Baptisms 1818 [Jan 4th - Jul 31st]

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawden's work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

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Jan 1818

4th Jan Joseph             son of Edward & Ann THOMAS Cusgarne Wool Stapler  Keigwin.
11th Jan Mary Ann       dau  of Anthony & Grace SANDS ? Cusgarne Common Miner  Keigwin.
11th Jan Mary Ann       dau of Sampson & Elizabeth CHENOWETH Chacewater Miner  Keigwin
12th Jan John                son of John & Mary MICHELL Trevethan Miner  Keigwin
12th Jan Catherine       dau of John & Ann HARRIS Busveal Miner  Keigwin
18th Jan Mary              dau of Archaelus & Elizabeth TREVEAL? Creegbrawse  Miner  Keigwin
21st Jan Mary              dau of Nicolas & Mary TREBILCOCK Trevarth Miner  Keigwin
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25th Jan Elizabeth        dau  of John & Catherine EDDY Crofthandy Miner  Keigwin
25th Jan Jane               dau  of Thomas & Jane CARBIS Crofthandy  Miner  Keigwin
30th Jan Anthony         son  of George & Elizabeth WEBB   ------------------- Private in 90th Regt.  Keigwin
Feb 1818
1st Feb Jane               dau  of Stephen & Mary WHITBURN Churchtown Victualler  Keigwin
4th Feb Henry            son of Henry & Mary MARTYN Gear Bluett Miner  Keigwin
5th Feb Sally               dau of Charles & Mary POLMEAR Trevarth Husbandman  Keigwin
5th Feb Harriett         dau of James & Margaret AXFORD Baldhu Miner  Keigwin
13th Feb Susanna         dau of Anthony & Mary BAWDEN Kenwyn Miner Keigwin
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15th Feb Joseph           son of Thomas & Elizabeth KNEEBONE Kiss Post, Stithians Miner  Keigwin
19th Feb Emma Jerusha  d/o  Thomas & Emma Jane NICHOLAS Treviskey  Surgeon Keigwin
20th Feb Mary              dau of John & Martha POLMEAR Vogue Miner  Keigwin
20th Feb Mary              dau of Richard & Mary HALSE Poldice Mine Miner  Keigwin
20th Feb Temperance   dau of James & Mary Ann PASCOE St.Day Blacksmith  Keigwin
Mar 1919
2nd Mar William          son off Henry & Eleanor WILLIAMS Ferny Splat Miner  Keigwin
2nd Mar Benjamin       son of Richard & Margaret MICHELL Cusvey  Miner  Keigwin
2nd Mar Jane               dau of John & Alice TEAGUE  Chacewater Miner  Keigwin
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5th Mar Anthony         son of Charles & Elizabeth BARNETT Little Trevince Miner Keigwin
10th Mar Catherine      dau of Mathew & Catherine WILLIAMS Cusvey Miner Keigwin
20th Mar Richard          son of Stephen & Mary HARRIS Sampson's Tenement Husbandman Keigwin
20th Mar Elisha            son of  Mark  & Mary            TREWARTHA Carnmarth Miner Keigwin
20th Mar Joseph           son of John & Mary JEWELL St Day Miner Keigwin
20th Mar Johanna         dau of Thomas & Johanna ODGERS Poldice Miner Keigwin
20th Mar Philip              son of Philip & Elizabeth LEAN Poldice Miner Keigwin
22nd Mar Richard          son of William & Ann WATERS Todpool Miner Keigwin
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22nd Mar Joseph            son of John & Mary CLEMOW Crofthandy Miner Keigwin
23rd Mar Nanny            dau of John & Sally LUKE Treskerby Carpenter Keigwin
23rd Mar Nicholas         son of William & Mary SMITHERAM Trevethan  Miner Keigwin
26th Mar Selena            dau of Ebenezer & Mary HITCHENS Wheal Virgin Chandler Keigwin
26th Mar Thomas          son of William & Christian ANNEAR Ninnis Miner Keigwin
April 1818            
2nd April Matilda          dau of Samuel & Jane RICHARDS Tolgullow Thatcher Keigwin
2nd April Thomas           son of  Stephen & Sarah GOLDSWORTHY  Wheal Fortune  Miner  Keigwin
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2nd April Thomas          son of William & Grace ISAAC Crofthandy Husbandman Keigwin
2nd April George           son of Thomas & Jane CURNOW Crofthandy Miner Keigwin
5th April Nanny            dau of James & Elizabeth WHITBURN Bosveal Miner Keigwin
12th April William          son of John & Mary JENKIN Carharrack Miner Keigwin
14th April William          son of Richard & Mary NICHOLLS Trevarth Miner Keigwin
16th April William          son of Thomas & Ann GILL Churchtown Miner Keigwin
19th April Mary             dau of Henry & Mary BAWDEN Whitehall Miner Keigwin
19th April Mary             dau of John & Margaret BRAY Tippets Stamps Miner Keigwin
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22nd April Elizabeth         dau of Joseph & Betsey GOLDSWORTHY Carharrack Miner Keigwin
29th April Diana             dau  of Hugh & Mary KELLOW Crofthandy Miner Keigwin
29th April William           son of William & Ann JOB Lanner Miner Keigwin
May 1818            
2nd May John                son of William & Grace WILLIAMS Tolgullow Miner Keigwin
5th May John                son of John & Ann LAVIN Greensplat Miner Keigwin
10th May Grace Williams  d/o Richard & Martha HALSE Carharrack Miner Keigwin
10th May Mark               son of Richard & Elizabeth NICHOLLS Trevarth Miner Keigwin
10th May Henry              son of Henry & Jennifer Morcom White Stile Miner Keigwin
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10th May Elizabeth         dau of William & Ann BECKERLEG Carharrack Blacksmith Keigwin
10th May Elizabeth         dau of William & Mary TREBILCOCK  ------------------ Miner Keigwin
10th May Richard           son of James & Elizabeth SPARGOE Frogpool Miner Keigwin
10th May Ann                  dau of James & Ann SCOBELL Treviskey Miner Keigwin
10th May Michael           son of Michael & Martha WILLIAMS Lanner Miner Keigwin
10th May John                 son of John & Jane MATTHEWS Ferny Splat Sawyer Keigwin
10th May Amelia            dau of Benjamin & Sophia GUY Crofthandy Miner Keigwin
10th May James             son of Thomas & Elizabeth BARAGWANNA Trevarth Miner Keigwin
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10th May Paul Perrow    son of Samuel & Mary TOY Poldice Miner Keigwin
10th May Richard           son of John & Jane CORNISH Treviskey Miner Keigwin
17th May Benjamin        son of John & Margaret MICHELL Coombe Miner Keigwin
19th May Josiah             son of William & Grace HARVEY Todpool Miner Keigwin
19th May Simon             son of Thomas & Ann TOY Crofthandy Miner Keigwin
June 1818            
1st June Paul                son of Paul & Cordelia RABEY Scorrier Miner Keigwin
1st June Richard          son of Theophilus & Jane MICHELL Todpool Miner Keigwin
1st June Elijah              son of Thomas & Grace MANUEL Creegbrawse Miner Keigwin
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1st June Phillipa           dau of William & Mary WILKINS Todpool Miner Keigwin
1st June John                son of Joseph & Mary BASTIAN Chacewater Miner Keigwin 
1st June Mary              dau of Robert & Jenny TREWARTHA Carharrack Miner Keigwin 
7th June Mary              dau of William & Elizabeth UREN Scorrier Husbandman Keigwin 
7th June Maria             dau of John & Maria HOLMAN Tresavean Miner Keigwin 
7th June Thomas          son of Henry & Catherine TREWARTHA Blackwater Miner Keigwin
8th June Richard          son of John & Mary PENROSE Carnmarth Miner Keigwin 
8th June Jane               dau of John & Jane TREWARTHA St.Day Miner Keigwin 
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14th June James             son of William & Barbara CARKEEK Trevarthen Miner Keigwin 
15th June Joseph            son of William & Jane HANCOCK Higher Common Yeoman Keigwin
17th June Samuel           son of Richard & Grace HANCOCK Tresamble Miner Keigwin 
July 1818            
5th July Harriet Marjory  d/o John & Marjory BLAMEY Scorrier Clerk to Mr Williams Keigwin 
12th July Elizabeth         dau of Francis & Alice MOYLE Trevarth Miner Keigwin 
17th July Edmund          son of John & Mary WHITBURN  Carharrack Miner Keigwin 
Page 142            
18th July Ann                 dau of William & Sarah CORNISH       ?? Miner Keigwin 
19th July James             son of John & Jane THOMAS Killifreth Husbandman Keigwin 
19th July Mark              son of William & Elizabeth NICHOLLS Churchtown Miner Keigwin 
19th July Richard Manuel   s/o Philip & Elizabeth BLAMEY Cusgarne Butcher Keigwin 
23rd July William           son of Joseph & Mary ALLEN Carharrack Miner Keigwin 
23rd July Thomas          son of George & Sarah GREGOR     ?? Miner Keigwin 
28th July Joseph            son of William & Susanna MICHELL Lanner Yeoman Keigwin 
31st July Jennifer         dau of John & Ann TREWARTHA Carnmarth Miner Keigwin 



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