Baptisms 1808

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawdens work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598 

Page No. 080



Mary, d of Alexander & Mary TRUSCOT, 2nd January

Christian, d of William & Charity TREGONING, 5th Jan

Johanna, d of Samuel & Mary HENWOOD, 5th Jan

Mary, d of Bennet & Mary OPEY, 5th Jan

Eliza, d of Bennet & Jennifer DREW, 10th Jan

Grace, d of Simeon & Betsey ROBINS, 10th Jan

Christian, d of John & Martha EDWARDS, 16th Jan

Hugh, s of Richard & Ann JOSE, 17th Jan

John, s of James & Ann REED, 19th Jan

Richard, s of John & Susannah JEFFERY, 24th Jan

Mary, d of Richard & Mary JEFFERY, 24th Jan

Ann, d of Richard & Elizabeth LIGHT, 24th Jan

Abraham, s of John & Mary BURN, 30th Jan

Jane, d of James & Jennifer MARTYN, 31st Jan


Eliza; d of Sampson & Catherine KELLEY, 1st February

John, s of John & Elizabeth WHITFORD, 1st Feb

James, s of James & Constance CURTIS, 7th Feb

Abishai, d of Thomas & Clarinda, PERRY, 14th Feb

Jecoliah, d of Matthew & Jecoliah MORCOM, 17th Feb

Loveday, d of John & Mary HART, 21st Feb

Susannah, d of Richard & Susannah LUKE, 21st Feb

Samuel & Ann, twin children of John & Amelia SKINFIELD, 26th Feb

Grace, d of Sampson & Mary CHYNOWETH, 26th Feb

John, s of George & Jane STODDEN, 26th Feb

Thomas, s of Thomas & Elizabeth CURTIS, 28th Feb

Richard, s of Tobias & Elizabeth MICHELL, 28th Feb

James, s of Tobias & Elizabeth MICHELL, 28th Feb

Catherine, d of Anthony & Ann TREWEEK, 28th Feb

William, s of William & Mary PRIOR, 28th Feb


Eulalia, d of William & Eleanor BRAY, 6th March

John, s of John & Philippa BARNET, 6th March

Henry, s of Martin & Catherine HITCHINS, 13th March

William James, s of James & Elizabeth TYACK, 13th March

Maria, d of John & Mary MAGOR, 13th March

William, s of John & Mary WILLIAMS, 20th March

Mary, d of Thomas & Sarah LASHBROOK, 20th March

Joseph, s of Thomas & Mary HITCHINS, 20th March

Eleanor Michell, d of Richard & Mary GRIBBLE, 27th March

Deborah, d of Richard & Grace ODGERS, 27th March


Grace, d of Thomas & Mary NICHOLLS, 3rd April

Henry, s of Thomas & Ann LETCHER, 10th April

Sophia, d of Richard & Mary TRENGOVE, 11th April

Joel, s of Joel & Sarah GREOSE, 12th April

Charles, s of Charles & Ann WARD, 12th April

Samuel, s of Samuel & Rebeckah YOULTON, 12th April

Catherine Ann, d of William & Philippa HARVEY, 12th April

Joseph, s of John & Honour BENBOW, 12th April

William, s of Thomas & Mary PERROW, 12th April

Richard, s of Richard & Patience MORCOM, 12th April

Grace, d of James & Catherine KELLY, 12th April

Elizabeth, d of Nicholas & Mary TRUSCOTT, 12th April

James, s of Michael & Margaret ALLEN, 15th April

Emanuell, s of Emanuel & Mary WHITFORD, 15th April

Christian, d of Nicholas & Mary BONE, 15th April

John, s of Ralph & Ann CLEMO, 17th April

Joseph, s of Richard & Grace DREADON, 17th April

William, s of John & Ann TREGONNING, (born 5th Jan 1789) 23rd April

Anthony, s of John & Julian BRAY, 24th April

John, s of John & Elizabeth BILLING, 25th April

Thomas, s of John & Harriot HARRIS, 25th April

Mary, d of Thomas & Mary PRIOR, 28th April


William, s of William & Ann TREMBEARTH, 1st May

John, s of John & Sarah TREMBEARTH, 1st May

James, s of William & Ann HIGGINS, 1st May

Samuel, s of James & Rebeckah DUNSTON, 1st May

Samuel, s of Samuel & Blanch POLLARD, 5th May

Samuel, s of Samuel & Mary BICE, 9th May

John, s of Henry & Mary TREMBEARTH, 10th May

James, s of Nicholas & Mary TREWEEK, 10th May

John, s of Joseph & Grace YOULTON, 10th May

Francis, s of John & Elizabeth PAYNTER, 15th May

Joanna, d of John & Jane CORNISH, 15th May

James, s of James & Paternal SARAH, 15th May

Richard, s of Richard & Mary WILLIAMS, 16th May

Josiah, s of Richard & Jennifer BAWDEN, 18th May

John, s of John & Elizabeth BAWDEN, 18th May

John, s of Benjamin & Ann JENKING, 19th May

Collan Thomas Allen, s of Collan & Agnes BAWDEN, 22nd May

Edward, s of Edward & Jane TREGILGAS, 26th May

Mary, d of Edward & Alice MORCOM, 26th May

James, s of John & Amelia JOBE, 26th May

Elizabeth, d of John & Joanna MORCOM, 26th May


Susan, d of John & Elizabeth MANUEL, 5th June

Jane, d of James & Ann SCOBLE, 5th June

John, s of William & Mary MENDER, 5th June

Richard, s of William & Jennifer KENDAL, 5th June

Thomas, s of Thomas & Ann BRAY, 5th June

Elizabeth, d of Benjamin & Elizabeth SPARGO, 5th June

Margaret,d of William & Christian JOSE, 6th June 

Thomas. s of John & Jane EDDY, 6th June

Susanna, d of James & Susannah SKEWES, 6th June

Joel, s of James & Christian WILLIAMS, 6th June

William, s of John & Catherine WHITBURNE, 6th June

Eliza, d of William & Grace LEAN, 12th June

Anthony, s of Emanuel & Mary SCOBLE, 15th June

William, s of William & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 19th June

Ann, d of Thomas & Ann TRENGOVE, 19th June

Jennifer, d of John & Jane LUKE, 19th June

John, s of Jesse & Lovedy LEAN, 22nd June

Jennifer, d of Richard & Mary NICHOLLS, 22nd June

John, s of John & Rachel MORCOM, 22nd June

Allice, d of William & Ann LAMPSHIRE, 22nd June

Absalom, s of Nicholas & Catherine BAWDEN, 22nd June

Elisha, s of Ebenezer & Mary HITCHINS, 22nd June

John, s of William & Christian ANNEAR, 26th June

Susanna, d of Michael & Catherine WILLIAMS, 26th June

Joanna, d of John & Joanna MORCOM, 26th June

Eliza, d of Paul & Jennifer MANLEY, 27th June

Mary Ann, d of William & Elizabeth WHITFORD, 27th June

John, s of John & Marcia PHILLIPS, 27th June

Mary, d of Thomas & Mary FRANCIS, 27th June

Henry, s of Thomas & Mary KNEEBONE, 27th June

William, s of William & Susanna HERVEY, 27th June

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Joanna KEMP, 28th June

Margaret, d of William & Ann TUCKFIELD, 28th June

James, s of Samuel & Mary HITCHINS, 28th June

Elizabeth, d of William & Elizabeth LAWN, 28th June

William, s of Thomas & Sarah HITCHINS, 28th June

William, s of William & Mary HITCHINS, 28th June


Sarah, d of William & Mary BECKERLEG, 1st July

Jennifer, d of Richard & Elizabeth BARNETT, 3rd July

Mary, d of William & Ann ROWE, 10th July

Richard James, s of John & Ann HAWKE, 21st July

Ann, d of Richard & Mary HITCHINS, 24th July

Joanna, d of James & Eleanor WHITBURNE, 24th July

Sophia, d of Philip & Elizabeth BLAMEY, 24th July

Joseph, s of Thomas & Mary CURNO, 27th July

Simeon, s of William & Mary MAGOR, 27th July

Thomas, s of Melchisedeck & Jane KINSMAN, 27th July

Mary, d of Thomas & Ann FRANCIS, 31st July


Catherine, d of Nicholas & Ann VINCENT, 4th August

William, s of John & Elizabeth BARNETT, 7th Aug

William, s of Alexander & Christian SKEWES, 13th Aug

Catherine, d of Hugh & Susanna TREGONING, 14th Aug

Joseph, s of William & Mary RICHARD, 15th Aug

William, s of Diggory & Mary MORCOM, 21st Aug

John, s of John & Elizabeth TIPPET, 21st Aug

Richard Barrett, s of Thomas & Joyce BRAY, 22nd Aug

Mary Ann, d of John & Philippa THOMAS, 22nd Aug

William, s of William & Mary SMITHAM, 27th Aug

John, s of John & Sarah BARGWENNA, 27th Aug

James, s of James & Frances STANWAY, 29th Aug


Thomas, s of Thomas & Elizabeth JOSE, 1st September

Thomas, s of John & Sarah BANDS, 1st Sept

Maria, d of Philip & Maria FURSER, 1st Sept

Grace, d of Pearce & Blanch BILLING, Aged 10 years, 1st Sept

Michael, s of John & Jennifer JOBE, 1st Sept

William, s of Charles & Mary MINERS, 1st Sept

Ann, d of Francis & Ann BLAMEY, 1st Sept

Diggory, s of Diggory & Mary MORCOM, 4th Sept

William, s of William & Elizabeth COCK, 5th Sept

Elizabeth, d of William & Ann HICKS, 11th Sept

Thomas, s of Charles & Maria WASLEY, 11th Sept

John Whitford Waters, s of Richard & Catherine WHITFORD, 12th Sept

Mary, d of Joseph & Rebeckah JEWELL. 12th Sept

Elizabeth, d of John & Elizabeth GRAY, 12th Sept

Christian, d of John & Sarah LUKE, 12th Sept

Elizabeth COURTNEY, illegitimate d of Matthew Courtney & Mary Carne, 18th Sept

Mary, d of James & Ann HOSKING, 23rd Sept

Ann, d of Benjamin & Jennifer ODGERS, 23rd Sept

David, s of David & Ann ANNEAR, 25th Sept

Joseph & Mary, children of Daniel & Grace BLAMEY, 25th Sept

Richard, s of Collan & Ann HARVEY, 30th Sept


James, s of John & Elizabeth WHITFORD, 3rd Oct

Josiah, s of John & Mary TRELOAR, 3rd Oct

Michael, s of Collan & Mary NICHOLLS, 3rd Oct

Eliza, d of James & Mary HOLMAN, 3rd Oct

Elizabeth, d of Lambeth & Elizabeth BAWDEN, 3rd Oct

Sally, d of William & Sarah CORNISH, 6th Oct

James, s of Reginald & Mary JENKIN, 9th Oct

Philippa, d of Robert & Maria NORTHY, 9th Oct

Joanna, d of Richard & Betsey DINNIS, 9th Oct

James, s of John & Mary DAVEY, 16th Oct

Mary Ann, d of John & Joanna, GERRANS, 16th Oct

William, s of Terrah & Ann MURRAY, 16th Oct

Thomas, s of William & Ann TREGONING, 16th Oct

Ann, d of Thomas & Ann TOY, 17th Oct

Mary, d of Thomas & Jennifer CURNO, 17th Oct

Lydia, d of Stephen & Mary HITCHINS, 17th Oct

Jecoliah, d of John & Elizabeth MORCOM, 22nd Oct

Joseph, s of William & Ann HITCHINS, 22nd Oct

Mary Ann, d of George & Jennifer DARLINGSTONE, 22nd Oct

Robert, s of Philip & Jane RABY, 30th Oct

William, s of Thomas & Mary ENDANE, 30th Oct

James, s of Edmund & Mary CHEGWEDDEN, 30th Oct

Joseph, s of Joseph & Frances MICHELL, 30th Oct

Elizabeth, d of Hercules & Isabella PASCOE, 30th Oct


Richard, s of George & Mary SARAH, 6th November

Mary, d of Thomas & mary POWNING, 6th Nov

Ann, d of William & Ann BRAY, 6th Nov

Eliza, d of William & Mary PENROSE, 6th Nov

Stephen, s of William & Joanna THOMAS, 9th Nov

Susanna, d of James & Catherine SAMPSON, 13th Nov

Peter, s of Peter & Perces TREWARTHA, 20th Nov

Henry, s of Martin & Catherine GOLDSWORTHY, 27th Nov

Elisa, d of Stephen & Elizabeth BAWDEN, 27th Nov


John, s of John & Catherine MOYLE, 1st December

Thomas, s of William & Mary FRANCIS, 1st Dec

Agnes, d of Joseph & Grace FRANCIS, 4th Dec

Eliza, d of Alexander & Grace GUNDRY, 4th Dec

Mary Ann, d of Thomas & Grace RICHARDS, 4th Dec

John, s of Joseph & Ann TREGASKIS, 4th Dec

John, s of William & Alice CURTIS, 4th Dec

Elizabeth, d of Henry & Elizabeth PHILIPS, 4th Dec

William, s of John & Jane KENDAL, 6th Dec

Aurelia, d of Simeon & Margaret KINSMAN, 6th Dec

Ann, d of John & Philippa SANDOE, 8th Dec

Richard, s of John & Grace DYER, 11th Dec

Elizabeth, d of William & Mary WASLEY, 11th Dec

Eliza, d of John & Mary BAWDEN, 13th Dec

Joseph, s of Thomas & Jecoliah FRANCIS, 25th Dec

Martha, d of James & Margaret JENKIN, 25th Dec

John, s of Peter & Ann RICHARDS, 25th Dec

John, s of Thomas & Elizabeth BROWN, 25th Dec

Grace, d of John & Jane ROGERS, 25th Dec

William, s of Nicholas & Grace POLMEAR, 25th Dec

Thomas, s of Thomas & Grace MANUELL, 26th Dec

Henry, s of Henry & Mary WILLIAMS, 26th Dec

James, s of James & Mary DAVY, 26th Dec

Walter, s of Richard & Elizabeth JENKIN, 26th Dec

Martha, d of James & Parnell HOSKIN, 26th Dec

Francis, s of Michael & Martha MOYLE, 26th Dec


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