Gwennap Baptisms 1818 [Aug 9th to Dec 30th]

Transcribed by Coral Jennings of Australia

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When Child's Parents Names   Abode Trade or Ceremony
Baptised Christian Name Christian Surname   Profession performed by
Page 143            
Aug 1818            
Aug 9th William Pauley William & Elizabeth SIMS Scorrier Groom Keigwin
                  son of          
Aug 9th Jennifer  dau of George & Johanna HARRIS Tippet Stamps ? Miner Keigwin
Aug 9th Amelia    dau of Anthony & Mary LEAN Carnmarth Miner Keigwin
Aug 9th Samuel Hancock John HANCOCK Little Trevince Miner Keigwin
          base son of Mary WHITBURN Little Trevince    
Aug 16th Philip        son of Philip & Grace BRAY Kerley Burrow Miner Keigwin
Aug 23rd Solomon    son of John & Jane TREGONNING Gordon Miner Keigwin
Aug 23rd Priscilla     dau of John & Hannah TREWEEK Ferny Splat Miner Keigwin
Aug 23rd Mary        dau of William & Dorothy BLAMEY Cusgarne Miner Keigwin
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Aug 24th Eliza          dau of William & Mary Ann HAWKE St.Day Miner Keigwin
Aug 24th Elizabeth   dau of William & Hannah WATERS Todpool Miner Keigwin
Aug 30th Suzanne    dau of James & Hannah THOMAS ?  --   St.Agnes Miner Keigwin
Sep 1818            
Sep 2nd James       son of John & Ann SPARGO Lanner Miner Keigwin
Sep 6th Elizabeth  dau of John & Elizabeth MARTYN Trevarth Miner Keigwin
Sep 6th Susan Richards d/o William & Catharine MORCOM St.Day Miner Keigwin
Sept 9th James      son of John & Jane JOB Lanner Miner Keigwin
Sep 9th John        son of John & Jane TERRILL Pulla Miner Keigwin
Page 145            
Sep 9th Eliza         dau of William & Mary CURNOW Menear Miner Keigwin
Sep 9th Amelia     dau of Abraham & Sophia TREWARTHA Carharrack Miner Keigwin
Sep 9th Jane        dau of Richard & Sally ROSCROW Carnmarth Miner Keigwin
Sep 11th Catharine dau of Mathew & Peggy ANDREW St.Day Miner Keigwin
Sep 11th Charley     son of William & Jane RICHARD Scorrier Husbandman Keigwin
Sep 11th Emma       dau of Thomas & Mary GILLARD Cusvey Miner Keigwin
Sep 12th Charles Edward s/o Michael & Elizabeth WILLIAMS Trevince Mine Agent Keigwin
Sep 13th Hannah   dau of Richard & Hannah HOSKIN Tolcarne Miner Keigwin
Page 146            
Sept 18th Sampson   son of Sampson & Catharine KELLOW Wheal Fortune Miner Keigwin
Sep 18th Nicolas    son of John & Elizabeth KELLOW Wheal Virgin Miner Keigwin
Sep 18th John       son of John & Frances SIDWELL Todpool Miner Keigwin
Sep 18th John       son of John & Johanna SPRAGUE Wheal Virgin Miner Keigwin
Sep 20th Mary     dau of Thomas & Rebecca FRANCIS Twelveheads Miner Keigwin
Sept 20th John      son of Mark & Christian MORCOM Twelve Heads Miner Keigwin
Sept 20th Elisha     son of James & Mary FRANCIS Tippets Stamps Miner Keigwin
Sep 20th John      son of Joseph & Mary JEFFREY Ferns Flat Miner Keigwin
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Sep 23rd Francis     son of John & Mary MOYLE Little Trevince Miner & Sexton Keigwin
Sep 24th John        son of John & Jane KENDALL Burnwithian Miner Keigwin
Sep 24th Thomas   son of Francis & Amy POPE St.Day Miner Keigwin
Sep 24th Josiah     son of James & Jane UREN St.Day Miner Keigwin
Sep 24th Peggy      dau of Thomas & Ann VARCOE St.Day Tailor Keigwin
Sep 24th Eliza Thomas Nicholas THOMAS Comford Miner Keigwin
    base daughter of Elizabeth PHILLIPS      
Page 148            
Sep 27th Jane         dau of Abraham & Catharine TREWARTHA Wheal Rose Miner Keigwin
Oct 1818            
Oct 2nd John          son of Benjamin & Mary TREWEEK Ferny Flat Miner Keigwin
Oct 2nd Elizabeth  dau of John & Elizabeth BARNET Little Trevince Miner Keigwin
Oct 2nd Elizabeth  dau of John ?  & Jane PERRY Hicks Mill Wheelwright /Miller Keigwin
Oct 4th Elizabeth   dau of Timothy & Grace LAWN Carnmarth Miner Keigwin
Oct 4th Elizabeth dau of Nathaniel & Grace MARTYN Bissoe Bridge Miner Keigwin
Oct 4th Elisha son of Michael & Elizabeth AVERY Wheal Bush Miner Keigwin
Oct 5th John son of John & Mary RICHARDS White Stile Miner Keigwin
 Page 149            
Oct 7th Peter          son of Peter & Ann TOY Croft Handy Miner Keigwin
Oct 7th Ann            dau of Nicholas & Mary PEARCE Gilly Vean Yeoman Keigwin
Oct 7th Elizabeth William BLAMEY Carharrack Miner Keigwin
     base daughter of Mary MAGOR      
Oct 8th Joanna        dau of Thomas &J oanna GRAY Croft Handy Miner Keigwin
Oct 8th Richard Bray  s/o Joseph & Mary FRANCIS Wheal Virgin Miner Keigwin
Oct 8th Elizabeth   dau of Thomas & Elizabeth BROWNE Trevince Husbandman Keigwin
Oct 11th Eliza          dau of Jeremiah & Jennifer NICHOLAS Carharrack Miner Keigwin
Oct 11th Henry        son of Henry Luke & Alice MAGOR Little Beside Miner Keigwin
Page 150            
Oct 11th Elizabeth   dau of Joseph & Catharine RICHARDS Trevarth Miner Keigwin
Oct 11th Richard     son of Nicolas & Jane SEAN Burncoose Husbandman Keigwin
Oct 11th John          son of William & Ann BRAY Church Town Miner Keigwin
Oct 12th Catharine  dau of John & Margaret LONG St.Day Miner Keigwin
Oct 16th John          son of Samuel & Ann LEAN Carn Marth Miner J Peters
Oct 16th Elizabeth   dau of Anthony & Mary BARNETT Little Trevince Miner J Peters
Oct 17th John          son of William & Grace WILLIAMS Tannor ? Miner J Peters
Oct 18th Jane          dau of Thomas & Eliz. Jennings ROSCROW Gordon Miner Sampson Harris
Page 151            
Oct 25th Josiah     son of William & Ann BRAY Poldice Miner Sampson Harris
Oct 27th Jacob      son of Thomas & Peggy DAVEY United Mines Miner Sampson Harris
               *     written by curate - born  25 Jan 1793 1841 census: Jacob age 43 Peggy age 85    
Oct 30th John          son of James & Jane BARNETT St. Day Grocer Sampson Harris
Nov 1818            
Nov 1st Mary        dau of William & Mary MAGOR  Kea Miner Sampson Harris
Nov 1st Maria        dau of Samuel & Ann READ Kenwyn Miner Sampson Harris
Nov 1st Mary Ann May d/o Richard & Mary HODGE St.Day Husbandman Sampson Harris
Nov 1st William       son of Joel & Ruth HIGGINS St.Day Miner Sampson Harris
Nov 7th Nicholas     son of Nicholas & Catherine WILLIAMS Redruth Turnpike Miner Sampson Harris
Page 152            
Nov 8th John           son of John & Elizabeth FRANCIS White Hall Miner Sampson Harris
Nov 17th James        son of James & Mary CHAPMAN Lanner Miner SampsonHarris
Nov 17th James        son of William & Elizabeth MARTIN Lanner Farmer Sampson Harris
Nov 17th Thomas      son of Thomas & Grace KENDALL Trevarth Miner Sampson Harris
Nov17th Richard      son of Richard & Araminta MARTIN Trevarthen Miner Sampson Harris
Nov 17th Mary          dau of Martin & Mary VINCENT Lanner Miner Sampson Harris
Nov 22nd George James   s/o Simon & Sophia CHELLEW Redruth Highway Miner Sampson Harris
Nov 22nd William Arundel s/o John & Catharine PAYNTER Hicks Mill Miner Sampson Harris
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Dec 1818            
Dec 2nd Mary           dau of John & Mary MICHELL Trevethan Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 2nd William        son of William & Constance COURTIS Carnmarth Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 2nd Mary Ann   dau of Francis & Mary CANNON Tregullow Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 2nd Elizabeth     dau of Ralph &Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY Trevince Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 3rd Thomas       son of Thomas & Ann NINNIS Hayle Mills Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 3rd Tabitha       dau of John & Tabitha PHILLIPS Twelveheads Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 3rd Ann             dau of George & Bathsheba MOYLE Ferny Splat Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 4th James        son of Richard & Philippa SKINNER Carharrack Miner Sampson Harris
Page 154            
Dec 6th Elizabeth    dau of John & Elizabeth MICHELL Coombe Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 8th Joseph       son of Joseph & Ann GIBBONS St. Genter ? Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 11th Amelia       daur of Thomas & Mary JOB Lanner Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 15th James        son of John & Jane KNOTWELL Trevarthen Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 15th Elizabeth    dau of Erastus & Jane MORCOM Wheal Virgin Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 15th Samuel       son of Thomas & Martha TRENGOVE Merry Meeting Blacksmith Sampson Harris
Dec 22nd Jane           dau of John & Elizabeth JAMES Cusvey Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 22nd Mar            dau of Thomas & Mary MORCOM Croft Handy Miner Sampson Harris
Page 155            
Dec 25th Henry        son of Henry & Mary MARTIN Tresavean Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 25th William      son of John & Rebecca BURNET Carnmarth Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Joseph        son of John & Catharine BLAMEY Carnmarth Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Eliza           dau of Phillip & Elizabeth MICHELL Scorrier Husbandman Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Hester       dau of John & Elizabeth HARPUR White Hall Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Joseph       son of Benjamin & Loveday PAUL Kea Carpenter Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Jane           dau of William & Jane GRAY Tregonning Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Thomas Edwards s/o William & Deborah STANTON Sampsons ? Miner Sampson Harris
Page 156            
Dec 25th Agnes Cleave  d/o James & Agnes TREBILCOCK St.Day Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Ann            dau of Thomas & Julia WATTS Furnace Plat Blacksmith Sampson Harris
Dec 25th Eliza           dau of James & Mary Rogers EAST Bosveal Miner Sampson Harris
Dec 27th Mary          dau of William & Elizabeth ODGER Lanner Miner Agent Sampson Harris
Dec 27th Mary Ann  dau  of George & Ann PALMER Cusgarne Miner H.W.Beauford
Dec 27th Catherine Jane  d/o Thomas & Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY Trevethan Miner H.W.Beauford
Dec 27th Elizabeth     dau of William & Elizabeth CHEGWIDDEN Croft Handy Miner H.W.Beauford
Dec 29th Elizabeth     dau of Michael & Elizabeth WILLIAMS Trevarth, Penponds Miner Agent Sampson Harris
Dec 30th Catharine   dau of John & Elizabeth GRAY Cusgarne Miner Sampson Harris


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