Baptisms 1794

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawdens work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598 / REF. P79/1/4

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Peter, s of Peter & Mary SKEWES, 3rd January

John, s of Richard & Elizabeth BOSANKO  3rd Jan

Rachel, d of George & Grace BENNETTS, 12th Jan

Ann, d of Sampson & Mary SPARGOE, 19th Jan

Jane, d of John & Elizabeth DUNSTONE, 19th Jan

John, s of John & Elizabeth RULE, 19th Jan

Betsy, d of Charles & Mary RULE, 19th Jan

Benjamin, s of Benjamin & Elizabeth BAWDEN, 21st Jan

John, s of George & Ann PASCOE, pauper, 21st Jan

Margaret, d of John & Jane ROGERS, 26th Jan

Ann, d of James & Margaret JENKINS, 27th Jan


Tabitha, d of Thomas & Thomasine MORCOM 2nd Feb

Thomas, s of Thomas & Clarinda PERRY, 2nd Feb

Richard, s of Richard & Jenifer JEWEL, 9th Feb

James, s of Daniel & Ann BLAMEY, 9th Feb

Ann Harris, d of Stephen & Jemima THOMAS, 9th Feb

Mary, d of John & Christian DAVEY, 9th Feb

William, s of Joel (Joseph) & Thomasine FRANCIS, 9th Feb

William, s of John & Jane GRAY, 16th Feb

James MICHEL, base child of James Michel & Eleanor Williams, pauper, 16th Feb

John, s of John & Alice HARRIS, 16th Feb

William, s of Martin & Phillippa TRESEDRA [TRESSIDER] 16th Feb

Richard, s of Richard & Mary DAVIS, 18th Feb

Joanna, d of John & Mary GREGOR, 23rd Feb


Elizabeth, d of John & Ann WEEKS, 2nd March

Mary, d of Thomas & Frances HATTAM, 2nd Mar

Jenifer, d of David & Jenifer ANNEAR, 2nd Mar

Jenifer, d of John & Jane PAINTER, 9th Mar

Joseph, s of John & Grace YOULTEN, 9th Mar

Hannah, d of Stephen & Elizabeth BAWDEN, 9th Mar

Kezia, d of Henry & Charlotte COLLINS, 9th Mar

James, s of James & Ann GOLDSWORTHY, 12th Mar

Richard, s of Richard & Amelia LEAN, 16th Mar

William, s of William & Tabitha WILLIAMS, 16th Mar

John, s of John & Eliza KELLY, 16th Mar

Ann Kely, d of Hercules & Ann BICE, pauper, 16th Mar

Anthony, s of John & Ann CORNISH, 23rd Mar

Elizabeth, d of James & Margaret FRANCIS, 23rd Mar

Richard, s of Richard & Hester SANDS, 30th Mar

Joanna, d of John & Elizabeth MANLEY, 30th Mar

Edmund, s of Richard & Alice MORCOM 30th Mar


Catherine, d of William & Ann LONG, 2nd April

James, s of James & Catherine BENNETTS, 6th Apr

Mary, d of Thomas & Mary BLAMEY, 6th Apr

Sarah, d of Walter & Susanna SIMMONS, 7th Apr

Thomas, s of Edmund & Mary BANDS, 10th Apr

Philippa, d of Thomas & Ann MICHELL, 13th Apr

HAUGHTON, s of Matthew & Jenifer VIVIAN, 13th Apr

Henry, s of John & Grace MARTIN, 14th Apr

Elizabeth, d of John & Elizabeth CURNOE or CANNON?, 17th Apr

Christian, d of Hugh & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 21st Apr

Mary, d of John & Mary ANNEAR, 21st Apr

Ann, d of James & Jane WASLEY, 21st Apr

James, s of Joseph & Mary FRANCIS, 26th Apr

Grace, d of John & Miriam PELLOW, 27th Apr


Mary, d of James & Elizabeth RAWLINGS, 7th May

Sampson Batt, s of John & Martha OATS, 11th May

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary BARRATT, 11th May

Edmund, s of James & Ann WHITBURN, 15th May

Samuel, s of Sampson & Ann NICHOLS, 18th May

Richard, s of Richard & Ann RICHARDS, 25th May

Hester, d of James & Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 25th May

John, s of John & Mary TRENGOVE, 25th May


Samuel, s of Michael & Mary NICHOLS, 1st June

Grace, d of Thomas & Mary TIDDY, 1st June

Andrew, s of Richard & Elizabeth JEFFERY, 1st June

Charlotte, d of Thomas & Honour HODGE, 1st June

Richard, s of Edward & Ann URIN [UREN] 2nd June

Elizabeth, d of John & Elizabeth MORCOM  2nd June

Samuel, s of George & Sarah BARAGWANETH, 8th June

Elizabeth, d of Anthony & Ann TREWEEK, 8th June

Susanna, d of James & Grace PHILIPS, 8th June

Sarah, d of Richard & Sarah WHITFORD, 8th June

Catherine, d of Matthew & Jenifer TREWARTHA, 8th June

Jenefer, d of Thomas & Ann TRENGOVE, 8th June

Ann, d of John & Ann PASCOE, 8th June

Prudence, d of Joseph & Prudence PASCOE, 8th June

Christian, d of Thomas & Grace TREGILGAS, 8th June

Walter, s of Samuel & Margaret JACCA, [JACKA/JACCO] 9th June

Joseph, s of Joseph & Elizabeth WEEKS, 9th June

Thomas, s of Thomas & Elizabeth, ODGERS, 9th June

Grace, d of William & Jane MICHELL, 11th June

Jenifer, d of William & Sarah Bray, 22nd June

James, s of James & Sarah BROWN, 22nd June

Elizabeth, d of James & Mary REMPHRY, 22nd June

Mary, d of Thomas & Mary KNEEBONE, 22nd June

Thomas, s of Thomas & Jenifer COCK, 22nd June

John, s of William & Mary TREGONNING, 22nd June

Mary Ann, d of John & Ann FRANCIS, 23rd June

Louisa, d of Richard & Eleanor MICHELL, 23rd June

Joanna, d of Edward & Jane REMPHRY, 23rd June

Thomas, s of Richard & Christian JENKINS 25th June

John, s of Francis & Ann CANNON, 25th June

John, s of Thomas & Elizabeth URIN [UREN] 28th June

COLLINS, d of Henry & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, 29th June

Catherine, d of Ambrose & Mary BRAY, 29th June

Mary, d of James & Elizabeth TRENBERTH, 29th June


Martha, d of John & Jane LONG, 8th July

William, s of James & Ann HITCHINS, 8th July

Francis, s of Francis & Ann BLAMEY, 8th July

James, s of John & Margaret SPRAGUE, 10th July

John, s of Richard & Martha REMPHRY, 10th July

Thomas, s of John & Elizabeth ODGERS, 11th July

Grace, d of William & Grace MICHELL, 11th July

Thomas, s of John & Ann TREDREA, 13th July

Mary, d of Henry & Mary TRENBERTH, 20th July

James, s of James & Julian PHILLIPS, 24th July

Martin. s of Martin & Ann STAPLE, 27th July

Ann, d of Francis & Elizabeth KNOTWELL, 27th July

Grace, d of Francis & Grace JOHNS, 27th July

Grenfell s of Grenfell & Constance HALSE, 27th July


Joseph, s of John & Ann NICHOLS, 3rd August

Margaret, d of Nicholas & Susanna WILLIAMS, 3rd Aug

Christian, d of Thomas & Mary TREWEEK, 3rd Aug

Thomas, s of John & Joanna SPARGOE, 3rd Aug

Ann, d of James & Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, 10th Aug

Henry, s of Hugh & Elizabeth ROBERTS, 10th Aug

Rebecca, d of Richard & Rebecca STANTON, 10th Aug

Susanna, d of Malachi & Ann HITCHINS, 14th Aug

Ann, d of Michael & Margaret ALLEN, 14th Aug

Thomas, s of Thomas & Joanna MARTIN, 17th Aug

Charles, s of Michael & Jane WILLIAMS, 21st Aug

William Trewartha, s of William & Ann BRAY, 22nd Aug

Ann, d of Henry & Catherine WILLIAMS, 22nd Aug

Richard, s of William & Catherine REMPHRY, 23rd Aug

Simon, s of George & Elizabeth CHELLEW, 24th Aug

Mary, d of John & Mary MICHELL, 24th Aug

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Eleanor SPRAGUE, 24th Aug

Jane, d of Thomas & Jane TRENGOVE, 31st Aug

Thomas, s of Henry & Mary REED, 31st Aug


Susanna, d of William & Catherine WILLIAMS, 7th September

Ann, d of George & Jane STODDEN, 7th Sept

Joseph, s of John & Christian WILLIAMS, 7th Sept

Isaac, s of James & Ann BARRATT, 7th Sept

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary RICHARDS, 7th Sept

Benjamin, s of William & Joanna ----------------, 7h Sept

William, s of Thomas & Elizabeth DARRISON, 8th Sept

Thomas, s of Thomas & Ann SEMER, (Seymore ?) 8th Sept

John, s of Edmund & Ann MICHELL, 20th Sept

William, s of William & Margaret WATERS, 21st Sept

James, s of James & Jane HANCOCK, 21st Sept

Richard, s of William & Ann WHITFORD, 28th Sept

Richard, s of Richard & Ann LAWRENCE, 28th Sept

Susanna BRAY, base child of Nicholas BRAY & Mary PASCOE 28th Sept


Ann, d of John & Elizabeth JENKINS, 3rd October

Margaret, d of Benjamin & Martha MICHELL, 6th Oct

Margaret, d of John & Jane Harvey, 6th Oct

Ann, d of Thomas & Elizabeth TRELEASE, 6th Oct

Elizabeth, d of Joseph & Christian JENNINGS, 8th Oct

Henry, s of John & Sarah BANDS, 8th Oct

Jasper, s of Pearce & Blanch BILLING, 8th Oct

Thomas, s of Edward & Elizabeth TIPPET, 19th Oct

William, s of William & Mary DUNSTONE, 19th Oct

Elizabeth, d of William & Mary DUNSTONE, 19th Oct

Catherine, d of John & Jane BLAMEY, 19th Oct

Sarah, d of Peter & Ann PASCOE, 21st Oct

Richard, s of Richard & Mary FRANCIS, 26th Oct


Mary, d of Thomas & Grace YEATS, 2nd November

Elizabeth, d of William & Eleanor NICHOLS, 8th Nov

Joanna, d of John & Grace BRAY, 16th Nov

John, s of Thomas & Joan MICHELL, 23rd Nov

Mary, d of Charles & Christian PAINTER [PAYNTER]  23rd Nov

Samuel, s of Joseph & Catherine MICHELL, 23rd Nov

Joanna, d of William & Mary EASTMAN, 23rd Nov

John, s of William & Catherine TREBILCOCK, 23rd Nov


John, s of John & Faith BRAY, 7th December

Elizabeth, d of Edward & Margaret BRAY, 7th Dec

James, base child of Mary MARTIN, 14th Dec

James, s of John & Ann PAUL, 14th Dec

Eliz., d of Frederick & Jane JONES, 14th Dec

Ann, d of Joseph & Ann BEHENNA, 14th Dec

Sebastian, s of William & Sarah TREWARTHA, 26th Dec

Alice, d of Alexander & Eliz., GUNDRY, 26th Dec

Ann, d of Thomas & Phillippa HOSKIN, 26th Dec

Edward, s of John & Mary BAWDEN, 26th Dec

Thomas Michell, s of John & Loveday PETHERICK, 26th Dec

Mary, d of John & Prudence BAWDEN, 26th Dec

Joan Kitty, d of Anthony & Grace SANDOW [SANDOE] 26th Dec

Ann, d of Richard & Catherine PENHALURICK, 26th Dec 


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