Baptisms 1785

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawdens work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

(p. b.) = Private Baptism



Catherine, d of Christopher & Jane RICHARDS, 1st January

Susanna, d of Peter & Susanna TREWARTHA, 1st Dec

Mark, s of Joseph & Jane HANCOCK, 2nd Dec

William, s of John & Ann ROBERTS, 2nd Dec

Bennet, s of John & Jane BROWN, 2nd Dec

Jenifer, d of Philip & Mary REYNOLDS, 5th Dec

Mary, d of John & Loveday MANUEL, 8th Dec

Susanna, d of William & Ann GUY, 9th Jan

Catherine, d of Samuel & Catherine LEAN, 9th Jan

Henry, s of Henry & Mary FRANCIS, 9th Jan

Elizabeth, d of Samuel & Mary MORCOMB, 9th Jan

Mary, d of Charles & Ann HAWKS, 15th Jan

Edward, s of Edward & Grace COOMBE, 16th Jan

Mary, d of James & Mary REMPHRY, 23rd Jan

Thomas, s of Andrew & Christian CRAZE, 23rd Jan


Joseph, s of Joseph & Elizabeth MITCHELL, 1st February

William, s of Joseph & Jane JEFFERY, 7th Feb

Joan, d of William & Joan NICHOLAS, 9th Feb

John, s of Joel & Elizabeth KNOTWELL, 12th Feb

Mary, d of John & Mary MICHELL, 13th Feb

Tristram, s of James & Margaret POWNING, 16th Feb

Thomas, s of Thomas & Elizabeth JOB, 20th Feb

Matthew, s of John & Grace BRAY, 27th Feb

Margaret, d of Robert & Mary NORTHEY, 28th Feb


John, s of John & Constance TREGASKIS, 15th March,

Hugh, s of John & Ann TREGONNING, 15th Mar

John, s of John & Catherine TREBILCOCK, 16th Mar

Richard, s of John & Ann TRELEASE, 20th Mar

Betsy, d of Abraham & Jenifer TREWEEK, 25th Mar

Margaret, d of John & Ann NICHOLS, 25th Mar

Anthony, s of Richard & Eleanor MICHEL, 28th Mar

Elizabeth, d of Josie & Ann EVANS, 28th Mar

Ambrose, s of John & Catherine BRAY, 28th Mar

John, s of John & Mary GILLARD, 28th Mar

Elizabeth, d of John & Elizabeth EAST, pauper, 28th May


Stephen, s of Stephen & Ann ESTLICK, 10th April,

Mary, d of Richard & Mary EDWARDS, 10th Apr

Nicholas, s of Nicholas & Ann TREVEAL, 10th Apr

Joanna, d of John & Christian DENNIS, 10th Apr

William, s of Richard & Elizabeth BARRATT, 12th Apr

John, s of James & grace PHILLIPS, 12th Apr

William, s of William & Catherine WASLEY, 23rd Apr

Elizabeth, d of John & Margaret WASLEY, 23rd Apr

John, s of Walter & Jane CHEGWIDDEN, 24th Apr

Grace, d of Francis & Elizabeth KNOTWELL, 24th Apr

Mary, d of Thomas & Elizabeth TRELEASE, 28th Apr


William, s of George & Mary VINCENT, 1st May

Martin, s of James & Mary JENKINS, pauper, 6th May

Patience, d of James & Mary AXFORD, 8th May

Julian, d of James & Grace PHILIPS, 10th May

Joanna, d of Joel & Emblin BLAMEY, 15th May

Mary, d of John & Frances HIGGINS, 15th May

William, s of William & Peternel MORCOMB, 15th May

Elizabeth, d of John & Mary SKEWES, 15th May

John, s of John & Mary FRANCIS, 16th May

Matthew, s of John & Mary KINSMAN, 16th May

William, s of Thomas & Elizabeth NICHOLLS, 16th May

Joel, s of Mark & Elizabeth BLAMEY, 16th May

Betsy, d of Hitchins & Alice SPRAGUE, 21st May

Benjamin, s of John & Eliza KELLY, 21st May

Stephen, s of William & Elizabeth DAVEY, 22nd May

Richard, s of Francis & Catherine PEARCE, 29th May

Henry, s of Richard & Mary BAWDEN, 29th May


Ann, d of Christopher & Ann WHITFORD, 5th June,

John, s of Simeon & Isabella KINSMAN, 5th June

Catherine, d of Richard & Elizabeth JEFFERY, 5th June

Elizabeth, d of James & Elizabeth TRENBERTH, 5th June

Colan, s of Edward & Alice GOLDSWORTHY, 6th June

Robert, s of William & Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, 6th June

Henry, s of John & Mary GREGOR, 6th June

George, s of George & Margery SIMMONS, 10th June

Loveday, base child of Richard DENNIS, & Loveday SKINNER, Pauper, 12th June

Jenifer, d of Richard &  Margaret LEAN, 14th June

Thomas, s of Richard & Elizabeth ANGOVE, 18th June

John, s of Zacheus & Margery GOLDSWORTHY, 19th June


John, s of Walter & Prudence TREVENNA, 2nd July

Catherine, d of Solomon & Elizabeth STEPHENS, 16th July

John, s of William & Mary TRENBERTH, 28th July

Clarrisa, d of George & Mary HARRIS, 29th July

William, s of Thomas & Jane KNOTWELL, 29th July


Joseph, base child of Edward FRANCIS, & Ann FRANCIS, 6th August,

Ann, d of Peter & Ann PASCOE, 6th Aug

Thomas, s of John & Mary REED, 14th Aug

Stephen, s of Richard & Catherine WHITFORD, 14th Aug

Ann, d of Richard & Martha REMPHRY, 15th Aug

John, s of Pearce & Blanch PILLING, 19th Aug

Mary, d of Richard & Elizabeth HOLMAN, 19th Aug

Mary, base child of Richard NINNIS & Mary SIMMONS, 21st Aug

Mary, d of Richard & Mary WATERS, 22nd Aug

Martha, d of Richard & Grace WILLIAMS, 27th Aug

Rebecca, d of William & Ann WILLIAMS, 28th Aug


Joanna, d of Thomas & Joan MICHELL, 4th September,

William, s of Anthony & Elizabeth BRAY, 4th Sept

John, s of Thomas & Elizabeth KENDAL, 4th Sept

Joseph, s of Thomas & Honor HODGE, (p.b. 28th Aug), 4th Sept

Benjamin, s of Paul & Leah PERIAM, [PERYAM/ PERRYMAN]  6th Sept

William, s of Richard & Mary ODGERS, 11th Sept

Rebecca, d of Richard & Elizabeth MARTIN, 11th Sept

John, s of John & Grace BRAY, 13th Sept

Elizabeth, d of Anthony & Sarah KEMP, 13th Sept

Grace, d of Thomas & Elizabeth TREWEEK, 16th Sept

Elizabeth, d of Richard & Mary DAVY, 19th Sept

Rebecca, d of William & Ann WILLIAMS, 24th Sept

Elizabeth, d of Henry & Honor KELLY, 25th Sept


John, s of Thomas & Martha REMPHRY, 2nd October,

Joanna, d of Sampson & Grace DYER, 2nd Oct

Hercules, base child of John PASCOE & Miriam ODGERS, 9th Oct

Elizabeth, d of James & Mary WILLIAMS, 11th Oct

John, s of James & Catherine FRANCIS, 14th Oct

Elizabeth, d of George & Sarah BARAGWANA, 14th Oct

John, s of Peter & Sarah JOSE, Pauper, 14th Oct

Mary, d of William & Catherine TREBILCOCK, 20th Oct

Thomas, s of Thomas & Grace POWNING, 23rd Oct

Henry, s of James & Elizabeth MAGOR, 23rd Oct

Jane, d of Hercules & Jane BARRATT, 23rd Oct


Josiah, d of William & Jane DARLINGTON, 6th November

Mary, d of William & Mary LAWN, 10th Nov

Richard, s of Richard & Jane BURTON, 13th Nov

Martha, d of Ambrose & Mary MANUEL, 13th Nov

Stephen, s of William & Philippa WILKINS, 13th Nov

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Elizabeth CURNOE, 15th Nov

Eleanor, d of William & Eleanor NICHOLS, 16th Nov

Ann, d of Stephen & Elizabeth MICHELL, 20th Nov

Martin, s of martin & Mary RABEY, 20th Nov

Catherine, base child of James BENNETT & Catherine UREN, 25th Nov


Grace, d of Richard & Joan NICHOLS, 4th December

James, s of James & Mary HANCOCK, 9th Dec

Elizabeth, d of John & Susanna EDDY, 20th Dec

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Kezia WHITFORD, 26th Dec

Mary, d of Christopher & Mary BILLING, 26th Dec

John, s of John & Elizabeth MERRIFIELD, 26th Dec

Jenefer, d of Emanuel & Elizabeth WHITFORD, 26th Dec

William, s of John & Margaret SIMMONS, 26th Dec

John, s of John & Joan BLAMEY, 26th Dec

Thomas, s of Thomas & Elizabeth MORCOMB, 26th Dec

Thomas, s of Thomas & Joan TREWEEK, (p.b. 17th Nov) 26th Dec

Ralph, s of Thomas & Mary GOLDSWORTHY, 26th Dec

Jecholia, d of John & Elizabeth MORCOMB, 28th Dec


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