blacksmith T.Phillpotts Vicar
Nov-17 Mary Ann dr of William & Mary MICHELL Booncoose ? Gardener J Flamank Curate
cud be Burncoose
Nov-17 Thomas son of George & Mary GREGOR Carharrack Miner J Flamank
Private Nov-21 William Henry son of Thomas & Ann BOUNDY Crosminingus ? Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Nov-26 William Henry son of W James & Joanna CORNISH Cusgarne Miner A A Vawdrey
Off. Min.
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01-Dec Emily Jane Dr of Edmund & Emma WHITBURN South Tresamble Miner James Flamank
Dec-05 John Michael William & Nanny MICHELL Trevarth Yeoman H W Hockin
son of Elizabeth Vicar of Stythians
Dec-05 Richard son of Richard & Elizabeth POLLARD Twelve Heads Miner H W Hockin
Dec-05 Emily Julia dr of John & Elizabeth JEFFERY Carin=marthe Mine H W Hockin
Carnmarthe ? Agent
Dec-08 Robert son of Edward & Elizabeth PETERS Pulla Mason T.Phillpotts Vicar
Dec-08 James son of Hugh & Susan JOSE Lanner Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
Dec-22 Harriett dr of James & Mary NICHOLLS Penance Miner J Flamank
Almond ?
Dec-25 William John son of William & Harriett ANDREW Church Town Miner J Flamank
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Dec-25 Elizabeth Ann John & Grace MICHELL Carharrack Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
dau of
Dec-28 Ann dau of Henry & Elizabeth HITCHENS Tresamble Downs Miner T.Phillpotts Vicar
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