Baptisms 1816

Transcribed by Sandra Love, Sandra Pritchard & George Pritchard

As with all data it is recommended that it be checked with the original source

Copied from a transcription which was created by W. Bawden from the original registers held at the Cornwall Records Office. The copy of W Bawdens work from which I did this transcription is held at the Cornwall Studies Library, Redruth, Cornwall. 

From LDS C.D, No. 1595598 

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Ann, d of Thomas & Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, of Lower Trevethan, Miner, 1st January

Jane, d of Nicholas & Charity JENKINS, of Cheppel Hill, Miner, 2nd January

Philippa, d of John & Elizabeth KINSMAN, of Busvaer, Miner, 2nd January

John, s of Mark & Margaret BLAMEY, of Gardon, Miner, 2nd January

Catherine, d of Peter & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, of Lanar Common, Miner 2nd January

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Thomas, s of Thomas & Jane CURNO, of Poldice, 2nd January

Jenefer, d of William & Jenefer WILLIAMS, of Lanar Common, 2nd January

George, s of George & Ann POLMERE, of Penance Common, 2nd January.

Christian, d of Matthew & Margaret ANDREW, of Crofthandy, Miner, 3rd January

John, s of Simon & Mary KINSMAN, of St Agnes, Miner, 7th January 

Ann, d of John & Ann LAVIN, of Tresamble, Mule Driver, 7th January

Walter, s of Nicholas & Mary PEARCE, of Gilly, Farmer, 10th January

Mark, s of Nicholas & Joanna BARRATT, of Kea, Miner, 10th January

Joseph, s of Joseph & Ann KELLOW, of Kenwyn, Miner, 10th January

Thomas, s of Thomas & Mary FRANCIS, of Kea, Miner, 10th January

John, s of Francis & Ann DINNIS, of Kenwyn, Miner, 10th January

Eliza, s of Robert & Jenny TREWARTHA, of Craharrack, Miner, 11th January

Thomas, s of John & Sophia BLAMEY, of Craharrack, Miner, 11th January

Mary, d of William & Mary HARVEY, of Kea, Miner, 14th January

Martin, s of James & Elizabeth GOLDSWORTHY, of St Day, Carpenter, 17th January

James, s of John & Mary JEWELL, of St Day, Miner, 17th January

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Christian, d of James & Margaret CANON, of St Day, Miner, 17th January

William, s of William & Grace HOLMAN, of Laner, Miner, 22nd January

Samuel, s of Samuel & Ann REED, of Kenwyn, Miner, 31st January

James & William, twin s's of James & Christian GREY, of St Day, Miner, 31st January


Elizabeth Warne, d of John & Elizabeth DINNIS, of St Day, Clerk, 11th February

James, s of William & Grace PROVIS, of St Day, Miner, 11th February,

William, s of John & Tabitha PHILLIPS, of Kenwyn, Miner, 11th February

Joseph, s of John Margaret LONG, of St Day, Miner, 13th February

Samuel, s of William & Prudence LEAN, of Lanar, Miner, 14th February

Richard, s of Thomas & Rebeckeh FRANCIS, of Kenwyn, Miner, 20th February

Joseph, s of James & Mary FRANCIS, of Kea, Miner, 20th February

Matilda, d of John & Charlotte BENNETT, of St Day, Basket Maker, 23rd February

Ann Williams, d of James & Jane MARTIN, of Tresamble Common, Miner, 23rd February

Zaccheas,  s of William & Ann BAWDEN, of Lanar Common, Miner, 25th February

James, s of Charles & Hester HENWOOD, of Trewithen, Miner, 25th February

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Fanny, d of William & Mary WHITFORD, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 2nd March

James Knotwell, s of Thomas & Grace KENDAL, of Trewithen, Miner, 6th March

Richard, s of Thomas & Jecoliah FRANCIS, of Trevethan, Miner, 6th March

Elizabeth, d of Hugh & Elizabeth LONG, of St Day, Miner, 10th March

Thomas, s of Nathaniel & Joanna ESLICK, of Heyle Mills, Miner, 17th March

John, s of Thomas & Ann NINNIS, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 17th March

John, s of John & Jenefer SKEWES, of Shilstones, Miner, 22nd March

Thomas, s of Richard & Mary HODGE, of Tadpool, Husbandman, 24th March

Rebeckah, d of Richard & Hannah HOSKIN, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 24th March

Thomas, s of Thomas & Jane HARRIS, of Tresavern, Carter, 25th March


William, s of Philip & Grace BRAY, of St Day, Miner, 1st April

Nanny, d of Charles & Ann MICHELL, of St Day, Miner, 1st April

Maria Tallach, d of Daniel & Mary HODGE, of St Day, Blacksmith, 1st April

Richard, s of John & Joanna DYER, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 13th April

Absalom, s of Matthew & Elizabeth BENNETTS, of Wheal HAWKE, Mine Captain, 14th April

Mary, d of Francis & Jane CARNE, of Chacewater, Miner, 14th April

Mary, aged 4, d of Michael & Elizabeth AVOR, of Todpool, Miner, 14th April,

Elizabeth, aged 2, d of above.

Michael, s,of above,

Thomas, & Benjamin, twin s's of William & Elizabeth SPARGO, of Bell, miner, 18th April

Priscilla, d of James & Elizabeth BENNETTS of Cusgarn, Miner, 23rd April

Mary Elane (?), d of James, & Agnes TREBILCOCK, of St Day, Miner, 24th April

Francis, s of John & Sarah LUKES, of Treskerby, Carpenter, 24th April

Joseph, s of Edward & Elizabeth ARTHUR, of Shilstones, Sawyer, 24th April

William, s of John & Elizabeth TRENBERTH, of Poldice, Miner, 24th April

Nathaniel, s of Nathaniel & Jane MARTIN, of Kea, Miner, 27th April

Ann, d of Thomas & Elizabeth JENKINS, of Todpool, Miner, 28th April

William, s of William & Martha WASLEY, of Ball Dale, Miner, 28th April

Jane, d of Thomas & Elizabeth BARGWENNA, of Trevarth, Miner, 29th April


William, s of John & Grace BARNETT, of Tolskerby, Mine Captain, 5th May

Samuel Stephens, s of John & Jane THOMAS, of Killyfray, Husbandry Labourer, 5th May

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William Henry, s of Samuel & Joanna DINNIS, of Chacewater, Miner, 5th May

Susannah, d of Thomas & Margaret BAWDEN, of Kenwyn, Miner, 5th May

Elizabeth, d of Stephen & Mary WHITBURN, of Church town, Miner, 8th May

Rosina, d of Nicholas & Eliza ANDREW, of Comfort, Butcher, 8th May

Richard Clemo, s of Thomas & Mary BARRETT, of Vogue, Miner, 8th May

Mary Ann, d of Thomas & Mary BROWN, of Cusgarn, Husbandman, 12th May

Josiah, s of William & Grace LEAN, of Trevince Common, Miner, 18th May

William, s of John & Mary MOYLE, of Little Trewince, Miner, 18th May

James, s of Hugh & Mary BARRATT, of Little Beside, Miner, 18th May

Jane, d of William & Constance COURTIS, of Lanar, Miner, 18th May

Elijah, s of George & Grace HARRIS, of Kenwyn Parish, Miner, 19th May

William, s of William & Rebekah BRAY, of Cusgarn Common, Blacksmith, 21st May

Mark, s of Mark & Christian MORCOM, of Kea, Miner, 21st May

Joseph, s of Joseph & Mary JEFFERY, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 21st May

Samuel, s of Samuel & Jane RICHARDS, of Tregullow, Thatcher, 22nd May

Eliza, (born Oct 1811)  s of Richard & Alice FORD, of Tolgullow, 22nd May

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Thomas, s of William & Ann BRAY, of Gongampus Downs, Miner, 23rd May

Daniel, s of Sampson & Mary HALL, of Gongumpas Downs, Miner, 23rd May

Thomas, s of Thomas & Jane HARRIS, of Tresavean, Carter, 28th May

William, s of Richard & Mary NICHOLLS, of Trewarth, Miner 29th May

James, s of James & Parnel HOSKIN, of Church Town, Miner, 29th May

John, s of Theophilus & Jane MICHELL, of Todpool, Miner, 30th May

Catherine, d of Henry & Catherine TREVETHAN, Black Water, Miner, 30th May


John, s of John & Elizabeth HARPER, of White Hall, Miner, 2nd June

Richard, s of Richard & Mary BENNETTS, of Twelve Heads, 2nd June

Richard, s of Richard & Alice MAGOR, of Carnmarth, Carpenter, 2nd June

James, s of James & Elizabeth WHITBURN, of Busveal, Miner, 2nd June

William, s of Richard & Elizabeth NICHOLLS, of Trevarth, Miner, 2nd June

Joanna, d of Abraham & Jane May, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 2nd June

Elizabeth, d of Joseph & Martha WATERS, of Ferny Splatt, Blacksmith, 2nd June

Ann, d of Benjamin & Mary TREWEEK, of Ferny Splat, Miner, 2nd June

Grace, d of Nicholas & Mary TREWEEK, of Hicks, Miner, 2nd June

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Elizabeth, d of John & Lydia GREGOR, of Perran Arworthal, Miner, 2nd June

Catherine, d of Francis & Catherine PEARCE, of Pullow, Miner, 2nd June

Elizabeth, d of John & Elizabeth MARTYN, of TREWARTH, Miner, 2nd June

Joseph, s of William & Grace ISAAC, of Crofthandy, Husbandman, 4th June

Henry, s of Henry & Frances PENGILLY, of Tresherby, Miner, 4th June

Susan, d of Edward & Jane WILLIAMS, of Lanar, Miner, 4th June

Eliza, d of John & Elizabeth MICHELL, of Cusgarn, Miner, 9th June

Philip, s of Philip & Jenifer FRANCIS, of Trevarthan, Miner, 23rd June

Martin Tiddy, s of John & Jennifer LUKE, of Whitehall,  Blacksmith, 23rd June

Elizabeth, d of John & Grace GILL, of Cusspost, Hind, 30th June


Philippa, d of George & Bethsheba MOYLE, of Ferny Splat, miner, 5th July

Henry, s of Richard & Mary VERRAN, of Chycoose, Miner, 5th July

Jenefer, d of James & Ann HOSKIN, of Chycoose, Miner, 5th July

James, s of Nicholas & Sophia OATS, of Sutscomb Kea, 5th July

Elizabeth, d of John & Alice TEAGUE, of Kenwyn, Miner 6th Juny

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Thomas Phillips, s of Thomas & Mary JOBE, of Lanar, Miner, 11th July

Tobias, s of James & Mary EAST, of Busveal, Miner, 14th July

Samuel, s of William & Grace HARVEY, of Todpool, Miner, 22nd July

Peter Trewartha, s of Stephen & Mary PENGILLY, of Scorrier Common, Miner, 22nd July

Amelia, d of Francis & Mary PENGILLY, of TOLGALLOW, Miner, 22nd July

Elizabeth, d of Richard & Mary TRENGOVE, of St Austell, Miner, 26th July

Thomasin, aged 2 years, d of Francis & Thomasin CANNON, of Highway, Miner, 26th July

Elizabeth, d of the late William & Elizabeth SELKIRK, at sea, a sailor, 26th July


Mary Ann, d of John & Sarah PENBERTH, of Gongumpus Downs, Miner, 1st August

Richard Eales, s of Michael & Elizabeth WILLIAMS, of Trevince, Mine Agent,  9th August

William, s of William & Mary BENNETTS, of St Day, Miner, 11th August

William, s of William & Catherine GERRENS, of Kea, Miner, 15th August

James, s of Thomas & Ann TOY, of Croft Handy, Miner, 16th August

Sally,  d of William & Sarah CORNISH, of Chycoose, Miner, 29th August

Catherine, d of Sampson & Catherine KELLOW, of Kenwyn, 29th August

Mary Ann, d of Richard & Margaret MICHELL, of Cusvee, Miner, 29th August

Emma Maria, d of James & Susan BENNETT, of Truro, Taylor, 30th August


John, s of John & Marjory BLAMEY, of Crofthandy, Mine Clerk, 1st September, 

John, s of William & Ann MARTIN, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 1st September

James, Bray, s of Joseph & Mary FRANCIS, Wheal Virgin, Miner, 4th September

Mary, d of Ebenezer & Mary HITCHINS, of Wheal Virgin, Tallow Chandler, 4th September

Grace, d of Thomas & Mary MORCOM, of Crofthandy, Miner, 4th September

Grenfield, s of William & Grace HALES, of Poldice, Miner, 6th September

George, s of George & Mary GISBORN, of St Day, Miner, 6th September

Ann, d of William & Mary CURNO, of Mynheer, Miner, 6th September

Lucy Vibert, d of Henry & Lucy VEAL, of Craharrack, Blacksmith, 12th September

Elizabeth, d of Thomas & Joanna GREY, of Crofthandy, Miner, 14th September

Grace Williams, d of Francis & Mary BLAMEY, of Trevethan, Miner, 14th September

Mary Ann, d of Thomas & Martha TRENGOVE, of Merry Meeting, Blacksmith, 16th  September

Lambert, s of John & Jane BAWDEN, of Penstruthal, Miner, 16th September

Elizabeth, d of Richard & Nanny MICHELL, of Trevethan, Mine Captain, 22nd September

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Thomas, s of John & Elizabeth GRAY, of Cusgarn, Miner, 27th September

Mary, d of Richard & Mary TREVERTON, of Frog pool, Miner, 29th September


John, s of Thomas & Joyce BRAY, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 6th October  

John, s of William & Grace LEAN, of Lanar, Miner, 6th October

Mary Rule, d of Joseph & Betsey GOLDSWORTHY, of Craharrack, Miner, 6th October

Mary, d of Ambrose & Jane QUICK, of St Day, Miner, 7th October

Elizabeth, d of Philip & Elizabeth RICHARDS, of Crofthandy, Miner, 7th October,

Elizabeth, d of Robert & Elizabeth PERRY, of St Day, Wheelwright, 13th October,

Ann, d of Joseph & Joey GRENFILL, of St Day, Miner, 15th October

John, s of John & Maria HOLMAN, of Tresavean, Miner, 20th October,

Eliza, d of William & Jane HANCOCK, of Kenwyn, Farmer,

Hannah, d of Richard & Grace DRIDDEN, of Kenwyn, Miner, 23rd October

Thomas, s of William & Elizabeth BROWN, of Kenwyn, Miner, 25th October,

Richard, s of John & Mary CLEMO, of Crofthandy, Miner, 27th October

Catherine, d of William & Patience MORCOM, Lanar, Miner, 31st October


Thomas, s of Jesse & Jenny MOYLE, of Treviskey, Miner, 3rd November,

James, s of Thomas & Elizabeth MOYLE, of Trevarth, Late a miner, 9th November

Jane, d of Thomas & Nancy NICHOLLS, of Trevarth Lane End, Miner, 11th November

John, s of John & Jane KNOTWELL, of Trevethan, Miner, 11th November,

Samuel, s of Richard, & Elizabeth KENDAL, of Trevethan, Miner, 11th November,

Thomas, s of Richard & Isabella JEFFERY, of Trevarth, Miner, 11th November,

Amelia, d of John & Jane KENDAL, of St Day, Miner, 11th November,

Michael, s of William & Grace WILLIAMS, of Lanar, Miner, 14th November

Samuel, s of  Benjamin & Lovey PAUL, of Kea, Carpenter, 17th November

Joseph, s of John & Martha, KEMP, of Trewarthan, Miner, 20th November

Mary Ann, d of Thomas & Hannah KEMP, of Carnwith, Miner, 20th November

Susannah, d of John & Elizabeth JOSE, of Treskerby, Miner, 24th November

Ann, d of Thomas & Ann OATS, of Tadpool, Miner, 24th November

Thomas, s of Anthony & Mary BARNET, of Cupboard Hill, Miner, 27th November


Susanna, d of Francis & Emma POPE, of St Day, Miner, 2nd December

Elizabeth, d of Henry & Elizabeth TREVETHAN, of Kenwyn, Miner, 4th December

Mary Ann, d of Paul & Catherine MICHELL, of Kenwyn, Miner, 5th December

Honour, d of Matthew & Margaret SYMONDS, of Wheal Bon, Miner, 8th December

Ann, d of William & Mary MAGOR, of St Day, Miner, 25th December,

James, s of Joseph & Mary BRAY, of Cusgarn Common, Miner, 26th December

Andrew, s of George & Grace REED, of Trethilling, Farmer, 26th December

William, s of the late William & Sarah NICHOLLS, of Trevarth Lane End, Miner, 26th December

John, s of James & Ann WASLEY, of Carnmarth, Miner, 29th December



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