Baptisms 1812

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawdens work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598 

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John, s of James & Joanna SAMPSON, 1st January

Abraham, s of John & Ann TREWARTHA, 8th Jan

Daniel Skinner, s of Hugh & Mary BARRATT, 12th Jan

John, s of Richard & Jane RICHARDS, 14th Jan

Mary, d of John & Jane RICHARDS, 14th Jan

Joanna, d of Michael & Elizabeth TREGONING, 14th Jan

John, s of Thomas & Elizabeth HENWOOD, 14th Jan

Thomas, s of John & Jennifer TRENGOVE, 19th Jan

Ann, d of Richard & Ann SAMPSON, 21st Jan

Ann, d of Martin & Catherine HITCHINS, 26th Jan

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Elizabeth JOSE, 26th Jan


John Bray, s of Joseph & Mary FRANCIS, 2nd February

Josiah, s of George & Jane DARLINGSTONE, 2nd Feb

Francis, s of Thomas & Elizabeth CURTIS, 2nd Feb

Grace, d of Richard & Grace HANCOCK, 2nd Feb

Eliza, d of William & Deborah STANTON, 6th Feb

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Ann TOY, 6th Feb

James, s of Samuel & Mary HENWOOD, 6th Feb

Mary Ann, d of John & Harriott HARRIS, 19th Feb

Henry, s of Samuel & Grace STEPHENS, 19th Feb

Joseph, s of John & Margaret JOSE, 23rd Feb

John, s of Thomas & Grace CORNISH, 23rd Feb

John, s of William & Grace PROVIS, 23rd Feb

John, s of John & Priscilla DAVEY, 23rd Feb

William, s of William & Ann HIGGINS, 23rd Feb

William, s of Thomas & Ann BRAY, 26th Feb

Mary Ann, d of James & Elizabeth CHEGWIDDEN, 26th Feb


Benjamin, s of Benjamin & Elizabeth KELLY, 1st March

George, s of John & Philippa BARNETT, 1st Mar

Elisha, s of William & Grace MORCOM, 13th Mar

Ann, d of William & Ann ROWE, 25th Mar

Joseph, s of Joseph & Ann KELLY, 29th Mar

Thomas Williams, s of Abraham & Catherine TREWARTHA, 30th Mar


John Morris, s of Joseph & Elizabeth MICHELL, 3rd APRIL

Ann, d of Nicholas & Jennifer NICHOLLS, 3rd Apr

Elizabeth, d of George & Alice ROBINS, 3rd Apr

Joseph, s of William & Ann TAMBLING, 4th Apr

John, s of John & Hannah JENKIN, 4th Apr

Mary, d of Samuel & Mary TOY, 4th Mar

Mary Ann, d of John & Susanna DAVEY, 12th Apr

Joel, s of Francis & Ann BLAMEY, 12th Apr

Ann, d of Thomas & Mary BENNETS, 12th Apr

Susanna, d of Richard & Elizabeth JENKIN, 15th Apr

Ann, d of Stephen & Sarah GOLDSWORTHY, 16th Apr

Ann, d of John & Mary GREGOR, 16th Apr

Martha, d of Phillip & Mary MANUEL, 16th Apr

James, s of Reuben & Mary MAGOR, 16th Apr

William, s of Ambrose & Jane QUICK, 19th Apr

Ann, d of John & Ann PATT, 20th Apr

Rebeckah, d of James & Alice PASCOE, 20th Apr

Elisha, s of Richard & Sarah WHITFORD, 20th Apr

Solomon, s of James & Mary HOLMAN, 20th Apr

James, s of John & Tabitha PHILLIPS, 20th Apr

Thomas, s of Thomas & Grace RICHARDS, 20th Apr

Harriott, d of Collan & Ann HARVEY, (privately baptised 18th April 1811) 23rd Apr

Louisa, d of Samuel & Joanna CODE, 26th Apr

Ann, d of George & Joanna HARRIS, 26th Apr

Elizabeth, d of Richard & Betsey DINNIS, 26th Apr

Susanna, d of Anthony & Mary BAWDEN, 26th Apr


Martha, d of Richard & Mary NICHOLLS, 1st May

John, s of William & Mary SMITHEM, 6th May

Ann, d of Thomas & Hannah KEMP, 6th May

Grace, d of Thomas & Grace JOBE, 17th May

James, s of William & Ann TUCKFIELD, 17th May

Mary, d of Thomas & Ann NINNIS, 17th May

Maria, d of Robert & Maria HARVEY, 18th May

Mary, d of John & Margaret BRAY, 22nd May

Thomas, s of John & Elizabeth RICHARDS, 22nd May

Jecoliah, d of Matthew & Jecoliah MORCOM, 22nd May

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary FRANCIS, 24th May

Collan & John, twin s's of Christopher & Jennifer RICHARDS, 24th May

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Rebeckah FRANCIS, 24th May

Joseph, s of Samuel & Elizabeth MICHELL, 24th May

Elizabeth, d of Samuel & Elizabeth MICHELL, 24th May

John, s of Anthony & Ann TREWEEK, 24th May

John, s of John & Margaret TREGASKIS, 24th May

Ann, d of Richard & Mary FRANCIS, 24th May

John, s of John & Mary WILLIAMS, 24th May


Edward, s of Joseph & Christian GOLDSWORTHY, 7th June,

Thomas, s of Thomas & Julia WATTS, 7th June

Catherine, d of William & Catherine MILLS, 7th June

Richard, s of Michael & Catherine WILLIAMS, 7th June

Mary, d of Richard & Mary TREGASKIS, 10th June

Margaret, d of Francis & Elizabeth TUCKFIELD, 10th June

Mary, d of Alexander & Chriatian SKEWES, 10th June

Richard, s of Richard & Martha HALES, 14th June

Philippa, d of Richard & Philippa SKINNER, 14th June

Grace, d of Joseph & Grace KELLY, 14th June

Mary, d of William & Winifred HUGO, 28th June

John, s of Stephen & Honour PERREY, 28th June


John, s of William & Mary CANNON, 5th July

Thomas, s of John & Sally LUKE, 5th July

Hester, d of Thomas & Ann WALSERY, 18th July

Joseph, s of John Elizabeth PRIOR, 18th July

Mary Jobe, d of James & Ann SCOBLE, 26th July

Mary, d of Thomas & Anna MORCOM, 27th July

Francis, s of James & Mary EAST, 27th July

William, s of William & Patience LEAN, 28th July

William, s of Samuel & Catherine HARVEY, 28th July

James, s of Henry & Susanna NORTHEY, 29th July

Ann, d of Samuel & Frances SEGMAN, 28th July

Mary Ann, d of Elizabeth Gilbert & Joseph WATERS, 28th July

William, s of Nicholas & Catherine WILLIAMS, 30th July

Mary Ann, d of Richard & Marjory DINNIS, 30th July


Ann, d of Samuel & Elizabeth KENDAL, 2nd August

Josepha, d of Stephen & Mary PENGILLY, 2nd Aug

William, s of William & Elizabeth ROBERTS, 5th Aug

Elizabeth, d of Gregory & Sarah PHILLIPS, 10th Aug

Susan, d of Richard & Catherine CORNISH, 13th Aug

John, s of James & Mary CHYNOWETH, 13th Aug

Matilda, d of Nicholas & Elizabeth JOSE, 13th Aug

Jenifer, d of Matthew & Peggy ANDREW, 13th Aug

Henry, s of Richard & Ann JOSE, 16th Aug

Jane, d of John & Jane KENDAL, 16th Aug

James, s of William & Ann BAWDEN, 19th Aug

Eliza, d of William & Catherine WILIAMS, 23rd Aug 

Eliza, d of Henry & Mary WILLIAMS, 23rd Aug

Henry, s of Peter & Grace JAMES, 28th Aug

Edward, s of Peter & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 28th Aug

Elizabeth, d of Gregory & Betsey RABEY, 28th Aug

Susan, d of Abraham & Sophia TREWARTHA, 28th Aug

Dorcus, d of James & Alice BROWN, aged 2 yrs. 5mths. , 28th Aug

James, s of James & Alice BROWN, aged 15 months, 28th Aug

Alice, d of Joseph & Grace FRANCIS, 30th Aug


Richard, s of William & Ann TREMBEARTH, 2nd September

William, s of Nicholas & Philippa ODGERS, 3rd Sept

Joseph, s of John & Jane EDDY, 3rd Sept

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary MORCOM, 3rd Sept

Christopher Spurryer, s of Richard & Elizabeth MOYLE, 6th Sept

Mary Ann, d of William & Elizabeth NICHOLLS, 6th Sept

Catherine, d of Sampson & Catherine KELLEY, 10th Sept

James, s of John & Elizabeth TREMBERTH, 10th Sept

Eliza Collins, d of Richard & Jenifer BAWDEN, 11th Sept

Rosina, d of Philip & Elizabeth BLAMEY, 20th Sept

John Trelease, s of Abraham & Jane MAY, 20th Sept

Mattew Williams, s of John & Marjory BLAMEY, 20th Sept

William, s of William & Ann TREGONING, 20th Sept

Agnes, d of William & Ann BARRATT, 22ns Sept

John, s of William & Ann BRAY, 22nd Sept

James, s of Stephen & Elizabeth MICHELL, 27th Sept


William, s of John & Elizabeth PENHALUNA, 4th October,

Charles, s of John & Mary OATS, 4th Oct

Elizabeth, d of John & Martha CARNE, 4th Oct

William, s of John & Elizabeth HOCKING, 4th Oct

John, s of William & Mary PENROSE, 4th Oct

Mary Ann, d of Paul & Martha FRANCIS, 4th Oct

Elizabeth, d of Lawrence & Mary KESSEL, 11th Oct

John, s of John & Margaret STEPHENS, 11th Oct

Paul, s of Thomas & Ann HITCHINS, 11th Oct

Mary Ann, d of Philip & Joanna MORCOM, 11th Oct

Joseph, s of Daniel & Grace BLAMEY, 11th Oct

Mary, d of Henry & Jane BROWN, 14th Oct

Richard, s of John & Sarah PENHALURICK, 14th Oct

Eliza, d of Elizabeth Luke & John BISHOP, 14th Oct

John, s of Hercules & Isabella PASCOE, 18th Oct

Harriott, d of Samuel & Ann HITCHINS, 20th Oct

James, s of John & Lydia WILLIAMS, 20th Oct

Joanna, d of James & Parnel SARAH, 24th Oct

Mary Ann, d of George & Grace PASCOE, 24th Oct

Mary Ann, d of William & Mary DAVY, 25th Oct

Abel, s of Matthew & Eleanor WATTS, 25th Oct


William, s of John & Mary DAVEY, 1st November

Mary, d of John & Mary MAGOR, 1st Nov

Elizabeth, d of Peter & Jenifer TREGASKIS, 3rd Nov

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Joanna ESLICK, 8th Nov

Simeon, s of Peter & Ann TOY, 8th Nov

William, s of William & Martha WASLEY, 8th Nov

Mary Ann, d of Richard & Mary BONDS, 15th Nov

Augustus, s of Augustus & Mary MORCOM, 19th Nov

William, s of Joseph & Ann DINNIS, 19th Nov

Richard EDWARDS, Illegitimate s of Mary Bray & Richard Edwards, 19th Nov

Mary Ann, d of Thomas & Mary BARRATT, 20th Nov

]William Henry, s of Thomas & Elizabeth JENKIN, 20th Nov

Jone, d of Anthony & Grace SANDO,  22nd Nov

Nicholas, s of John & Elizabeth TREWEEK, 22nd Nov

Sukey, d of John & Elizabeth GREY, 24th Nov

Elizabeth, d of William & Grace ISAAC, 24th Nov

Elizabeth, d of William & Grace LEAN, 29th Nov


John, s of John & Jenifer SKEWES, 6th Dec

John, s of William & Mary TABB, 6th Dec

Samuel, s of Samuel & Joanna DINNIS, 13th Dec

Avis, d of John & Elizabeth SANDO, 13th Dec

Martin, s of John & Mary MORRIS, 13th Dec

Mary Ann, d of Richard & Mary WHITFORD, 13th Dec

Mark, s of James & Ann WHITFORD, 18th Dec

John, s of James & Ann CHAPMAN, 18th Dec

James, s of Timothy & Grace LAWN, 18th Dec

Samuel, s of Mary Curno & Henry BAWDEN, 18th Dec

Joseph, s of William & Mary WATERS, 20th Dec

Joseph Manuel, s of Hobson & Martha OSBORN, 20th Dec

Margaret, d of William & Elizabeth SPARGO, 25th Dec

Eliza, d of Thomas & Grace KENDAL, 25th Dec

Matthew, s of Matthew & Maria KINSMAN, 25th Dec

Elizabeth, d of William & Alice HERRING, 25th Dec

Mary, d of Nicholas & Grace POLMEER, 26th Dec

Deborah Gundry, d of Tristram & Margaret POWNING, 27th Dec

Joseph, s of Joseph & Martha WATERS, 27th Dec

Thomas Morcom, s of James & Frances STANAWAY, 27th Dec

Ann, d of Richard & Dorothy NICHOLLS, 27th Dec

Peggy, d of Richard & Ann MANUELL, 27th Dec

John Harris, s of Richard & Jane TIDDY, 27th Dec


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