Baptisms 1814

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawden's work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS  No. 1595598 

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RALPH Josiah, 1st Jan 1814, No 182, s/o, Abraham & Elizabeth Ralph, of Busveal, Miner

THOMAS John, 2nd Jan 1814, No 183, s/o, John & Jane Thomas, of Scorrier, Labourer.

HART Catherine, 2nd Jan 1814, No 184, d/o, John & Ann Hart, of Busveal, Miner.

SKINNER Catherine, 8th Jan 1814, No 185, d/o, Richard & Philippa Skinner, of Carharrack, Mine Captain.

HALES Edmund, 8th Jan 1814, No 186, s/o, Grenfield [Grenfell] & Mary Hales, of Carharrack, Miner

LASHBROOK John, 9th Jan 1814, No 187, s/o, Thomas & Sally Lashbrook, of Crowsmeningus, Husbandman.

KINSMAN Jane, 9th Jan 1814, No 188, d/o, Melchisdedek & Jane Kinsman, of St Day, Miner,

FRANCIS Joseph, 17th Jan 1814, No 189, s/o, Joseph & Grace Francis, of Lanner, Miner.

POLLARD Richard, 19th Jan 1814, No 190, s/o, Samuel & Blanch Pollard, of Tresavean, Miner.

WILLIAMS John Michael, 20th Jan 1814, No 191, s/o, Michael & Elizabeth Williams, of Trevince, Gentleman.

HITCHENS John, 23rd Jan 1814, No 192, s/o, Martin & Catherine Hitchens, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

MOYLE Samuel, 25th Jan 1814, No 193, s/o, Mathew & Honour Moyle, of Triplet, Miner.

CARBIS Frederick, 25th Jan 1814, No 194, s/o, William & Elizabeth Carbis of Comford, Miner.

GRENVILLE Catherine, 25th Jan 1814, No 195, d/o, Joseph & Joanna Grenville, of St Day, Miner.

UREN Mary, 27th Jan 1814, No 196, d/o, Robert & Mary Uren, of Trevince, Miner.

GREGOR Henry, 30th Jan 1814, No 197, s/o, Henry & Jane Gregor, of Cusgarne, Miner.

DENNIS William, 30th Jan 1814, No 198, s/o, Richard & Marjory Dennis, of Penventon, Carrier.

BARRETT Daniel Skinner, 1st Feb 1814, No 199, s/o, Hugh & Mary Barrett, of Shilstom [?] Miner.

JOB Thomas, 1st Feb 1814, No 200, s/o, John & Jenifer Job, of Lanner, Miner. 

SPARGOE Ann, 1st Feb 1814, No 201, d/o, John & Ann Spargoe of Penance, Husbandry Labourer.

BONDS Mary Ann, 1st Feb 1814, No 202, d/o, Martin & Susanna, Bonds, of Trevarth, Penponds, Miner.

CARBIS Cheston, 1st Feb 1814, No 203, d/o, William & Elizabeth Carbis, of Comford, Miner.

WILLIAMS Henry, 1st Feb 1814, No 204, Base child of Rebecca Williams of Lanner, alleged father George Williams of Plymouth, Miner

ROWE Elizabeth, 11th Feb 1814, No 205, d/o, William & Ann Rowe, of Tresavean, Husbandman.

BRAY Henry, 13th Feb 1814, No 206, s/o, Phillip & Johanna Bray, of Crofthandy, Miner.

HARVEY William, 13th Feb 1814, No 207, s/o, William & Mary Harvey, of Kea, Miner.

HOSKING Eliza, 20th Feb 1814, No 208, d/o, Richard & Hannah Hosking, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

ROBERTS Ann, 20th Feb 1814, No 209, d/o, Henry & Philippa Roberts, of Kenwyn, Miner.

ROBERTS Philippa, 20th Feb 1814, No 210, d/o, Henry & Philippa Roberts, of Kenwyn, Miner.

GOLDSWORTHY Alice, 20th Feb 1814, No 211, d/o, Stephen & Mary Goldsworthy, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

YOULTER Thomas, 28th Feb 1814, No 212, s/o, Joseph & Grace Youlter, of St Agnes, Miner.

YOULTER Rebecca, 28th Feb 1814, No 213, d/o, Samuel & Rebecca Youlter, of St Day, Miner.

LONG Mary, 28th Feb 1814, No 214, d/o, Hugh & Elizabeth Long, of St Day, Miner.

ODGERS Jane, 28th Feb 1814, No 215, d/o, Nicholas & Isabella Odgers, of St Day, Miner.

PAUL Benjamin, 6th Mar 1814, No 216, s/o, Benjamin & Loveday Paul, of Kea, Carpenter.

RICHARDS James, 7th Mar 1814, No 217, s/o, William & Ann Richards, of Busveal, Miner.

BRAY Jenifer, 9th Mar 1814, No 218, d/o, Anthony & Mary Bray, of Chycoose, Miner.

KENT Joanna, 9th Mar 1814, No 219, d/o, Francis & Christian Kent, of Tresamble Common, Miner.

KENT Harriet, 9th Mar No 220, d/o, Hug & Harriet Kent, of Perranarworthal, Miner.

PYLE Ann, 13th Mar 1814, No 221, d/o, John & Ann Pyle, of Lanner, Husbandman.

NINNIS Ann, 13th Mar 1814, No 222, d/o, Thomas & Ann Ninnis, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

BLAMEY William, 15th Mar 1814, No 223, s/o, Daniel & Grace Blamey, of Churchtown, Miner.

MORCOM Peggy, 15th Mar 1814, No 224, d/o, Digory & Mary Morcom of Crofthandy, Miner.

WHITBURN John, 18th Mar 1814, No 225, s/o, Mathew & Ann Whitburn, of Penance, Miner.

PENBERTH James, 18th Mar 1814, No 226, s/o, John & Mary Penberth, of Chacewater, Miner.

PENROSE Nicholas, 20th Mar 1814, No 227, s/o, John & Mary Penrose, of Carnmarth, Miner.

KELLOW Benjamin, 20th Mar 1814, No 228, s/o, Sampson & Catherine Kellow, of Kenwyn, Miner.

MANUELL Susanna, 22nd Mar 1814, No 229, d/o, Ambrose & Susanna Manuell, of Cusvey, Miner.

PENGELLY Thomas Harris, 27th Mar 1814, No 230, s/o, Henry & Frances Pengelly, of Tolskerby [Treskerby] Miner.

MARTYN Jane, 27th Mar 1814, No 231, d/o, Nathaniel & Jane Martyn, of Goongumpas Downs, Miner.

CURNOW Grace, 2nd April 1814, No 232, d/o, Thomas & Jane Curnow, of Crofthandy, Miner.

ANNEAR Richard, 3rd Apr 1814, No 233, s/o, William & Catherine Annear, of Ninnis, Miner.

CHEGWIDDEN Thomas, 3rd Apr 1814, No 234, s/o, James & Elizabeth Chegwidden of Treskerby, Miner.

SPARGOE Ann, 3rd Apr 1814, No 235, d/o, John & Joanna Spargoe, of Cusgarne, Miner.

BARAGWANNA James, 4th Apr 1814, No 236, s/o, James & Sarah Baragwanna, of Cusvey, Miner.

BAWDEN Hugh, 10th Apr 1814, No 237, s/o, William & Ann Bawden of Lanner Downs, Miner.

BUNT (BURN) Richard, 10th Apr 1814, No 238, s/o, William & Sarah Bunt of St Day, Miner.

COLLINS Ann, 10th Apr 1814, No 239, d/o, William & Ann Collins, of Kenwyn, Miner.

GOLDSWORTHY Elizabeth, 10th Apr 1814, No 240, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth Goldsworthy, of Trevethan, Miner.

LEAN Catherine, 13th Apr 1814, No 241, d/o, William & Prudence Lean, of Carnmarth, Miner.

PERRY Elizabeth, 13th Apr 1814, No 242, d/o, Charles & Ann Perry, of St Day, Miner.

BAWDEN Richard Thomas, 13th Apr 1814, No 243, s/o, Henry & Mary Bawden of St Day, Miner.

MANUELL Elizabeth, 16th Apr 1814, No 244, d/o, Thomas & Grace Manuell, of Kenwyn, Miner

WALSERY [Golsery/Goldsworthy] Martha, 16th Apr 1814, No 245, d/o, William & Martha [Golsery/Goldsworthy] of Kea, Miner

WHITFORD Christopher, 16th Apr 1814, No 246, s/o, Richard & Barbara Whitford of Busveal, Miner.

HARRIS John, 16th Apr 1814, No 247, s/o, John & Amoretta Harris, of Kenwyn, Miner.

MATHEWS Mary, 17th Apr 1814, No 248, d/o, Peter & Mary Mathews, of Carharrack, Miner.

PENBERTH William, 18th Apr 1814, No 249, s/o, John & Sarah Penberth, of Goongumpas Downs, Miner.

WILLIAMS Ann, 21st Apr 1814, No 250, d/o, William & Grace Williams, of Lanner, Miner.

STANTON Rebecca, 21st Apr 1814, No 251, d/o, William & Deborah Stanton, of Lanner, Miner.

POLMEAR John, 24th Apr 1814, No 252, s/o, Nicholas & Grace Polmear, of Little Trevince, Miner.

COURTIS William, 24th Apr 1814, No 253, s/o, William & Constance Courtis, of Lanner, Miner.

LAVIN Samuel, 1st May 1814, No 254, s/o, John & Peggy Lavin, of Pullow[ Pulla] Carrier.

MOYLE Alice, 1st May 1814, No 255, d/o, Francis & Alice Moyle, of Trevarth, Miner.

KENDAL Thomas, 4th May 1814, No 256, s/o, Thomas & Grace Kendal, of Hi. Trevethan, Miner.

STEPHENS Samuel, 4th May 1814, No 257, s/o, Edward & Grace Stephens, of Busveal, Miner.

TREWARTHA Sukey, 4th May 1814, No 258, d/o, William & Sarah Trewartha, of Poldice, Miner.

JEWELL John, 8th May 1814, No 259, s/o, John & Mary Jewell, of Vogue, Miner.

WILLIAMS Edward, 8th May 1814, No 260, s/o, Edward & Jenifer Williams, of Lanner, Miner.

LEAN Eliza, 8th May 1814, No 261, d/o, William & Grace Lean, of Lanner, Miner.

KELLOW Catherine, 12th May 1814, No 262, d/o, James & Catherine Kellow, of Poldice, Miner.

RICHARDS George, 12th May 1814, No 263, s/o, John & Elizabeth Richards, of Crofthandy, Miner.

QUICK Ambrose, 15th May 1814, No 264, s/o, Ambrose & Jane Quick, of St Day, Miner.

HANCOCK Harriett, 15th May 1814, No 265, d/o, Richard & Grace Hancock, of Tresamble Common, Miner.

ROSCROW Elizabeth, 15th May 1814, No 266, d/o, Richard & Sarah Roscrow, of St Day, Miner.

BARNET Anthony, 17th May 1814, No 267, s/o, Anthony & Mary Barnet, of Little Trevince, Miner.

PEARCE Harriet 22nd May 1814, No 268, d/o, John & Elizabeth Pearce of Tolgullow, Mine Clerk.

HOSKING Martin, 29th May 1814, No 269, s/o, John & Mary Hosking of Cusvey, Miner.

TABB Thomas, 29th May 1814, No 270, s/o, William & Mary Tabb, of Carharrack, Miner.

MORCOM Elizabeth, 29th May 1814, No 271, d/o, Thomas & Mary Morcom of Tresaddern, Miner.

RICHARDS James, 29th May 1814, No 272, s/o, James & Sarah Richards, of Shilsto ----?, Miner.

TREGASKIS Richard, 29th May 1814, No 273, s/o, John & Margaret Tregaskis of Carnmarth, Miner.

MAGOR Priscilla, 29th May 1814, No 274, d/o, Richard & Alice Magor, of Carnmarth, Miner.

TREVERTON Richard, 30th May 1814, No 275, s/o, George & Blanche Treverton, of Perranarworthal, Husbandman.

HIGGINS John, 30th May 1814, No 276, s/o, William & Ann Higgins of Phillack, Miner.

TREVERTON Philippa, 30th May 1814, No 277, d/o, William & Frances Treverton, of Little Trevince, Miner.

KENWOOD William, 1st June, 1814, No 278, s/o, Thomas & Elizabeth Kenwood, of Trevarth, Miner.

JEFFERY Thomas, 3rd June 1814, No 279, s/o, Joseph & Mary Jeffery of Kea, Miner.

HARRIS John Bamfield, 3rd June 1814, No 280, s/o, George & Grace Harris of Kenwyn, Miner,

BARNETT Rebecca, 5th June 1814, No 281, d/o, Richard & Betsey Barnett, of  Trevarth, Miner.

BENNETTS Mathew Absalom, 9th June 1814, No 282, s/o, Mathew & Mary Bennett, of Redruth Parish, Mine Captain.

FRANCIS Joseph, 9th June 1814, No 283, s/o, Joseph & Mary Francis, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

LUKE Francis, 9th June 1814, No 284, s/o, John & Sarah Luke of Treskerby, Carpenter.

BAWDEN Josiah, 9th June 1814, No 285, s/o, John & Mary Bawden of Kenwyn, Miner.

BAWDEN Mary Jane, 9th June 1814, No 286, d/o, Richard & Jenifer Bawden, of Scorrier, Miner.

BLAMEY Elizabeth, 12th June 1814, No 287, d/o, John & Marjory Blamey of Crofthandy, Mine Clerk

TREBILCOCK Mary, 19th June 1814, No 288, d/o, Nicholas & Mary Trebilcock, of Trevarth, Miner.

KEMP Joseph, 19th June 1814, No 289, s/o, John & Jane Kemp, of Crofthandy, Miner.

MILLS Catherine, 26th June 1814, No 290, d/o, William & Peggy Mills, of Scorrier, Miner.

BARNETT George, 26th June 1814, No 291, s/o, John & Elizabeth Barnett, of Little Trevince, Miner,

PAINTER John, 29th June 1814, No 292, s/o, Hercules & Susanna Painter, of Cusvey, Miner.

MOYLE Joseph, 29th June 1814, No 293, s/o, John & Catherine Moyle, of Kenwyn, Miner.

WASLEY William, 29th June 1814, No 294, s/o, Charles & Maria Wasley, of Kenwyn, Miner.

GREY Mary, 29th June 1814, No 295, d/o, William & Mary Grey, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

MANUELL Mary Ann, 1st July 1814, No 296, d/o, Benjamin & Mary Manuell, of Carnmarth, Miner.

BRAY William, 3rd July 1814, No 297, s/o, John & Jane Bray, of Chycoose, Miner.

PASCOE George,   12th July 1814, No 298, s/o, George & Grace Pascoe of Cusvey, Miner.

BLAMEY John, 13th July 1814, No 299, s/o, Joel & Margaret Blamey, Busveal, Miner.

CURNOW Elizabeth, 13th July 1814, No 300, d/o William & Mary Curnow, of Mynheer, Miner.

KEMP Martha, 13th July 1814, No 301, d/o, Thomas & Hannah Kemp of Carnmarth, Miner.

REED Ann, 13th July 1814, No 302, d/o, Thomas & Elizabeth Reed of Carharrack, Carpenter.

NICHOLLS Elisha, 15th July 1814, No 303, d/o, Richard & Elizabeth Nicholls, of Trevarth, Miner.

TREGASKIS Thomas, 19th July 1814, No 304, s/o, Richard & Mary Tregaskis, of Carharrack, School Master.

WILLIAMS Thomas, 24th July 1814, No 305, s/o, James & Jane Williams, of KENWYN, Miner.

ISAAC John, 24th July 1814, No 306, s/o, William & Grace Isaac, of Crofthandy, Miner.

ROBERTS Eliza, 24th July 1814, No 307, d/o, Joseph & Elizabeth Roberts, of Carharrack, Miner,

BUZZA Mary, 29th July 1814, No 308, d/o, John & Elizabeth Buzza of Carharrack, Miner,

BROWN Ann, 30th July 1814, No 309, d/o, James & Alice Brown of Chapel Hill, Miner.

WASLEY Ann, 30th July 1814, No 310, d/o, William & Mary Wasley, of Workhouse, Miner.

DAVEY Thomas, 31st July 1814, No 311, s/o, William & Mary Davey, of Busveal, Miner.

EAST Mary Ann, 31st July 1814, No 312, d/o, James & Mary East, of Busveal, Miner.

BAWDEN John, 31st July 1814, No 313, s/o, John & Jenifer Bawden, Lanner, Miner.

TREWARTHA William, 5th Aug 1814, No 314, s/o William & Jane Trewartha, Kenwyn, Miner.

DEAVIS [DAVIS] James, 5th Aug 1814, No 315, s/o, William & Ann Deavis, Kenwyn, Husbandry Labourer.

PRYOR Mary Ann, 5th Aug 1814, No 316, d/o, William & Mary Pryor of Tresavean, Blacksmith.

ANNEAR Joseph, 6th Aug 1814, No 317, s/o, Richard & Margaret Annear, of Busveal, Miner.

TREWARTHA John, 6th Aug 1814, No 318, s/o, Mark & Mary Trewartha, of Croft & With, Miner.

SMITHAM/ SMITHERAM James, 6th Aug 1814, No 319, s/o, William & Mary Smitham,Smitherham of Trefula, Redruth, Miner.

BROWN John Bapt 6th August 1814 No 320 s/o Henry and Jane Brown of Chengenter [?] Miner

PUCKEY Mary Bapt 10th August 1814 no 321 d/o Ralph and Mary Puckey of Scorrier, Husbandry, Labourer

HARRIS Jane Bapt 10th August 1814 No 322 d/o John and Harriet Harris of St Agnes Parish, Miner

LAWN John Bapt 12th August 1814 No 323 s/o William and Elizabeth Lawn of Penance, Miner

SKEWES Ann Bapt 12 August 1814 No 324 d/o Alexander and Christian Skewes of Chenhale, Mine Clerk

JOSE John Bapt 14th August 1814 No 325 s/o Thomas and Elizabeth Jose of Treskerby, Miner

JOSE William Bapt 14th August 1814 no 326 s/o William and Christian Jose of Lanner, Miner

JOSE Jenifer Bapt 14th August 1814 no 327 d/o John and Elizabeth Jose of Treskerby, Miner

HALSE Susanna Bapt 14th August 1814 no 328 d/o Richard and Martha Halse, of Carharrack Miner

SKEWES John Bapt 17th August 1814 no 329 s/o Richard and Grace Skewes of Whitehall, Miner

ROBINS Joel Bapt 17th August 1814 no 330 s/o George and Alice Robins of  Cusgarne Common, Miner

KELLOW Grace Bapt 17th August 1814 no 331 d/o Joseph and Grace Kellow of Kenwyn Parish, Miner

BENNETT Richard Bapt 20th August 1814 no 332 s/o Thomas and Mary Bennett of St Day, Miner

KNOTWELL Francis Bapt 21st August 1814 no 333 s/o John and Jane Knotwell of Trevethan, Miner

MICHELL Thomas Bapt 21st August 1814 no 334 s/o Richard and Ann Michell of Trevethan, Miner

NICHOLLS James Bapt 25th August 1814 no 335 s/o William and Elizabeth Nicholls of Churchtown, Miner

CURNOW Martha Bapt 30th August 1814 no 336 d/o John and Martha Curnow of Kenwyn Parish, Miner

CHAPMAN Grace Bapt 4th Sept 1814 no 337 d/o James and Mary Chapman of Lanner, Miner

BLAMEY Jane Bapt 11th Sept 1814 no 338 d/o Phillip and Elizabeth Blamey of Cusgarne, Butcher

MORCOM Eliza, 11th Sept 1814, No 339, d/o, Philip & Joanna Morcom, of Carnmarth, Miner.

THOMAS Ann, 11th Sept 1814, No 340, d/o, John & Philippa Thomas, of Lanner Downs, Husbandman.

GUY Elizabeth, 13th Sept 1814, No 341, d/o, John & Elizabeth Guy of Tresaddern, Miner.

WILLIAMS Michael, 13th Sept 1814, No 342, base child of Michael Williams of Perranarworthal, Husbandman, and Charlotte Collins.

GREY Thomas, 18th Sept 1814, No 343, s/o, Thomas & Joanna Grey, of Crofthandy, Miner.

MAY William, 20th Sept 1814, No 344, s/o, Abraham & Jane May, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

THOMAS Edward, aged 2yrs 8m., 20th Sept 1814, No 345, s/o, Edward & Ann Thomas, of Cusgarne, Tile Monger.

THOMAS Grace, 20th Sept 1814, No 346, d/o, Edward & Ann Thomas of Cusgarne, Tile Monger [?]

THOMAS Richard, 20th Sept 1814, No 347, base child of Charles Thomas of Kaye, Miller, & Sophie Sprague.

BENNETTS Mary Ann, 25th Sept 1814, No 348, d/o, William & Mary Bennetts of St Day, Miner.

NEWTON Joseph  30th Sept 1814, No 349, base s/o, Mary Ann Newton of the Workhouse, -Father unknown.

SKINNER Thomas, born June 1812, Bapt. Oct 6th 1814, No 350, s/o, Richard & Grace Skinner of Whitehall, Miner.

WATERS Sophia, 9th Oct 1814, No 351, d/o, Richard & Elizabeth Waters, of Kenwyn, Miner.

KELLY Mary Ann, 9th Oct 1814, No 352, d/o, Joseph & Ann Kelly, of Kenwyn, Miner.

BRAY John, 11th Oct 1814, No 353, s/o, John & Margaret Bray, of Poldice, Miner.

BAWDEN Richard, 14th Oct 1814, No 354, s/o, Thomas & Margaret Bawden of Kenwyn, Miner.

COAD Ann, 15th Oct 1814, No 355, d/o, Samuel & Joanna Coad, of St Day, Sieve Maker.

ANDREW William, 15th Cot 1814, No 356, s/o, John & Mary Andrew of Gear, Husbandman.

TREVERTON Richard, 16th Oct 1814, No 357, s/o, Richard & Mary Treverton, of Cuvee, Miner.

OSBORN / BRAY Harriet, 16th Oct 1814, No 358,  base d/o, John Bray of Trevince Miner & Margaret Osborn of St Just Parish- Widow.

BRAY Mary Ann, 19th Oct 1814, No 359, d/o, Thomas & Ann Bray of Trevarth Common, Miner.

JOSE Ann, 23rd Oct 1814, No 360, d/o, John & Margaret Jose of Trevethan, Miner.

RICHARDS Thomas, 24th Oct 1814, No 361, s/o, Peter & Ann Richards of Tresamble Vean, Miner.

POLMEAR Mark Morcom, 24th Oct 1814, No 362, s/o, William & Joanna Polmear of Cusgarne Common, Husbandman.

WEBSTER Ann, 24th Oct 1814, No 363, d/o, Joseph & Alice Webster of Trevarth, Miner.

VINCENT Nicholas, 28th Oct 1814, No 364, s/o, Nicholas & Ann Vincent of Penstruthal,  Miner.

BURNS Samuel, 28th Oct 1814, No 365, s/o, Samuel & Ann Burns of Trevarth Common, Husbandman.

OATS John, 30th Oct 1814, No 366, s/o, Thomas & Ann Oats, of Kenwyn, Miner.

HARRIS Elizabeth, 30th Oct 1814, No 367, d/o, George & Joanna Harris of Kea, Miner.

PENGELLY William, 31st Oct 1814, No 368, s/o, Stephen & Mary Pengelly, of Scorrier, Miner.

WHITFORD Francis, 6th Nov 1814, No 369, s/o, Richard & Mary Whitford of Carharrack, Miner.

RICHARDS Joanna, 6th Nov 1814, No 370. d/o, Thomas & Grace Richards of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

TREMBERTH Grace, 6th Nov 1814, No 371, d/o, William & Ann Tremberth of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

PERRY Candace, 6th Nov 1814, No 372, d/o, Thomas & Clarinda Perry, of St Day, Miner.

MORCOM Ann, 13th Nov 1814, No 373, d/o, Digory & Mary Morcom of Calban [?], Miner.

MARTIN William Dunstone, 16th Nov 1814, No 374, s/o, William & Mary Martin of Lanner, Miner.

GREY Charles, 17th Nov 1814, No 375, s/o, John & Elizabeth Grey of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

NICHOLLS Catherine, 17th Nov 1814, No 376, d/o, Richard & Mary Nicholls of Trevarth, Miner.

TAMLIN [TAMBLYN]  William, 20th Nov 1814, No 377, s/o, William & Ann Tamlin [Tamblyn] of Chacewater, Miner,

MOYLE Mary, 20th Nov 1814, No 378, d/o, Thomas White Moyle & Grace Moyle, of Chacewater, Miner.

PHILLIPS Elijah, 30th Nov 1814, No 379, s/o, John & Tabitha Phillips of Kenwyn, Miner.

WILLIAMS Elisha, 5th Dec 1814, No 380, s/o, Nicholas & Catherine Williams of Penance, Miner.

JENKIN John, 11th Dec 1814, No 381, s/o, John & Mary Jenkin of Carharrack, Miner.

FRANCIS Jacob, 11th Dec 1814, No 382, s/o, Richard & Ann Francis of Carharrack, Miner.

ANDREW John Ferris, 14th Dec 1814, No 383, s/o, Nicholas & Elisa Andrew, of Trevince, Butcher.

HALES Ann, 24th Dec 1814, No 384, d/o, Grenville & Mary Hales of Carharrack, Miner.

WATTS Isaac, 25th Dec 1814, No 385, s/o, Thomas & Julia Watts of Cusgarne Common, Blacksmith.

TREGILGAS Mary, 25th Dec 1814, No 386, d/o, Thomas & Grace Tregilgas of Penance, Miner.

BLAMEY John, 25th Dec 1814, No 387, s/o, John & Catherine of Busveal, Miner.

SPARGOE John, 25th Dec 1814, No 388, s/o, William & Elizabeth Spargoe of Bell, Miner.

TALLACK Elizabeth, 25th Dec 1814, No 389, d/o, Richard & Elizabeth Tallack, of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

MOYLE John, 25th Dec 1814, No 390, s/o, Michael & Martha, Moyle of Cusgarne Common, Miner.

WASLEY Henry, 26th Dec 1814, No 391, s/o, Thomas & Ann Wasley of Trevarth Common, Miner.

WASLEY Ann, 26th Dec 1814, No 392, d/o, James & Ann Wasley of Trevarth Common, Miner.

HENWOOD Joseph, 26th Dec 1814, No 393, s/o, Samuel & Mary Henwood of Trevince, Miner.


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