Baptisms 1799

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawdens work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598 / REF. P79/1/4

Page No. 047



Joanna, d of William & Jane WHITFORD, 6th January

Lovedy, d of William & Lovedy DAVY, 6th Jan

Charles, s of Thomas & Clarinda PERRY, 6th Jan

John, s of William & Joyse DAVIS, 7th Jan

Joseph, s of Paul & Dorcus MICHELL, 7th Jan

Samuel, s of Samuel & Elizabeth COLLINS, 7th Jan

Mahalath, s of James & Mary MEDLING, 7th Jan

Mirian, d of John & Elizabeth JORY, 7th Jan

John, s of William & Margaret TONKIN, 9th Jan

Thomas, s of John & Ann BRAY, 9th Jan

Elizabeth, d of William & Temperance NOTWELL, 9th Jan

Elizabeth, d of William & Ann KESSEL, 13th Jan

Elizabeth, d of John & Mary MICHELL, 13th Jan

Thomas, s of James & Mary HOLMAN, 13th Jan

Ann, d of John & Christian TRUREN, 15th Jan

Mary, d of Nicholas & Catherine BAWDEN, 20th Jan

James, s of Benjamin & Mary JENNINGS, 20th Jan

Elizabeth, d of John & Jane TREGONNING, 20th Jan

Charles, s of Charles & Miriam WASLEY, 23rd Jan

Elizabeth, d of William & Elizabeth TREWARTHA, 27th Jan

Francis, s of Wm. & Ann RICHARDS, 28th Jan

William, s of Paul & Ann RABY, 28th Jan


Ann, d of William & Christian JOSE, 3rd February

Ann, d of Richard & Ann BLAMEY, 3rd Feb

Elizabeth BUCKINGHAM, case child of John Buckingham & Elizabeth Bray, 3rd Feb

Elizabeth, d of Nicholas & Frances JAMES, 10th Feb

Sarah, d of David & Sarah ANNEAR, 10th Feb

Francis, s of William & Cath. TREBILCOCK, 10th Feb

Harriet, d of Richard & Margaret BENNET, 24th Feb

William, s of Wm & Ann SPARGOE, 24th Feb

Joanna, d of John & Joanna SPARGOE, 24th Feb


Ann, d of George & Grace BENNET, 3rd March

Honour, d of John & Honour BENBOW, 3rd Mar

Ann, d of John & Mary SPARGOE, 4th Mar

Josiah, s of John & Elizabeth MORCOMB, 6th Mar

Thomas, s of Charles & Elizabeth BARNET, 10th Mar

John, s of William & Mary HITCHINS, 13th Mar

Walter, s of William & Ann TREWEEK, 17th Mar

William,s of William & Ann TREWARTHA, 17th Mar

James, s of James & Margaret BRAY, 24th Mar

Margaret, d of John & Ann PASCOE, 25th Mar

Philippa, d of John & Philippa THOMAS, 25th Mar

John, s of William & Christian TREGONNING, 25th Mar

John, s of John & Joanna NICHOLS, 31st Mar

Alice, d of John & Alice HART, 31st Mar

Ann, d of Anthony & Ann TREWEEK, 31st Mar


William, s of Edward & Sarah HARRIS, 2nd April

Elizabeth, d of Edward & Sarah HARRIS, 2nd Apr

Mary, d of Richard & Mary NINESS, 3rd Apr

John, s of John & Eleanor MANUEL, 3rd Apr

Mary, d of Martin & Elizabeth RICHARDS, 7th Apr

Francis, s of Francis & Grace RILPH, 7th Apr

Margaret, d of Hercules & Susanna PAINTER 7th Apr

James, s of James & Jane WASLEY, 8th Apr

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary CURNOE, 14th Apr

Richard, s of Richard & Elizabeth JENKINS, 21st Apr

Samuel, s of Samuel & Jane COAD, 21st Apr

James, s of Richard & Grace PHILLIPS, 24th Apr

Elizabeth, d of Nicholas & Susanna WILLIAMS, 25th Apr

Charles, s of John & Elizabeth PAINTER, 25th Apr

Elizabeth, d of Michael & Margaret ALLEN, 28th Apr

Catherine, d of William & Mary CURNOE, 28th Apr

Elizabeth, d of John & Elizabeth DUNSTON, 28th Apr


Mary, d of Francis & Elizabeth NOTWELL, 5th May

Mary, d of Henry & Elizabeth MORCOMBE, 5th May

Josiah, s of James & Catherine, HARVEY, 5th May

Elizabeth, d of Walter & Susanna SIMMONS, 11th May

Catherine, d of James & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 12th May

Mary, d of James & Mary SPRAGUE, 12th May

Charles, s of Abraham & Elizabeth BUZZA, 12th May

Ann, d of Hugh & Susanna TREGONNING, 12th May

Alice, d of William & Temperance REED, 14th May

Michael, s of William & Ann MARTYN, 19th May

Thomas, s of Thomas & Elizabeth MICHELL, 19th May

Josiah, s of William & Mary DENNIS, 19th May

Elizabeth, d of Henry & Jane WHITFORD, 19th May

Martin, d of Anthony & Thomasin JAMES, 26th May

Mary, d of John & Ann RICHARDS, 26th May

Jane, d of John & Ann TREGONNING, 27th May

William, s of John & Sarah BANDS, 27th May

Catherine, d of William & Grace LEAN, 29th May


Matilda, d of Bennet & Jane DREW, 1st June

Edward DUNSTON, base Child of Edward Dunston & Mary Kinsman, 1st June

Matthew, s of John & Christian WILLIAMS, 2nd June

Richard, s of Edward & Alice GOLDSWORTHY, 2nd June

Ann, d of John & Eleanor LOBB, 2nd June

Alexander, s of James & Ann BARRATT, 2nd June

Samuel, s of William & Mary RICHARDS, 2nd June

Agnes, d of Simon & Martha KINSMAN, 2nd June

Michael, s of Michael & Ann RICHARDS, 2nd June

Elizabeth, d of William & Sarah TREWARTHA, 2nd June

Philippa, d of Colan & Philippa TREWARTHA, 2nd June

Ann, d of Joseph & Ann MICHELL, 4th June

Elizabeth, d of William & Susanna OPPY, 7th June

John, s of Thomas & Mary HITCHINS, 8th June

James, s of John & Mary OPPY, 9th June

Mary MORCOMB, base child of Edward Morcomb & Grace Jeffrey, 9th June

James, s of Mark & Elizabeth CURTIS, 9th June

Grace, d of Daniel & Mary DARLINGSTON, 11th June

Joseph, s of John & Catherine MOYLE, 16th June

Mary, d of George & Elizabeth SHALLEW,  16th June

Joseph, s of Richard & Catherine PENHALLURICK, 16th June

Grace, d of John & Elizabeth TIDDY, 16th June

Susanna, d of William & Catherine WILLIAMS, 16th June

Blanch, d of Francis & Eleanor SANDO, 21st June

Sarah, d of Richard & Sarah WHITFORD, 21st June

Grace, d of Stephen & Ann NORTHY, 21st June

Martha, d of Stephen & Joyse TYACK, 21st June

Grace, d of Thomas & Mary KNEEBONE, 28th June

Anthony, s of Anthony & Martha HART, 28th June

James, s of John & Margery PAUL, 28th June

George, s of Edward & Mary GRIBBLE, 28th June

Walter, s of John & Catherine BRAY, 28th June

Mary, d of Walter & Catherine BRAY, 28th June

Elizabeth, d of John & Elizabeth REED, 29th June

Mark, s of Thomas & Ann BLAMEY, 30th June


Mary, d of John & Elizabeth BROWN, 1st July

Charlotte, d of James & Mary BROWN, 7th July

Richard, s of Richard & Joanna MANUELL, 7th July

Elizabeth HITCHINS, base child of Joel Hitchins & Mary Michell, 7th July

Mary, d of William & Mary CURTIS, 14th July

John, s of Francis & Ann BLAMEY, 14th July

John, s of James & Elizabeth BROWN, 14th July

Elizabeth, d of James & Julian PHILLIPS, 22nd July

Dan, s of John & Elizabeth CURNOE, 25th July

William, s of Robert & Joanna HAWKE, 28th July

Thomas, s of Samuel & Mary, JACKA, 28th July

Mary, d of Michael & Catherine TRENGOVE, 28th July


Ann, d of Peter & Ann BUCKINGHAM, 3rd August

William, s of William & Elizabeth NORTHY, 4th Aug

Mary, d of John & Mary BAWDEN, 6th Aug

Mary, d of John & Joan OATS, 6th Aug

Ann, d of William & Grace LEAN, 6th Aug

Grace, d of John & Harriet SAMPSON, 11th Aug

Collan, s of James & Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, 14th Aug

Philippa, d of Michael & Ann PENGILLY, 14th Aug

Martha, d of John & Ann PAUL, 18th Aug

John, s of francis & Catherine PEARSE, 23rd Aug

John, s of Joseph & Jenefer PRIOR, 25th Aug

Martha, d of William & Ann LONG, 25th Aug

John, s of John & Mary TREGLAWN, 25th Aug

Jenefer, d of James & Catherine KELLY, 28th Aug

Henry, s of Nathaniel & Catherine BRAY, 28th Aug

Edward, s of John & Elizabeth HARRIS, 28th Aug


Grace, d of John & Grace TREGONNING, 8th September

Charles, s of john & Martha OATS, 8th Sept

John, s of Thomas & Mary COBLER, 8th Sept

William, s of Thomas & Philippa NINESS, 8th Sept

Philippa, d of William & Jane HIGGINS, 8th Sept

Elizabeth, d of William & Mary TRESIZE, 18th Sept

Richard, s of Richard & Ann JEFFREY, 18th Sept

William, s of Peter & Frances BARRATT, 22nd Sept

Joseph, s of Joseph & Catherine JENNINGS, 30th Sept


Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary WILLIAMS, 6th October

William, s of Thomas & Mary BARRATT, 6th Oct

John, s of Richard & Jane BRAY, 6th Oct

Elizabeth, d of Malachi & Ann HITCHINS, 9th Oct

James SPARGOE, base child of James Spargoe & Martha Curnoe, 13th Oct

Sampson, s of Sampson & Mary JEFFERY, 13th Oct

John, s of John & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 13th Oct

Matilda, d of Thomas & Grace ALLEN, 20th Oct

John, s of Richard & Elizabeth TREBILCOCK, 20th Oct

Christian, d of Richard & Jane ANDREW, 22nd Oct

Catherine, d of Simon & Elizabeth JORY, 27th Oct

Mark, s of Mark & Catherine BAWDEN, 27th Oct

Elizabeth, d of Tobias & Elizabeth MICHELL, 27th Oct

Henry, s of John & Leah CHAPMAN, 27th Oct


Richard, s of Richard & Catherine WHITFORD, 1st November

John, s of John & Elizabeth GRAY, 3rd Nov

Samuel, s of Samuel & Mary HENWOOD, 17th Nov

William, s of Thomas & Ann BANDS, 17th Nov

Nicholas, s of Nicholas & Elizabeth JOSE, 22nd Nov

Samuel, s of Joseph & Margaret NOTWELL, 22nd Nov

Ann Williams, d of Matthew & Ann WHITBURN, 24th Nov

William, s of Thomas & Susanna TYACK, 26th Nov


Francis, s of Francis & Rachel TYACK, 1st December

Rebecca, d of Thomas & Mary SPRAGUE, 1st Dec

Elizabeth, d of Digory & Mary MARCOMBE, 7th Dec

Joanna, d of Samuel & Mary BICE, 8th Dec

Ann D of Henry & Margaret MORCOMBE, 8th Dec

Ann, d of Pearse & Mary PENHALLURICK, 15th Dec

Mary, d of John & Elizabeth BAWDEN, 22nd Dec

Ann, d of Richard & Ann NOEL, 22nd Dec

Jeremiah, s of Joseph & Catherine MICHELL, 22nd Dec

John Henry, s of Thomas & Philippa FRANCIS, 22nd Dec

John, s of Thomas & Mary RICHARDS, 26th Dec

Richard, s of John & Mary TRENERRY, 26th Dec

Eliza, d of John & Eliza KELLY, 26th Dec

Jenefer, d of Isaac & Mary BENNETTS, 26th Dec

Ann, d of David & Catherine MALACHI, 29th Dec

Elizabeth, d of Joseph & Ann TREGASKIS, 30th Dec


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