Baptisms 1802

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawdens work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598

Page No. 059



Jenefer THOMAS, base child of George Thomas & Sarah Tyrell, 3rd January

Harriet, d of Thomas & Jenefer DREW, 3rd Jan

Jenefer, d of John & Ann TREWEEK, 3rd Jan

John, s of William & Mary DENNIS, 10th Jan

William, s of Henry & Charlotte COLLINS, 10th Jan

Elizabeth, d of Richard & Philippa SKINNER, 17th Jan

Alice, d of Edward & Alice GOLDSWORTHY, 24th Jan

William, s of Walter & Margaret JEFFERY, 24th Jan

Peter, s of Peter & Susanna BUCKINGHAM, 24th Jan

Richard, s of William & Joanna BRAY, 24th Jan

John, s of  William & Elizabeth MORCOMBE, 24th Jan

Mary, d of James & Ann NICHOLS, 25th Jan

Jenefer, d of Francis & Ann BLAMEY, 31st Jan

Mary Ann, d of William & Margery BAWDEN, 31st Jan


John, s of John & Ann PASCOE, 7th February

Joseph, s of James & Mary NICHOLS, 9th Feb

Jenefer, d of William & Christian ANNEAR, 14th Feb

Jenefer, d of William & Jenefer PAUL, 17th Feb

James, s of John & Ann BRAY, 17th Feb

Philip, s of Philip & Jenefer BRAY, 18th Feb

John, s of John & Margery JOSE, 21st Feb

John, s of Jeremiah & Jenefer NICHOLAS, 21st Feb

Mary, d of Francis & Eleanor SANDOE, 21st Feb

Elizabeth, d of Joseph & Mary FRANCIS, 21st Feb

John, s of Thomas & mary MARTYN, 26th Feb

Henry, s of Richard & Ann NOEL, 28th Feb

William, s of Richard & Grace BAWDEN, 28th Feb

Mark, s of Mark & Catherine BAWDEN, 28th Feb

Thomas, s of Simon & Ann DAVY, 28th Feb


Mary & Grace, d's of Benjamin & Grace KELLY, 21st MARCH

John, s of Pearse & Mary PENHALURICK, 21st Mar

 Jane, d of John & Dinah BRAY, 21st Mar

Joseph, s of James & Jemma LEAN, 23rd Mar

John, s of John & Mary BAWDEN, 28th Mar

John, s of Thomas & Elizabeth JENKINS, 28th Mar

Elizabeth, d of Joel & Mary SCOBLE, 28th Mar

Joanna, d of John & Miriam PHILLIPS, 28th Mar

Thomas WEEKS, base child of William Weeks & Mary Holman, 30th Mar

Sarah, d of Francis & Elizabeth NOTWELL, 31st Mar

Mary, d of William & Philippa PENGELLY, 31st Mar


William, s of William & Philippa PENGELLY, 2nd April

Mary, d of John & Martha OATS, 4th Apr

Edward, s of Joel & Sarah GROSE, 4th Apr

Jenefer, d of James & Catherine KELLY, 9th Apr

Sarah, d of Richard & Sarah TIDDY, 11th Apr

Henry, s of Hugh & Jenefer PHILLIPS, 11th Apr

Joseph, s of Walter & Susanna SIMMONS, 14th Apr

Grace, d of John & Mary PAUL, 20th Apr

William, s of John & Elizabeth KINSMAN, 25th Apr

Harriet, d of James & Mary BROWN, 25th Apr

Christopher, s of John & Elizabeth TREWEEK, 25th Apr


Philippa, d of William & Sarah TREWARTHA, 1st May

Ann, d of Matteh & Jenefer VIVIAN, 1st May

Ann, d of William & Ann BAWDEN, 1st May

Stephen, s of Edward & Ann YOUREN, 2nd May

William, s of Paul & Ann RABY, 2nd May

Eliza, d of Richard & Elizabeth BARNETT, 2nd May

Elizabeth, d of Peter & Jenefer TREGASKIS, 2nd May

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary TIDDY, 9th May

Jenefer, d of Thomas & Mary WILLIAMS, 9th May

Philippa, d of Richard & Catherine WHITFORD, 15th May

James, s of William & Rebecca LOBB, 23rd May

Catherine, d of Thomas & Catherine BANDS, 23rd May

Jonathan, s of Nicholas & Catherine BAWDEN, 23rd May

James, s of John & Sarah SCOBLE, 27th May


Julian, d of John & Ann HAWKE, 6th June

James, s of John & Jane BEHENNA, 6th June

Mary, d of William & Deborah STANTON. 6th June

William, s of Joseph & Jenefer PRIOR, 6th June

Jenefer, d of William & Joanna DOWRICK, 6th June

Mary, d of Thomas & Mary BENNETT, 6th June

Joanna, d of Samuel & Ann HITCHINS, 6th June

James, s of John & Ann AXFORD, 7th June

Jane, d of Thomas & Catherine WILLIAMS, 7th June

James, s of James & Catherine KELLY, 7th June

John, s of Daniel & Grace BLAMEY, 7th June

Ann, d of James & Jenefer MARTYN, 7th June

William, s of Thomas & Susanna TYACK, 7th June

Ann, d of Joseph & Ann TREGASKS, 8th June

Richard Tregajenson, s of William & Ann BRAY, 8th June

Richard, s of James & Mary MAGAR, 8th June

John, s of Charles & Mary RULE, 8th June

Mary, d of Charles & Mary RULE, 8th June

Ann, d of Nicholas & Ann RICHARDS, 8th June

Catherine, d of Daniel & Ann BLAMEY, 16th June

John, s of Thomas & Ann LETCHER, 20th June

William, s of William & Ann KEAT, 20th June

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Mary HARRIS, 21st June

Thomas, s of Anthony & Ann WILLIAMS, 27th June

Richard, s of Melchisedeck & Jane KINSMAN, 27th June


Eleanor, d of Michael & Jane WILLIAMS, (privately baptised 20th Sept 1799) 15th JULY 

Ann, d of Michael & Jane WILLIAMS, (privately baptised 5th Jan 1802) 18th July

William, s of Joel & Mary WHITBURN, 18th July

Elizabeth, d of Joseph & Mary NOTWELL, 21st July

William, s of William & Elizabeth WHITFORD, 21st July

William, s of John & Christian TRUREN, 25th July

John, s of Matthew & Elizabeth WATERS, 29th July

Mary, d of John & Jane TREWARTHA, 30th July


William, s of Richard & Mary FRANCIS, 1st August

James, s of George & Elizabeth CHALLEW, 8th Aug

Richard, s of Tobias & Elizabeth MICHELL, 8th Aug

Mary, d of Thomas & Ann BANDS, 8th Aug

Samuel, s of John & Jane KEMP, 15th Aug

Abraham, s of Abraham & Elizabeth RILPH, 15th Aug

John, s of James & Lovedy WHITFORD, 18th Aug

Catherine, d of Francis & Rachel TYACK, 18th Aug

James, s of William & Mary TREGONNING, 18th Aug

James, s of Francis & Catherine PEARSE, 19th Aug

James, s of John & Mary TRENERRY, 22nd Aug

Grace, s of James & Mary JENKINS, 22nd Aug

Grace, d of Martin & Catherine GOLDSWORTHY, 22nd Aug

Richard, s of Peter & Francis BARRATT, 22nd Aug

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Elizabeth MICHELL, 22nd Aug

John, s of Digory & Ann MORCOMBE, 22nd Aug

Peter, s of Peter & Parnel THOMAS, 22nd Aug

Stephen, s of John & Jane EDDY, 22nd Aug

Amy, d of Stephen & Amy HITCHINS, 22nd Aug

Grace Beatrice, d of Samuel & Ann HITCHINS, 25th Aug

Mary, d of William & Susanna SIMMONS, 29th Aug

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary NOTWELL, 29th Aug

Almond, s of John & Leah CHAPMAN, 29th Aug

Mary Ann, d of Thomas & Mary PERROW, 30th Aug

Sarah, d of Nicholas & Grace CANNON, 30th Aug

Ann, d of James & Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, 30th Aug


Elizabeth, d of Richard & Elizabeth JENKINS, 5th September

Samuel, s of John & Jenefer MATTHEWS, 5th Sept

Thomas, s of William & Elizabeth, BUTSON, 5th Sept

James, s of William & Christian, WILLIAMS, 5th Sept

Collan, s of Richard & Mary SKEWIS, 8th Sept

Ann, d of William & Ann SPARGOE, 8th Sept

William, d of William & Sarah CORNISH, 9th Sept

Richard,  s of William & Mary RICHARDS, 9th Sept

Thomas, s of Thomas & Ann TRENGOVE, 12th Sept

Philippa, d of  Philip & Mary SINNOTT, 12th Sept

William, s of William & William & Ann HICKS, 12th Sept

Elisha, s of James & Mary HOLMAN, 12th Sept

Jenefer, d of Christopher & Susanna WHITFORD, 12th Sept

Timothy, s of  Timothy & Grace LAUN, 12th Sept

Susanna, d of Stephen & Mary PENGELLY, 12th Sept

Mary, d of Robert & Elizabeth MALACHI, 19th Sept

John DROWN, base child of John Drown & Phoebe Greet, of Falmouth, 22nd Sept

Peggy, d of John & Isabella HITCHINS, 26th Sept

Mary Vivian, d of Nicholas & Catherine JOB, 26th Sept

Grace, d of Thomas & Grace YEATS, 26th Sept

Ann, d of Samuel & Mary HANCOCK, 26th Sept

Elizabeth, d of James & Elizabeth MICHELL, 26th Sept

Richard, s of James & Grace BAWDEN, 30th Sept


Philippa, d of Philip & Jane RABY, 3rd October

William, s of William & Elizabeth ROBERTS, 3rd Oct

James, s of James & Mary SPRAGUE, 3rd Oct

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary CHYNOWETH, 3rd Oct

John, s of John & Honour BENBOW, 9th Oct

John, s of William & Mary CURNOE, 10th Oct

Susanna, d of Richard & Prudence BENNET, 10th Oct

William, s of John & Elizabeth BROWN, 10th Oct

Ann, d of William & Mary CURTIS, 10th Oct

Jenefer, d of William & Catherine WILLIAMS, 11th Oct

Mary, d of Richard & Mary NICHOLS, 17th Oct

Henry, s of Benjamin & Ann JENKINS, 17th Oct

Richard, s of David & Sarah ANNEAR, 17th Oct

Michael, s of Michael & Margaret ALLEN, 17th Oct

John, s of Collan & Ann WILLIAMS, 24th Oct

Joel, s of Samuel & Ann WHITBURN, 31st Oct

John, s of Samuel & Blanch POLLARD, 31st Oct

Joseph, s of Joseph & Joanna GRENFIELD, 31st Oct

Margaret, d of Martin & May SKINNER, 31st Oct

Edward, s of Richad & Hannah Jeffery, 31st Oct


Richard, s of James & Catherine GRAY, 3rd Nov

John, s of John & Mary SIMMONS, 7th Nov

John, s of William & Ann TREWEEK, 7th Nov

William, s of Richard & Amelia RULE, 7th Nov

William, s of Martin & Elizabeth RICHARDS, 7th Nov

Constance, d of Henry & Catherine WILLIAMS, 7th Nov

Tabitha BASTIN, base child of James Basten & Mary Peters, 8th Nov

Collan, s of George & Ann PASCOE, 10th Nov

Martha, d of William & Ann BRAY, 14th Nov

Alice, d of Edwad & Alice MORCOMBE, 14th Nov

Edmund, s of Edward & Elizabeth MARTIN, 14th Nov

William, s of John & Joanna SPARGOE, 21st Nov

Mary, d of Daniel & Mary BLAMEY, 21st Nov

Joseph, s of Joseph & Phillipa ROGERS, 21st Nov

Susanna, d of James & Catherine MALACHI, 21st Nov

Grace, d of Henry & Margaret MORCOMBE, 21st Nov

Belinda, d of James & Grace ROBERTS, 25th Nov

John, s of Richard & Mary ANNEAR, 25th Nov

Thomas, s of John & Mary SKINFELD, 28thNov

Mary, d of Samuel & Mary BICE, 28th Nov

Elizabeth, d of Henry & Mary REED, 28th Nov


Joseph, s of William & Martha WHITBURN, 2nd Dec

John, s of Thomas & Mary PRIOR, 2nd Dec

Mary, d of Anthony & Mary BART, 10th Dec

Jenefer, d of Stephen & Elizabeth MICHELL, 12th Dec

Samuel, s of James & Ann HOSKIN, 25th Dec

Thomazin, d of William & Mary BRAY, 25th Dec

Elizabeth, d of Anthony & Ann TREWEEK, 25th Dec

John, s of Nicholas & Ann PENROSE, 26th Dec

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Ann VARCOE, 26th Dec

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Ann TREWARTHA, 26th Dec


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